THE SONS OF JAPHETH | Genesis 10 | Unmasking The Gentiles – Part 4

hey what’s up everybody this is Dante
Fortson here with unmasking the Gentiles part for the sons of japheth so today
we’re gonna get into some more I guess I want to say foundational type stuff
we’re gonna lay the groundwork for a lot of the Gentile study that’s to come and
we’re gonna do some connecting to various points in history not going to
get super deep into the history of all the sons today but what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna touch on the sons and grandsons very briefly and then some of
the sons we’re gonna get to get into a little more in depth as the as the
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chat box alright so today’s study is brought to you by unmasking the Gentiles
the European plot to replace Israel we’re gonna touch on some of that today
and also undeniable full-color evidence of black Israelites in the Bible it just
presents the history as is the hard evidence when people want to argue
history and context and everything else just show them the pictures let them
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alright so let’s go ahead and get into this and we’re gonna start out with a
quick recap of last session so Japheth well not just last session what we
covered so far in the first three Jeff is line is identified as the Gentiles or
the hog oi’m in Genesis 10 we talked about that and last study we talked
about my theory that is possible again I never said this is a hard theory or
doctrine you have to accept I’m just pointing out the possibilities that
Japheth and Shem may have been cursed let me see what else we got oh here we
go God cursed Israel to be made jealous and
angry by a foolish slash stupid nation yes we covered that in part one if you
have not watched part one through three of the series parts one through three of
the series make sure you go back and watch those so you have context I’ll
talk about that in a second more in a second Japheth name comes from the root
word pipi meaning foolish which is the connection from Japheth to the foolish
nation and when I talked about last time I the Lord deceiving Japheth now when I
pointed out that that to me sounds more like a curse than a blessing I mean you
could look at it however you want to it still ends up how it ends up the
descendants of Japheth will go into servitude the descendants of ham have
gone into servitude and the descendants of Shem have gone into servitude so when
you look at the context of what Noah said to Japheth it doesn’t seem to be a
blessing it seems to be a curse deception is not a blessing we’re gonna
get more into some of that and we got into the root word of the Japheth name
33:15 and it says it’s from the word pataw and we got into pitar and we
looked at this which means to be spacious or wide open and we also looked
at the alternative definition put 60 601 B that says to be simple a lure became
enticed deceive deceived enticed persuaded prevail seduced so this right
here okay we’ll get into it all right there we go this right here I didn’t cover last time
simple as substantive substantive concrete open to instruction of wisdom
or folly meaning they can be taught one way or the other very easily or as it
says here foolish simplicity or simple one you’re gonna see this over here but
anyway that’s just a quick recap if you guys want the full-on breakdown of the
word Japheth go back to the last study part three now I know I get a
comments a lot of you guys want to jump straight to the Northern Kingdom and New
Testament and all kind of other places but what I do is I take my time and I
build up everything starting from the foundation so that way we have something
to draw back from the problem is what a lot of these people who call themselves
teachers out here they want to give you a conclusion and then they want to go
back through the Bible to find stuff that supports that conclusion they
disregard everything else and then they often will tell you to throw out stuff
like Paul and we’re gonna be coming back to Paul over and over again as a
Galatians study coming at least a two-part series on the book of Galatians
cuz a lot of the stuff that Paul was teaching is directly from the law and
all these people out here playing a law keeper don’t even recognize the gospel
in the law when they see it which is why they’re teaching some of the stuff that
they’re teaching and telling people to throw out Paul and this is just a lot of
confusion out here by people who don’t want to start with the foundation and
then build up so that’s what I’m doing so it’s gonna we’ll get to certain parts
as we get to them so let’s start with Genesis chapter 10 verse 1 through 5 and
then we’ll talk about the the sons or descendants of Japheth now these are the
generations of the sons of Noah Shem ham and Japheth and unto them were sons born
after the flood the sons of Japheth Gomer and Magog and Madai and Javan and
tubal and Meshech and Tyrus and the sons of Gomer Ashkenazi and riffraff and
togarmah and the sons of Jamin Elijah and Tarshish Killam and doe denham by
these were the Isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands everyone after
his tongue after his families in their nations so we covered the breakdown of
Genesis chapter 10 5 already in part 2 we start talking about the usage of the
word goyim and so now we’re gonna look at the sons briefly now one of the
things that Europeans have done is they’ve kept very very good track of
Europe in history and so there is a ton to draw
from when you go look at European history in fact in most schools around
the United States the majority of what we learned all years European history I
probably no no not even probably I definitely learned more about European
history than I did black history in my whole 12 years in in school now
the reason I say that is because every black history we went over the same
people Rosa Parks Martin Luther King they definitely didn’t teach us no
Malcolm X but we we basically went over the same people George Washington Carver
Harriet Tubman so that’s what we learned over and over and over again but
fortunately for us my throat’s a little dry sorry about that I have to take a
drink but fortunately for us they kept vast records on their history and
everybody else’s history up until around the 8th late 18-hundreds going into the
early 1900s when they wanted to start covering up who we were or who we are
and so then they started to kind of write themselves into Africa and write
themselves into the the shimmy line and everything else so we have Gomer
we start with Gomer so the sons of Japheth Gomer people believe Gomer to be
the founder or the the originator of the Galatians the Gauls and the Celts and
we’re going to get into the Celts a little more during the Nephilim Giants
study when we talk about some of the Celtic Giants but Galatians you’ll
recognize that name from the New Testament that is one of the churches
that Paul wrote the letter to and we’re gonna do a at least a two part may be a
three part study on the book of Galatians because there is a lot in
there that Paul talks about that has to do with ethnicity and there’s a lot that
Paul has to talk about that does with preaching the gospel directly from the
law of Moses so we’ll cover that thing and you have may gog magog is gonna come
up most of us have heard about gog and magog so that’s going to come up we get
there they are believed to be the ancestors of
the Citians the Ukraine Russia and Crimea and one of the things you’re
going to notice is that some of these overlap with each other because the area
they’re in so you’ll you’ll get multiple names that are attributed to a country
because sometimes they occupy different parts of that country so again a
Scythian is Ukraine Russia and the Crimea mad-eye is going to be the Medes
and the Kurds and matter of fact let me go back here the Galatians if I didn’t
point this out but yeah glaciers right here and then we have Magog or just
gonna be Russia Ukraine all of this stuff all around over in here and we
might talk about the Citians as we move through different parts of the Old
Testaments of the Old Testament the Scythian will come up
all right so Matt I the Medes and the Kurds so you’re gonna have Kurdistan
here and the Medes you may recognize from the from the story of Daniel where
you have Darius or Darius the Mede and you’re gonna notice something that he is
black if true if if the Medes do come from mad-eye and we’re gonna talk about
that once we get to we’re gonna get more in depth into the Medes some of you have
been asking me how did Japheth turn from black to white what happened there we’re
gonna talk about that we’re gonna get into the study of the Neanderthal we’re
gonna talk about what the Book of Enoch has to say about it we’re gonna talk
about the different curses we’re talking about all this stuff it’s not gonna be
overlooked I just haven’t got to it yet but we will
so then you have jayven the Greeks and here’s Greece over here close to Rome or
close to Italy Rome is in Italy and this is where Alexander the Great is gonna
come from and Alexander the Great is gonna conquer the known world or what
they say is was the known world at the time and he’s gonna force everybody to
speak Greek which is gonna ultimately lead to the Hebrew Bible being
translated into what we know as the septuagint or the lxx so that’s
going to come that’s going to originate from the empire that starts from Greece
or the Greek Empire to Baal you have Iberia Italy Spain and Portugal again
some of these overlap so Italy Spain Portugal you have Iberia and we’re gonna
come back to two ball two ball is gonna play an important part when we get to
the we talked about slavery in the addressing the evidence series the
Portuguese and the Spanish were deporting the black Jews into Africa or
to West Africa more specifically or where we find the kingdom of Judah and
I’m gonna do a study on the Kingdom of Judah is gonna be addressing the
evidence part seven I’m working on it right now it should be finished in the
next few days so addressing evidence part seven is coming and it’s gonna be a
full study on witih and I’m gonna touch on two ball again during that study
mashek Georgia and Armenia some of you may remember Georgia from the news I
believe it was Russia a few years back when Russia attacked Georgia and they
had that our conflict going on it didn’t last too long but Meshach is believed to
be the origin of Georgia and the Armenians Tyrus they’re gonna be linked
to Thrace and Thrace comes up a lot more mythology and as you can see it
encompasses a little bit of Greece and some of Bulgaria but Thrace is gonna
come up a lot in Greek mythology it’s where several heroes are from and other
events take place in Thrace we may touch on three during the
Nephilim Giants study so now let’s talk about the grandsons of Japheth those
were the sons of Japheth and it’s important to understand exactly who they
were so when we get deeper into the study we can always point back to them
and say okay these these people originated with Japheth so this is where
they fit in into the context of history in the context description in the
context of prophecy and remember these people are referred to as the Gentiles
the going or hot goyim so Oscar nas most of us
recognize Oscar nods for several reasons but we touched on Oscar night ashkenazi
briefly and Ashkenaz refers to germany and we see ashkenaz is mentioned in
genesis chapter 10 verse 3 now germany is right over here Germany is in Europe
for those that don’t know and the reason Oksana’s is so important
is because it’s linked to the term Ashkenazi and we know who goes by the
term Ashkenazi and so it raises a lot of questions for those who start to look if
Ashkenazi is linked to Japheth who are these Europeans in the land and when of
course they deny being European but then the DNA evidence comes out which I’ve
shared before if you go through my videos you’ll see that the DNA evidence
comes out that links them to Europe and of course you have Arthur kessler’s book
the 13th tribe that says that they are eighth century European converts so
Genesis 9:27 which is what we just covered in the last study in part 3 God
shall allure or deceive Japheth and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem and
Canaan shall be his servant so when we look at this and again I don’t believe
this is a blessing at all we see the word enlarged there we went over the
fact that it’s translated as a lure or deceive in every other place except for
this one and again I talked about them having delusions of grandeur they want
to believe they are something they are not and I’m not just saying that I’m
gonna show you again we covered this before but I’m gonna I’m gonna show you
again in a second so god shall have lauren deceived Japheth and he shall
dwell in the tents of Shem and Canaan shall be a servant what are we seeing
happening over there right now we see descendants from the line of Japheth
living in the land of Shin Shem subjecting the Palestinians to their
will with the help of the United States and England we talked about some of the
we talked about the the the Zion Federer’s ioan Zionist
Federation that sort of is giantess Federation formed in 1899 we talked
about the mandate for Palestine the British Mandate for Palestine of 1917
and 1920 I believe it was I’m sorry in 1920 was a British Mandate of Palestine
1917 was the Balfour a green or Balfour Declaration we talked about 1948 them
getting the land of Palestine for their own through the intervention of America
United States and England and the League of Nations so these people who are
Europeans it has been well documented that they are Europeans their name says
that they are European are living in the tents of Shem and then we see another
prophecy which we briefly covered in the last study part three Oh Lord my
strength and my fortress and my refuge in the day of affliction the Gentiles
shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth and shall say surely our
fathers have inherited lies vanity and things wherein there is no profit so the
same Gentiles the Gentiles are Japheth is referred to as the Gentiles the
prophecy in Genesis chapter 927 says they will be deceived and live in the
tents of Shem and Canaan shall be a servant it says that eventually they
will come and say we’ve inherited lies so all this stuff connects when you
understand who’s being talked to and this is why it’s so important to lay the
foundation so that we’re not jumping around saying things like this is Esau
yeah i’ma touch on that in just a second a lot of these people who claim to be
teachers will tell you that these people are linked to ashkenaz who’s Japheth and
then they turn around and say that’s Esau that’s Esau and again I don’t think
it’s that easy to identify Esau but we know for sure this is Japheth so if
anybody’s telling you this is the Ashkenazi are from Japheth and then also
telling you that they’re Esau it can’t work both ways Esau sashay might ask
your nas is from Japheth but I do have a I do have a personal
theory and I’ve said this before I believe that Esau is mixed into more
than one group of people I believe they have mixed some into the Arabs they’ve
mixed some into the Europeans and they’ve mixed some into religious use
the word black that-that’ll include shemites and hay mites people of black
descent whether she might or he might so I believe Esau is not just you can’t
just say that’s a white man so that’s Esau now one of the things that gets
said about those of us who identifies Israel is that we are anti-semitic
because we say that they are not the real Jews that doesn’t make us
anti-semitic because if we’re Semitic and you’re saying we’re not the real
Jews that actually makes you anti-semitic for those who say that but
number two as I pointed out there from Ashkenazi they call themselves the
Ashkenazi they are the ones who identify themselves as European descendants of
Japheth the DNA says that they are European converts Arthur Kessler’s book
and other documented works say that they are European converts all evidence
points to them being Europeans and not shemites or Semitic or however you want
to say it submitted they are not from the line of Shem and so we have to deal
with the verses in the book of Revelation whether you like it or not I
know thy works and tribulation and poverty but thou art rich and I know the
blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue
of satan’ so let’s talk about this right now because they say that we’re bringing
ethnicity into this right but the thing is it’s either us or them that are the
real chosen people we know this we know that everything about them points back
to them being Europeans from Japheth but more importantly the Bible says that
this the false group or the false ones are committing blasphemy it says they
are the synagogue of satan’ now one thing I find to be very very
hypocritical among those who I identify themselves as Christian whether
black white or other is that while they believed that these were the true Jews
they were supportive they will say God is going to bless those that bless you
curse those that curse you we need to bless Israel they were fine with the US
government sending billions of dollars a year to these people they are fine with
supporting Israel in their actions regardless of how ungodly those actions
are and number whatever number forget the number I was going to count that but
I didn’t start counting from the beginning they believe one of the things
that is taught in the Christian Church and some Christian churches not all of
them and I’ll say Eurocentric Christian
churches they teach that Israel has to wake up and call back the Most High and
yet they see a people waking up and turning back to the Most High believing
in the Messiah wanting to call back the Messiah but because of the color of our
skin they’re saying well no you can’t be those people because they understand
that if we are those people then what they’ve done is a war on God but
furthermore it’s hypocritical because they were fine with supporting Israel
today find out it’s us and then when it’s us suddenly it doesn’t matter
ethnicity doesn’t matter race doesn’t matter they don’t want to send us
billions of dollars a year in support they don’t want to go invade another
country and take land and give it to us as long as they believe those Jews are
Caucasian they will allow it and they will support it and until and again like
I said black white or other as soon as they find out it’s us suddenly it no
longer matters suddenly they have every other reason in the world why Israel is
no longer relevant to doctrine and again a revelation 3:9 by the mouth of two or
three witnesses we see it twice in the book of Revelation behold I will make
them of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but do lie
behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that
I have loved thee so the fake Jews are gonna go worship at the feet of the real
Jews simple as that you can look at these people and tell that these people
did not spend 400 years of servitude in Egypt as they teach and again for those
don’t don’t leave me a message saying we didn’t spend 400
years in Egypt I’m aware of that that’s why I’m saying as they teach we know
that this wasn’t true they didn’t they didn’t go to Africa and marry among
Egyptians and Kushites and everybody else and remain Caucasian that’s that’s
dumb I’m just gonna say it like it is that’s dumb and what did the Bible say
it says he’s gonna anger us with the by a nation full of stupid people we know
that’s dumb and the fact is we didn’t really think about it many of us that
came out of here eccentric Christianity we didn’t think about it as much as we
should have why because the controls are there don’t look at don’t look at race
don’t look outside the Bible none of this stuff matters that everybody’s
everybody’s saved so the skin color doesn’t matter and so we didn’t look and
had we looked rude and all these people are liars and how we use the maps
outside of the maps they give us in the Bible we would have discovered it
earlier because if you notice in the maps they always have a close-up of
Egypt so you can’t tell us in Africa I don’t think I’ve ever seen a map with
Ethiopia and in any of these Bibles produced because then you would connect
it to Africa and so you see that the maps are zoomed in so that you can’t see
world geography too well and so you don’t even question it and as I as an
adult a couple years ago talking to another adult and he was a white guy and
I believe it was on Facebook yeah it was on Facebook and I mentioned about Egypt
being in Africa and he tells me Egypt wasn’t in Africa the last time that I
checked and I don’t I don’t know like why that’s acceptable in this day and
time for an adult not to know that Egypt is in Africa and then called himself
correcting me and saying Egypt wasn’t in Africa last time that I checked so I
asked him when was the last time you checked cuz it hasn’t moved and that was
my response and he checked and then he saw it and then he is nothing else you
can say after that because now he has to come to terms with the fact that it
sounds ridiculous to Caucasian people were in Africa under brutal slavery in
the hot African Sun building pyramids it makes no sense but again we looked at
the word 8:01 the word for foolish this is the word we talked about in
Romans chapter 10 and yeah Romans chapter 10 the Greek word for foolish it
means without understanding unintelligent without wisdom unwise
undiscerning implying probably moral defect that’s why these same people can
tell you to go back to Africa and then tell you black people weren’t in Africa
as all Caucasians they’ll tell you black people are from ham and then tell you
that Egyptians come from him but Egyptians aren’t black they will tell
you Canaanites come from ham as we just read in Genesis chapter 9 it said three
times I believe it was three times that ham is the father of Canaan I notice
said at least twice ham is the father of Canaan and they will tell you Canaanites
were not black but ham was black they’ll tell you Kushites were black and
Ethiopians are black and but not the Egyptians and not the Libyans and not
the Canaanites unwise unintelligent undiscerning if we get down here
properly without comprehension foolish because incoherent failing to put facts
together they don’t put the facts together 70 AD
we’re scattered in Africa I cover this in the addressing evidence series
multiple eyewitnesses from their own people and other people saying that
Israelites are in Africa we have history of the Limbo coming down from Israel all
the way into Zimbabwe we have the history of them spreading out and going
and settling in the kingdom of Judah the maps show the kingdom of Judah marked as
the slave coast after they were scattered into Africa we see in the book
of actually we did a study on it and addressing the evidence series how they
would come across the ethiopian Ocean from the West in ships they would call
the Gentiles and then it started taking people from the slave coast to Kingdom
of Judah I showed you the evidence from Cambridge University in 1985 that says
that slaves brought Hebrew and Judaism over here anyway it may have been native
to West Africa I showed you the document from Henry Kissinger saying that the e
bows are wandering Africans are the one Hebrews of West Africa we put together
all this myself Te’o and others have showed you guys all this evidence now
smart people believe it rational people believe it but again foolish people are
stupid people don’t why because they are without comprehension foolish because
incoherent failing to put facts together they’re not capable of doing this one I
believe is because the fullness of the Gentiles is coming in and I honestly
believe that I don’t know how close that is I’m not saying it’s done but we’re
starting to see that many people are moving away from the church and we’re
starting to see the separation of the white church from from black believers
because a lot of people are coming out the car coming out of the live
Eurocentric Christianity a lot of our people and some of their people as well
right here it says lacking synthesis describes a person failing to structure
information in a meaningful way and therefore unable to reach necessary
conclusions this person is illogical because unwilling to use good reason all
you got to do is look at the urban apologists there’s a reason they won’t
respond to any of the actual historical evidence all you got to do is look to
the racist white Christians that follow your eccentric Christianity and believe
in replacement theology they are in law illogical
they don’t use reason they aren’t able to comprehend they can’t put the facts
together this stuff is simple if the Egyptians painted themself is black and
Moses is mistaken as an Egyptian clearly Moses black it’s not because he’s
wearing eyeshadow and lipstick and dressed like an Egyptian and all this
other nonsense running around naked an African son as a white man that’s stupid
again there’s no nice way to say some of this stuff that is stupid and yet they
keep teaching it so anyway let’s get into the grandsons further
riff-raff path lego nyan celts again we’re getting to the celts later when we
talk about the celtic giants I told garma the Caucasus
now the caucuses you’re gonna hear this come up to when we touch on British is
realism one of the beliefs is that the Israelites after being attacked
mind you roam controlled most of Europe their belief is that Israel got attacked
in 70 AD and ran through Roman occupied territory to escape the Romans into the
Caucasus Mountains which were also controlled by the Romans again
that’s stupid when in the Bible they always ran to Egypt because of the
opposite direction and the people look like them it was easier for them to hide
why would a group of black people run among Europeans in European controlled
territory to escape the Europeans who were trying to hunt them and put them
into slavery that makes no sense especially since Egypt wasn’t under
Roman control and would have made more sense to flee further into Egypt and you
had Hannibal of Carthage holding them off at the other end it makes no sense
to flee into the Caucasus mountain but again let me go back failing to put the
facts together again this is this is how these people were described in the book
of Romans Elijah Belgium the Netherlands and once again
you see Germany pop up like I said a lot of these are gonna overlap and we’re
gonna touch more on some of these as we go through Tarshish Tarsus comes up now
I did a lot of research on Tarsus for another reason a while back but Tarshish
is undetermined I’ve seen multiple locations proposed as Tarshish and all
of them have good reasoning behind them so I’m just gonna leave that as
undetermined and we’re gonna touch on that more later now kiddo kinam is
linked to Cyprus here this small island right here and to the Romans who
originated in Italy now kitten is gonna be interesting we’re definitely going to
touch on kitten because kitten is gonna lead to a study
really in the Romans and then zepho zepho and kid um zepho who is on an
Edomite he’s gonna do some mixing they’re gonna do some mixing into kiddo
and so you’re gonna see the Roman and the the Edomites start to join now
when we get into kid um or actually it probably won’t just be a study on Kim
kinam will probably come up among other studies but I’m gonna talk about the
possibility that why we see a link between the limba and the some of the
Ashkenazi Jews which again I told you I believe he saw mixed into a lot of
people is that some of the Ashkenazi do have Esau’s DNA and if Esau and Jacob
are twin brothers they have similar DNA but it may explain why the limba genes
are stronger than the Ashkenazi genes because remember Jacob and Esau are twin
brothers so if Esau mixed into other people they would have genes people
always ask well how is it possible that they have similar DNA at all if the real
Jews are black and esau or if the real Jews are black and other ones are not
and again I believe that Esau mixed in to other nations which if Jacob and Esau
are twins as the Bible says they should have very similar DNA and I’m not an
expert on twin DNA but I’m pretty sure I want to say I’m about 90% sure that DNA
is identical feel free to correct me if I’m wrong cuz again I’m not an expert on
DNA but I believe the twin DNA is identical but again if I’m not correct
me if I’m wrong put the information a link to the information in the comments
and we’ll touch on that and I’ll update it and correct it the next time or in in
part 5 and then don’t denim no denim is the final grandson this is gonna be
roads and roads is this little island right over here and some of you who are
familiar with mythology Greek mythology Roman mythology have heard of the
Colossus of Rhodes it’s one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and it is a
giant statue of the Sun God Helios is as it was as tall as the Statue of Liberty
which explains the height of the Statue of Liberty but notice the crown around
his head which represents the Sun and it looks similar to what we see with
the Statue of Liberty and that was given us to given to the United States by the
French I believe it was and I have to check that to make sure but I’m gonna
get into some interesting history in the next study I’m gonna get into some
interesting history about Europe and Japheth and some stuff I didn’t know
until somewhat recently that Japheth was actually worshipped as a God in Europe
did not know this but I traveled around some racist European sites and racist
Christian European sites dug up some information that they teach their own
people and I’m gonna share some of that with everybody in part five now one of
the things I did dig up in this journey was a chart that I’ll call the Japheth
chart is going to come back up and if you’ve noticed the pictures on the right
they’ve been ridiculous on purpose just because we’re expected to believe that
that all these people will run around in in Africa white it just it’s it’s a
funny thing to me so on the Left we see this right here now it’s interesting
again what they teach their people is different from what many of us heard in
the Eurocentric Christian Church sitting in the in the pulpit another pulpit in
the pews I’m guessing they were teaching a lot of this stuff behind closed doors
and in private bible studies and and you know they’re sharing information with
each other but they’re not telling us so here’s the chart it says that Japheth
origin of the Greeks the Aryans and Aryans of India you can see that term
Aryan come up a lot when you get through getting to some of the more British
Israel ISM literature I guess Gomer people living in the area of the Black
Sea Germany in Wales Magog reference to God referring to Georgia a region near
the Black Sea incipient mad-eye the Medes Persia Japheth through
Matt I fathers of peoples of India jayven people of Greece and Cyprus to
Baal Russia’s city of Tobolsk let me see here mache Russian
Muscovy city of musk musk ow Tyrus the Thracians possibly the Etruscans of
Italy Ashkenazi Armony Armenia Scandinavia
Denmark northern islands of Europe and European west coast rip hath generally
Europe Carpathians and Pavle go nians tell Gama
Armenians Germany and Turkey Elijah Greeks Hellas is a form of the word
Elijah and we’re going to talk about the Hellenistic group Greeks we’re gonna get
into that too when we get further into this Gentile study into the New
Testament now Tarshish Spain Carthage in North
Africa it’s interesting that they say Carthage in North Africa we’re going to
talk about that as well kill them the Greeks Cyprus Macedonia and then notice
they don’t link them to the Romans we’ll come back to we’ll come back to
this but they do link them to Cyprus doe Daniel Greeks roads and Dardanelles so
we’ll touch on the Greeks for sure there’s a couple of people linked to the
Greeks we have Japheth we have Kidd them we
have no Denham so yeah we’ll touch on those now let’s talk about some
contradictory doctrine I do want to address this cuz again we have a
ridiculous picture here on purpose because again you have a stupid doctrine
that teaches that this is shem ham and japheth and that nor was a white man
that gave his wife gave birth to this guy right here and his brothers look
like this this is this is the doctrine that they teach but that’s not the only
ridiculous doctrine out there in my opinion the two sets of gentiles
doctrine to me this is ridiculous number one as you’ll see we’re going through
the Old Testament and God is not the author of confusion he’s not gonna spend
the entire Old Testament giving you the background and description and
everything else you want to know about the Gentiles only to subtly caught start
calling the northern tribe Gentiles in the New Testament that caused all kind
of confusion it’s just it doesn’t make sense some of these people are out here
causing confusion they call themselves teachers and all they’re doing is
causing confusion they’ll tell you Ashkenazi Jews come
from Ashkenazi which is Japheth but then they’ll also
tell you Japheth isn’t the white man again they’re just out here causing
confusion I don’t think some of these people listen to what they’re teaching
they just say it and again it’s not all of them I’m not talking about all the
people I’m not going to UM say like this I’m not talking about all the camps a
lot of the camps teach the above there’s two sets of Gentiles there’s there’s the
Europeans and then there’s the northern tribe which is not true I pointed out
before Paul is talking to his flesh Paul says that he’s talking to the Gentiles
to make his flesh jealous and of course I get a comment as somebody saying well
Paul is talking about the southern kingdom his is his flesh because the
northern kingdom is it doesn’t even matter because politics doesn’t change
flesh if I don’t speak to my cousin for three years it doesn’t change the fact
that we’re related if I don’t talk to my cousin for the rest of our lives until
the day I die it doesn’t change the fact that we’re related Paul knew what he was
talking about because Paul’s a Pharisee Paul is familiar with the law and that’s
why Paul was quoting from Deuteronomy 32 this is right after they came out of
Egypt when they were all still one nation before the division into the
northern the southern kingdom so Paul Paul’s reference has to be used in
context when he says we’re going to be moved to jealousy or provoked to
jealousy and anger by a foolish nation he was talking to those of his flesh all
Israelites northern and southern kingdom he wasn’t differentiating between the
two kingdoms he was differentiating between two
peoples Gentiles in Europe where he was when he said it in Rome or he may not
been in Europe but where he wrote the letter to he’s talking to them not
scattered northern Israelites which is why he differentiates between his flesh
which again why I’m gonna get into the book of Galatians because he makes some
very distinguishing remarks there that point out the difference between the
Gentiles and those of Israelite blood or nationality or heritage he did not
separate northern for southern kingdom when he was talking and again this is
what I just covered northern kingdom are no longer related because they split
over politics it doesn’t make any sense that’s a stupid stupid stupid
argument again is no nice way to say some of this stuff because a lot of
these guys are causing division and they’re causing confusion on top of
division they want people to believe that there’s not salvation for everybody
only Israel and when they can’t reconcile what the Bible says they start
changing everything Ruth wasn’t immoral by she’s Israelite I keep covering this
Bathsheba wasn’t really a Canaanite she was an Israelite the Hittites weren’t
really Hittites they were Israelites the Gentiles aren’t really Gentiles they’re
Israelites like everybody becomes the Israelite when they can’t explain it
away it’s it’s it’s ridiculous in my opinion then there’s the Eurocentric
christian believes that gentiles are all non israelites everybody’s a Gentile I’m
gonna point out something as we get through this but in Genesis 14 you see
title king of the gentiles and then you don’t see the word Gentile use anymore
until the book of Judges if everybody’s Gentiles why isn’t the word Gentile
using a reference to all the hand mites they encounter between the books of
Genesis and judges there’s no explanation for that and I point out
that before they change everyone Israelites from Scripture contradicts
false camp doctrine again all camps out aren’t out there teaching this false
doctrine I’m talking to the ones that applies to and please don’t leave me a
message thinking you’re the first person from a camp to ever tell me that there
was an that there are two sets of Gentiles on which verses to look at yes
I’ve heard it I’ve seen them and they’re all taken out of context by the camps
well the camps that teach this it’s just an attempt to a scripture and to fit
their doctrine instead of letting the scripture determine the doctrine so who
are the Gentiles let’s just quick recap for what we learned so far from all the
studies they are descendants of Japheth according to Genesis 10 5 a nation of
foolish people Deuteronomy 32 21 in Romans 10 19 there are people without a
culture Romans 10 19 we talked about that how they adopt everybody else’s
culture or the word we uses cultural appropriation
they just appropriate culture Stargate is one of my favorite favorite
sci-fi shows of all time and one of the things to go out there basically
cultural appropriators they travel from galaxy to galaxy they enslave people
they appropriate their culture and they pose as gods for worship sound familiar
I could give a whole breakdown on how European society fits the Guam old of
Stargate if you’ve never watched Stargate Stargate in my opinion is
probably one of the most ethnically populated sci-fi shows in history almost
all the good guys are black or Samoan or some kind of ethnicity most of the bad
guys are white and if you follow the mythology a lot of it is based around
Egypt some of it like you have a motet and you have some other African figures
in in the Stargate Universe but the majority of them are Egyptian gods and
and again there’s a few other random African gods in the Stargate Universe
but the the the Jaffa and a lot of the rebellion are people are black people
let’s say people of color because it does include black people Samoans
Hawaiians and Asians and all kind of stuff but anyway yeah if you never watch
Stargate sg-1 seasons 1 through 10 you should check that out and the importance
of it is that MGM put out a sci-fi project when most other sci-fi projects
are void of a lot of black faces but they put out a sci-fi project that
had an abundance of black faces including black heroes as a main
character they’re a nation that is not dark we read that in Deuteronomy 32 21
we kept digging and saw that the Bible tells us that the Gentiles are a nation
that is not dark they are people used to provoke Israel to jealousy and anger
that’s in Deuteronomy 32 21 in Romans 10 19 they are a people that will be
enslaved again I should have put a question mark here but that’s from
Genesis 9:27 which we talked about last time if the curse of Noah is literal
where he said Canaan shall be a servant of servants and he
and then he immediately tells Japheth that Canaan was gonna be his servant
that to me in my opinion would make make be the reference that Japheth would to
be a servant if Cain is gonna be a servant of servants
so yeah Japheth will be enslaved and we’ll see that in the Bible not slavery
in the sense that many people are thinking of it but Japheth will go into
servitude and what we learned today that the sons of japheth populated areas of
europe the gentiles are the sons of japheth that populated areas of europe
and we’re gonna get more into this belief that Japheth populated area of
areas of Europe we’re gonna look at some of the the beliefs around Japheth being
worshipped as a God lowercase G and that’s gonna get kind of interesting
because I guarantee you if you’ve not studied that before some of the gods and
goddesses you’re gonna find it they’re linked sometimes linked to regular
people and sometimes it doesn’t add up we’ll get into Nimrod and and Isis and
Osiris and Semiramis and Tammuz we’ll get into all that in the Nephilim study
but yeah definitely going to touch on Japheth being worshipped as a God
lowercase G in Europe so make sure you the thumbs up button please if you like
the study make sure you hit this subscription button if you are wanting
to get notified when we hit the or when I do the when I do part 5 of this series
and make sure you click the notification bell so you don’t miss the notification
or actually so you get the notification I don’t think you get sent to
notifications if you don’t click the bell it may suggest it on your home page
but yeah click that notification bell so if you have any questions about the
Gentiles I just needed to lay some groundwork today before we get into the
next study if you have questions please feel free to send me a message but with
that said until next time I’m out

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