The Plankton Family Tree! ?? SpongeBob

Today we look at the history
of Sheldon J. Plankton. – Sheldon?
– Yes, that’s my first name. Otherwise known as, well, Plankton. I went to college! The earliest recorded ancestor
of Plankton doth be Planktonamor, who lived during Medieval times. [choking] He lived in a tall villainous tower with his wife Karen the crystal ball. Hm, I guess the Plankton family
has been romantically involved with advanced technology for generations. Oh, that beeth rich. Planktonamor looks like an elderly wizard. Just look at his grey beard
and flowy purple cloak. Planktonamor almost got away
with kidnapping Princess Pearl by using his tremendously
magical powers. [giggling] That tickles! But he ended up getting zapped
by his own dragon jellyfish. Curses! You win. Many, many years later we meet
Plankton’s next recorded ancestor, from the Wild West era,
Dead Eye Plankton. That’s me! Dead Eye Plankton. Dead Eye Plankton is an outlaw who
is feared by everyone in Dead Eye Gulch. Dead Eye Plankton is very similar
to his descendant Plankton, with the exception of
his handlebar mustache, red bowtie and top hat. [laughing] I love this town! [laughing] Everyone was scared of Dead Eye
Plankton except for SpongeBuck. We’re right behind you, boy!
Way, way behind you! Who comes to town and challenges
Dead Eye to a duel at a very specific time. We’re gonna have to settle this thing
Western-style at high noon. I’ll be back at high noon. High noon! Alright, he said ‘high noon’,
we get it. And in the intense, long-fought battle, SpongeBuck came out victorious. Ow! Huh? Despite Dead Eye Plankton’s
epic dance moves. Uh-huh, what, what!
Uh-huh, what, what! I gotta admit, he’s got skills. Let’s move down the family tree
to Plankton’s grandfather, Grand Dad Plankton. We only got one look at Grand Dad, and it happened to be in
one of Plankton’s nightmares, where they both got
swallowed up by Pearl. Hey, Plankton! Glad you could join
the rest of the family. Grand Dad? Grand Dad has three spots
on the side of his head, and a bushy grey beard. And you’re pretty brave standing
in that there gastric acid. Gastric acid? [screaming] [laughing] At some point Grand Dad
married Lily, Plankton’s grandma. Oh Plankton, you always were
my favorite granddaughter. Lily lives in Shady Shoals Rest Home, along with many other elderly
Bikini Bottomites, including Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Evil! Evil! [moaning] Lily looks similar to Plankton,
except that she wears glasses, well glass, has lavender puffy hair, and wears an orange dress
with yellow polka dots. She is a Plankton, so of course
Lily is also obsessed with stealing the secret formula. Say cheese! Cheese! Ha! [screaming] You know what else Lily is obsessed with? The most handsome hunk
in all of Bikini Bottom. Oh my goodness! Who is this handsome young man? Oh, that’s Squidward.
He’s nobody. Moving on! Mm! Squidward! Didn’t we meet at an early bird dinner? Plankton’s grandparents had
at least two children. Both sons, they are Silas
and Gordon Plankton. Gordon is Plankton’s dad. He looks like his son, except he has
a blue eye instead of a red one, wears a sweet Hawaiian shirt
and has brown facial hair. Gotta admit, looks like
a pretty cool dude. Gordon meets an unseen Mama Plankton, who after some deductive reasoning,
we can assume looks like this. The couple have who knows how many
children, but we do know of one. Sheldon J. Plankton.
Yes, Sheldon. For years, it has been my goal
to acquire the secret formula for– Plankton is a small green
planktonic copepod. [playing harmonica] [panting] He runs the massively unsuccessful
Chum Bucket restaurant, situated right across the street
from the Krusty Krab. His greatest goal is to steal
the Krabby Patty secret formula and control Bikini Bottom. Drops of rain frozen into ice crystals? I shall harness their energy
and rule the world! Stop! I wish to rule you! Fun fact: did you know Plankton was
born the same exact day as Mr. Krabs? Who knew? Being a microscopic organism, Plankton’s biological family
members are in the thousands, if not millions. In one instance, Plankton recruits
his entire family to help him steal the formula, assuming they were
all criminal master minds like himself. Safe to say that Plankton was,
well, sadly mistaken. Hey look everybody, it’s cousin Plankton! Yeehaw! His relatives include,
but are not limited to… You remember Zeke,
Rufus, Gee, Billy Bob, Billy Jim, Billy-Billy
Banana Fana Fo-Filly, Doug, Ines… – Fletcher McGee, Rain Child…
– Alright, I get it! They help Plankton with his evil plan
as long as he provides them with… Can I get a new string for my banjo? And another boot to match this one? And some more memory for my laptop. – And most importantly…
– And what about root beer? – Wait, what was that?
– Root beer! – One more time.
– And what about root beer? Root beer! Ah, OK, got it. Root beer! Plankton is married to Karen, a self-aware waterproof
super computer, who supports Plankton
in his evil schemes. One Krabby Patty, please. – Thank you.
– Whatever. Karen has a mother,
appropriately named EMILP. EMILP? What’s EMILP? Emergency Mother-In-Law Program. Oh, no. She’s not Plankton’s biggest fan. What have you done to my daughter?
You made her cry! You know, she could have been with
an ATM, someone with money, but she chose you,
I don’t know why! Plankton and Karen have
an adorable baby boy, Chip Plankton.
Don’t ask me to explain. Oh, well that makes sense. A baby! I don’t want a baby! It’s too late to stop it now. It’s been nine months and the baby
is no longer on back order. Chip is born as a small calculator, and eventually grows into a typewriter. A video game console… A mobile computer… And ultimately, a fully-grown
ATM machine. [grunting] Eh, what… Hey! Hey! Give me my money! [sobbing] [laughing] That’s my boy! There you have it, folks, all known
members of the Plankton family. Join us next time as we discover
the interesting ancestry in yet another chapter of
Nickelodeon’s history on Nick Family Tree. [laughing] ♪ ABC’s ♪ [laughing]

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