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  • Interesting analysis. Although I feel that by looking at altruism through a "will I benefit from it" perspective, we're kind of missing the point of altruism. Also, are we assuming that altruism only spreads through genes? I think in humans being social towards other people is a matter of raising kids that way (nurture) as much as genetically determined (nature). Finally; if you're looking at altruism only to see if it will produce a society where the majority are altruists, again we're missing a point. Altruism seems to be more a matter of a moral code. Of course it would be nice if more people would do it ('pay it forward') but that is by no means a necessary condition for altruistic behavior.

  • Can I get that ai or no and if yes what’s the name of it

  • Inclusive fitness sounds like identity politics.

    They really aren't worth much by themselves and can't hold out in the survival of the fittest. Only problem is they don't reproduce like animals do, so there is no altruism cost.

    At the end of the day I can see why identity politics is so prevalent after this simulation. When there is no altruism cost and only benefits these populations can run rampant when in reality they are a miniscule portion of society.

    Identity politics has no altruism cost because they demand everyone else's rights and tax dollars. I think it's unfair to pit strangers with the altruism cost in this modern political era, thinking about sub-cultural populations within a society in this manner is truly more insightful then natural populations.

    You can clearly see that normal people will get swamped out by "green bearded" people because they only want to help green bearded people and no one else. The survival of other sub-cultural populations mean nothing to "green bearded" individuals and the only goal is for the "green bearded" to gain power at the expense of everyone else.

    Like modern identity politics the inclusive fitness only aims to benefit certain individuals. Pretty scary when you think about it like this, there's nothing stopping identity politics in these types of simulations. Hopefully in real life there will be a solution, because that type of fake altruism is going to make society worst off. Committing evil under the false pretenses of altruism is how most world wars and catastrophies start. Identity politics is walking that fine line, and if there is a civil war it will undoubtedly be those committing evil under the false pretenses of altruism.

    Already people are saying we need to ban free speech so people can feel not offended. These misguided individuals will be the end of regular society, it will not be long till they take everything so their identity can thrive. This is not altruism, it is ponerology. True evil always thinks itself to be the righteous and just, there are clear parallels in today's left as there was in Germany's left before the catastrophic second world war. Jews and white males are seeing closer parallels in being political scape goats it's actually quite appalling that more people can't see the parallels.

    I just hope we as normal society members will be able to call out the blatant hypocrisy and evil that identity politics creates. At the end of the day altruism doesn't exist, but we can still do right by our neighbors for selfish self preservation. Which I find to be much more feasible and endd up creating stronger bonds due to mutual understanding of preserving the self by accepting and giving help to your neighbors.

  • “Green beards” can be any outwardly represented trait. So you could argue that instead of being a separate linked trait, the beards represent other with the altruism gene that the blobs can recognize as others being altruistic. Humans and animals alike are more likely to be “nice” to others that are nice as well. People are more willing to help others if they see those people also helping.

  • Haha I see it as what capitalism is, the Best You can do for others means you will win more

  • Now think about why humans are successful and remember that Kevin exist in the same universe that you do. Be proud of humanity for breaking the rules. Or at least bending them a likkle

  • "Survival of the fittest" doesn't mean survival of the fittest individual. It means survival of the fittest combination of genes… A combination that can be shared by many members of a species and… If "fit" enough… Will eventually be present in all surviving members of that species.

    If a gene… Say for altruism… Leads to more individuals with the altruism gene surviving… Then even though he may die because of the altruism… It still means the altruism gene is more "fit" than the alternatives. And it's worth noting that not all members of a species suffer hardship at the same time… So altruism is often not fatal… But does increase the likelihood of others around you surviving.

  • We also need to consisder that it is Lord who gives us true, in it's purest form.

  • kin altruism … wouldn't that be like making families compete. wich evolves into war ? of nations and races? first comes competition for food then competition for area and supply. then the outright war for domination and greed for more supply and there is the greater cost for raising your offspring since it will continue the line that would be an invisible trait since its selfless to the species, not the single-member and is subconscious < if you already tackled that ignore it since its my own perspective .. minds are very tricky and effects can be a good or a bad and when i remember the green beared part I just imagine the green beard beating the crap out of the greedy ones discouraging it like a moral balance forcing itself onto others like .. lets say in real life

  • Do you know the music in the videos the same in universe sandbox just universe sandbox not universe sandbox2

  • 2:08 it's CHEATING ! – it can't reproduct without second peace of food!

  • Well I have an idea. With this gene, the blob will try to get 3 pieces of food, if it does, then it will share one with any other blobs. Or a gene like that, but it will also only give to others who are altruistic.

  • The altruism genes are still selfish – catchprase of the century!

  • H will win

  • What programm is this?

  • Are the Green beards been racist?

  • Anyone else binge watching this right now?

  • It's more: "Survival of the fit enough" then "Survival of the fittest"

  • this was great! I'd say that "kin altruism" isn't altruism, really. It's egoism choosing who it wants to help based on a personally beneficial criteria. Helping its own genes survive.

  • 7:39 Can someone tell me why?

  • the only way for an altruism gene to work for the best, both parties have to be altruistic.

  • "Yeah, they regurgitate it. Nature is gross."

  • Altruism will succeed!
    I believe in the friendlies
    Wait… crap

  • Altruism will always succeed
    loads Shotgun
    I’ll make sure of it

  • 3:53 and we have created racism

  • Give a man a fish, he'll be full for the rest of the day
    Give a man a watermelon and he'll be pissing whole night

  • Me: kind of enjoying video and kind of not understanding and fallin asleep
    Video: hamilton
    Me: wait what where when who

  • Then… Was Aynd Rand right? Wow… And here it has been demonstrated. XDXD

  • why did you not make it so grabbing two pieces of food would give both camps a chance of 50% survival…..

  • selfishness will prevail

  • when i was watching this video i was thinking in comunism

  • 1:50 so im going to die soon? ooooooookay


  • 6:20 – 7:00 just take a moment to look at the lonely little food thing near the top

  • "survival of the friendliest"
    A.K.A TF2 casual servers

  • I subscribed!

  • Man I love your Chanel

  • "just green" is equivalent to lying or any kind of deception–butterfly with spots that look like eyes and all that

  • Program in Objectivism!

  • You make a lot of mistakes in your Videos.

  • I wish a blob was a like a battery light

  • 3:35 Its all fun and games till the green beards take over the world.

  • "Identifies a trait and only helps those" Did you just introduce Racism/Discrimination as a whole in your sim?

  • 2:51 i wish i was taught this way in school…. i neeed not cram things.

  • Blob, strong, together

  • Maybe you should give the selfish ones a chance to be altruistic if they fed by the altruistic ones. So they can grow green beard. 🙂

  • "Hamilton's Rule"

    How else had to think of the musical "hamilton"?😂

  • 6:02 I identify with that guy

  • Why dont you put like tribes (like they'll only be kind against their own tribe) and like when someone is kind to the Green beards they tend to become kind to those who helped them

  • From this video, then what is the problem of racism? I should only do good things to the green beard.

  • This green-beard thing is the same what happens in National-socialist-countries

  • basically Canada

  • lesson of the day be altruistic only to other altruistic people

  • Yo yo yo yo yo why is it called hamilton rule which one are we talking about

  • It would be interesting to make a model that takes into account social structure, reincarnation and metaphysics. For science

  • There's definitely a joke to make about incels and nice guys here.

  • Racism debunked lol

  • The blobs are cute

  • Run the program with only those who have reproduced and have a surplus of food the altruistic ones.

  • Team me up with a bunch of greenbeards like that, crap's sake…
    Reference? Anyone?

  • I think it's a total misconception to think altruism is a mechanic within survival of the fittest. Those ants you speak off aren't analogous to altruism at all, especially if they're sterile anyway. The only thing they do is 'protect' their gene pool from competition and the groups doing that best, including not wasting food and energy on individuals who do not matter, are guaranteed a better long term survival. THAT is what the selection is about, it has nothing to do with altruistic motivations. Sterile ants won't add to the gene pool, so they might as well protect ants who do reproduce, which is the long term selection at play here.
    Also, any mutation that decreases overall survival, whether for an individual or a population will always be selected out in long term evolution. Natural selection favours survivors, which is the point. 'Kin selection' also literally is not beneficial to evolution, as it limits gene variation. A parent taking care of their children is doing nothing but taking care their genes will live on long enough for them to be passed on to future generations. It's more a byproduct of natural selection over the long run, than anything else. The mechanics of selection actually don't change. Plenty of species exist that are 'completely on their own' after having hatched. From lizards and turtles to fish, butterflies and moths to some birds (megapodes, chicken-like birds) and so on, there are plenty of examples of where parenting didn't 'scale' with evolution of the species. In the example of the birds, they will learn to fly within 24 hours, which is how 'evolution' compensates. The other way evolution compensates is generally making turtles fairly anti-social beings. But only so much, as they still need to find a mate and reproduce naturally.

  • I never make predictions this isnt school

  • Survival of the Shittest

  • How do u get 600k videos with 10 subscribers

  • Most of these videos are just proof how garbage everything is

  • Either everyone is nice or nobody is nice

  • What if a creature that is given food can itself become altruistic? Simulating human behaviour (I.e paying it forward)

  • The green beard is like racist so maybe thats how racism was from in the real life

  • The problem of your simulation is that you are simulating something that can happen in certain society (altruism) but with organisms that do not require socialization to reproduce.
    That's why altruistic blobs are failing while non-altruistic are prospering.

  • It’s cool to see them evolve with the given traits, but you should try letting them evolve with traits that you don’t make up so it’s like actual evolution.

  • 2:07, I would like to know how you can make 100% survival chance and 50% replication rate for the other one, out of one piece of food, while this for me seems to be 1.5 food in total energy (2.5 if both would survive + 50 % replication for one) . Maybe I missed a thing … I like the work you do btw. I just wonder.

  • The guy does not know what altruism is and nobody is even calling him out on it.

  • How did i reach such an educational yet enteretaining video in the middle of the night?

  • What a society

  • 5:08 Got lost at this part
    Green beard altruism
    Just green beard
    What's the difference?

  • I’d guess the altruistic creatures ( first sim) will be less fit in this circumstance, there is no benefit specifically towards the altruistic creatures, if they only shared with others of the same type, I could see the benefits.
    Yay for YouTube algorithms! Plus 1

  • Ditto what I predicted below

  • Looks like just green beard in the next one will win out, I’d guess

  • well that was dark

  • friendship…

    is a myth

  • Something you forget to take into consideration: The cost of altruism not always being the same, if you ever do readdress this topic could you look towards varied cost of Altruism?

  • oversimplified

  • A selection by action would be nice.
    Like giving some blobs a slight chance of being nice.
    A blob that has given away food is more likely to receive food and a bloob receiving food more likely to give something the next day

  • The green beard/altruism gene simulation is more realistic than I believe you're implying. I mean, as social creatures, humans for example can detect altruism in other humans just through their social capabilities.

  • Green beard Blobs: Helps
    Regular Blobs: Built barber shop
    Green beard Blobs: Enters
    Regular Blobs: Welcome to our barber shop!
    Green beard Blobs: Thanks! Can you cut this beard please?
    Regular Blobs: Okay.
    1 Hour later
    Starving Blob: Gimme some food, please, Im dying…
    No more green beard Blobs: Uuh.. Why do I must to share food with you?

  • That means racism is just natural selection and good.

  • Where's the video about Hamilton's rule bruh?


  • Try to focus on simulating the realistic setups instead of simulating everything else and then simulating the realistic setup for only 5 seconds.

  • One big flaw is they die when they get the piece of food and can't get back to the boundary. This alone makes a huge difference in all of these tests?

  • Every time I see these videos I think they’re just too cute!

  • Confucius said to take care of your family and to grow out your hair because your parents gave it to you, but I think humans and horses evolved long hair so that humans can make rope out of it to make a pulley to churn a firestarting stick. These days with lighters sold in cafeterias of smoke free campuses and lighters on the ground, the threat of lice outweighs the benefit of long hair… but long fingernails are still good

  • I think you can add: more friendly and altruistic more chance to reproduce

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