The Reptile Channel Has A Terrible Secret

This video contains talk of animal cruelty which may be triggering to some viewers for legal purposes The contents of this video are allegations it also contains talk of a kink known as voir and is no way shaming those for the kinks, but Exposing the darker side in links. This some have gone Hey, welcome back and in today’s video we’re gonna be looking at one of the creepiest things that I think I’ve ever seen There’s this channel. It’s known as the reptile channel and trust me when I say you do not want your kids around this channel it’s a Disguised as an educational channel, it’s not that’s a facade. We’re going to be going over its troubling past as well future in today’s video of exploring Youtubers if you’re unfamiliar with rip top channels got over four hundred and eleven thousand subscribers It brands itself as family friendly and inviting to children using terminology like hey guys and gals Pretty much like your Saturday morning cartoons But you really only got to look at the thumbnails and titles to realize not all is as it appears You’re gonna want to get your rep mugs for this one That was the Rhett Reports mug, this is the rep One of the first things you’re gonna notice in these thumbnails is the focus on the animals mouths the over-exaggeration will focus on the teeth and Just generally eating terminology and this all plays a part in some very disturbing facts and I mean sure this looks like your normal clickbait titles and thumbnails of other terrible youtubers, but Upon closer inspection I can assure you that this is not The case and I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re banking off of But once you see the truth, you can never unsee it. We’re gonna go ahead and Google search What is war? War philia shortened to war a Sexual pair of paraphilia in which people are sexually aroused by the idea of being eaten eating another person and or observing the process for sexual gratification Now this is the Wikipedia on it which I’m gonna put it in the description below but it says that it’s war philia shortened of war or Is it is a paraphilia characterized by the erotic desire to be consumed? Sometimes to personally consume another person or creature or an erotic attraction to the process of eating in general practice Hmm now the fantasy usually involves the victim being swallowed whole though occasionally victims are chewed up digested may or may not be a digestion may or may not be included for fantasies are separated from sexual cannibalism because the living victim is normally swallowed whole I want you to pay attention to the terminology of being chewed up swallowed whole This plays an important part of the thumbnails and titles On the reptile channel as you can see as you see the lizard swallows Pig whole loser swallows feeder rabbit tail first anaconda uses bizarre teeth for chewing swallowed whole chewing the same type of terminology To to the mirror image that’s being described in of or for philia Man, this video is not going to be monetized. This is also important to point out sometimes consumers are human, but anther amorphous sized That’s a hard word animals normal animals dragons and enormous snakes also appear frequently In these fantasies. I don’t need to tell you that There’s a lot of giant snakes in here being used for educational purposes I mean seriously the Thumbnails and just titles alone are enough to tell that this channel is not your normal education Which I mean especially if you compare it to something like Animal Planet, that’s a true educational Channel. Just check it out Animal Planet doesn’t have anything about being chewed or swallowed whole or anything. That’s just generally just You know, ooh there’s a lot of things that I could point out here like when they trapped a bunch of baby chicks and a pen with a Giant and the conduct calling it educational because that’s gonna happen in the wild This was part of a study on snake feeding behavior, the relationships between snakes and their prey It’s believed large snakes are no different than large lizards in that they will consume any small size prey available Just because a large constrictor can feed on an antelope doesn’t mean they’ll refuse prey the size of chicks or baby rodents Don’t need to be the one to tell you this but this there’s no case study on this They didn’t need to throw this giant anaconda in this pen with baby chicks to show this for educational purposes This is not only cruel, but it’s absolutely disgusting Trying to make this out like this is a family-friendly kids channel when it’s just a It’s disgusting now, this is the type of rocket science fueled education, you’re gonna find on this channel This kid family-friendly Channel I could break this down all day, but let’s talk about who actually owns this channel This is gonna be pretty self-explanatory the person that had behind the reptile channel was banned back in 2007 for You guessed it uploading more videos That was violating Terms of Service the person that’s He goes by the alias Jonah voir and The name alone should point to how devious this channel is for is in the the man’s last name the first name Jonah like Jonah and the Well, if you note that Jonah was swallowed whole by a well which plays into the four philia fantasy You can’t get more obvious than that Jonah for is an alleged notorious animal abuser who focuses on the nature of reptile swallowing animals hold to satisfy his boar fantasies He’s created quite the online following of or enthusiasts mostly consisting of a war furries somehow this person is found a variety of ways to fund his online endeavors and creep about the internet while simultaneously satisfying his fan base and most of us wouldn’t see this specific type of terminology or even suspect it And I think that’s the loophole that they’re using to push this stuff online and feeding it to unsuspecting viewers who have no idea because they’re passing the channel off as Family-friendly and this does allow them to operate in plain sight while taking advantage of unsuspecting Viewers who really don’t know why he’s created his videos in the first place Which was probably more than likely the same reason. He created his creepy creepy erotic war fantasy novels Let’s check out some of the classics and you gotta remember every time you watch one of these Videos you’re supporting this type of behavior The direct connection between Jonah boar and the reptile channel was made by internet’s loose out there doing the good deeds of the world one saying I began to look at his old website and in the big gulp message boards and I yes He did have an old website and the big up message boards are a place for people that have these types of fetishes he goes on to say and I noticed a lot of his posts and videos from his original site were now missing on top of It actually on the riptile channel being advertising the big gulp message boards This was a place for Jonah hung out frequently, of course when this was mentioned the links on the message board quickly disappeared I didn’t get a screenshot of what was in the advertisement But I first read something along the lines of new RL for channel HD video some of them a lot of you might remember Which prompted me to start using the wayback website sure enough You can see that while you can no longer read the advertisements. You can still see that they indeed were made and dated Let’s check that out. So this is in the wayback machine here and you can see two posts both around 2016 late 2016 a both saying reptile channel in the title The first one says hey guys I want to induce a new channel of reptile feeding some of you might remember some of them The videos were based on much higher resolution stock footage than that was seen before it’s called the reptile channel eventually I have lots more videos uploaded right now. There’s only 15 to 20 videos. Some production value is involved So it takes a bit to go through the archive So if we click it, it goes to the reptile channel when it only had a hundred and ninety two Subscribers it shows a raven and says, hey guys post some new videos today Ravens eating live rats. Now this right here is An example of them on the big gulp message board saying and playing into the four fantasies about this This is the exact Raven that is also seen in the reptile channel So if you go in the videos in the reptile channel, you’re gonna see a thumbnail with the Raven ever You can see the Raven in the background there. He’s just, you know raving it along and In another creepy creepy post straight from Jonah. He talks about his snake Brutus and The possibility that he’s eaten people watch you This is a crime He says Brutus is a factual maneater. He’s over 14 feet long and weighs in triple digits. There’s a reason he’s so big It’s because of what he eats. He is very particular appetite So forgive me for not giving out the images on this big guy to say his diet as unusual would be an understatement What do you enjoy eating most? Exclusively isn’t exactly what I can post publicly some of you have seen pictures of what Brutus enjoys eating Some of you have been changed forever I continue to ask that you keep the images and videos to yourself for obvious reasons Now I want you to pay attention to the snake enclosure here. It’s very very important. The snake enclosure is custom made Because Jonah is somewhat of a carpenter also pay attention to the stairs This is the same stairs and enclosure that can be seen on the reptile channel So again here in the thumbnail, you can see the same. Enclosure. I Want you to pay attention to the the way the structures is built the bolts and everything like that We’ll go back to the message board Look at that same ones only. This is an older picture. So it’s gold and you can see these are now silver Also pay attention to the floor that’s the same floor The stairs here in thumbnail, let’s get a close-up. There’s the stairs Now you got to tell me is it a coincidence that Jonah Known for animal abuser. His house is gonna be he’s gonna have these pictures posted in the big gulp message board Where they are known to do these types of activities the same house is gonna be featured in the reptile channel that I’m trying to Tell you right now is a horrible horrible juvies channel that Has very bad intentions at heart. That’s not a coincidence Let’s move forward I mean there’s a lot of evidence that I can go into and other channels have been trying to expose this pity page Another channel named Donny rapture who’s part of the New England? Reptile distributors, and we need to talk about that too I’m gonna put all these guys’s videos below because it’s packed with so much more evidence. That’s put in this video but New England reptiles distributors and Donnie rapture has actively been trying to expose the reptile channel because this is obviously blamed animal cruelty and abuse the strangest thing happens and this also adds to the Point that they’re not an educational channel that they try to claim that they are as when New England reptile distributors Exposed the reptile channel. They didn’t do what you know a reputable company like Animal Planet but would do they actually went to make a hit piece saying that they were bad people in the technology and just how this Woman goes to speaking will just see for yourself I Think I’ve already showed significant evidence that this channel is actually a lot more dark and demented than it’s Made out to be we never actually see Jonah in this channel We do see a woman who has said and speculated to be his wife or girlfriend and his mother We do see a man’s hands, but we never do Straightforwardly see Jonah. Like I said, we do see the hands of a man throughout the video but don’t wrap shirt points out that there is a possible impersonation of a veterinarian which is 100% e Legal and he points to a video Specifically its title anaconda eats valuable show chicken removed from stomach unharmed and don t points out a lot of things number one being that if a chicken was to be swallowed by Anaconda, it would have some broken bones. It would not be unharmed and he goes to point out some other obvious things So here we can see the chickens all clean and healthy afterwards But we never actually are shown that any evidence that the chicken was swallowed But probably more than likely forced down now another shocking thing Is that Jones original Channel? And the reason he was banned in 2007 was because He forced a chicken down his snakes throat. This was very graphic and obviously playing an animal abuse and Donnie is point out This is probably the fact of what’s happening here and do point out that the floors here are not the veterinarian’s office But actually the floors in the reptile channels home. Also, I do want to point out This supposed veterinarians fingers and hands are the same. I mean look at the shape, it’s this it’s the same Hands, even the color of the hands the same hands that we see multiple times throughout the reptile video that obviously more than likely belonged To June of war I want you to pay. Oh, there’s the Raven again, but I want you to pay attention to the males very distinctive thumbs as You can see The thumbs are very distinctive in shape the fingers Look at the veterinarian’s same-same thumbs same fingers Like I said when New England reptile distributors exposed the reptile channel Reptile channel expanded with the video and I want you to pay attention to this how this happy-go-lucky voiced woman turns into this really just twisted like arch-villain Creepy terrifying voice. Obviously, it’s very vindictive and not Educational here’s the nerd exposed investigation into animal abuse I have so many monitors He loves actually attention Disgusting Get out of the business if you’re confused how to raise highly intelligent reptiles in a proper enriched environment Very very smart animal and in this guy’s case. I mean literally You have no business keeping large intelligent species of monitor if you’re not going to raise them correctly I Don’t know if you can tell it but I can tell it this woman’s voice has changed clearly it’s It’s very scary. Now that the New England did come out and point out that a lot of different these nails and everything The dirty water all this stuff that she exposed. It’s actually because they’re cleaning they do this every So often they drain the water the nail that you undo the nails to take everything apart and they’re fixing to transfer this Lizard out. I might I think it’s a monitor out of this enclosure here And so they can clean everything and then they put everything back together if you guys are interested in the full story I will put the video for that in the description below now I realize that a large majority of the viewers that watch this channel are part of the vore fetish community But this video I’m making is to inform people that our unsuspecting viewers that might not know that So they can be worried and you know keep the kids off this channel The odds of this video getting monetized are not very good which means that exposures are gonna be limited So if you could do me a favor and share this video, I’d appreciate it I also encourage you to watch all the sources in the description below That way you can get a bigger concept of just how crazy this is because a lot of things I did not put into this video because it was just It’s quite frankly terrifying and just disgusting. So I’m not a part of that But that being said and as interesting as this is are sort of more interest to me. That’s right. You guessed it I don’t know gee thanks lunch Garden you creative and interesting responses in the comment box be Like there’s always brothers and sisters. I will see you in the next video I did a lot of research in this video and I’m gonna be honest – yeah It’s a lot of stuff I didn’t care to know but now I dunno but Broadening your knowledge on different things. Keep you safer and keep you away from being naive and So you don’t accidentally walk into watching Stuff that’s meant for purposes of the greater depths the evil of the human psyche if it’s it’s not good Lastly though, let me show you guys here That’s right. Mark’s gonna be with us this October Quit touching me mark, I just wanted to introduce you guys everybody say hello to mark he’s a good guy Mouth closed I that stood in this video in case you didn’t tell but don’t forget to get your What what Greg or should they get their rep squad mugs Tell them Greg, that’s right Yeah, you’re right I should probably miss probably shut that is there it is Because I know that you ready for I hope you’re getting ahead you that I got a subscriber case Trump be in the comment section For every single video cuz I’m gonna be there Greg the cat’s gonna be there and the rest of the retro community as well next Fix a there too. Cuz this channel loves you. Give me a hug

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  • it’s literally not possible that an african rock python could eat a human. i just wanna clear that up, as a snake keeper and enthusiast. a 14 foot long ARP could not physically eat and digest a human being. our shoulder blades don’t collapse, so even if it did manage to kill and swallow someone, it would die.

  • Can’t watch… was triggered by 5:09. I’m so glad you cover and uncover these horrible things tho 💜💜💜

  • This shocked me to my core, I saw Petty Paige’s video and I left thinking what the hell?! I can’t believe the channel is still up and being allowed to post, it’s so blatantly obvious it isn’t a educational channel 😡

  • Does YT not care about terms of service anymore…? Or?

  • I'm glad someone finally did something. They've been sickening for ages.

  • I was once recommended some of their videos, because I frequently watch snake content. I clicked on one and was really weirded out, although back then I couldn't put a finger on what unsettled me. Some weeks later the first exposing videos came out and I was just soo glad I didn't see more of their twisted and cruel videos. So gross!

  • Thank you for bringing awareness to this <3

  • Repzilla starts with Rep
    Reptile starts with Rep
    You were definitely meant to cover this topic x ❤️

  • As a reptile enthusiast this is sickening

  • Dear God people are sick 🤮

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