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let’s get started so when deep sleep falls on men this is
gonna come from job chapter 4 verses 13 through 21 and we’re just going to touch
on a few points because this story does not come back up again it is the first
and only time it occurs in scripture and we get additional information about
spirits if you remember part 1 if you have not watched part 1 or episode 1 go
back and watch that The Lying Spirit we didn’t get a ton of information about
the description of the spirits but we knew that they were able to come
together and discuss how they were going to deceive they were able to choose a
volunteer so it does mean that they are sentient beings and again if you want to
see that study go check that out so verse chapter 4 verse 13 through 21
we’re gonna read that first and we’ll come back and touch on everything in the
thoughts from the visions of the night when deep sleep fall upon men fear came
upon me and trembling which made all my bones to shake then a spirit passed
before my face and the hair of my flesh stood up it stood still but I could not
discern the form thereof and image was before mine eyes there was sire
and I heard a voice saying shall mortal man be more just than God shall a man be
more pure than his maker behold he put no trust in his servants and his angels
he charged with folly how much lessened them that dwell in houses of clay whose
foundation is in the dust which are crushed before the moth they are
destroyed from the morning to evening they perish for ever without any
regarding it does not their excellency which is in them go away they die even
without wisdom all right so that actually ends the chapter of job now a
lot of this is very very straightforward as far as the Strong’s Concordance goes
there are a couple of observations that I made but most of this stuff is very
very straightforward because the story is strange enough by itself so job’s
friend Elif as says he’s in a deep sleep in visions of the night
now the word over here he said he was having disquieting or troubling thoughts
that is a little bit deeper than what we see here where it says in thoughts from
the visions of the night we we see that these thoughts that he’s having are
disturbing not just regular thoughts but the term deep sleep right here this is
an interesting one because a deep sleep falls when deep sleep falls on men 86 39
now this deep sleep is the same kind of deep sleep we’ll see in Genesis chapter
221 when God puts Adam to sleep and makes Eve from his rib 86 39 that deep
sleep so job’s friend Elif as was in a super deep sleep when he had this vision
and the vision disturbed him now people have differing opinion different
opinions about what he saw some people say it was God some people say is the
Holy Spirit some people say it was a ghost or poltergeist some people say it
was an angel but the fact is it’s called a spirit and we’re gonna talk about that
for a second we’re gonna talk about the concept of a ghost and we’ll use the
word apparition and the reason we use the word apparition because it just
means as you see a ghost or ghost-like image of a person the appearance of
something remarkable or unexpected typically an image of this type so a
ghost like a ghost or ghost-like image of a person
the reason we use this word is because the description elf as is about to give
in a second so we look at the word ghost and the ghost definition says an
apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to
the living typically as a nebulous image now again I’m not saying this is a ghost
I’m just pointing out some things that are said and we’re just looking at some
definitions so so far it fits the definition of an apparition a ghost-like
image of a person and we’re gonna see in a second it says there are parents of
something remarkable unexpect it typically an image of this type so again
this this apparition or this spirit fits the definition the ghost an apparition
of a dead person who was believed to appear become manifest to the living
typically Aiden as a nebulous image so let’s look I looked up the word nebulous
and nebulous says this in the form of a cloud or haze hazy of a concept or idea
unclear vague or ill-defined so that doesn’t fit but it does fit in a form of
a cloud or haze hazy so we see that right here job 416 he says it stood
still but I could not discern the form thereof
so it’s formless or he doesn’t know what form is he said and an image was before
mine eyes there was silence this is an important part right here there was
silence now before we get to that he calls he caused this a spirit right here
in verse 15 he calls it a spirit the word right here is Ruach we’re gonna see
this 70 307 the word is Ruach and we’re gonna see that the hair stood up on his
body now this word right here 81-85 the hair stood up we’ll concentrate on that
for just a second and then we’re gonna come back we’ll see the hair not 81-85
this is for hair stood up 55 68 we’re gonna concentrate on this for a moment
now when people have these kind of supernatural encounters if you watch any
of the ghost hunter shows or any of the medium or psychic shows or anything like
that people will often report that their hair stood up on the back of their neck
they’re armed their hair stood up is usually associated with EMFs
electromagnetic fields and they say that the electricity and the atmosphere
changes when these spirits appear or are around and again this is according to
these ghost hunter shows and personal experiences that people have claimed to
have had some of us have felt a feeling of being in fear and then feeling like
the hair standing up or even seeing the hair stand up on our body now this is
the same word here right here stood up 55 68 it’s the same word used right here
translated as trembles and this is in reference to fear of the Lord’s judgment
I’m afraid of your judgment my flesh trembles for fear of you so this is a
deep deep fear that came upon Elif as when this spirit appeared to him now
again they couldn’t discern his appearance he was in a nebulous form as
I pointed out that’s why some people believe it may have been a ghost now let
me go back just a little bit so there’s silence and this is this is interesting
that he calls attention to the fact that there was silence and then he hears a
voice he heard a voice now there’s a reason that the silence seems to be
emphasised I’m not saying this is a hundred percent why but it seems to be a
logical reason because he wants to draw attention to the fact that there was
nothing else going on nothing else being said but then something loud and sudden
is gonna happen and we see that this is 69 63 a voice and a voice but we get
over here a sound of voice this definition and we get to the exhaustive
concordance we see birds bleeding crackling cry crying growl listening
loudly loudness lowing noise obey we get that outcry Proclamation screamed
so this is very likely a loud sound so he wants to give you the contrast that
this spirit came in stood before him he couldn’t make out the form it was silent
and then all of a sudden it yelled or or spoke in a very loud voice to him and
said the following shall a mortal man be more just in God shall a man be more
pure than his maker behold he put no trust in his servants and his angels he
charged with folly how much less than them to dwell in the house of clay whose
foundation is in the dust which are crushed before the moth they are
destroyed from morning to evening they perish for ever without any regarding it
does not their excellency which is in them go away they die even without
wisdom so this spirit appears scares the crap out of LFS and then gives him a
message which he clearly does not forget now there are a few observations that I
noticed in here as I was going through the same where Ruach is used in first
Kings 22 we talked about the lying spirit it does not call this spirit an
angel even though people believe it’s an angel same as in first Kings 22 the
spirits there were not called angels um the terms all the hosts of heaven was
used and then it tells us that this rock came forward and volunteered to be a
lying spirit which means it was not originally or it’s not in the official
capacity of a lying spirit now one of the other things we noticed too is that
it was able in in first Kings it was able to possess or or go control the
mouth of the prophets this spirit although it does not have a form still
managed to speak and make a sound and interact with the physical world to the
point that elephants could hear it so we we see that is common to when people
what they refer to as hauntings we see that we people hear voices and all kinds
of other stuff that goes on now in 4:18 where says behold he put no trust in his
servants and his angels he charged with folly
there’s intentionally a different words used here Strong’s 4397 you can go to
Bible hub com type in job chapter 4 eighteen click interlinear and you can
see for yourself that the word used is Maalik versus the word rock which is
used above in verse fifteen so there’s clearly a differentiation between angels
and this being and also notice that this being high speaks about God it’s it’s
let me see let’s read here shall mortal man be more just in God shall a man be
more pure than his maker behold he put no trust in his servants and his angels
he charged with folly he seems to be speaking as in the third person which
isn’t strange God does it sometimes in the Bible so it doesn’t necessarily
prove that this is not God but it seems to indicate that this may not be God or
is very likely not God appearing to LFS it is likely some other spirit that may
be volunteered to go down to speak to Elif as based on what we saw in 1st
Kings 22 that there was a council and somebody volunteered to go down it’s
possible that there was a council it’s possible that the spirit acted on its
own as possible the dispirit was sent from God it’s kind of hard to tell based
on the text but it also gives us some interesting insight to Luke 24:39 behold
my hands and my feet that it is I myself handle me and see for a spirit hath not
flesh and bones as ye see me have this is Christ talking to Thomas and some of
the other disciples but this is Christ and this is after the resurrection when
they think he is a ghost or a spirit and actually kind of trembling afraid of him
and then he asked them for something to eat and then he eats in front of they
gave him a boiled fish out to get a broiled broiled fish and a honeycomb and
he ate in front of them but they thought he was a ghost or a spirit let me let me
change that so they thought he was a spirit now it’s interesting that they
differentiate between angels and spirits and as we get into the demonology and
angelology study when I do start those I’m gonna point out some of the
differences in the word and how they use the word spirit you will find that
sometimes they use the word and sometimes they use the word unclean
spirit and it’s it’s a very slight difference but if you watch the Nephilim
Giants part one I pointed out that the unclean spirits the definition in in
Greek actually refers to a spirit of a wrong mixture or a wrongly mixed spirit
so go check out Nephilim Giants part one if you want to get deeper into the
wrongly mixed spirits but yeah this story just kind of stands out because
it’s one appearance of what appears to be a ghost in the Bible it’s called a
spirit but it does have all the elements of what we would call a typical haunting
well not all the elements it has a few of the elements of a typical haunting
and I think in part three I’m gonna cover Peters escape from prison in which
an angel appears and we see some signs there that are very synonymous with
alien abduction and it’s just again it goes to the point that a lot of the
stuff that we think is new or not explained in the Bible is actually in
the Bible and to be clear for those that don’t know my position on aliens I do
believe that they are fallen angels I do believe a lot of this stuff comes
from the spirit realm and it’s not all explained as beings coming from other
planets so yeah we’ll get more into that when I get into the angels and demons
studies but I did want to point this out so make sure you grab your copy of as
the days of Norway make sure you grab a copy of beyond flesh and blood if you
want to get more into spirits and supernatural entities there are other
strange stories in the Bible like this one offs that give us slight insight
into the spiritual realm and that there are other things out there besides just
angels and humans so if you liked the video click the thumbs up make sure you
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future studies and with that said until next time I’m out

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