The MOST Embarrassing Moments In NBA History…

Most embarrassing moments in NBA history Well, the NBA usually finds success and what his players do there are a few stories to talk about involving negative actions that you won’t Believe happened if they weren’t caught on tape We get to know the real player behind the play when we watch players and coaches respond to the game. They just won or lost It’s where we know them a little better than we want see them in their clumsy angry and less than genius moments But that doesn’t mean there aren’t proud moments for the NBA teams and players but on that beautiful journey are some hiccups that are hard to fathom but true that being said here are the most Embarrassing moments in the NBA history brought to you by everything Entertainment and just before we begin make sure you watch this video to the end If the red button below this video to subscribe and the Bell button to get notified of our new videos Ready for the biggest NBA surprise. Let’s get into it number 9 lend by a sudden death the 1986 NBA Draft featured a plethora of seemingly future superstars and among them was the University of Maryland’s Len Bias after being selected second by the Boston Celtics Bias was back in the school the following night when he took cocaine that led to his cardiac arrhythmia His untimely death was called the cruelest thing I’ve ever heard from Larry Bird and it was incredibly embarrassing For the NBA because it exposed some of the drug abuse that was rampant around the league I’m not saying by his death is embarrassing because that would be downright Insensitive but the aftermath and the fact that the NBA had to take a look at what kind of role models they were Promoting is very embarrassing. He is perhaps basketballs greatest What if of all-time? number 8 Greg Oden sends naughty pictures of himself not only as Greg Odin’s career thus far been a disappointment and Um much worse than Kevin Durant’s but in the summer of 2009 He came under heat for pictures of his nude self that were floating around the internet The only thing that might make this situation worse is a dismal NBA career. Oh wait about Jason Williams number seven Jason Williams fatal mistake in 2002 34 year-old Jason Williams shot his limo driver cost his Christoff II While hanging out with some of his friends in his home according to Williams He was only playing around with the gun, but he still pleaded guilty to aggravated assault last year Although he wasn’t playing in the NBA at the time it still obviously brought about Negativity and embarrassment to everyone involved with the league number 6 Latrell Sprewell chokes his coach on December 1st 1997 Golden State Warriors guard Latrell Sprewell Was allegedly upset when coach PJ Carlesimo asked him to put more mustard on his passes After a brief altercation spree proceeded to strangle his head coach for 10 to 15 Seconds always a man to finish the job spree return to three a few punches at Carlesimo the NBA didn’t find the stunt humorous and eventually suspended Sprewell for the remainder of the 1997-98 season 68 games number 5 Rasheed Wallace most Technical fouls in the season fouls are part of every game and the gravity of the same varies owing to the temper levels of players the unwanted record for the most number of technical fouls in the season stands with Rasheed Wallace who scripted 41 fouls during the 2000 0/1 season Interestingly with players being currently suspended for this season following their 16th foul and this record may live forever Number 4 Kermit Washington punch. I don’t know how many times you’ve seen the video of Kermit, Washington obliterating Rudy Tomjanovich But it truly was a sad sight it is especially when you consider poor Rudy Tomjanovich was simply trying to check on things and Washington swung with all his might at the all-star The NBA was incredibly embarrassed as a result in neither man’s career would ever be the same number 3 Latrell Sprewell Family needs food after a successful season in Minnesota Latrell Sprewell was offered a 3-year Twenty-one million dollar extension. The problem is Spri didn’t think this was generous at all Noting that why would I want to help the Timberwolves win a title? They’re not doing anything for me I’ve got a lot at risk here I’ve got my family to feed needless to say the wolves didn’t invest concluding sprees tenure in the NBA this however Can’t be the worst moment even Sprewell’s career number two Magics phenomenal game that was on tape delay on may 16th 1980 Game six of the NBA Finals was seen on tape delay in most American television markets While reruns of shows such as The Incredible Hulk and Dallas appeared in primetime Many people missed one of the greatest Finals performances of all time live as Magic Johnson scored 42 points grabbed 15 rebounds in dish seven assists and number one Avery Johnson turns the tables on a reporter little did this unnamed reporter know that he was about to be the man on the hot seat a Disgruntled Avery Johnson asked the reporter to answer his question and the favorite part is when he tells him not to stutter I love this because I also get tired of hearing reporters Ask questions that aren’t looking for an answer so much as they’re looking for fodder While it’s possible that other moments that aren’t mentioned in this video If you got other suggestions feel free to leave link or comment in the section below and if you enjoyed this video give it a like share and Subscribe and you know what? 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