The Moon Landing Conspiracy – Unexplained Objects – UNCOVERED

Apollo 12’s lunar lander touched down on
November the 19th, 1969. It was only four months since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
made history by setting the first human feet on the surface of the Moon. It was a huge
media event, broadcast live around the world and watched by nearly 600 million people. The Apollo 12 mission was followed by comparatively
few people. There was no live transmission, so the public had to rely on official photographs,
taken by astronauts Charles Conrad Jr. and Alan Bean. Among the many photos of Bean and Conrad on
the Moon, observers noticed something odd about this particular picture. Reflected in
the visor is a mysterious object, apparently floating in the air. To this day, no-one has
been able to explain what it is. At first, it was thought the object reflected
in the visor was just one part of the large equipment the astronauts brought with them
to the Moon. Given it was so high in the air, it makes sense for it to be part of the Lunar
Module, which was the only manmade thing tall enough. But when we look at pictures of the Lunar
Module, there is no sign of an armature or antenna reaching out that high. Furthermore,
the Module can be seen in the background of the photo. So what is the reflected object?
Could it be a UFO? If it were, conspiracy theorists have chosen
not to add it to the list of evidence towards a NASA cover-up of UFO sightings. In fact,
there is surprisingly little evidence connecting the Apollo missions to UFOs. There is a controversial
transcript of a transmission from Armstrong and Aldrin on Apollo 11, in which they describe
seeing a UFO outside their craft. But there is little else besides – even Edgar Mitchell,
the sixth man to walk on the Moon and a fervent believer in alien UFOs, said in 2014 that
he had never seen a UFO. If the conspiracy community at large and leading
campaigners for UFO disclosure do not believe the mysterious object was a UFO, then it must
be something else. If you look closely, you can see it has a
cuboidal body with three blade-like parts protruding from it. This closely resembles
a Fresnel light with barn doors attached, commonly used in TV studios. Furthermore,
in other images it is clear that shadows are not cast at the same angle, despite there
being only one light source on the Moon: the Sun. It is odd that even in deep shadow, the
astronauts are clearly visible. More photographic evidence from the Apollo
15 mission shows the same background in two different photos. According to NASA, these
pictures were taken several kilometres apart. And in this famous image from the Apollo 11
mission, this rock appears to be a prop marked with the letter ‘C’. Given all these discrepancies, it seems more
likely that there is a backdrop in all the footage and photographs of the Moon Landings.
The astronauts were pictured on a black and white set, with Fresnel lights to counteract
the overpowering strength of the key light – that is, a large spotlight standing in for
the Sun. The mountains on the horizon aren’t really kilometres away, it’s a trick of
perspective. Rather conveniently, Alan Bean accidentally
pointed his camera at the Sun when they first landed, so there was no live broadcast or
recorded footage of his time on the Moon. Photos like this were the only proof of his
trip. And this reflection seems to prove it didn’t really happen. The possibility of the Moon Landings being
a hoax was first raised by Bill Kaysing in 1976. Kaysing identified yet more photographic oddities.
For instance, there is clearly no blast crater under the lunar module in photos from any
of the missions. There is also a complete absence of stars in all the photos. And there
are waves in the flags, despite there being no wind on the Moon. However, science and NASA disagree with conspiracy
theorists. NASA says the waves in the flags are just creases from the way they were stored
on the long journey. The lack of blast craters is to be expected in a low gravity environment
like the Moon – the module’s thrusters aren’t very powerful because they don’t need to be.
It is akin to how the pavement doesn’t crack when you jump up and down. It is also expected that the horizon would
look similar from two places several kilometres apart. The Moon is so small that it’s horizon
is twice as close to the viewer as it is on Earth. It also doesn’t have an atmosphere
containing dust and fog, so distances are very difficult to judge on the Moon’s surface.
Consequently, you would have to travel very far to get a new perspective on the same range
of moonhills. There are no stars in the background because
the Sun’s glare is too bright for them to shine through. It’s the same reason that we
can’t see stars on Earth during the day. The shadows cast by different objects are at different
angles because the objects themselves were at different angles, and the surface of the
Moon is uneven. If the shadows were due to multiple studio lights, there would be multiple
shadows for each object too. And the astronauts are illuminated even in deep shade because
of light reflected off the Moon’s surface onto their white suits. Meanwhile, the original photograph of the
prop rock shows that there is no ‘C’. Instead NASA says that a hair or other particle
got on it during the process of reproducing the picture for mass distribution. But NASA still hasn’t explained that strange
reflection in the visor. The best they have offered is a blanket excuse, that every smudge,
mark or peculiar shape on their photos is just a blemish picked up through handling. Ultimately it is a matter of whether you take
NASA at its word, or choose to believe your own eyes.

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  • "One small step for man.." one Big Lie for Mankind.

  • Trust me I was a believer in moon Landing but after researching a lot, I came to conclusion that we never went to moon. Things are messed up in the world. And Government not always tells the truth to common public and always hides truth in the name of national security and greater good. It was a stunt to defeat Soviets in cold war space race..

  • In this game of life only earth map is unlocked, moon and mars available only for beta tester

  • When he say: UFO I close the video.

  • the ALLEGED septic moon [landings] ARE FAKE AND WERE DONE AT AREA 51.

  • Regardez à 1:48 , on voit une fille sur la visière de l’astronaute 😳

  • Back then it was much harder to fake the moon landing than to actually go there they simply didn’t have the video technology to recreate something on this scale. They went to the moon

  • I often wonder if these flatearthers believe the moon is flat. It would have been a lot easier for the Apollo missions to have landed onto a flat surface rather than a round one😂😂. Then again I’ve no idea what I’m talking about so I think I’ll go and lay down in a darkened room 👀👀👀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • You can discus what ever you want but up to today it is not possible to go through the van Allen belt. And that, my disney fooks, is a fact and final. We never set foot on the moon so far in history. ⚠️

  • SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: Living with your parents in your 40's and having an internet connection may induce a mid life crisis involving a deep fascination with all things conspiracy related and idiotic.This is the brains way of coping with the fact that the persons life up till now has been a complete failure and that there is external forces causing it….most likely government agencies.

  • Kaysing was the biggest fucker of his time. 😬

  • Remember, around that era, psychedelic drugs and a philosophical revolution on the metaphorical existence for mankind evoked; what is, who am I, why are we here, cleansing spirituality, human accomplishment, what now, what for the future and being the greatest and first: seem to be the question or impending resolution of the American people. In other words, they were so full on LSD post-effect that we should consider lucky that they did not claim that they just been up to the 🌞 sun and back…I must admit that I find Americans to be the most dumb people at times but also, the brightest and coolest other times…go figure.

  • Aliens be passing by,peace disturbed thinkin
    "Americans! Have to invade everybody"

  • If the US didn't go to the moon, Russia would have cried foul. But Russia were closely monitoring the event with their own technology.

  • At 5:32 you mentioned that the reason you wouldn't see stars on the moon is because the sun is too bright the same as we can't see stars on Earth during the day, pardon me, of course you can't see the stars during the day as we have an atmosphere so the scattered light prevents that view, but at night there's no problem, the moon on the other hand has no atmosphere to reflect scattered light so the view looking away from the sunlight would be absolutely fantastic.

  • This may not be true: though the image of the moon landing in that photo may not seem legit(it may not even be…), it was possible that the Americans took this fake photo in order to release this to the outer world, most likely directed at the Soviet Russians to scare, pressure, and mess with them to screw them up. I not saying the moon landing was a Hoax though, however, and do not doubt the moon landings, but I am simply stating that someone should check the source of the image and figure out whether it was fake or not.

    Edit: The soviets were startled by this and wasted most of their 150,000,000,000 (US) dollars on useless rockets that would never work in order to reach the moon.

  • It doesn't matter if you believe it was faked or not, it's still good to question your goverment. Never take thier would on anything.

  • You are a big Malaqa.

    Let's go with a temperature of -55 degrees, America was out of control, and with 55 degrees it would all go away.

    The bullshit that bangs on you is to go to a Doctor to see you.

  • I knew this when I was 10 years old that they never went to the moon and actually no one ever got out of the earth it's impossible they can't pierce the Ozone Layer since it's made by energy and other molecules so going with that super fast speed it will be the same as hitting a big wall of concrete

  • U.S.A LONG LIVE TO THE BIG LIE !hahahahahaa

  • These moon hoax nut just never give up

  • What a load of cobblers, get a grip, the Russians would have been the first to shout foul


  • It was s goldfish swimming in the helmet.

  • Omg lot of experts commenting from the comfort of their couch. How dumb can anyone be ?

  • Nigga it's a helicopter

  • Faked landing

  • IMO we went but it wasn't for rocks etc however I believe the footage was filmed on earth to hide the truth of the mission and to make it watchable

  • Given JFKs aims & ideals of 1963, including sharing Apollo w Moscow, & given US military action worst of all Laos & Cambodia secret bombing of civilians, makes for certain & sure that Armstrong's sccripted speech upon landing is a hoax.
    By explaining Apollo as a race for position & system superiority with the USSR – thus no need to go back – as Neil Tyson as others do today just makes Armstrng a dupe, realy, a parrot for US propaganda, the very thign Armstrong said he wasn't
    This in trun would explain his 5 & only 5 interview reflection or remark on hsi work – why he took no Lindbergh role. He himslef came to know how false rthe scientific mtoive for all he had done.

  • Ahahha not land the Moon ..but land on Mars … WHAT ??? IDIOT You a fcking Loser… all astronauts a Heros!

  • The Moon Landings were not a fake or conspiracy they were fact, it happened so get real. There is absolutely no proof they were faked it is totally bonkers. As for aliens there is no evidence, it is all nonsense and exists in the minds of sad individuals who do not understand the real world, science, engineering and physics are beyond them.

  • "Ultimately, it is a matter of whether you take NASA at it's word or chose to believe your own eyes" Or you can chose to believe every government, every space agency and every intelligence agency across the entire world, that has acknowledged and confirmed the moon landings, or you can believe everything you see on YouTube.

  • "Russians have been on the moon as many times as we have been there."

  • The first person on the moon was, a location scout,

  • This guys voice could replace the narrator in Thomas the tank engine

  • Just look at what STATEMENT ANALYSTS have found out, how their BODY LANGUAGE is suspect, DISTANCING language a plenty from Aldrin and Armstrong

  • Onnu poyede

  • Well the moon landings were real all these points have been debunked right, they landed on the moon

  • Mon landings seem more and more fake the more I think about it 🤔🤔

  • The bible is clear. God created two great lights. The greater light to rule the day 'The Sun' and the lesser light to rule the night 'The Moon'. If I could land on a light I'd be amazed. Nobody can leave earth lol. God put us here and we're stuck here forever. And yes, aliens are real… read your bibles!

  • Oscar awards goes to america
    This we call hollywood tricks film

  • Lots of facts in here have been debunked, including the light angle of the shadows and the astronauts seen in dark shadows. Look it up. Real science, not youtube science.

  • On Australia TV they showed a Coke bottle on the moon…


    That’s the link to a Wikipedia article about Apollo 12 the first photo is a photo of an astronaut and the rover

    I personally would contend that that photo from the Wikipedia article and the “unsolveable photo” from this video were taken at the same time

    have a good look and tell me the photo from this video couldn’t have been taken by the rover

  • The funny thing is,that Nasa wanted to brainwash mostly the people inside usa.
    Now most of the people from us.dont believe Nasa at all and most of the people outside usa believe Nasa.
    Usa,you fucked up again 🤣

  • There's no such thing as a moon. The whole thing is a hoax.

  • Very good video

  • In order to find these objects, you need to land on the moon in the first place

  • How come all the doubters are born after the moon landing? Science has explained that the moon surface has reflective properties as do the spacesuits. I believe science not just what I see as what I see can easily be swayed by what i have been told to see.

  • All fake

  • Why…why undermining human achievements …? You cannot go that far in envy and dislike..

  • Why they not fly now witch technology what is present? ??

  • "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.."

  • 0:31 real men back in those days. Their headsets were actually bolted/drilled to their skulls! I wonder how deep the screws went in??

  • People are running out fo ideas on utube and just making up shit now sad

  • Reflected was obviously an camera shot by Hollywood. Fake moon landing

  • Oscar goes to NASA for creating greatest moon landing movie….clap…clap…clap…


  • The thing on his helmet was Holy Mary and and a little Jesus

  • One step for man, one Giant lie for mankind.

  • Van Halen belts?

  • You need to get a life.

  • Stop at 1:20 and enlarge. Now I ain't no rocket scientific engineer, but that thing couldn't make it out of Fred Sanford's yard.

  • Phone calls from Mars to the president so many years ago…. What a joke…you lose signal from airplanes…. But they were able to call from Mars 50 years ago

  • Neil Armstrong first person on moon.
    Neil A
    A lien

  • The strange thing about the photo of the guys helmet is that the reflection in his helmet should show the person taking the picture. All the reflection shows is a man with his back turned. Strange

  • 6hey know what 5he hell was going on! Weren't they all POS, Freemason or Illuminatti? I don't think NASA or any Astronaut is our friend!!!!

  • No you can't see stars in the day because the atmosphere is filtering all other light,and you would be
    Able to see more stars if you were in space get your shit straight

  • We DID go to the Moon at some point.. but the footage was faked as a sort of recreation

  • It's a studio light…..

  • jo ufo aktor

  • One word…. WHATEVERRRRRRRR!!!!

    Thank you for pissing in my face. I don't give a rat's butt what shape the Earth is…. It doesn't matter if you believe in modern day science or not… If one cannot tell that the Apollo moon missions were 150% fake…. Humanity is really failing on a grand scale.

    If you believe the Earth is flat or round…. Take a second and forget about all that…. Watch the ridiculous apollo missions over and over….

    That crap is 100% idiotic. People want to believe in this stuff soooooo bad.. Believe me I know because I use to think Nasa was a god. I seriously believed every word they'd say.

    People say, the Russians would have said something….. Well, sorry to burst Americans bull crap bubble, but 99.9 % of actual Russian citizens don't even question it. The know that crap is fake as hell.

    However, do you really think the Russian government would agree… No, because they are swindling millions of dollars from their own people with the b.s. ISS.

    It's all a big game.

    Yibbidy yibbity yibitty, datz all foklz

  • It is all out of the bag!! More people believe and know that the moon landings were complete lies. Not even good lies. 🤣 Only 24 people would have had to cover up the moon landing lies. You can believe what you want.. obviously what you've been programmed to believe is what you're going to believe until you're ready to find the truth. I get it. I was just like you. Defending my indoctrination 100% then 1 day I searched for truth and I woke up. If you dont search for the truth you won't find it.

  • Fake moon landing in my opinion anyone else think so

  • The simple fact I'm seeing cheap effects in the first thirty seconds already made me leave. No way anyone with such a voice should be taken seriously. :')

  • It was a hoax!

  • Apollo 11*

  • Also it would have been harder to fake the moon landing than to go there.

  • Never A Straight Answer.

  • Nasallywood.


  • It's a smudge on the visor yo

  • I believe it actually happened. Because when the government changes, the second ruler will always try to bring such things right from the first day. You can lie. But not such BIG.

  • I can't get good (mobile) service inside my house, here on the planet Earth, and man was able to communicate from the Earth to the Moon.

  • Flat earthers! Get a grip. How many people does it take to make a movie! No one in the crew has spoken up after all these years. Why not. Did they kill them all off or pay them all off. No. They actually went there. To the moon. It’s a simple smudge where his heavily gloved thumb repeatedly touches one of the visor plates that is retracted into the helmet rim.

  • I think it's funny how even the conspiracy theory believing people will point out part of what shows that their "evidence" is flawed themselves, but they can't put the whole thing together. In this case specifically I'm referring to the lack of a blast crater under the LEM.

    Rocket exhaust is hot gas. Hot gas doesn't just blow a crater into whatever it touches. The video narrator comments that there appears to be some discoloration on the rocks of the lunar surface, but not a crater. That makes perfect sense. The rocket exhaust blew up lots of dust, which we would expect, but the lunar surface is made of basalt. Basalt wouldn't have a crater blown into it. The steel and concrete of the launch pad was able to survive sustained periods under the combined exhaust of 5 F1 engine, which are massively more powerful that the descent engine of the LEM. If there isn't a crater formed from that, why would we expect the LEM engine to make a literal crater with its single much smaller engine interacting with the basalt surface for a much shorter time and in an environment where the energy will disperse more easily.

  • "…There are great ideas undiscovered — breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers." Neil Armstrong.






  • where have all the conspiracy vids gone? the only ones left are like this one that support the landing in the end

  • 4:00 yeah, that's his forehead, or at least something on the inside of the helmet, showing through the visor.

  • "Hey Diddle Diddle" If a Cow could jump over the Moon, three 33deg Masons could certainly land on it.
    For the children's sake, we weren't told that the cow suffered massive radiation burns. Especially through the Van Allen Radiation Belts twice. Where is that Brave Bovine now? It was burnt up on reentry. That's what happened Kids. First BBQ in Space poor thing.
    Salute a Beef Burger today … …

  • lol just dust

  • This was and still is the biggest joke ever.

  • I don’t know why the Government would lie about going to the moon?…and why we haven’t went back if we went already right?..especially with the advance technology we have now compared to the times we went there…maybe it’s deeper then the moon…maybe it’s tru about living under a Dome..and we can’t escape…maybe we haven’t even been to space and all that stuff we see is fake?…I don’t know..

  • Congratulations on being moderately even handed. However, that mark on the visor appears in the same place in other pictures of the astronaut taken from different angles so it is NOT s reflection of a fixed object. It is some sort of abrasion.

  • They even faked the computer lights and buttons… NASA is a scam brah…

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