The Rock Reacts to His First WWE Match: 20 YEARS OF THE ROCK

hey what’s up guys so we’re doing a little feature here that we’re gonna do every once in a while and it’s called rock reacts now what we have here for the very first rock reacts of the amazing crack workers at seven bucks Digital Studios found my very first match in the WWE and I’ll just give you guys a little bit of context generally when somebody comes in the WWE and they have their very first match their very first match is generally what’s called at a live event or at a very small venue it’s certainly not at a big pay-per-view my very first match in the WWE was at one of their biggest pay-per-views of the year called Survivor Series in the most famous arena in the world Madison Square Garden where my grandfather wrestled in the 70s for Vince McMahon’s dad my dad wrestled for Vince McMahon in the 80s and here I came in in 1996 I give you that context I remember knowing what the finish of the match was and I made one call to my parents and I was like hey just watched tonight something special is gonna go down and I was super super super amped and excited for this night here we go ROK reacts right now I am feeling myself I’m so hyped up I’m so excited and I got a fucking chia pet on my head as a haircut all right so I jump over the top rope like I’m a bad sumbitch and I literally point I have to rewind this just so you guys know I think I’m pointing to what’s called the hard cameras and I’m literally pointing to nothing that’s why my back was to you guys and again I had this whole thing mapped out of my head that I was gonna jump over the ropes I was gonna look at the hardcamp because we’re always told you look at the hard camera the main camera you’re speaking to the world jump over the top rope so I’m like yeah I’m here fucking hard cameras behind me alright so here we go right now so the action continues Jake the snake just got hit what what looks to be a heart punch from a man by the name of crush who was an awesome guy he’s since passed away and I appreciate him so much so so after that elimination now I am the only one left it is one against two and it is it is the two heels against the one young rookie babyface now I’m gonna pause it because something really really cool happened these guys are amazing athletes that go out so I have no idea what the finish of this match was going to be until maybe an hour before the match so we set it up where ultimately the final three competitors were two bad guys against one good guy and that was me so the moment Jake the snake Roberts got beat you felt an immediate shift in the tone of the crowd 22,000 people in Madison Square Garden they looked at the two bad guys they looked at the new rookie and in that moment 22,000 people can either go shit he’s gonna get his ass kicked or they go shit he’s gonna get his ass kicked but you know what we like that dude and we want him to kick ass too and and 22,000 people did something in this moment that defined my career in my life and one night and it’s something you can’t write it’s something in wrestling you can’t write you can’t script it you can’t script it in Hollywood because you just can’t script how people are going to react to something and that thing that they did was twenty two thousand people started chanting my name [Applause] they’re chanting my name like Rafi get a haircut holy shit so I’m in there with a guy named crush first name was Brian since pathways amazing him also he was a great friend and also a good buddy of mine who still in the WWE kickin ass is gold mess all right this is called a tests of strength and back in the good old days of wrestling got a quick small package on to kick out look at the power I start nailing Goldust with the big right hand and I start going crazy right here right here oh that crazy shit and those crazy moves that and rusty terms that is called baby piece now go ahead have a coke just slapping me by the way all right here we go they shoot me in that’s a duck going on double cross body all over the top rope Vince McMahon commentating he was one of the greatest of all time in terms of commentating I wish you would still comment it and now here we go back and forth trading punches with the powerhouse crush [Applause] a low blow right into the balls but they’re not just any balls those are the people’s long all right here we go This Is It this is the end you can feel the crowd a little info that I’ll share with you guys that I’ve never shared with anyone so when I gave the big crossbody to crush and he let me basically let me go over and that’s what it means in wrestling terms as I was pinning him I’m gonna rewind it for you guys I gave him a big crossbody landed on him I started pinning on the referee was counting one two you’ll see my head down and I was actually speaking to him and as as I am pinning him I am saying to him thank you so much brother thank you so much I appreciate that I heard him say ah I’ve got you brother I mean it was it’s a very special thing when something like this happens so anyway I just want to share that with you guys he’s no longer here but I always appreciate that man to do it what he did so here that’s quite cross body you see my head down I’m talking to him right now I’m saying thank you so much brother he’s like no problem I got you and then I get up and of course Jim Ross won at the greatest of all time telling that great story as he always does now it’s just between me and Goldie it’s a little slide down the back this was my finishing move at that time it was the big shoulder breaker bang Vince McMahon told me it’s your night referee Jack phenomenal and then I turn my back to the hard can get a good shot up back of my head 22,000 people the Madison Square Garden Roses and look yeah we say that dancing how proud is Rocky Johnson my dad my mom so here’s the thing they didn’t they had no idea that I was going over that I was winning my mom was falling at home dad too as well very special night my grandmother was crying too as well and anyway look this particular night aside from me wearing some bright ass blue wrestling gear and and in a really awful haircut I had no business that looked like a pineapple and a chia pet all mixed in one it was a very very special night and this night really kicked off my career really define my career and and you know there’s an old saying and show business if you can make it in New York and you can make it anywhere and my very first night in New York they embraced me like a son and since then look I have nothing but gratitude and love for New York City to the WWE for all those guys that put me over that night in the ring I appreciate that and and and the greatest thing I appreciate is the fans all right guys I had a blast with rock reacts let us know in the comments what you want me to react to next and subscribe to the YouTube channel and I appreciate you guys so much alright I’m out and I’m gonna go get a bad haircut

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