The Story Of vianna1

TITLE: The Story Of vianna1 Hello, this is Tadeu Vianna a.k.a vianna1. I’m 22 years-old and I’m from Rio de Janeiro. I’ve been playing CF for the last 8 years, which was always a hard thing for me because at first, I was an amateur I also used to be a semiprofessional player and I remember that I tried many times to ascend to the Pro League When I finally managed to reach the professional level, I’ve made my mind and realized that this is what I want to do for a living And since then, I started to study the game to improve my skills and my team’s tactics I’d say that my top achievements are the 4 Brazilian titles, followed by the Invitational and the CFS 2018 which was my biggest dream. However, I still dream of winning another CFS tournament GOAL
HUMBLE DGZ is working hard, and we’re playing good as well… It’s going to be a great match. The most important thing is that Brazil have won, now we have to focus on tomorrow’s matches. Thank you, guys. I want CF to become an even better game in 2020. I want our scene to be widely recognized since we have the best competitive scene, so I think we need to receive more international recognition. I’m really grateful for everything my team, Black Dragons and CROSSFIRE has provided me. I’ve dedicated myself to the game

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