The Strongest Man in History: Anvil Lift Challenge (Season 1) | History

Oh bear poop, I can’t lose an American Revolution challenge to a British guy Mufasa As you all can see we are at the blacksmith shop And Peter Francisco was actually a blacksmith’s apprentice at 16 years old He was the mule he moved all the heavy stuff. So that is our challenge today for today’s challenge we have to pick up and carry four anvils ranging and weight from 75 to 250 pounds into the blacksmith shop and place them on any of the open pedestals We’re gonna turn around run and grab two bundles of Steel which each weighed 250 pounds Pick him up first guy to get the metal to the blacksmith wins So you guys can imagine as a kid how strong he would have gotten Moving heavy objects like anvils and steel rods around all day. I got to be careful This guy’s cuz you know, I have a box set last week. Yeah How’s it feeling sore? Are you gonna be able to even do this? Yeah, I’ll give it a shot So these steel rods to right around? 250 pounds of each hand Yeah, as you can see the pickup is not gonna be high at all, so weird stiff leg dead lifting 500 pounds and it’s probably a deficit as well when you’re in the gym and do a normal deadlift The bar height is at 9 inches. So anything below 9 inches is considered to be a deficit Row that’s that’s more than 250. All right guys, well enough playing around you ready to suit up and do this. Yeah. I’m ready All I know is that I can’t lose an American Revolution challenge to a British guy on your mark Get back Robert sad dope That started off great I did two anvils at once which really put me in a nice lead I Automatically went for the heaviest one. I couldn’t pick a rock straight from the forks. I’m so scared of hurting my arm So I put it on top of the other ban anvils picked it up nice and low and then went for the kill. I Chose to do the heaviest anvil first for the simple fact is running less distance My strategy was to put the heaviest samples on the pedestals that were closest to me in the blacksmith shop Eddie and I have been butting heads forever. I can’t remember a time when we weren’t rivals It’s kind of like he’s the English villain and I’m obviously the American hero He’s like a really chubby version of Jason Statham and I’m a way prettier version of the rock My bicep the farmers walks were quite heavy and very unstable ground so you had to take your time got to be careful Where you were stepping and I put mine up and went to go and open Skype him away He jumped out the way but actually in doing so jump back into my way and ended up hitting Oberst in the ass It hurt my arm again, but I carried on Oh Does not feel good make some eyes for my mom. This is dangerous stuff that we’re doing and for something like that to happen It’s upsetting Trying to get it out of your hand. Sorry Are you doing you’re Beautiful. I try I didn’t realize why you wanted me to move on like no couldn’t get any more in the way I realized you were coming behind me That’s a deep you ran right into my catheter. You ripped my bicep. I got nut when I hit you. Oh, sorry, man Sorry, buddy. He definitely pulled his bicep a little my hamstring and calf are all knotted up and bruised up. We’re lucky nobody got seriously hurt, but the winner is The one with one bicep that was sneaky of him to grab the heavy one first everything good plan He didn’t even minted that was a great tattoo. And of course want to go the least distance with the heaviest on Ville, huh? So I knew I forgot it first I go on the first log Even with one arm the British man beats the Americans So whoever did the last anvil tells me I was in here running into that thing. Yeah You guys ready to get out of here Just so you guys know I said it was the strongest man in the world not the fastest man in the world Yeah You

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