The Rake Multiplayer

Mark: Okay! Mark: Alright- Wade: Up- Down Mark: *Laughs* Mark: *laughing gibberish* your guy doing like, is this Mark: Hello Everybody! My name is Markiplier Mark: And W- *Dying of lack of air* Mark: *Starts Laughing Like a Madman* * A GASP FOR PRECIOUS AIR* Mark: Heeeeeeyyyyyy Mark: *Laughing, really hard* Mark: And Welcome to- Uh- Mark: The Rake! Mark: Multiplayer Beta Mark: But! We ( I ) Say beta Mark: Um… Mark: This game hasn’t been updated, in almost a year… Now Mark: Uh…The developer like, gave up on it. But… It’s here! And there’s Multiplayer. And I played this game a while before and it scared me. Not from the monster, but from everything else that happened in the game…. Mark: So let’s do it! WADE! Wade: Do you prefer Shotgun Or Sniper Rifle? Mark: I’ll take… sho’u’tgun Wade: There you go and there’s some sher- shum- shells *gibberish* Mark: Okay, so I got the shells… Wait, no, that was rifle ammo Mark: Wait is that – is that correct? Wade: There’s more right there Mark: Okay, ah that seems–
Wade: They look like shells… Mark: Seems good enough for me. Mark: Okay, so if you guys remember The Rake, The Rake is a game that’s made about The Rake! Mark: Which is a creepy pasta ’bout a creature that’s out in the woods… Mark: Looong spindly arms… it’s like um… it’s like a Wendigo Mark: from Until Dawn, remember? Wade: Yup, I’d say that’s accurate Mark: like that wou- that’d be a fairly apt description, now they’re not the same thing Mark: at least as far as I know Mark: but they’re pretty darn close. Mark: So, explain the multiplayer, beta, with us. Mark: Please, Mr. Wade. (Wade: okay) Wade: So, the multiplayer, from what I’ve gathered, it’s always night- Wade: The day night cycle doesn’t work… [Mark cuts in] Woah what the fuck? Oh shit, nevermind Mark: Hang on we’re fine! Mark: Everything’s fine! [Back to Wade] Uh… and uh, that’s about it. Wade: It’s always night, there’s a couple different guns, there’s ammo- Wade: and there was one wasted ammo Mark: *sniff* Mark: Sorry don’t mind me. What happens if I shoot you? Wade: Nothing…? Wade:Ow. Mark: *laughter* Mark: Nothing happens!
Wade: It didnt hurt. Mark: You’re right. Wade: It-It stunned me. Mark: Yeah. What happened to Bessy? Mark: Where’s Bessy? Wade: We don’t talk about her. Mark: Where’s Bessy? Where’d Bessy go? Wade: How do you close this? Oh right here? Mark: I don’t know. I don’t think it works anymore. Mark: There’s a lot of th- what was that sound? Wade: Probably nothing good. Mark: Probably nothing good. Wade: I’m gonna go place this other camera before gets to be too late. Mark: Alright! So yeah it’s always night – Mark: -which means that we’re just kinda left out in the Mark: -lurch in the middle of the woods, and we have no Mark: -idea what we’re doing. Right? Wade: Pretty much Wade: Though I do know where some things are Mark: And there is umm… Wade: So I can direct Wade: you to some places. Mark: I-I-It’s been a
while since I played this game, like I Mark: can’t really remember much about the
environment. All I know is that the guy… Mark: Does he still scream when he gets spooked
by the rake? Like, the guy in the game? Wade: I think so, yeah. Mark: Because like that’s the
only thing that actually scared me in Mark: the game besides the pigs that are
wandering around in the woods Mark: The pi– It’s between the pigs and this guy
are more terrifying than the rake Wade: Thankfully we have these pathways to
guide us Mark: Ah, good, great. Ooh… Wade: So… *bird mating call* *Mark answers mating call* Wade: Now so there’s some, there’s some ah, useful bear traps up ahead that we will gather… Mark: Okay, I’m gunnin’ for it. What happens if i step
on them? Wade: Uh Wade: nothing good probably…? Mark: Uuuum, okay. Wade: I think what- aha, straight up here. Mark: Okay. Wade: So–
Mark:Wait– Mark: Wait for meeee Wade: Hello ominous music. Mark: Oh, hello ominous music! It was slightly delayed for me but Mark: I-I got it Wade: If you wanna climb up in here and get
those bear traps, I’ll go get the ones Wade: that are over to the left. Mark: You got it. I’m oooon it… Yeah I remember like- oops- Mark: I remember like exploring the entirety
of the map and I couldn’t really find– *Rake makes itself known*
Mark: AH! Fucking hell, good god Wade: *cheeky* Oh, my bad. They weren’t up there were they? Mark: Oh you sack of shit! I actually believed you! Wade; *laughing* Mark: That didn’t happen before! I actually believed you! I can’t believe it Mark: I trusted you this whole goddamn time–
You get back here you bitch, you’re ge- Mark: Ah fucking crap… Wade: oh hey look, some bear traps! Mark: I can’t–UGH Mark: Are you sure? Where? I didn’t fucking… alright fine. Mark: I got the bear traps- the mouse, like, Mark: it goes outside of the game. Mark: That’s asinine-
Wade: Yeah mine did too Mark: I can’t believe that’s still a thing… Wade: Yeah, that- I-I clicked out a little while
ago and it threw me off Mark: I- *disbelief* I’m in full screen mode– Mark: Okay I just can’t shoot. If I shoot I
gotta pull a full left turn first Mark: and then shoot. Mark: that’s what I gotta do. *dinosaur noise* Wade: I actually don’t remember if there’s anything in any of Wade: those or not. That’s the only one that has a jump scare as far as I know Mark: *never trusting Wade again* Uh huh, ok sure yeah. Whatever… Wade: I’ll go in the other one, see? Nothing, nothing happens… Mark: Let me try, let me try… oh nothing, oh ok, alright, I see. Mark: I see… Okay, everything’s just f–safe and hunky
dory and nothing’s gonna eat our faces off! Mark: What is this, an outhouse? Wade: Is there a map? I don’t remember if there’s a map… Wade: Doesn’t look like it. Mark: M doesn’t- there’s a map at the beginning of the base, Mark: in the van I believe. Wade: Maybe we should go back and figure out
where to go next… I don’t remember how to Wade: get to like the sniper rifle– we gotta go through
like a cave or something Mark: Oh yeah, I remember the cave. But I don’t
remember how to get there- I’m totally Mark: disoriented because it’s the middle of
the night obviously. Wade: Yeah, it’s very late… and I keep thinking
I’m hearing zombies because we just Wade: played 7 days to die not that long ago
so every noise in the night I’m thinking Wade: we’re being attacked. Mark: Yeah. This is like me and dead by
daylight. Wade: Wait which one- Mark: Ha! It’s a chainsaw! Wade: Is this the way we came? Mark: I don’t know! Not by far I don’t think Wade: Aha, yeah here’s the gate Mark: Okay, nevermind. I was completely
wrong, you’re right Mark: *best Wade impression* Oh look at me, I’m Wade. I’m a big smarty-smoo Wade: Thank you. That’s the nicest thing you’ve
said not sarcastically at all Mark: Okay, what about behind the van. Is there
anything behind this? Wade: You. Mark: *dramatic voice* Me… Mark: Yeah… *scary noise* Mark: *soils self* Oh shit, what the fuck was that? Mark: What was that?! Wade: I don’t know. I’m not over there anymore. Mark: There was something scampering
about in the woods. Mark: Ooh, that sounded bad- It wasn’t a– Wade: It’s either a Rake or it was a pig Mark: It was something… Mark: Oooh… Me no likey that Mark: Me no likey that! Wade: Oh, there’s a hou- Wade; AHHHH!!! Mark: Whoa, you alright? Wade; *regret* Mark: You okay? Wade: Ohhhh…. He beat me in the buns… Mark: You okay? You dead? Wade: I’m good just… pain… Mark: Which way did you go? Wade: up the hill, like, to the right. Mark: The hill to the right…? Mark: Past this camera that you- oh hey! Wade: Hey. Mark: Okay. What’d you find? Wade: there’s a house across
the way and he popped out of a tree and spanked me Mark: Oh nice. It’s so nice of him that he doesn’t
actually kill you… *camera noises* Mark: I set a camera! Wade: Jeez, okay good. Mark: What? What? Wade: I can’t climb out… Mark: Oh, you heard the camera sound? Wade: Yeah, it sounded like it was right in my ear… Mark: WHOA– oh god damnit. Mark: That tree looked really scary. *camera noise*
Wade: Ooh! Hello tree branch Mark: Whoa… Mark: That wasn’t me! Did you place a camera? Wade: No? That was the broken one. Mark: Oh jeez… Mark: This might be where we want to go? Might not be… Wade: Hopefully. Wade: It’s going to take us somewhere. Mark: Oh, I hear something. Mark: Ooh what’s that? Oooh… Ah, here we are! Wade: Haha!
Mark: *apprehension* Uuh… Mark: Hello! Wade: This is a good place to be- always, always Mark: Yecch…. Uh oh Wade: What is that noise? Mark: I dunno Mark: It doesn’t sound good! Wade: No it doesn’t. Wade: It doesn’t sound good at all! Mark: Uuuhhh Wade: Oohhkay… Wade: Aright I know it’s like right around the- we wanna hug the left wall here… Mark: Okay… Mark: Whoa… Wade: Uhhh… Mark: Where’d you go? Wade: Up, eh- just- right here Mark: Oh, there’s a boat! Wade: Yeah there’s a foot… Mark: Oh! I found it! Mark: There’s a sniper rifle right here Mark: Go get it, get it buddy! Wade: Yaaaay Mark: All yers. We did it! Wade: Did you find the foot? Mark: Oh, there’s a foot! Wade: Look how big that leg is! Mark: That’s a honking leg. Mark: Man, comp– like, with you standing next to it that’s a huge leg! Wade: Yeah… Mark: Meaty… *fake fear* If The Rake can kill that thing… Oooh noo… Wade: Yeah… Y’know, I’ve never actually explored
over here other than to get the sniper rifle. Wade: Is there anything else over here? Mark: I don’t know… sounds like there’s water… Mark: Other than that I have no idea. Wade: Oh my goodness. There was a plant that just had the wrong shape… Wade: Looks like a- maybe it’s the house I was looking for Mark: Ehh, could be. Looks like there’s a light on in there… Wade: Yeah… Mark: Ooh, that’s the waterfall! I remember
seeing that ’cause I spotted that in Mark: the distance too. I was like “What is that? It’s amazing!” Mark: And then it was a waterfall Wade: Is there anything at the waterfall? Mark: I don’t think so, but there’s- there’s
also beacons of light? Do you see that? Mark: Oh it’s water. Mark: No it’s not..? Mark: …. It’s little flowers. Wade: There’s a cave under the waterfall. Mark: Ooh is there? Wade: Yeah. Mark: I’ll join you in the cave. Mark: Hello. *crunching noises* ooh… ah… ah that sounds bad! *crunching noises* Wade: I hear it! Mark: *fearful gibberish* Wade: I hear that munching noise. I don’t see anything… Mark: Wh- why? Wade: I don’t know… Mark: Wh-what was– Oh hello. What is this? Mark: Is this is the grave that you’re gonna bury
me in because you dragged me all the way over here? Wade:*worst hillbilly impression* I know what you did with Laurie. Mark: *nervous hillbilly laugh* No, uh… Mark: *pubescent hillbilly voice* Rick, come on. It’s been years Mark: We let this meme die! *laughs* Wade: You think we let it but we don’t. Mark: *laughter* Mark: Yew think yew kin resurrect et, but yew can’t. Wade: Yew think Ah can’t but– Ah would ask you– tuh lemme try Mark: *wheezy laugh* Mark: Carrlll! *laughter* Wade: Fer Carrrrl! Mark: Caaarrrrl! *more laughter* Mark: Man, if nobody remembers that… I don’t blame you… Mark: Man, it–it wasn’t worth remembering Wade: *unintelligible* –be in here Mark: Yeah… and it’s absolute- this is dick. Wade: Yeah. Well, I don’t know what the point of
that was. Why have this entire cave system but nothing in it? Mark: I don’t know, it’s really bizarre… Mark: *laughs* Well, why have a lot of things
in this game but nothing in it? Wade: That’s true. Mark: Very good questions… Wade: I’m gonna kee– ooh, that looks like thorns… Wade: I’m gonna keep looking for a house. Wade: There’s got to be that house around here… Mark: Yeah… Well, what was in the house? Mark: Jumpscares? Wade: I think there’s more ammo. Mark: Oh… Well, we don’t really need it. Mark: I mean, have you ever managed to
actually kill the rake? Wade: Yes. Mark: Oh, okay… Wade: By… Wade: cheating it… Mark: That’s okay. I’m alright with cheating. Trust me. Wade: In fact, the last time– if I remember
right– we had a dance party with it. Mark: Nice! Mark: That sounds great!
Wade: It was very lovely. Wade: It was very lovely. Mark: Mmmm. Mark: Is there anything on the map in the van
that shows where a house might be? Wade: Maybe. Wade: *scaredy laughter* If we can find our way back. Mark: I don’t think we can. I think we’re
screwed. Mark: Why haven’t I seen any piggies? :c Mark: I used to see lots and lots of piggies
when I was playing before… Wade: They are a bit rarer now… oh there’s something– Wade: Wait, this is the same waterfall? Mark: No way. Mark: No, this is different. Mark: Yeah, this has got a bigger leading up to it. Wade: Okay. Mark: Well, that’s weird. Wade: Anything around? Wade: Anything in this one? Mark: There’s another thing behind it. Mark: It looks like shotgun ammo or sniper ammo? Mark: Shotgun? Wade: It looks like shotgun.
Mark: I can’t click on it. Mark: It’s not clickable. Wade: Well that’s helpful. Wade: There’s been a shortage, I feel, like of
quality horror games and there’s not been a Wade: whole lot of creepy pasta related games
in awhile that I’ve found so… Mark: There hasn’t been a lot of new creepypasta in forever. Wade: Oh that’s true… there’s not– there’s not been much love given to The Rake though, this is the Wade: only game i really know of about it. Mark: Yeah, the other Rake games were just
terrible… Wade: Yeah it’s a hard monster to incorporate. At least this was an open-world attempt at it I guess? Mark: Yeah… I mean– but this game being not
developed isn’t quite like you know Mark: P.T. being cancelled like… Wade: Yeah it’s not that big of a loss but… Wade: It–It’s still… Wade: I heard– I’ve not played it, I heard the new
Resident Evil looks pretty promising though. Mark: Oh yeah, it looks really good. Like– I-I
mean obviously when I played the demo Mark: they’re trying to be P.T., that’s what they
were going for. Mark: They were going for that hard-to-figure-out-what-the-hell-is-going-on style and Mark: you know they’re obviously trying to
mimic that but you know i-it still had promise. Wade: The only bad thing I heard about it was
apparently they had some time lock stuff Wade: that angered people. Mark: Time lock? Wade: Yeah. Apparently there’s like a… Wade: finger? There were some random objects you
couldn’t use but then they time-locked some stuff Wade: just so that you have to wait till they
unlocked it to use it. Mark: Oh, that’s stupid. Mark: I didn’t even know about it unlocking later… Mark: I found another, uh, perch. Mark: Oohh, I’m almost back to camp… okay good. Wade: I keep finding waterfalls. I’m just gonna keep running in a straight line to see where I end up. Mark: Man, why do you keep finding waterfalls? Wade: ‘Cause I’m probably wandering
around stupid… Mark: Probably. Mark: *sigh* *thudding noise* Mark: Whoa Wade: WHOA!!!!1! Wade: OH GOD!! Mark: *all the nope* Mark: What was that? Wade: It jumped out of a bush… Mark: Oh… Mark: Okay… Mark: You alright? Wade: *heart stopped* Yeah… Mark: Heh, man you’re getting all the scares
and not me. Wade: I– Yeah, I lead you to one scare and now I’m paying the price for it. Mark: *laughter at Wade’s expense* Mark: It’s karma baby, it’s karma… Wade: It was at the house we got the traps– the other side of that house, he popped out… Mark: Oh, ok… sure… Wade: Oh jeez Louis… I deserved that but god… Mark: *laughing* I’m gonna check the cameras that I placed, let me see… Mark: *camera sounds* camera one, camera two… Mark: Huh… I see nothing! Mark: *beautiful singing* I see… Mark: fieeelds of black… Mark: Oh god– I see you! *laughs* Holy shit. I saw you creeping up on one of the cameras. Mark: *second thoughts* Th-th-that was you right? Wade: Yeah th- that was– *laughs* no, that was another random hunter. Mark: W-Wade, is that you? Mark: Ohgod… Mark: The scariest creature is man! Mark: You better have a good reason for
me being out in these woods! Mark: I haven’t seen no Rake ’round here… Mark: Oh, holy shit– Mark: Where the fuck did you come from? Wade: Hi! *door closes* Mark: Woah, I didn’t know you could close that… Mark: Well, where’s the goddamn Rake? Wade: I don’t know– Wade: Oh– he broke the camera up on the– Wade: He always– Wade: Okay, he loves to break this camera up on
this hill Mark: Oh alright, well I’m gonna put a camera up
there and then I’m gonna wait Mark: we’re gonna wait for him… Mark: and when he
attacks you because he doesn’t like you Mark: we’re gonna get it–Aw, I was gonna do that. Mark: Alright. Mark: Where he at? Wade: Trap down? I’m going to put a bear trap down. Wade: Nope. Mark: Ah, fuck it– Mark: AAHH! WHAT THE FUCK! Mark: HI! Mark: OW! Mah face! Mark: Ow… Wade: I gotta get some footage of this… Mark: what did you watch that? Wade: No, I was too late. Mark: Oh man… Mark: Well, I’ll stay out here then… Mark: So you can get the good footage! Wade: And make sure I close the door… Mark: AH! I hit a bear trap… Mark: I’m an idiot… Mark: I’m- it’s dead by daylight all over again. Wade: This is just like that! Yeah, JUST like that– Wade: I- we placed those! Mark: Oh man… or maybe it didn’t? I’m dying, I
need to get back and eat- get some health. Mark: Well… Okay, first aid *moist squish* Mark: *mouth fart* Oh, why was that so WET? Mark: Why was that so wet? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wade: I don’t know… Wade: Oh. The door closing is kind of stirring when- – Mark: I know, yeah. Mark: When you’re not ready for it. Wade: Yeah… Mark: You stay safe in the van. Mark: I’ll be back by morning. Wade: I’m watching you. Mark: Are you? Mark: You’ll let it know if it comes up behind me right? Wade: Yeah. Mark: Okay… Mark: *Mic explodes* AH FUCK! OKAY, AHHH! AAH! AAHH! Mark: Were you looking?! Wade: Yeah I saw that, it was great footage! Mark: Ok good! *laughs* I hope it was worth it! *Rake coming back for round 2* Mark: Oh, oh god… he hits- oh, where– Mark: He’s running right towards the van! Wade: Alright, I’ll pull out my rifle… Mark: AH! God dammit he got me again! *laughs* Mark: That sack of shit! Mark: Okay… Well he’s hanging around now.. Mark: Oh god- Not again! Mark: God dammit I’m stuck in a loop! Wade: I don’t- I don’t see him! Mark: Help! Wade: Oh that’s him! *ignores Mark* Mark: Help! Mark: Oh geez, he’s in camp… Mark: Whoa, that’s weird… Mark: Okay, I’m– Mark: Ouhh– Mark: Okay, are we safe up here? Wade: I think so… Wade: AH! Mark: *more laughter at Wade’s expense* Mark: Just seeing you get hit… that’s really funny… Wade: *more regret* Mark: Okay. Wade: That’s one of the ways to break the game, kind of, is to stand up there Wade: ’cause if you’re up there, he just dances around. Mark: Okay. I’m gonna place bear traps
around the camp. Wade: That’s a good idea. (that’s not a good idea) Mark: I got a lot of ’em. Mark: Seems good… Wade: Well if he comes after us he’s gonna regret it. Wade: And if we have to have run anywhere we’re gonna regret it *Mark laughs* Mark: We got the back of the van, that’ll probably
be good enough for our survival. Wade: Yeah. I’m trying, it’s not working… Mark: ♫Come out, come out, wherever you are!♫ Wade: ♫’Cause we’re ready for huntin’♫ Mark: ♫We’re rednecks with a lot of guns!♫ Wade: ♫Get my Moonshine♫ Wade: YeAh *Mark laughs* Mark: Yeeah. Mark: You sound so unsure about your moonshine, you think that as a hillbilly you would’ve known- Mark: *revelation* You’re not a real hillbilly are ya? Wade: *so sophisticated* No I am not, you have caught me in my lie. Mark: *hillbilly* W-W-What are you,
some sort of fancy pants? Wade: *sophisticate* Yes that is- I’m from Fancy Pants, Rhode island. Mark: *hillbilly* Wow, that– I didn’t know that was
real town but considering I’m Mark: just a dumb hillbilly I believe you. Mark: Sorry, I fired off! *laughter* Mark: I hit control– I didn’t know control was shot Wade: *hillbilly* Don’t mind me wettin’ myself here! *Mark laughs* Wade: I’m devolving into a hillbilly, I think
I’ll *hillbilly speak* right there! Mark: *hillbilly* That’s what happens when you nearly get shot. Wade: *hillbilly* It is, you devolve into hillbilly. Wade: ‘Cause I think it’s really good for me to be up here with a sniper rifle Wade: before he gets nice and close. Mark: Yeah… okay I’m watching. Mark: Man this camera’s shaky Mark: I’m gonna watch you get eaten. Mark: *hungry* I’m gonna watch you. Mark: I’m gonna watch when it happens. Mark: …’cause it’s so janky. Wade: See… Ah, oh I stepped on a- ah oh! *Mark laughs* Mark: You just went completely horizontal when you went on the ground! Mark: Uhhh… oh you died! Wade: I lost my sniper rifle ;__; Mark: Oh come on man! Mark: We probably needed that maybe… Mark: Probably everybody at home is getting sick… Wade: I went face first- Mark: Ah! I hit a god damn fucking bear trap! (told you it wasn’t a good idea) Mark: Why are there so many bear traps around the camp? Wade: I’m face first into this one. Mark: Where are you? Wade: Up on the hill. Mark: Oh… Wade: The hill that has all the bear traps to get up too. Mark: Oh god I hit it again! *Wade laughs* Mark: Fuck- why is there an option to be The
Rake? Wade: I wish we cou- oh you died too?! Mark: Uh, yeah… Mark: Oh my god, my corpse is face first
and– Mark: AH! I hit another one! Mark: God dammit… Wade: Stop running into them! Mark: I’M NOT! Mark: I’m so fa- oh there’s- oh, did you hit one? *silence* Wade: No…? ._. Mark: Oh, did IT hit one? Wade: It must’ve. Mark: Well, we don’t have a shotgun or a sniper rifle so we ju- Wade: We need to find the house that has the other gun! Mark: We have to beat it to death with our fists. Mark: Oh, here’s another corpse! Mark: Well… Wade: Oh hey, I moved! I’m no longer in the bear trap. The Rake must’ve… come by… Mark: Oh my god. Mark: It’s here. Mark: *bear trap fail* krrrrrshAAAAAGHH Wade: Woah, hello! You just rained in from the sky. Mark: Oh, there’s so many bear traps… Wade: WOW! Mark: How many corpses can we leave? Wade: Watch whenever we die. Watch the spawn, like– okay. Wade: So you stare at this point right here Mark: Alright, ready. Wade: Wee! *Mark laughing* Mark: You like… zoom in… Mark: You zoom in from who knows where… Mark: Oh, there’s so many corpses. Mark: Alright, so I guess we’re done here. We
kind of broke the game. Mark: We got a giant pile of corpses here, um, Mark: of assorted people… Mark: They actually– it’s weird, they don’t actually Mark: look like us, these-these dead bodies. Mark:They’re– we’re wearing like yellow ban- Mark: AH! Fucking, bear trap… Mark: Anyway, we’re all done here. Hope you enjoyed this– Mark: Um, we can’t figure out other ways to play
this game, Mark: because The Rake doesn’t want to play nicely. Mark: So, thank you everybody so
much for watching, Mark: thank you Wade for joining me on this one. Wade: My pleasure. Mark: Check out Wade’s channel in the description below. Mark: And as always, Mark: we will see you in the next video. Buh-Bye! *Outro plays*

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