The Open Web is My Passion

I’m Aaron Campbell, and I’ve always craved information. When I was young that meant lots of trips to libraries and book stores. As the internet gained in popularity, it was like my holy grail. Friends used it to play games or chat, I used it to learn. Now I look jealously at my son – he’s 13 he doesn’t even know what it’s like to live without practically unlimited information right in the palm of his hand. The internet is the single most effective information sharing tool in all of history! The power that has to further the human race just blows my mind! But there’s a danger. Closed systems and big money threaten that free flow of information. I believe we have a responsibility to foster the movement toward a more open web. To ensure that this awesome tool benefits not only us but generations to come. Allowing each one to build on the information created by those that came before it. That’s why I’m passionate about giving people the tools they need to do what they want online without sacrificing the openness that makes the internet so amazing. I’m Aaron Campbell and I’m funded by GoDaddy to help build WordPress, an open source platform that lets you support the open web while building the beautiful website, blog, or app you desire.

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