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>>Hey, guys. It’s Amanda I’m going to sing “Someone Like You.” A lot of people requested it.>>Mark: Amanda Todd, the B.C. teen driven to death, haunted by one revealing photo.♪ I heard that you’re settleddown ♪>>Mark: Tonight, we tell you the story you never heard about what really happened to her. The blackmail, the sexual extortion that could happen to any teenager on the Internet.>>They are young girls, they’re naive and they’re trusting. They’re not expecting that there’s a person on my list who’s out to extort me.>>Mark: The friends who watched her struggle.>>She knew that she did something wrong, she also knew that there was nothing that she could do anymore because like, the damage was done.>>Mark: The other woman who battled her blackmailer, and won.>>I didn’t want that computer in my room. That computer is hell.>>Mark: We go deep into Amanda’s world of never seen before videos and online chats. Her story in her own words. How important is it to you to find out who did this to your daughter?>>If I had one dying wish, that would be it. To find out who started all this. (♪♪)>>Thank you.>>Mark: Hi, I’m Mark Kelley and welcome to the show. You know, there’s a good chance right now someone close to you, your child, niece or neighbour, is online. And maybe about to make a mistake they will regret. We’ve all made mistakes, and it used to be in due time, they were forgotten. But in the age of the Internet, there are online predators who can make sure you pay for a mistake for the rest of your life. That’s what happened to Amanda Todd. While many remember her as a victim of cyberbullying, tormented by her classmates, which she was, she was also the target of an online network of sexual extortionists. Tonight, you’ll see her as you’ve never seen her before. Her life, her struggles, and the story of the blackmail that drove her to her death. This is the untold story of the sextortion of Amanda Todd. (♪♪)>>Mark: For most people, this is how they remember Amanda Todd. This video made by the B.C. teen in her bedroom and posted on Youtube back in September 2012. It’s been viewed almost 28 million times. It was a cry for help. And a cry for attention. From her flashing her breasts online… To the blackmail and bullying that ensued. Triggering a fatal free-fall. Her story starts in Port Coquitlam, a trim and tidy town just east of Vancouver. The kind of place where parents want to raise their kids, a place that feels familiar and safe. A place where Amanda Todd would learn all about life. It was here she took gymnastics, played hockey, learned how to sing and dance. Like most parents, Carol Todd wanted to keep her daughter busy and out of trouble.>>She was spirited. She was creative. Painfully shy at times in her life. She was just this normal child who took great pains to drive her parents crazy. As any typical child.>>Mark: Amanda’s parents split when she was young, but she remained close to her mother and her father Norm.>>Just a great little kid. She was a firecracker. She had a lot of spunk in her. She just wanted everything in life and challenged life. And she wanted to grow up really fast and have it all, and so she definitely kept everybody on their toes.>>Mark: But as Amanda grew, her mother said so did her complexities. She was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Revealing her vulnerabilities to an often unforgiving world.>>Kids would laugh at her so she would compensate in other ways by making jokes or she would just compensate. But it wasn’t always to her benefit because kids would laugh at what she said. And so then eventually, she would become quieter and she developed anxieties. I could always tell when she was anxious because she would wring her hands.>>Go.>>Hi, my name is Amanda, and I always like to sing “O Canada” before I sing any song. ♪ O Canada ♪>>Mark: Amanda may have been awkward in groups, but on camera, she came alive. ♪ True patriot love ♪>>Mark: She began recording videos, in this one she’s just nine years old. Later, she began posting the videos on the internet. The girl had a goal. She wanted to be famous.>>She loved the technology because she was successful at it. And she could make things, she made little videos. She learned how to tape herself and sing. ♪ Feels so right to be here with you ♪>>Mark: And then she learned how to post them on YouTube.>>Okay, thanks. I hope you enjoyed it.>>Mark: If you want to understand any kid that age, look at what they’re doing online. ♪ I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies ♪>>Mark: That’s what we did with Amanda. This is her well-worn laptop. She wrote love notes on the keyboard. Her parents gave “The Fifth Estate” two of her computers. With their permission, we unlocked them, and deeply imbedded on the hard drive, we found hundreds of chat logs from the girl known online as cutielover. (♪♪)>>Mark: Entering grade 7 at Pitt River middle school would change everything for 13-year-old Amanda. This is where she would begin her journey into adolescence and some dangerous territory.>>Boys, right, you know. Cute, giving your phone number. I think she focused on the attention that they were giving her in the wrong ways, but then when boys are paying attention to a girl, then the other girls get upset. And so often she couldn’t handle it.>>Amanda was always trying to fit in with the popular crowds and be a big part of everything. And sometimes it got her into trouble.>>Mark: And trouble was easy to find online. Amanda’s life started moving at the speed of the Internet. (♪ Singing ♪)>>Mark: Though she was focusing on her singing videos, people online started focusing on her.>>Mark: You never had the concern that she’s putting herself out there, that there is anything dark going on.>>She asked for a webcam, and I said “no,” that a child does not need a webcam of any kind, especially a 12-year-old girl. And she and I probably argued the point, right?>>Mark: And you lost.>>I lost.>>Mark: She moved in with her dad, Norm. He didn’t see the webcam as a danger, far from it. He thought the webcam was like a stage where she could perform. ♪ I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairy tale ♪>>Mark: How hard did that make it for you to be able to police what your daughter was doing online?>>We’d get her password, I’d go on her computer sometimes and you could look and see what she’s been doing. It always leaves a trail, and so I’d poke in on things and check on things, and there was a lot of chat and things between her friends and that.>>Mark: But like most teens, Amanda’s chat logs reveal she was trying to stay one step ahead of her dad.>>My dad will say bedtime and I’ll close the laptop and when he closes my door, I’ll be back.>>Mark: Amanda seemed to be getting transfixed by her image on the screen. Watch in this video as she stares endlessly at herself on her webcam. And when she found websites with other people on webcams, she would discover it wasn’t just kids staring back. Amanda’s friend Shaylah and Tessa remember the late-night sleepovers and how that webcam became their window on a whole new world. What’s going on in the Internet?>>Like, I don’t know, Facebook a lot, like blog TV.>>Mark: Tell me about blog TV.>>Well, you’re supposed to, like, chat, like with, like, other strangers around the world, like your age and stuff, and just meet new people.>>Hi, I’m Andrea.>>Hey, everyone.>>Mark: Websites like blog TV were, and still are, wildly popular with kids with webcams and free time on their hands.>>I am good. Yes, I am very good.>>Mark: Some sing. ♪ Speaking words of wisdom ♪>>Mark: Some seek advice.>>I have a question. What else should go on this picture?>>Mark: Some perform. (♪♪)>>Mark: And others don’t seem to know what to do. It’s a place where people can meet.>>How old are you ladies?>>16.>>Perfect.>>Mark: And move on.>>Thanks. Bye.>>Mark: But there’s also a dark backdrop to the glare of that webcam. At what point do things get a little, you know, edgier?>>Like weird?>>Mark: Yeah.>>’Cause like just like creepy people go on the website, like older people and they like want to talk to the younger people.>>Mark: Those creepy people she talked about wanted more than just to talk to the girls. They wanted to see them in the flesh. Some girls needed to be coaxed. While others willingly played along, exploring their own budding sexuality. Either way, there was a growing online appetite and audience for girls who liked to perform. Like Amanda Aka cutielover. (♪♪)>>Mark: For many kids, the Internet is an endless popularity contest.>>Oh, thank you for watching this, Peter.>>Mark: Where popularity is measured in how many likes or views you’re getting and Amanda was keeping a close count. Was she happy online?>>Yes.>>Yeah.>>People would watch her and she would get a lot of views.>>Yeah.>>Mark: Is that part of the appeal, though, isn’t it, people watching and it’s like a new group of friends.>>Yeah, and them only knowing what you’re like telling them.>>Mark: So you sort of get a different version of yourself.>>Yeah, you can edit yourself.>>Mark: Amanda was attracting more attention. According to chat logs, one day, she was on her webcam with more than 150 people watching her on blog tv She then made a decision that would haunt her forever. Amanda lifted her shirt and flashed for the camera and the crowd. Then somehow captured a freeze frame of her topless and posted the picture on a porn site. Then a link to that picture was sent to all of Amanda’s Facebook friends, including her mother.>>And what was your reaction when you saw that in front of your eyes?>>It was one of those oh, my God kind of moments. Like what’s happening and why is this here and where is it going and why is it on a site like this?>>Mark: In the flash of a few seconds, her impulsive gesture was immortalized on a porn site, available to anyone online anywhere. And for Amanda, the consequences came quickly. One of her friends told her parents about the picture and they called the police. The R.C.M.P. tracked down Amanda at her father’s house. The police said they wanted to make sure she was safe.>>My reaction was worried, what are you thinking, what are you doing, where is it coming from? She played it off that she was goofing around. To her, it wasn’t a huge, big deal.>>Mark: But it was a big deal, and about to get bigger. There are men who troll websites looking for pictures like Amanda’s. They are blackmailers who contact the girls and demand more pictures or online performances from them. It was Christmas Eve 2010, and Carol received an eerie, anonymous Facebook message warning her Amanda was being extorted. She needs to be stopped because most of the them are old guys who record her and blackmail her into doing more. Carol replied, who are you? Also, where did you get your information from? This is now a police matter. But how much of a matter was it for the police? It wasn’t clear what, if anything, they were doing to track down the blackmailer. Carol remembers the impact on Amanda when she returned to school as the girl in the picture.>>Embarrassment, anxiety, depression. She got, um, I guess the name is slut-shamed, nicknames like cam whore and then questions about, so are you doing this on a regular basis, and porn star, and it just — you know for a child that’s in grade 7, it was very, um — it killed her.>>Mark: This is how Amanda described it in one of the chats we found on her laptop.>>There are people out there that can’t talk to me or they will be hated. I never got the chance to go out of my house and be a real normal person. Instead, now all I do is hide. I’m always scared of what’s going to happen.>>Mark: Amanda confided in her friends Shaylah and Tessa telling them she had flashed only once.>>She knew that she did something wrong. She also knew that there was nothing she could do anymore because like the damage was done.>>Mark: Do you think it was such a big deal, what she did?>>Like not really. Like I didn’t think it would–>>I didn’t think it was like that big. Like I thought it was just going to be wait a couple months, it will wear off.>>It will die down, like you know.>>Mark: But it didn’t die down. No, it got worse. School became unbearable so Amanda changed schools. But she couldn’t outrun the blackmailer. In the spring of 2011, Amanda and Carol were in the car together when Amanda said, he’s back. She had received another threat demanding more webcam shows. Carol took Amanda’s phone and that message, and drove to the local R.C.M.P. detachment looking for help. This was the second time in six months police had been notified about the blackmail. Police would be notified again. This time, by staff at her new school. They had been sent Amanda’s topless picture and they told the police. But the police still had no news for the Todd family. That left Amanda to defend herself online. Her messages reveal there was an insatiable appetite for her to show more. This time from a guy named Joe. (♪♪)>>Mark: Her parents told her to stay away from the sites where she found trouble. But Amanda wouldn’t or couldn’t.>>There was no way that I was ever going to say my daughter’s totally innocent, she would never, ever do anything. If I were an investigating officer, I would have probably taken her computer and checked it out because regardless of what she did, she was still an underaged minor.>>Mark: Carol felt police weren’t taking the threats seriously, despite the fact this had gone way beyond online bullying. This was blackmail or sextortion, a new crime now exploding on the Internet. With many other victims like Amanda.>>He told me that if I contacted the police, he would send all the photos of me that he had of me, yada, yada, yada, blackmail me. (♪♪) (♪♪) ♪ Whenever you smile … ♪>>Mark: What Amanda Todd was doing online was pretty typical for many teenagers. Chances are right now, there’s a teen girl in her room on your street or in your neighbourhood on a live streaming webcam. Doing something their parents are completely oblivious to. (♪♪)>>Mark: Though there are some exceptions, like in this incident caught on video. (screaming)>>Mark: This girl’s mother barges into her daughter’s bedroom.>>Mom, you cannot take my personal items!>>I don’t know why you’re so sneaky!>>I’m not sneaky!>>Mark: And the show is shut down.>>Let’s go.>>Mark: So why would a girl flash? Well, Amanda’s friends Shaylah and Tessa say they don’t but given a little online flirting and flattery, other girls will.>>For most girls, it’s like the attention and wanting to feel important, in a way, I guess.>>Mark: And how does the flattery work, like where is that coming from?>>Well, probably like he’s encouraging you to like flash, so he’s being nice and like talking to you.>>Mark: But at the time, does it seem like flattery or does it seem like someone who’s really trying to trick you to do something?>>At the time, it seems like flattery.>>Mark: That flattery is laid on thick by a male audience who systematically stalk websites looking for girls on their webcams.>>Hi, everyone.>>I’ll do something interesting once I know that you guys can hear me and see me.>>Mark: They’re a new breed of cyber-predators who capture the girls’ images. They call themselves cappers. Aleisha Rita was drawn into this dark world back in 2005. She was 16 years old. Like Amanda, she was vulnerable, and like Amanda, she went online looking for something better.>>I’d create a profile of myself, and I’d have guys and girls make comments, oh, you’re so pretty, and stuff like that. And I’d get this attention, this positive attention that I had never gotten before because I was constantly being ridiculed at school, I was constantly being put down, and I loved going on the computer. I loved getting that attention.>>Mark: Explain this to me, why couldn’t you be the person offline that you were online?>>Because no one wanted to be with that person.>>Mark: Ally was getting special attention from one particular guy. He said he was 18, and like her, lived in Kingston, Ontario.>>He was nice. He was sweet. Every day, on the computer, morning, afternoon, night, hey, how’s it going, how was your day, I missed you.>>Mark: How was he making you feel?>>On top of the world.>>Mark: But their innocent conversations soon turned sexual. (♪♪)>>Mark: During their webcam chats, he would undress, urging ally to do the same.>>He would say, where’s your mom? And I’d go she’s sitting on the couch and like the couch would be off to the side where he wouldn’t be able to see her, and he’d go do me a favour, close the doors in a bit. So I’d, nonchalant, kind of close the doors in so she wouldn’t notice. That’s when he would start to remove his pants and pull out his genitalia and he would start to masturbate on the webcam.>>Mark: With your mother sitting feet away from you.>>Yeah.>>Mark: Tell me about the time you did flash him for the first time.>>All I remember was it was just a… Just do it for me, and I just… Did it. (♪♪)>>Mark: Ally eventually agreed to meet her online friend at his parents’ house. There she says he sexually assaulted her, but she didn’t go to police at that time. Instead, she tried to cut him out of her life. But like Amanda Todd, she would quickly discover how a cyber-stalker always finds a way back in.>>I told him that if he ever contacted me again, that I would contact the police and almost laughing at me, he told me that if I contacted the police, he would send all the photos of me that he had of me, yada, yada, yada, blackmail me.>>Mark: Now, hold on a second. What did he have on you at that point?>>Oh, the photos of me flashing him and stuff.>>Mark: Ally was then stalked online, her accounts hacked. She said she hated being alone with her computer. Meanwhile, police in Kingston were contacted by police in Alberta and England who were on the trail of a serial blackmailer whose victims were as young as nine years old. Stephanie Morgan works for Ontario’s integrated child exploitation unit in Kingston. What were the depths of what his requests were for them to do online?>>Sexual acts, including, um, masturbation, insertion of objects, and it even ranged as far as bestiality.>>Mark: You were profiling this guy, so what do you think he was getting out of this?>>My impression is that he was getting a sense of power, that he maybe didn’t experience in his own personal life. Power over other people. And some sexual satisfaction as well.>>Mark: Police took the blackmailer’s e-mails, tracked down the I P address of the computer they were sent from, and asked the Internet company whose name was on the account.>>The originating IP address actually came from Kingston and we realized the person doing this lived right here in our community.>>Mark: So you’ve got the IP address, how do you put a name to this?>>We tracked back where the activity was originating from. And realized who lived there. And it was Mark Bedford.>>Mark: The blackmailer was a baby-faced 21-year-old student who still lived with his parents. He would be convicted of terrorizing 63 girls in Canada and the U.K.>>I was reading over the newspaper and that’s when I was like oh, my God, it’s him, it’s him, it’s the guy.>>Mark: The charge of sexually assaulting Ally was withdrawn in a plea deal, but he was sentenced to three years in prison, a young criminal armed with little more than a computer.>>He was a young adult by the time of his arrest but he came across more as a teenager, as a socially awkward teenager who couldn’t keep eye contact when he spoke to you, mumbled and spoke quietly, and just seemed small and harmless.>>Mark: But he just seems like such an everyday character out there as opposed to some evil predator. I’m just — I don’t know how you square the two things here.>>That’s something we see commonly in this type of situation, these types of investigations. You can’t pick these people out.>>Mark: Over at Ontario’s integrated child exploitation unit, detective Frank Goldschmidt says Bedford was a new breed of predator.>>The younger, white male is now involved more online because, you know, they’re a little bit more tech-savvy and they just really have this expertise of being able to communicate with a whole bunch of people in a very short period of time.>>Mark: So when you first started, the creepy old man was 65 and now today’s creepy old man is 25.>>25 or even younger. (♪♪)>>Mark: It’s the fall of 2011 and back in B.C., Carol Todd was wondering how actively the R.C.M.P. was trying to track down Amanda’s blackmailer.>>There has to be ways to dig into all that stuff regarding who it might be.>>Mark: And though she was hopeful she would soon learn the blackmail was about to get worse. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Mark: For every girl who has ever pushed their boundaries online, you can be sure there is someone out there just waiting to capture that image. (♪♪)>>Mark: Cappers as they’re known online then trade images like Amanda’s and post them on websites. Teenaged girls, forever young, forever online. (♪♪)>>Mark: Cappers even had a weekly newscast posted on YouTube.>>Welcome, cappers. And cap whores. Another edition of the daily capper.>>Mark: The daily capper would profile new girls who were online like must-see TV and one of those girls was Amanda.>>Another girl from blog has been talked about a lot this week. Announcing Amanda…>>Mark: Many girls may not even know their images have been captured and posted online, unless like Amanda, they’re blackmailed with demands for more. The blackmailers then surface on websites. They brazenly trade tactics to get more nude pictures from girls. What they call a win. “K, good news, got some pics on her but possible blackmail for some wins. Anyone any good on this or suggestions on how?” Mail account seems permanently blocked but I found her Facebook, maybe she can be blackmailed.” (♪♪)>>Mark: This video of Amanda was recorded and posted on a website. While she was still being publicly shunned and shamed. She found comfort online. She was craving attention and affection, and she knew where she could find it. But her online chat logs obtained by “The Fifth Estate” reveal some of the attention was unwanted and making her increasingly uncomfortable. (♪♪)>>Mark: Her fears were fears were October 2011, ten months since the R.C.M.P. had first been notified about Amanda’s case, and she received another blackmail threat. Once again, Carol saved the message.>>This was the third request to Amanda to reveal herself and do something sexual on cam.>>Mark: Carol has never made this public before, a disturbing Facebook message from someone using the online name “Tyler boo.” “You already forgot who I am? The guy who last year made you change school, got your door kicked in by the cops? Give me three shows and I will disappear forever. You know I won’t stop until you give me those three shows. If you go to a new school, new Bf, new friends, new whatever, I will be there again. I am crazy, yes. So your answer.”>>You’ve got pictures, you’ve got E-mail addresses, you know, you’ve got a campaign here, a blackmail campaign.>>Yeah.>>Mark: It’s all right here. What did you do with this?>>When I got it?>>Mark: Yeah.>>From Amanda? I saved it. Sent it to the R.C.M.P.>>Mark: Carol had been in repeated contact with the R.C.M.P., handing them clues in the case. That’s why she wanted to know what they could do to catch the blackmailer. In this E-mail response to her, the mounties seemed to suggest, not much. “I would highly recommend that Amanda close all her Facebook and E-mail accounts at this time.” Faced with the repeated sexual extortion of a 14-year-old, the mounties’ blunt assessment? If Amanda does not stay off the Internet and/or take steps to protect herself online, there is only so much we as the police can do.>>As a parent, absolutely feel helpless and when the police can’t accomplish anything, what does that tell you? It’s very difficult because how can you comfort your daughter or anybody when you’ve got something that you can’t control yourself and they can see that you can’t stop it or control it?>>Mark: Now just think about what the R.C.M.P. seemed to be saying here. Imagine a 14-year-old girl being stalked by a predator in a park. Sure, the police would say stay away from the park, but would also expect them to do their best to find the predator. In what other situation would the police tell a teenage victim the best option is for her to protect herself? Even Carol Todd was giving the R.C.M.P. ideas about what they could do to protect her child. In an E-mail, she suggested the police could set a trap to catch the blackmailer. Would baiting the fellow be of any use? Well, it’s not such a wild idea. Laying a trap is exactly what detective Frank Goldschmidt from the integrated child exploitation unit in Ontario would do. And he showed us how simply it can be done. Watch as this officer posing as a girl online trolls for online predators.>>We’ll actually assume their accounts, and we’ll continue chatting with this individual to try and get ourselves in a position where we can identify them and then go and get them. You know, we can suggest to people, you know, to cut communications, but I mean it doesn’t take long for the offender to re-establish a connection through another means, whether it’s another chat forum on the Internet or simple E-mail.>>Mark: But back in B.C., Carol said the R.C.M.P. never took over Amanda’s accounts, even though the blackmailer came back again. It says November 12 is the Facebook page. In November of 2011, a fake Facebook account is created by someone posing as a new student in Amanda’s school. The person connects with Amanda’s Facebook friends, then switches his profile picture to that infamous photo. He posts this message with a picture, “sent to about 280 peeps, enjoy the shitfest.” What do you see when you see that picture now?>>What do I see? If only I could tell who was at the other end. Taking that picture. We’re in a decade of technology that doesn’t go away. There has to be ways to dig into all that stuff regarding who it might be. If I had one dying wish, that would be it, to find out who started all this.>>Mark: But to find that digital trail, detective Goldschmidt says police have to act fast.>>Some of it might be time stamped and may disappear after a certain period of time. But in most cases, it’s the service provider that will maintain that information. So when we become aware of a case, we have to get on it immediately because it is time sensitive.>>Mark: So if you don’t get it early, it’s gone?>>Pretty much. (♪♪)>>Mark: It had been almost a year since the blackmail and sextortion began, and it was taking its toll on Amanda Her parents and a concerned high school guidance counsellor were worried. So were her friends.>>It was creating anxiety knowing that everyone has seen your photo, no one can let it go, so she was just like feeling sick and like she didn’t want to be around people because of that. She just like stayed inside a lot and like she just wasn’t like herself I feel like.>>Yeah.>>Mark: Amanda sent this message to one of her online friends which we found on her laptop.>>You know how many times I’ve heard nobody likes you or wants you here? Go back to where you came from or if you died, I would throw a party? Ever since all this happened, I just cry myself to sleep because it hurts no matter what. Please, please just help me.>>Mark: This is Amanda on a good day. She had spent three weeks in hospital after she started cutting herself. In this video, she’s out for a walk with a friend. Away from her tormenters. She was, in this rare moment, safe. And she was fighting to keep it that way. In this chat, someone asked her to perform for him on her webcam.>>I don’t do that shit anymore. I have self-respect and don’t give it to randoms.>>Mark: Coming up, Amanda’s video and the true story behind it. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Mark: Early September 2012, Amanda Todd had spent most of the summer inside her mother’s house, afraid to go out. Afraid to be recognized as the girl in that infamous photo. But alone in her bedroom, she had an idea.>>She got the bug in her ear to do the video and so she started on this little project. She wouldn’t tell me what the project was, but she told me that she needed black markers, and she took all my white paper. Right? And she made the video.>>Mark: Amanda posted it on YouTube and the online world started watching. But her parents say people have misinterpreted the meaning of the video.>>People think that that was a suicide video. It was not. It was a release. She wanted her story out there, especially to the people that were harassing her.>>It was very touching and very sad of a wake-up call of what my daughter’s going through.>>Mark: Amanda’s video attracted more and more attention. Other kids could relate to her struggle. And sent her messages of support. She replied with this message obtained by “The Fifth Estate.”>>It’s finally nice to see people care. My family and my mom are the ones trying to stay strong. I booked November 28th to get my “stay strong” tattoo on my wrist so I can look at it and stop myself. People now call me crazy, but I’m just going to keep my head up. Love and Cheers, Amanda. (♪♪)>>Mark: Amanda never lived to get her “stay strong” tattoo. She took her life on October 10th in her mother’s house, alone.>>The tattoo, that’s in memory of my daughter.>>Mark: So her father Norm got the “stay strong” tattoo for Amanda Her ashes were mixed with the ink. Tell me about October the 10th and when you learned what had happened to your daughter.>>Um, I got a phone call. I was in my lake house. That was it. Changed my life forever.>>Mark: What was her last message to you?>>Um, that she loved me, to not be mad at her. That she would always be my princess.>>Hey, guys. It’s Amanda I’m going to sing “Someone Like You” and I hope you guys like it.>>Mark: What’s the lasting image of her that you want to hold on to?>>Her singing. ♪ I heard that you’re settled down ♪>>Mark: Amanda Todd’s bedroom sits pretty much as she left it after ending her life more than a year ago. A shrine to lost hopes and dreams. ♪ I’ve heard that you’re ♪ >>Mark: Tucked away on her bulletin board, a business card from an R.C.M.P. investigator. An image frozen in time. After her suicide, things started happening. The Internet exploded with rumours about who drove her to her death. The case finally became a priority. 20 officers were assigned to it. But are the police any closer to figuring out who was behind the sextortion of Amanda Todd? The R.C.M.P. refused to speak to us, saying the investigation is still on-going.>>Would I do things differently? Um, absolutely. I would have tried to change things up and –>>Mark: How?>>Um, I probably would have made sure she got a lot more attention and love, and, um, stayed really close to her, a lot closer.>>Mark: For Carol, the search for answers comes too late for her daughter.>>Nobody dug deep enough to find the answers for Amanda. Maybe for the reasons that no one anticipated her outcome either. So you think of it as just another report, just another child. ♪ I wish nothing but the best- ♪>>Mark: But how many more children, how many more teens are behind closed doors in their parents’ house right now flirting with the idea of a harmless flash? And how many more blackmailers are just waiting for that moment, waiting to capture the photo and then post it online, an indelible image like Amanda’s? ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ (♪♪)>>Thank you.>>Mark: We would like to thank Norm and Carol Todd for their help in telling this story, opening not only their lives to it but also Amanda’s. Now, after watching this program, you may be wondering what to do if you suspect your child is being exploited online. Well, go to our website where we have information from police and the child protection group “cybertip”. That’s at “The Fifth Estate” returns right after this. (♪♪)

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