The Revival aren’t happy about making history: Raw Exclusive, Aug. 12, 2019

Dash, Dawson, tonight the Revival
became the first ever co 24/7 champion. Yes, Cathy, yes, we made history again. We’re the first ever co 24/7 champions,
but that’s not what we should be doing. Okay, look at us. We are the greatest
acting to ever do this. We should be making history
in the tag team division. I’m sick and
tired of shenanigans like that making a mockery out of the division
that we love that we put on our back and we carry week in and
week out to make a name for. I’m sick and tired of it. Yeah, Cathy, you know what bothers me? You know what bothers me, is for
every single night you go out there for 20 minutes, 30 minutes,
in our case 45 minutes a night. You put on a tag team spectacle, you put
on a tag team classic every single night. There ain’t nobody in this world,
I’m talking about Monday nights, Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights or
that yellow brand. Thursday, Friday around the globe. There ain’t a tag team that can touch us. The chemistry we have,
nobody can touch us. And the thing that bothers me is
we go out every single night and we redefine tag team wrestling and
then where’s the reward? Where is the reward? There is no reward. The reward is, is watching people make
a mockery of something that we love. Watching tag teams make a mockery of
division that we’re trying to build up, that we’re trying to
make a living off them. I wanna feed my family,
I wanna feed my wife and my daughter and put clothes on their back
through tag team wrestling. And we’ve got people making a mockery
of it from the top of the heap, you got the new day. They’re leading the hip and
tag team wrestling new day. And all they wanna do is sell their
cereal boxes, their pancakes. And that’s all they care about. Not us, Jack. You know what I care about? I care about the money. That’s all I care about. Me and Dash we care about the money and
ain’t like we need it, but we love it. And so the thing is, is 24/7 yeah,
we’re the first ever co 24/7 champions. Okay, yeah. What do you do? I don’t care about that. What I care about, what Dash cares
about is making as much money as we possibly can for us in our family. And the way to do that is to make
tag team wrestling mean something. It don’t matter who likes that or not,
Dash and I will do that, you know why? Because we are the absolute
top guys in this company. Top guys out. Goodbye, Cat. [FOREIGN]

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