The Online History Writing Center

You are looking at a screen shot of our
online history writing center, and if you haven’t taken a look at the
material there yet, I suggest that you do so soon because the history writing
center will help you with your course assignments. By this point in your college education
you will have realized that there are many different types writing out there. The way that you write
a chemistry lab report is different than the way that you write a personal
reflection paper. The way that you write a business
financial analysis is different than the way that you would write a short story, and historians have developed ways,
specific writing conventions and/or styles for use in writing about history. In fact there are entire books that you can buy
that will tell you how to write as a historian. For example Marius has been around for
at least 15 years now, and I remember providing feedback on the
first edition which was well over 200 pages. It’s a bit smaller now. story is another such writing about history book that has come out recently and is also very useful, but the gold standard of writing for
historians is Kate Turabian’s Manual of Style, and its actually an abridgment of the much
longer Chicago Manual of Style. Turabian’s manual is what you use when
you’re writing longer history research papers, MA theses, PhD dissertations. I used it back twenty-some years
ago. So back to our history course. Yes, you will learn to write as a historian in your
history course, and that is why we have developed the online
history writing center which shows you what the style guidelines
are that you should be following when you write your history course papers. For example, since we are writing about the past historians write using the past tense. It usually doesn’t work that way in
English or literature classes, and it’s something you have to get used to.
So the history writing style guidelines that we use our different from what you would use in
English classes,ceramics class, a chemistry class, or a business class. With practice and some feedback from your instructor you will get used to writing like a

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