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i’m indy neidell and I’m you’re walking from satsang and this is Sabbath on history now we are standing in front of a bunker from the first world war because we’re going to be talking about one of the songs from your album The Great War and today we’re going to be talking about the Red Baron now everybody knows who the Red Baron is no [Music] this is for two I’m on the symbol of Verdun and for many the physical symbol of world war one but perhaps the most enduring symbol of the war is the Red Baron people might not know the Kaiser the battles or anything about the war in general but they still recognize the name the Red Baron even over a hundred years after his death he’s still represented in books movies and songs Manfred Albrecht fly hair von Richthofen was born May the 2nd 1892 in Silesia two Prussian nobility his father was an officer of the Imperial German army and Manfred enrolled into vult military school at age 11 he would rise to the rank of lieutenant in the 1st uhlans a prestigious cavalry regiment however when the war came it became clear the cavalry would not play a major role on battlefields dominated by entrenched machine guns to escape the monotony of guard duty in the trenches von Richthofen looked to the skies where the first reconnaissance planes flew and he successfully applied for the air service in June 1915 he began his work as an observer in a two-seater on the Eastern Front photographing Russian troops and was then transferred to Belgium now airplanes were still a new thing and they evolved rapidly during the war by late 1915 the days of unarmed reconnaissance planes were over and the single seater fighter appeared over the battlefields as did the first German flying aces and eights being someone with five confirmed aerial kills by early 1916 men like max M omen and oswald belchy made names for themselves as the knights in the skies the first Airmen to be awarded the poor lemma reached Germany’s highest military honor they were huge stars the public loved them and the enemy feared them and of course their image had a strong impact on young men like von Richthofen who wanted to be just like them this was the period of the Fokker scourge since thanks to Anthony Fokker synchronization gear German pilots were able to fire through their propellers and aim the gun by aiming the plane and this changed how aerial warfare was conducted fighting in the sky reached a new level of intensity by mid 1916 the Allies had caught up in the aerial arms race and over the skies of Verdun and the song vicious dog fights took place oswald belchy and german chief of field aviation major hermann von delete thompson had a new idea to maximize the effectiveness of the german air force the yeah Gustavo called Y hasta for sure this combined several planes into a unit that fought together and attacked the enemy in concert Balki would personally lead and train yes – – and he hand-picked his pupils one of them was Manfred von Richthofen though it is unclear what Balki saw in von Richthofen who had an unremarkable flying career so far and who would actually crashed the first time he had flown in a fighter plane yeste – or yes – Balki as it became known fought in northern France near the Somme the pilots could usually choose their own planes at the time either Fokker d3 or albatross d1 or the new d2 on September 17th the Y hasta was operational and Richthofen got his first official aerial victory Balki had eight principles to guide his pilots dicta Bell key which you can read in the description and he had a huge impact on German air strategy but he met his fate October 28th nearly a month after that richtofen’s legend began when he shot down British ace major Leno Hawker Richthofen had embraced Bell keys teachings and raked in victory after victory diving whirling accelerating it all came naturally to him on January 12 1917 following his 17th victory von Richtofen was awarded the poor lemma reach and given command of his own y hasta joste 11 he brought in dicta Bell key and would lead the Aster through personal example nowadays Richthofen is often portrayed as the single hunter of the skies who flew mostly on his own in his bright red Fokker triplane but in reality his true merit was as commander of his Yossef he was a skillful and organizer teacher and leader as he was a killer in the skies under his command new aces emerged like kurt booth Verner Voss and Manfred’s own younger brother Lothar von Richthofen as spring arrived they were equipped with a new Albatros d-iii and what was known as bloody april began over the skies of awastha yeste went to work like predator stalking prey fighting aggressively and systematically it was truly a bloody April as yeste 11 alone scored 89 confirmed victories Richthofen shot down 21 planes that month and had by now surpassed bogey the German press was ecstatic and von richthofen’s Fame rose to unprecedented levels the newly promoted Rick Meister got worldwide attention he was the Red Baron the petite lose the will to come fleiger because of the bright red of his planes in the skies there is no need for camouflage and in battle it paid to be recognized Richthofen himself said I make sure that my squadron sees me wherever I am like their commander the men of y hasta xi painted their planes in bright colors and distinct patterns they were all differently coloured one was yellow with a black tail another green and dark brown one had blue stripes another a checkered pattern on the tail standing in a row they look like brightly colored birds or butterflies to friend and foe alike the hasta became known as Richthofen z– travelling circus as it was always sent to where the fighting was heaviest they wanted to be seen by their enemies as well as by their comrades and the men on the ground for the enemy it should strike fear in their hearts the famous red plane emerging from the clouds was was terrifying for a new allied pilot friendly fire also happened a lot especially in the bigger engagements and the bright colors distinguished the hasta from their enemies also the men on the ground who watched cheering from their trenches could make out who made a kill see a victory in the sky had always to be confirmed in the German aviation service if no one saw you do it then it didn’t count towards the tally and since there was natural competition between the young men this was pretty important Richthofen was a caring mentor to his pups and as the pilots returned after each mission he would meet them with both praise and lessons on how they could hone their craft even further he was beloved by many but highly respected by all however the pilots under richtofen’s command we’re not invincible the allies had experienced veterans and aces of their own and many German aces fell prey to allied machines as bloody April passed the balance shifted once more towards the Allies with their fighters like the se5 and the Bristol f2b to counter this and increase the effectiveness of the Yahoo phone they were combined to the even bigger Yogeshwara hunting squadrons the first squadron consisting of yeste 3 411 and 33 was placed under the command of the Red Baron this was 50 to 60 planes that could quickly be transferred around the front in Flanders during the build-up for the Battle of Passchendaele in the summer of 1917 British artillery was giving the German infantry hell it was directed by reconnaissance planes accompanied by bombers and fighters who were strafing the Germans on every run Yogeshwara irons was sent for to try to gain local air superiority on July 6th von Richthofen led the mission and they encountered an enemy bomber squadron as the Red Baron positioned himself behind a British bomber something hit his plane ricocheted off the frame and hit the Baron in the back of his head nearly unconscious and with blood pouring from the wound he broke off the attack but the hit temporarily blinded him but he didn’t panic and calmly turned off his engine there was nothing he could do until the shock wore off and his sight returned his plane had lost altitude by then but two other pilots had guarded their commander from the enemy Richtofen turned back on his engine and made his way back to the airfield who or what hit the Baron that day remains a mystery Richthofen did not return to his men until mid-august his head still bandaged but from hospital he had contacted High Command about new planes the British with their new sup wits had the upper hand while the German manufacturer’s hadn’t produced something new in months on his return to the squadron Anthony Fokker himself was there to greet the Red Baron with the new fucker triplanes the Fokker v4 prototypes Fokker of course used the meeting as a PR coup filming the Red Baron in the new try plane which is another reason why the triplane became so associated with the Red Baron but Richthofen only scored a fraction of his total kills in the triplane the planes reception was mixed however it was way more maneuverable than the biplanes sure but not much of an improvement in terms of speed von Richtofen wasn’t too happy about the prototype especially now that the enemy’s advantage in numbers was growing more than ever as 1918 began German High Command wanted to see their star safe and sound but the Red Baron could not be contained and the German spring offensives needed their best pilots to succeed in April 1918 Baron von Richthofen pushed his machine to the limits scoring 12 victories in just two weeks it was bloody April all over again but the fighting and the head wound took their toll Richthofen became exhausted and ice elated himself more and more from his peers in his men on the 21st one day after he scored his 80th victory von Richthofen flew out once again at 10:30 his men engaged the Australian Flying Corps over copy Richtofen was seen chasing a camel Scout uncharacteristically against his own teachings von Richthofen pursued the fleeing Scout along the Somme Valley deep into enemy territory Canadian ace Captain Arthur Roy brown spotted Richthofen and dove behind him firing a burst at the Barons tail Richthofen went down in a beet field and the red triplane came to a stop the Red Baron though was dead killed by a single bullet through the heart captain Brown is officially credited for bringing down Rick dolphins plane but it is more likely that the Baron was hit by fire from the ground as he was flying fairly low but still to this day there is a lot of controversy about the exact circumstances of his death the news reached the y hasta after they had already begun searching for him and German High Command even sent out an official request to Allied High Command inquiring about the fate of the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen was buried by the Allies with full military honors accompanied by an honor guard of officers from the Australian Flying Corps his aircraft was taken apart for souvenirs and even small pieces of the bright red canvas were valuable items some are still on display in museums in Britain Australia and Canada but despite the death of a hero The Legend of the Red Baron was and is still very much alive and to this day immortalized in songs like that by sabotage [Music] okay like I said you guys do have a song about the Red Baron it’s on your new album the Great War yes well tell us a bit about it well it’s a bit of a different animal actually this one is a very fast shuffle track and it reminds me somehow about punk rock do the beat a bit did you do there you go yeah okay when why the Red Baron what about the Red Baron wasn’t that interest you oh well he’s a legend and the funny thing is everybody’s heard about the Red Baron now yes but nobody knows any details he’s like the legend has taken some life of its own so why do you think why do you think his myth his legend has endured when some when the people don’t remember the Kaiser and things like that why him yeah I have no idea actually I tried to figure that out when we were researching album yeah and I couldn’t come to a you know sensible answer I really thought when I was a kid and really thought up until I was working with the Great War right the it you believe that myth that these things that these are Knights of the skies it was somehow honorable fighting and stuff but even the Red Baron himself would say the best killed is when they don’t see you coming yeah that’s not really honorable to walk up beside someone and with a machine gun when you said like you’ve got the all sort of the punky shuffle beat why would you pick that kind of beat to go with the Red Baron oh well I wish I could tell you all a readout but the truth is we wrote the song way before we knew about which song was gonna be picked for that topic I knew it was gonna be about the Great War yeah and I just wanted to do something new I wanna do something different and it’s really straightforward fast shuffle Hammond organs and they’re gonna get a little snippet of it right here I hope right here the intro of this song is actually organ piece by Johann Sebastian Bach and did you play it or who played it let’s say I tried to play it a computer helped me to correct my mistake you know not not too many people are good enough to play johann Sebastian Bach’s music on [Music] alright everyone that’s it for today and if you’re curious of our new album the Great War for the patrons there’s a special edition alright if you can’t support us on patreon that’s alright too we love you anyway but you can help us through subscribing turning on notifications commenting on these videos start talking have conversations there for God’s sake and also spread it another social media alright and if you want more of sabatons heavy metal music we have plenty of it on the Sabaton official channel and if you want more history there’s the time ghost and the world war two channels or there’s plenty for you to check out and plenty more to come and if you want to see more cyber than history stuff you can click right there for more heavy metal [Music]

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  • This is the second episode of Sabaton History about one of the songs of the upcoming Sabaton Album 'The Great War'. By supporting us on Patreon, you can help us continue making these YouTube videos. You will also get some exclusive content – like a full version of Indy and Joakim talking about The Red Baron, which is live on our Patreon site right here:

    Indy mentions the Dicta Boelcke in the video. These are the eight points that Boelcke and von Richthofen used in the skies (source: Werner, Johannes von, 1932):
    1. Try to secure advantages before attacking. If possible, keep the sun behind you.
    2. Always carry through an attack when you have started it.
    3. Fire only at close range, and only when your opponent is properly in your sights.
    4. Always keep your eye on your opponent, and never let yourself be deceived by ruses.
    5. In any form of attack it is essential to assail your enemy from behind.
    6. If your opponent dives on you, do not try to evade his onslaught, but fly to meet it.
    7. When over the enemy's lines never forget your own line of retreat.
    8. For the Staffel (squadron): Attack on principle in groups of four or six. When the fight breaks up into a series of single combats, take care that several do not go for the same opponent.

  • If you don't have any song about Bulgarian Army during WWI in this album this will be the biggest joke in music history!

  • Man and machine and nothing there in between
    The flying circus and a man from Prussia
    The sky and a plane, this man commands his domain
    The western front and all the way to Russia

    Death from above, you're under fire
    Stained red as blood, he’s roaming higher

    Born a soldier from the horseback to the skies
    That's where the legend will arise

    And he's flying

    Higher, the king of the sky
    He’s flying too fast and he's flying too high
    Higher, an eye for an eye
    The legend will never die

    First to the scene he is a lethal machine
    It's bloody April and the tide is turning
    Fire at will it is the thrill of the kill
    Four in a day shot down with engines burning

    Embrace the fame, red squadron leader
    Call out his name, Rote Kampfflieger

    In the game to win, a gambler rolls the dice
    Eighty allies paid the price

    And he's flying

    Higher, the king of the sky
    He's flying too fast and he's flying too high
    Higher, an eye for an eye
    The legend will never die

    Higher, the king of the sky
    He's flying too fast and he's flying to high
    Higher, an eye for an eye
    The legend will never die


    Born a soldier from the horseback to the skies
    And the legend never dies

    And he’s flying
    And he’s flying
    And he's flying

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    Something simular to the football game on Christmas Day?
    Because if soldiers are pretty much made up of frightened young men, it's not far fetched to believe that one man surrendering would be a domino effect on both sides.
    That's what i would call a true "hero" the one man to surrender first and call for peace before the fighting begins.
    A man that refuses to fight.

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  • Обожаю вас ребята! Вы лучшие! Больше хеви-металла и истории! Благодаря вам, подвиги людей будут жить и распространяться в массах! Именно так и должно быть! Надеюсь попасть на ваш концерт 2020 Санкт-Петербург. Удачи вам и Спасибо!

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  • Dont forget Carlos Otto Meyer Baldó, the German-Venezuelan pilot that flew along Richtoffen in Jasta 11, he survived the war, helped the creation of the venezuelan airforce and later died in an accident over Maracay on 1933, Hermann Goering, his last commander, learned about his death and sent a comission.

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  • My take on the Baron Legend is that well… he sort has set the stage of the glory of airborne combat. Who DIDN'T grow up with a thrill to fly a fighter plane. Hell my mom wanted to enlist because of the legend, however she would have been doing helicopters in the Gulf War.
    All around media we see things similar to his bravado, confidence, and intellect as well as the concept of this prototype/glaring plane.
    He basically MADE an archetype which writers today claim that such archetypes are so culturally imbued that we naturally make such tendancies to know it with MINIMAL exposure and through cultural differences.

    A good one is the "retired badass" concept where a seemingly decrepit old man can demonstrate characteristics that exceed mere appearanc.

    Two examples to me of the influence of the Baron would be Star Wars and Mobile Suit Gundam.
    In Star Wars, Darth Vader flew a distinct tie fighter crafted by his own design and took down multiple rebel ships on the surface of the Death Star. Just the emotional context of the scene alone demonstrated that he was an ace in his own right.

    Secondly, Char from Mobile Suit Gundam. He uses a robotic suit that flies LIGHTNING fast, is bright red, and has been dubbed the Red Comet. His people admire him as a soldier and despite his sociopathic tendancies, he's a brilliant tactician and a has full control even in a dire situation.

    But despite all the differences this one thing is true… all iterations of this imposed ace are the facts that they are natural born daredevils

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  • The "Australian" scout he was chasing was actually Canadian pilot Wop May who went on to become a famous bush pilot in Canada after the war and making a series of famous flights to isolated communities delivering vaccines to stop a sickness.

  • It sounds almost like he wanted to die at the end, maybe it had started affecting him in a way it hadn't before or that hit to the head had caused something else in him.

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  • "The Red Baron" was made into a Icon by German propaganda exploitings hes merits, writing about him and making movies. He was a great man, briliant commander and fearsome enemy who died, propably, becouse He was too exhausted and got pulled too deep into the red fields of blood.

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  • I'm so happy to have a good version of this legends story to show my friends we all actually flew the colors of the flying circus in battlefield 1 my friend was our red Barron and damn did he do the colors proud (at least as much as he can in a game) I dont think he ever went down and hes got well over 2500 battle stars with the fighter.

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    also the red baron said that he liked the flying but not the killing i have the quote
    “If I should come out of this war alive, I will have more luck than brains. I like to fly, not to kill.” ― Manfred von Richthofen

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  • Buried by the allies with full military honors, accompanied by an allied honor gaurd. It's an ultimate show of respect that you don't really see anymore for your enemies to be the ones that honor you in death. Despite being a terror to them and their friends in the air they still recognized the legacy of the man when they put him in the ground

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  • How I know about the red baron, was snoopy and the red baron my dad plays every Christmas… as a kid I thought he wasn't real, till I was much older and was delighted to know the truth.

  • Johny Johnson ( in Full Circle ) gives some details on the reasons for Boelke picking Richthofen for his unit.
    IIRC, hunting experience and a (supposed?) talent for patience stand out. The other one given was enthusiasm in his vivid descriptions of actions on the Russian front. Richthofen was evaluated as teachable.

    Another pilot, Voss, was picked because of his age of 37, the reasoning being that one reliable older chap would provide an example for the younger lads.

    One of Richthofen's squadron mates painted his plane pink. The allies knew this plane as the Pink Lady and a rumour arose that it was flown by a beautiful german girl intent on avenging her fiance.
    Needless to say, bull. When the Pink Lady was eventually shot down, it was found to be piloted by a regular German pilot with a distinguished record.

    Needless to say, Richthofen was showered with awards. But typically for him, wries Johnson, his proudest recognised achievement was rescuing a French adolescent boy fallen into a canal.

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  • The Red Baron became a legend because he was cool. He was handsome, one of the best at what he did, and died young, just like James Dean. This is also why Alexander the Great (who deserves a song by Sabaton) has been called the world's first rock star, because everyone in antiquity knew his name.

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