The Master Shift – 12.12.12 – Global UNITY Moment – Let’s Make History! English Version

i have a challenge for you can you think about smiling without smiling? go ahead do it I’m willing to bet you at least smirked. Notice how easy it was to feel good… Just by focusing and thinking about smiling Now imagine if everyone on the planet did this at the EXACT SAME MOMENT. meditation To many of us, it seems like some difficult, mysterious thing.   You might think of hippie or monks the truth is there’s an untapped world
or insight you can change your life and all it takes is practice Simply put, meditation means… “to intend”. Something you do already, everyday. Making you smile, was a form of meditation. its that simple. and the best part is anyone can do it
and we’re going to show you how on twelve twelve twelve will be taking
the entire world of thirty minute journey focus on positive thoughts of our planet
at the exact same moment the world needs something right now and it’s more important than economic or
political reform its love. studies done in different cities around
the world show that large group meditations actually lowered their
crime rate people of have healed themselves to the power
of positive thought and feeling our thoughts affect ourselves and everything around us so imagine everyone in the entire world
thought positively at the same time Tune into our website on 12.12.12. at 930 pm EASTERN or 9:30 pm Japan Standard Time, depending on your hemisphere. We’ll be taking you on a 30 minute guided meditation to re-invent. our. world. thanks to modern technology we will be
able to help worldwide participation on the scale never possible before will
create worldwide shift for the better. and all you have to do is sit down and
listen. and don’t forget the like us on facebook for updates and reminders about
the event

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