The March of History: Mises vs. Marx – The Definitive Capitalism vs. Socialism Rap Battle

You see? It’s a revolution. Capitalism’s days are numbered. Then there goes our freedom. If Socialism wins, America loses. We have nothing to lose but our chains. And our civilization. Learn some history. Private property and free markets built modern day society. Yeah and modern society is the problem. Two for March of History. Thank you. Enjoy the show boys. Look at this theater. Look at all of this plenty. THIS is Capitalism! So Capitalism’s diabetes? Got it. Your whole world is coming apart. I pity you. America is once again at ideological war. After decades of post-war consensus, the great debate between Capitalism and Socialism has captured the public square. And no two men have more fervently fought this battle than Socialist philosopher Karl Marx, and classical liberal economist Ludwig von Mises. Marx vs Mises. Mises vs Marx. The March of History continues… Workers of the world, assemble It’s time for the ruling classes to tremble
I’m the people’s hero the MVP M A R X, yeah you know me Let’s go back to when men were free we hunted and gathered communally But get ready cause here comes the twist A villain appears called a Capitalist He puts the proletariat (that’s us) in chains Exploits our labor and pockets the gains Through slick ads he tricks lads and ladies in kind Selling fake needs he poisons our hearts and minds He rots our soul through alienation Pursuing limitless accumulation He works us into an early grave Through debt steals back the money we save Greed is the gospel Profit (God) The rich get richer through graft and fraud The poor get poorer but YOU don’t care Doesn’t that sound laissez unfair? Two hundred years I’ve been singing this song now my chorus is 99 percent strong The revolution’s here, it’s time to repent your moment is over, your capital’s spent This is history’s lesson You think he’s right I’m guessin’? All we want is progression without bourgeois oppression So we look for the truth As we tighten our boots Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left, now the march is on Guten Tag, Marx, nice to meet ya. My name’s Ludwig: call me “Teacher” The master of markets, the Austrian boss, You don’t like profits? Well let’s talk loss The problem with your plan is nobody wins Except Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh Lenin, Mugabe — remember Berlin? They built a wall to keep their people in Your theories have a rotten foundation Built on control, not cooperation Centralized power completely corrupts Real people suffer, violence erupts Your system depends on the very same people you decry as greedy, bourgeois and evil If we’re not fit to run our own lives why would you expect our votes to be wise? If you really want to help people rise up Unleash the free market: lift their lives up It was Capitalism not a Socialist plan saved billions in India, China, Japan Everyone has a unique purpose and plan no one solution can serve the whole land Each individual has their own voice The heart of my theory is freedom and choice This is history’s lesson The market’s a blessing (Yeah, right!) Let’s pursue our expression Living free from aggression So we look for the truth With the freedom to choose Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left now the march is on Free Marketeers love to play this game Mao kills millions, Marx gets blamed It’s deceptive, dishonest, plain unfair Did I drive the tanks at Tiananmen Square? Man, I’m a humanist You can check my receipts But you gotta break eggs if you wanna eat Don’t like violence? Admit defeat Then I’ll call this revolution complete Till then, let’s get a few things straight I’m not shaping the future, I’m embracing our fate My utopian forebears weren’t that specific but this analysis is highly scientific Every social system has governing laws Capitalism? Doomed, because the system generated it’s own fatal flaws by uniting workers in a common cause Thanks to you, we have all the wealth we need to seize control and eradicate greed The people are rejecting your bourgeois lies Real Marxism has never been tried Equality is the core of my creed from this one’s ability to that one’s need Our healthcare, finance and industry let’s collectivize and set ourselves free Your standard refrain “oh that’s not the real thing” The most common verse all your followers sing The closer we get to your ideal system further we go down the road to serfdom The empirical record can’t be denied your ideas don’t work, but they just won’t die (ATTENTION!) This is not breaking news Jevons and Menger lit that fuse Now here comes the bomb via Von Bohm-Bawerk He blew up your system, exposed the core quirk The heart of your theory is exploitation of surplus value, that’s a bogus equation You can’t explain value by measuring the cost of labor That theory of value has lost favor Value is subjective by every measure One man’s trash is another man’s treasure There’s no exploitation if two people arrange voluntary exchange Man, that’s not deranged That bourgeois transaction you diss with a scoff creates benefit for both so we’re both better off Here’s the real problem, the crucial equation Without private markets there’s no calculation to coordinate courses, allocate resources incentivize choices, because it lacks prices What crops should I grow? Where should this factory go? How should I pick a J.O.(B)? How would your planners ever know? Your “theory” is a bundle of confusion Socialism got crushed by the marginal revolution This is history’s lesson All we want is progression Let’s pursue our expression Livin free from aggression So we look for the truth As we tighten our boots Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Left, right, left, now the march is on. We’re all better off, are you kidding me Mises? My immiseration thesis tears you to pieces Your economy grows, but not our wages You call that progress? I think it’s outrageous In 1820 everyone was poor until Capitalism kicked down the door Real wage growth, not stagnation saved 80% of the world from starvation You kicked down the door but you locked us out That’s what your “free market” is all about Here’s what you do: on your next shopping spree pick up this book by my boy Tommy P. The pie can get bigger, it’s not zero sum free markets have lifted the lowest incomes
If you really want to help out the poorest nations encourage peace, trade and immigration The Earth is boiling and your solution is more production, more pollution? More cheap trinkets in bigger malls more fossil fuels, more aerosols? Wait, what? For a problem this big we need total control A green New Deal to save the North Pole We can’t gamble the future on anarchy greed’s not a plan, it’s insanity! Your story’s bombastic, your rhetoric’s strong There’s only one problem… your theory’s wrong! The wealthiest countries do the most to conserve Hava-haven’t you heard of the Kuznets curve? Only wealthy societies can afford to go green if you want a better world, see the unseen Even carbon will bend to creative destruction With entrepreneurship in the means of production This is history’s lesson The market’s a blessing All we want is progression Living free from aggression So we look for the truth With the freedom to choose Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left now the march is on I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again The long march of history will come to an end Hegel was close, but too a priori Watch me break down my dialectical story Proletariat, bourgoisie Them versus us, you versus me Slave, master, lord and serf New class battles, same old turf We have what we need to throw the chains off us Organize the economy like the post office The state takes over but that’s not the whole plan watch it wither away and leave Socialist man Our goal is true fairness, outcomes that are equal Capitalism? (Over) Here’s a Socialist sequel Revolution’s coming, prepare for the fight Workers of the world, U-U-U-U-Unite Nothing is determined, you’re so fatalistic A grand theory of history Be realistic! Your failed predictions? A distraction Here’s some questions that guide human action Where are we going? What’s the right course? What will motivate us,? Incentives or force? Here’s what you miss from commanding heights each person’s gifts and individual rights Across every continent, culture and creed People have flourished only when freed To find passion, profit, charity and love Through the shake of a hand, not a boot from above Socialism’s record isn’t hard to parse First it was tragedy, now it’s a farce Let’s unite people from every nation In peace, exchange and cooperation Wow. Yeah. I told you Marx was right. No way. It’s Mises all the way. The free market brings the goods. Yeah it brings the goods alright. A heaping pile of inequality and strife. Try peace and prosperity. Yeah I am. I am trying that. You are? Yeah. Okay because it doesn’t look like it. Did you watch this? Yeah. Half of it was good.

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  • Unfortunately, socialism is incompatible with individual liberty….

    Worse, all these socialist idiots are going to be really disappointed when they learn that their village already has a poet, philosopher, and "social justice monitor", and they've got a job at the local arms factory to get to on Monday or be shot…

  • It's too bad that we are still having this debate instead of acknowledging the values and concerns driving both approaches and start a conversation beyond these polemics – the beat is great though!

  • >a problem this big, we need TOTAL CONTROL.
    There it is… Right there… The actual truth behind the lie that is Socialism.

  • Mises essentially strawmanned what Marx's and socialists vision of socialism and communism was. Which is to be expected since most people don't really understand socialism or communism besides the experiments that were implemented as a result of Lenin and those that followed lenins strategy. People usually think it's just when the government does things and control economy.


  • Regards from BR to Mises

  • They don't recognize the existence of the Libertarian Left in this…

  • Hi, this is a beautiful video.
    In Argentina, teachers usually conspire against you if you proclaim yourself against Marx, so this song from a free debate without fear of the state causes me a beautiful feeling, thank you. Live de idividual liberty Fuck!

  • impressive, fun and topical

  • We have to get ERB to do one with Keynes

  • All I know is every country that becomes communist, always has a bloody revolution or civil war, I have never seen a nation peacefully become communist, probably a reason why 150 million died under communism worldwide. Communism is a system that rewards the lazy man and punishes the hard working man, why work hard if we are all paid the same? Capitalism is hated, because1% have all the wealth, communism is hated, because 1% have all the power in government, Mao, Stalin, pol pot, Castro, Kim jung and so on, name a communist country everyone wants to mass immigrate to.

  • Under socialism everybody is equally poor.

  • It is not capitalism that provides abundance, but the predatory policy of Western countries towards weaker countries, where capitalism is also there, but there is no abundance.

    Sorry for may bad Google Translator.

  • Chorus is cringe otherwise good

  • Me sorprende que siga el debate cuando el socialismo tiene el orto del tamaño de un planeta despues de la caida del muro.

  • Маркс победил!

  • This video is like how to offend everyone, but instead it makes everyone happy

  • Team Mises. There is nothing appealing about socialism in either theory or practice.

  • Mises is good, but the core problem of capitalism is that the money is power and the rich have the power to coerce the poor to do something the rich want. If they rich, they more free to do anything even againts the law. Socialist in my eye is for empowerment of the the lower class so the rich couldn't coerce the poor to do anything but to cooperate and negotiate with the poor. That is really the free society, no one has more power than the other.



  • Mises is rolling over in his grave.

  • Сила тезисов марксизма в объединении, ни одна другая идея не сможет объединить всех трудящихся, которые являются абсолютным большинством планеты!

  • The strength of Marxism in unification, no other idea can unite all working people, who are the absolute majority of the planet!

  • Wow. It seems that we have reached the point where the question of who was right Mises or Marx becomes very relevant. Let's see how events unfold further, stock up on popcorn.

  • Capitalism saved billions in India???
    From East India Company to the present Crony Capitalists, all capitalists have looted the Indians.
    (The video is excellent btw. Need more like this)

  • 5:05 "Equality is the core of my Creed"
    Okay, this rap is officially cancelled, Marx was vehemently against equality, he was for the free universal development of the individual through association.

  • This video is a waste of time

  • One man's trash is another man's treasure. Except the working class's treasure has been unilaterally designated as "trash" by a wealthy minority predicated on exploiting that time to the passive acceptance of a public who see it all as "just the easy m way it has to be" and "better than the alternative" without realising that they are themselves consenting for the perpetuation system of private tyranny, all because they believe that one day, they might hold the whip. It's devoid of freedom and holding us back from more worthy enterprises. If the state holds the whip, it's state capitalism. Everman and Everwomen workers making democratic choices in the workplace is socialism.


  • A critical error in this video: Marx never said capitalists were as individuals morally inferior, in fact, he talked about all their responsibilities and how that could tear on a person

  • Essa liquidação do aparelho estatal público pra vender tudo pra empresários, como os nazistas fizeram, é exatamente o estado Laissez-Faire que Mises pregava. Não me admira que Mises tenha elogiado Hitler e os herdeiros da teoria Marxiana, Stalin e Lenin, combateram (e derrotaram) Hitler.

  • Is this some RIP off of ERH?

  • Communists drink my piss

  • Hahaa ok COMMUNISM must perish !!!!

  • So socialism, an ideology that’s killed over 150 million people, is the answer? Socialism guarantees misery for all

  • I've always been with Marx

  • You seriously should have read Marx before doing this

  • Wish our teachers taught like that 👍

  • Mao killed Billions and the world population never went down. Capitalist logic.

  • Thought this was gonna be one sided bias shit, but fair play lads

  • Both type of economy has some pros and cons . Capitalist favour rich people and socialist take fundamental rights from people .

  • American Capitalists trying so hard to brainwash poor people. How about American Capitalist's New Imperialism? Keeping the world in war by selling them weapons. Looting money from every nation and colonising them with American Capitals.
    Can you answer the question, "why Socialist nations never face economic slowdown?" In 1930s every nation in this world was going through a economic slowdown, except Soviet Union. You lazy Capitalists always want to spend your life in luxury by spending resources made by the proletariats.

  • Wow!!

  • Finally we are here

  • Br says tks!

  • long live the capitalism

  • А Маркс таки-то прав!

  • This is so true 🤑

  • This was absolutely amazing!

    Mises > Marx 😎👌

  • Ver tanto público brasileiro aqui comentando que entendeu a mensagem me da esperança no povo brasileiro.

  • this disgusted me

  • this is so grandmother-fu**ing awesome. high production value and nothing less but the truth. (half of it)

  • Caralho é tipo o video do keynes contra o Hayek , fora q esqueceram de usar o argumento contra o cálculo econômico q provavelmente mises retiraria tbm (similitude formal ) kkkk , faltou coisa sim , mas , do caralho

  • Epic rap battles of the history

  • Seria melhor com Hoppe ou Rothbard, mas mises mandou bem.

  • Can’t wait for the battle of the OG’s, David Ricardo versus Thomas Malthus.

  • I thought that was going to be bad but it was pretty good.

  • Communism, please. Socialism it's a first stage of communism. Learn to historical materialism and imperialism theory of Lenin.

  • Great 👏👏👏 this will put me to a good night sleep 🛌

  • I'm a communist but Mises won that battle
    Not because he's that good, but because Marx argument and punchlines were shitty and stupid in this battle… they should have hired a real marxist to write his line

  • Mises gave me a good laugh

  • Hello to all American workers. I will write the answer in Russian, and translate it into English, so I warn of possible inaccuracies.

    "“The March of History,” a project of the American Institute for Economic Research, pits Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises against the godfather of socialism, Karl Marx, in a rap battle that spans more than 150 years of history, philosophy, and economic theory. The debate between socialists and capitalists is just as topical today as it was in 1848 — so, which side are you on?"

    First, Marx is not the godfather of socialism, because, according to Lenin, socialism is the first phase of communism in which the birthmarks of capitalism are preserved, and Marx never used the word "socialism". The main defining quality of socialism is underdevelopment. And Marx
    the most comprehensive, fully and scientifically described the history of the development of productive forces, the development of socio-economic formations, the laws of development of human society as a whole, and, long before the start of the world socialist revolution in 1917, he proved that with the development of capitalism in society such contradictions accumulate that further lead to the exclusion of capital from the equation of production of material goods.

    "The debate between socialists and capitalists is just as topical today as it was in 1848"

    When there was a debate about communism between Marx, Engels and bourgeois economists (which, by the way, can be partially explored in the "Manifesto of the Communist Party"), the world has not yet witnessed a socialist revolution, and much has changed since then. Mankind has survived only the first attempt at the establishment of communism in the world (USSR), which was strangled and destroyed by the forces of bourgeois reaction, due to the departure of the party and the proletariat from Marxism-Leninism, due to the need to almost completely restructure its work to defend against the bourgeois fascist invading army, and then to defend against bourgeois American imperialism, with its own development of nuclear weapons, arms build-up and plans for the physical destruction of the USSR. But the main struggle, of course, took place within a socialist society in which the dictatorship of the proletariat was destroyed by the uneducated, anti-Leninist gang of Khrushchev in 1961, and the USSR began a reverse transitional period from the dictatorship of the proletariat to the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, which ended in 1991. And now in the world, in many countries, primarily in China, there is exactly the same formation of socialism as in the USSR from 1917 to 1937. What trend will win in China is unknown to anyone. Therefore, the assertion that: "the debate between socialists and capitalists is just as topical today as it was in 1848" is incorrect, all disputes have long passed from a theoretical plane to a practical one, and the situation in the world is now completely different from that in 1848. Humanity has gained enormous experience in its development during this time.

    This "project" and this video, which I watched with good subtitles in Russian, does not provide any knowledge and is entertaining in nature, but the "project of the American Institute for Economic Research" speaks for itself: another bourgeois project aimed at in order to confuse the workers so that they in no way unite with each other, and do not carry out a class struggle with the bourgeoisie, and do nothing to fulfill their class interests, continue to be oppressed by the yoke of capital, and only if they do not study the scientific theories of communism , and thorium development of society, the brilliant works of Marx, Engels and Lenin. Very similar to the myth of the "American Dream", whose purpose is similar.

  • This is so amazing. Every second was worth the waiting <3

  • Mises is fascist trash, and this concept is appropriation.

  • Socialist never live in socialist countries. That's all I need to know

  • Sim e não…
    Afinal até o capitalismo começou como extremista

  • It seems a bit dishonest to portray the only 2 sides as Leninists who want to control everything & libertarians.

  • There is no future for capitalism. It is really do not exists anymore. China plaid Marx with West like a piano. It offer cheap labor and capitalists left USA, EU and Canada ran like crazy to China leaving desert of employment in their own countries. Immigrants, on contrary, coming in wast numbers to Canada, EU and some in USA, before Trump destroying culture and diluting wages. Capitalism is dead!!!!

  • Wtf? Marx wasn't a equalitarian.

  • This is good. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  • Nice try guys! Still below the originals two vids thought 😒

  • Mises kicks Marx in the ASS in multiple ways according to every fucking logical conclusion you can make with every argument in the multiverse.

  • Great loved it.. India was socialist till 1991 and our economy sucked with extreme poverty.. Capitalism has transformed us and the future is going to be even better..


  • Here is ur Capitalism, a huge planetary oligarchy.

  • Both should be mixed . In order to achieve greater heights.

  • If these capitalists and Socialists stopped fighting to prove who is better, and instead started curbing Global Warming then the Earth would have actually been a better place to live

  • "It cannot be denied that Fascism and similar movements aiming at the establishment of dictatorships are full of the best intentions and that their intervention has, for the moment, saved European civilization. The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history. But though its policy has brought salvation for the moment, it is not of the kind which could promise continued success. Fascism was an emergency makeshift. To view it as something more would be a fatal error."

    —Mises endorsing fascism as a temporary bulwark against the commies

  • Amazing content
    Keep up the good work

  • I love Mises! <3

  • Capitalism and socialism we need a balanced liberalism. Oh liberals it's so weak and out numbered .

  • fun fact: there is no "capitalism"

    That word is a commie slur invented by a french commie.

    There is only free market.

  • Is it just me or he looks much better dressed as Mises? 😀

  • Loved the concept of video. Hats off to content writers who explained vast topics like socialism from das kapital and capitalism in a very playful manner.

  • "Is history marching inevitably towards centrally planned socialism, as Karl Marx proclaimed? Or is the best path to continued progress and expanding prosperity liberal, democratic capitalism as recommended by Ludwig von Mises? "

    The description has the most bias sounding summary of two ideologies I have ever written.

  • According To My Analysis They Both are trying to explain "THE NEW WORLD ORDER" in a sarcastic manner. But Unfortunately THE NEW WORLD ORDER WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE PEOPLE VERY VERY SOON HOWEVER

  • O socialismo nunca irá superar o capitalismo, essa é a verdade

  • Part 2 please

  • What Marx fans described as capitalism was monarchic monopoly-slaveholding mystical mercantilism. I'll take the Libertarian party, thanks.

  • Without Ayn Rand, Mises would only be remembered as the dull guy with the Hitler mustache and German accent…

  • Best video in YouTube so far…

  • Black and red leads to only red. Yellow leads to black and yellow

  • Why is socialism always confused with communism? They may share a similar origin but they are not even close to being the same

  • Awesome video! Congratz

  • "The pie can get bigger, it’s not zero-sum." This should the first lessons in economics colleges.

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