The Nevada Triangle More Deadly Than The Bermuda Triangle?

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several decades something quite bizarre has been happening over an area in the
western United States an area that encompasses the highly secretive
military base known as area 51 there have been over 2,000 tragic incidents
involving planes some of which just vanished into thin air in fact more
weirdness has been going down in this place called the Nevada triangle then
has in the famed Bermuda Triangle it might sound like something from the
Twilight Zone but trust us strange things have been happening and they’ve
been well documented let’s investigate first where exactly is the Nevada
triangle yeah it’s partly in Nevada but it also covers parts of California if
you look on a map imagine drawing a triangle with the northern point at Reno
then draw straight line down to Fresno and go forward until you reach Arizona
inside the triangle it’s the infamous city of Las Vegas the aptly named for
this show Death Valley National Park is also there as is area 51 there’s a whole
lot of wilderness in this triangle with large parts of it being desert and
mountains there have been a fair few bodies that have ended up in this
gigantic wilderness as well as plain wreckages that’s why some people call it
the graveyard for plains why so many planes just can’t seem to get through
this area has been speculated over for a long time the accidents aren’t made up
there really have been a very unusual number of strange tragedies and if you
take it that 2,000 planes have gone missing over 60 years then that works
out to around three a month yeah that’s pretty insane and we intend to find out
why maybe one of the most well known casualties of the Nevada triangle was a
man named Steve Fossett mr. Fossett was a very successful businessman but was
better known for breaking lots of Records and boats and planes he became
the first man ever to circumnavigate the globe in a balloon and in a fixed-wing
aircraft needless to say Steve knew his stuff in
fact it would be harder to find a more skilled pilot we could mention all of
his successes and records but that’s an episode in itself we will say that as
well as flying and breaking records at the same time he all
find some of the world’s highest peaks competed in car races and when that
didn’t prove enough excitement here an ultra marathons through mountains and
did the odd Ironman but Steve didn’t get through the Nevada triangle on September
3rd 2007 at around 8:45 in the morning he got in a single-engine super
decathlon light aircraft at a private airfield in Nevada we don’t really know
why he went flying but some have theorized that he was either going for
the fun of it or scouting locations he didn’t submit a flight plan but there
was nothing especially weird about that what is weird is that Steve never made
it back that day his plane vanished it was fitted with something called an
emergency location transmitter which in the event of trouble should send a
signal out but that didn’t happen though the transmitters are known to
malfunction on occasion or maybe that’s just what they want you to believe a
huge search covering thousands of square miles ensued but given that it was
thought that he went down in the mountains this search was incredibly
difficult the search crews consisted of many people and while Steve didn’t turn
up they actually found the wreckage of another eight missing planes since they
just couldn’t find Steve or his plane leading technology companies got in on
the act by taking images of the area believe it or not even psychics reached
out and said perhaps they could help spoiler alert they couldn’t if Steve had
gone down given his remarkable survival skills maybe he could have lasted out in
that cold wilderness but as time passed people gave up hope
after more than two weeks the searches were called off and Steve was presumed
dead they started again and they were called off again and it’s said to be the
most complex search in modern US history but it didn’t pay off almost a year
later a hiker found some documents in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas and those
documents turned out to belong to Steve they were found about 65 miles from
where he had taken off a search resumed and it was discovered that the crash
site was on a mountain ridge in a place called the Ansel Adams wilderness Steve
hadn’t mysteriously disappeared off the face of the planet as some people had
said parts of the plane were found but where was Steve or what was left of him
well not long after and some bones were found and they were identified as Steve
while a pair of tennis shoes with animal bites on them were also found it was
assumed he’d likely died on impact and then wild animals had dragged parts of
his body away over a period of time the National Transportation Safety Board
later issued a statement regarding the cause of the crash it said the reason
was likely the pilots inadvertent encounter with downdrafts that exceeded
the climb capability of the airplane contributing to the accident were the
downdrafts high density altitude and mountainous terrain so that’s arguably
the most famous case of death in the Nevada triangle bigger planes have gone
missing too one of the better known tragedies was in 1969 and involved the
plane nicknamed the gamblers special because it often carried folks who’d
like to bet in Nevada casinos that plane hit a cliff slid down into the snow and
all 35 people on board died it seems the pilot took a different route that didn’t
turn out well again getting to the wreckage was incredibly difficult we’ll
give you a feel-good story now about a man named David Steves Steve’s was an
Air Force lieutenant and was flying a training jet when things took a turn for
the worse and he had to eject from the plane the man was in the middle of
nowhere and while a massive search happened they couldn’t find him it was
presumed he must have died although they didn’t find the plane with broken ankles
and in the freezing cold he crawled for 20 miles over mountains that were later
called impassable the crawl took him 15 days and he had no food or shelter how
he survived is a miracle thankfully he eventually crawled into an empty cabin
and got his hands on some canned ham and some fishing hooks with the state of his
body he couldn’t go anywhere but he at least got some food while he was hanging
out in the cabin his friends and family mourned him but after 52 days some
hikers came across David and the story would have a happy ending if David
didn’t die in an air crash eight years later even well-trained pilots have come
undone in this area countless times and in some instances no wreckage or bodies
were found that may not sound too surprising given the Nevada triangles
inhospitable terrain but this hasn’t stopped some conspiracy theorists
speculating that stranger things are at work and some of those missing planes
might be lengths to secret US military skullduggery area 51 and even aliens but
let’s stay on earth for the time being and look at something called the
mountain waves no these aren’t ocean waves somehow lapping up against the
tops of mountains but fast-moving winds that happen on a mountainside and create
oscillations of air above the mountain if one occurs while a plane happens to
be flying over it might suddenly get carried on the wind and in some cases
lose control similar to a boat being carried on a
wave and dumped on the other side that’s fine for surfers in the ocean it’s less
good for an airplane pilot being thrown over a mountain out of the rocks below
weather over the mountains is often unpredictable and besides mountain waves
you also get things called down drafts that spoil a pilot’s otherwise peaceful
day one expert explained on a Nevada radio station it’s quite easy for a
small plane to get caught in the downdraft on the downwind side and not
have the power or just the capability to get out of the way of that these can
create micro bursts of wind and can send a plane out of control maybe the most
famous incident of a microburst taking a plane out was in 1985 when Delta flight
191 crashed 137 people died and 28 others were injured professor Kelly
Redmond a climatologist with the desert Research Institute in Reno talked to the
Nevada radio station kan PR about what was going on in the Nevada triangle he
certainly didn’t think all the accidents had anything to do with secret weapons
or mischievious extraterrestrials he said it was simply bad weather he added
when the winds are coming up they come up kind of smoothly on the west side and
then they have this very rapid descent and there is a tremendous amount of
turbulence that can be caused by such situations he said the planes that went
missing or crashed were all small planes when they get caught in a downdraft they
just sometimes don’t have the power not to be taken away he said a downdraft can
hit a plane so hard it could be like Niagara Falls hitting something he said
an experienced pilot such as Steve Fossett could get out of all sorts of
tricky situations but with the downdraft no level of skill will save you at times
he also said in such a fast area some planes just a misjudge where they are
pilots take off to see the wonderful scenery of the Sierra Nevada mountains
and end up becoming food for insects and foxes so is there really a huge mystery
here well you don’t have to click around much to find online sleuths saying some
of the planes were likely brought down by aliens or were target practice for
the US military after all there are plenty of people in
this world that believe the military hides more dark secrets than a teenage
boys browser history some theorists believe that aliens might have adopted
these people but as yet there is no solid proof in this world of aliens
abducting people unless you’ve listened to a handful of folks that all seem to
live in small towns in rural America in the 1950s we’re gonna go out on a limb
here and posit that the Nevada triangle is just
an area with sometimes harsh weather for pilots either that or if the pilots just
need a bit more training when traveling such a wild landscape that said if
you’ve seen our video about what was the inspiration for the TV show stranger
things you’ll know there are some people in this world of ours that believe the
US military has already developed technology that can make things
disappear and reappear aka teleportation where the planes teleported well parts
of missing planes have been turning up for years
so it’s a hard theory to sell if you’ve read the missing form on one books
written by former police officer David polities you will have seen that he says
in the USA there are places where clusters of people just go missing the
Nevada triangle is one he thinks something strange might be
afoot but if you look at these places you can explain why there are death
hotspots lots of people go missing in the area of
the Nevada triangle and sometimes they aren’t in planes but hey it’s full of
mountains and forests and wild animals so how do you explain someone who
doesn’t come home after going hiking in a treacherous landscape did he fall was
he attacked by a bear did he freeze to death
how dare you be so rational you know the answer is he was teleported by the Air
Force who had done a deal with some green guys who just popped over from the
andromeda galaxy we apologize if our unraveling of this mystery took some of
the magic out of it but we just couldn’t find many reasons for these
disappearances that couldn’t be explained by well understood
naturally-occurring weather phenomenon or even simpler explanations or are you
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