The Man History tried to forget existed – The Genius Nikola Tesla

you may not be aware of this but you and
I live in a Tesla created world which is generating trillions of dollars every
day for superpowers around the world in his day Nikola Tesla was ridiculed
demoralized laughed at and elbowed from society he died in a hotel room in New
York City broke alone and unacknowledged his life was of such eccentric that even
Thomas Edison was jealous to say the least of mr. Tesla’s extraordinary
achievements Tesla knew secrets secrets he never shared with the elite of the
world he had secrets that he tried to use to
benefit all of humanity we are talking ancient technology awareness here guys
and the greedy power crazy people of the time who were not happy about giving
anything away for nothing Tesla paid the price but also warned the
greedy elite the present belongs to you but the future for which I really worked
towards his mind he was of course a thousand percent correct in this short
presentation we will try to tell you a little bit about the great man a little
bit about his inventions and a little bit about why you live in a Tesla
created world today we will tell you everything we know about the most
selfless man of the modern world he was once quoted as saying the
scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly one must be saying to
think clearly but one can think deeply and be quite insane just wait till you
hear this when you talk about being born under a wandering star and all that well
this guy was born under a blaze of glory during a fierce lightning storm at the
stroke of midnight in 1856 it was like something out of a science fiction novel
the quintessential mad genius had arrived he was the chosen one sent to
the earth to present to humanity the next phase in the quantum imagination of
our understanding of everything something only a genius would dare
to envision at first he was sent all over Europe to troubleshoot and improve
Edison design dynamos and motors this was frustrating for Tesla why if he
could make better improved versions of someone else’s inventions could he not
have them built this way in the first place at the age of 28 he immigrated to
the United States after an extensive educational program during the Austrian
Empire Tesla was ready empowered with the knowledge and the know-how to
transform the world but how would he go about this where would the funding come
his first instinct upon arriving in the US was to become a worker at Edison
machine works Tesla was a huge admirer of Thomas Edison but he knew Edison’s
ideas were flawed nonetheless Edison was not for changing his mind when Tesla
tried to show his idol where he could make changes and their fourth Nikola
Tesla struck out on his own Tesla began accumulating the information needed to
patent his improved version of Edison’s arc lightning system something he tried
to tell Thomas Edison how to correct in March 1885 he met with patent attorney
Lamia Sorel the same attorney used by Edison to obtain health with submitting
the patents Sorrell introduced Tesla to two businessmen Robert Lane and Benjamin
Vale who agreed to finance an arc Lightning manufacturing and utility
company and Tesla’s name the Tesla electric light and manufacturing once
Tesla had the company up and running the two businessmen abandoned the great
adventure and changed the company’s name and left the man with no money this was
only the first in a succession of betrayals but by this time Tesla had
already came up with ideas for alternating current motors and wireless
energy going forward he was now more wary of the scavengers
but had little choice to look for some sort of funding to produce his
magnificent ideas during this period Tesla was reduced to working various
electrical repair jobs for a dollar per day he recalls in his notes my high
education and various branches of science mechanics and literature seemed
to me like a mockery during 1886 this was a trying time for a man who had the
ideas in his head that could transform the world yet he seemed to be going
nowhere no one was buying into his ideology in late 1886 Tesla set up a
meet with Alfred s Braun a Western Union superintendent and New York Attorney
Charles F Peck the two men were experienced in setting up companies and
promoting inventions and patents for financial gain of course based on
Tesla’s new ideas for electrical equipment including a thermo magnetic
motor idea they agreed to back the inventor financially and handle his
patents together they formed the Tesla Electric Company in 1887 with an
agreement that profits from generated patents would go one third to Tesla one
third to Peck and brown and one third to fund development this was his big break
and this is where things started happening and the name Tesla was soon
well known in New York City the money Tesla made from licensing his a/c
patents made him independently wealthy and gave him the time and funds to
pursue his own interests this is where it all began and what ultimately caused
such a stir at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago the vision of
and the vision of Tesla for how electricity would be produced and
distributed can be summarized as one of cost and safety the DC current that
Edison backed by General Electric have been working on was costly over long
distances and produce dangerous sparking from the required converter
regardless Edison and his backers utilized the general dangers of electric
current to instill fear and Nikola Tesla’s alternative alternating current
trying to ridicule Tesla in a world where Edison held a monopoly over the
inventing and newspaper pull this led to the accumulation of over a decade of
shady business deals stolen ideas and patent suppression that Edison and his
moneyed interests wielded over Tesla’s inventions yet despite it all in his
Tesla’s system that provides power generation and distribution in our
modern era Tesla may have had a brilliant mind but he was not as good at
reducing his ideas to practice Tesla described to his funder and business
partner JP Morgan a new means of instant communication that involved gathering
stock quotes and telegram messages funneling them to his laboratory where
he would encode them and assign them each a new frequency that frequency
would be broadcast to a device that would fit in your hand
in other words Tesla had envisioned the smartphone and wireless internet over a
hundred years before the ideas were fully put to practice does that not just
blow your mind or what he also conceived of but never developed technology for
radar x-rays a particle beam death ray and radio astronomy Tesla invented many
wondrous things including the laser robotics remote control radio and light
but his big idea for free wireless energy and a global communication
network the intern was where he was halted in his tracks
this is inexorably linked as they were the last straw for the power elite what
good is energy if it can’t be metered and controlled free never JPMorgan back
miss Cola Tesla with a hundred and fifty thousand to build a tower that would use
the natural frequencies of our universe to transmit data including a wide range
of information communicated through images voice messages and text this
represented the world’s first wireless communications but it also meant that
aside from the cost of the tower itself the universe was filled with free energy
that can be utilized to form a world wide web connecting all people in all
places as well as allow people to harness the free energy around them
essentially the zeros and ones of the universe are embedded in the fabric of
existence for each of us to access as needed Nikola Tesla was dedicated to
empowering the individual to receive and transmit this data virtually free of
charge Nikola Tesla had perhaps thousands of other ideas and inventions
that remained unreleased a look at his hundreds of patents shows a glimpse of
the scope he intended to offer if you feel that the additional technical and
scientific research of Nikola Tesla should be revealed for public scrutiny
and discussion instead of suppressed by big industry and even are supposed
institutions of higher education join the world’s call to tell power brokers
everywhere that we are ready to occupy energy and learn about what our universe
really has to offer the release of Nikola Tesla’s technical and scientific
research specifically his research into harnessing electricity from the
ionosphere at a facility called Wardenclyffe is a necessary step toward
true freedom of information when he died at the new
worker in New York City broke alone and frustrated the FBI seized all of Tesla’s
documents the information was stolen and his envisioned ideas were released to
the public at various intervals during the past 70 years Tesla never being
mentioned or credited for any of these world-changing ideas and all done for
massive financial gain and control many people are only vaguely aware of Tesla’s
inventions and scientific discoveries we learned that because the FBI considered
him a threat information about him in mainstream USA was suppressed this is
evidenced by the school system leaving him out of its history books part of
Nikola Tesla’s vision comes from a vivid childhood in his memoirs he writes the
memories of my youth and even of earliest childhood are very vivid and it
seems to me that my character began to develop a little sooner than is the case
with most people as a very small boy I was weak and vacillating and made many
childish resolves only to break them but when I was eight years old I read the
son of Abha a Siberian translation of a Hungarian writer Joe Sica whose lessons
are similar to those of Lew Wallace and Ben Hur this book awakened my willpower
I began to practice self-control subdued many of my wishes and resolved to keep
every promise I ever made whether to myself or to anyone else the members of
my family were not long in learning that if I promised a thing then I would do it
one of the more controversial topics involving Nikola Tesla is what became of
many of his technical and scientific papers after he died in 1943 just before
his death at the height of World War 2 he claimed that he had perfected his
so-called death beam so the FBI and other US government
agencies would be interested in any scientific ideas involving weaponry some
were concerned that Tesla’s papers might fall into the hands of the Axis powers
or the Soviets the morning after the inventors death his nephew Sava
kosanovich hurried to his uncle’s room at the hotel New Yorker
he was an up-and-coming Yugoslavia fishel with suspected connections to the
Communist Party in his country by the time he arrived
Tesla’s body had already been removed and kosanovich
suspected that someone had already gone through his uncle’s papers and projects
technical papers were missing as well as a black notebook a new Tesla kept a
notebook with several hundred pages some of which were marked government and
top-secret of course we will always ponder the true extent of Nikola Tesla’s
discoveries and inventions many of his ideas we conclude could have been taken
to the grave with him the master lightning though mostly remembered for
the Tesla coil and the alternating current was of a different understanding
a higher level of thinking than anyone on earth before or after him his ideas
are slowly being realized we can only hope that the greatest genius will be
given the credit he deserves as history prevails and a technologically advanced
world that the great man envisioned in his imagination becomes recognized as a
Tesla created world one thing the great man was obsessed with was strange radio
signals that he kept detecting in 1899 Tesla recalls in an article he wrote I
can never forget the first sensation I experienced when it dawned upon me that
I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind I
felt as though I were present at the earth of a new knowledge or the
revelation of a great truth even now at times I can vividly recall the incident
and see my apparatus as though it were actually before me my first observations
positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious not
to say supernatural and I was alone in my laboratory at night but at that time
the idea of these disturbances being intelligently controlled signals did not
yet present itself to me the changes I noted were taking place periodically and
with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable
to any cause then known to me I was familiar of course with such electrical
disturbances as are produced by the Sun aurora borealis and earth currents and I
was sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of
these causes the nature of my experiments precluded the possibility of
the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances as has been
rashly asserted by some it was sometime afterward when the thought flashed upon
my mind that the disturbances I had observed might be due to an intelligent
control although I could not decipher their meaning it was impossible for me
to think of them as having been entirely accidental the feeling is constantly
growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to
another I was not merely beholding a vision but
had caught sight of a great and profound truth it is thought Tesla was either
detecting the Black Knight satellite or a distress call from deep space
during the 1930s ham radio operators began listening in to these signals and
night 18:36 it was concluded after a
Decipherer that the message was plotting the route to a star chart in the
constellation news and it is thought through the movement of the stars and
taking into account the speed light and distance to boots that this message
could be over 13,000 years old what are your thoughts on the late great
adventure we hope you enjoyed our presentation please thumbs up and share
thanks for watching guys

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  • He wasn't shit

  • What I want to know is why are you the only truth youtuber they don't censor. Not insinuating anything I am just genuinely curious.

  • Imagine if tesla was born years later at the height of communism he could have gone to russia and gotten the government to fund his projects where they would have been used for the good of the country rather than lining the pockets of greedy business men

  • From what I remember, after Thomas Edison read Telsa's letter of resignation that Nikola Telsa left on Edison's desk, Edison started smearing Telsa damn near immediately. Edison saw Telsa as competition and a threat. I personally invested over 20+ years of researching Edison since I was in 4th grade. My very first school report was on Thomas Edison.

    From what I remember, Telsa invented and promoted A/C electricity, while Edison strongly promoted his D/C electricity. A/C was on the way in, and Edison knew that.

    Look. This is how fucking crazy Thomas Edison is. He went as far as electrocuting a fully grown Elephant with A/C electricity in a public street. He personally hooked up what looked like black jumper cables all over the elephant. Years ago, I watched the choppy, black & white film of Edison in the street and film showed the live elephant. And then the film showed the dead elephant laying on the street. After Edison intentionally electrocuted in public. He wanted to scare people.

    Edison killed that elephant, had the local news film it, take photographs, gave details, and probably scripts to local & national news press to spread propaganda about the dangers of using A/C. And why Telsa is insane.

    As you should know. We rejected D/C for the most part and adopted A/C for consumer use in the USA.

    Edison took credit for the Bulb that was probably brainstormed by an employee in Edison's think tank. The same place where Telsa was employed for quite sometime before resigning to start his own career.

    Quick rundown:
    Edison is credited for the invention of the Incandescent Light Bulb. Banned in 2014.
    Later created General Electric Company, formerly Edison Electric Company.

    "In 1878, Edison formed the Edison Electric Light Company in New York City with several financiers, including J. P. Morgan, Spencer Trask,[54] and the members of the Vanderbilt family. " – Source:

    Telsa is credited for the invention of A/C electricity. Which today powers Edison's bulb.
    You can buy newer, modified versions of the Edison Bulb at many stores, on Amazon, etc.
    Old bulbs were outlawed in Jan 2014 and 2015.

  • Nikola Tesla was a man born out of time. The world was not yet ready for him then. Ironically I think today even worse. I pray that conditions on earth would have changed positively when mankind would be our brothers keeper in the true sense and we have real peace on earth, then we will indeed be ready for a genius of his calibre. Until then…

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    but sometimes if you can't get along with other people
    life can be tough for you,think of all the idiots you have
    to force yourself to get along with in your own life and how
    tough that would be for a genius.

  • I bet Edison knew none of his stuff worked properly in those days and knew Tesla was right

  • Edison was, by far, the better man when it came to the ultimate of American pursuits: making obscene amounts of money.

  • If we followed tesla ideas, could have met aliens.

  • Tesla understood electricity in a time when few men really did. He was only a stand out because of the relative ignorance of the time in which he lived. Alternating current would have been invented within 50 years if Tesla hadn't done it. Most of what Tesla "knew" came from the work of other men like Faraday and Fermi. Tesla became obsessed with his religious beliefs and THAT is what made him lose his mind. Let's not forget that Tesla once proposed that the Earth be charged with electricity, and we could then tap into it. He also recommended transmission of electric current through the air.

  • Your narration sucks. Sometimes it borders on Shatner. Other times it's like a toned down Bernie. Please learn to read out loud.

  • Born in the wrong time

  • Why don't you take that Stupid music out of videos

  • I could only achieve success in my life through self discipline and i applied it and used it until my wish and my will became one

    Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

  • Einstein was asked; "What is it like to be the greatest scientist in the world?" his answer was "I don't know, ask Nikola Tesla".

  • Tesla appears on the 100 dinar Serbian bank note of 2006

  • What if that space signal is like a duck-call trying to mimic us? That way we fall into the trap, like we would do for deer or ducks.

  • I feel the same way in 2019…
    His work is Truth Revealing so greed was not his only enemy

  • 1000% ?

  • Tesla was great. This video not so great.

  • *We praise a selfish narcissist like Edison, while largely ignoring the fact that he didn't really "invent" some of the things we give him credit for! He also took credit for many inventions that were made by his underlings in his employ. He actually conspired to prevent other inventors from creating new technologies that may have detracted from his personal glory as well!*

    He heard about an American inventor named Hiram Maxim, who he feared was close to inventing new technologies, that Edison wanted to take credit for. So Edison literally hired Maxim, for a salary that was the modern equivalent of low 6-figures annually, and sent him to England, for the sole purpose of NOT inventing new technologies in that particular field that Edison was focusing on! So what did Maxim do with that paid time off? He invented the Maxim machine gun, which was used by EVERY warring country in WW1, and for many decades afterwards! Millions of people were killed by an invention that was indirectly made possible by Edison and his overblown ego.

    That's not to say that an effective machine gun wouldn't have otherwise been invented by someone else, but it wouldn't have happened so soon. Hiram Maxim may otherwise have invented some important technology that helped save lives, instead of mowing them down in huge numbers! I haven't even touched on Edison's anti-A/C electricity conspiracy, which was a whole different frightening scam.

  • I've experienced similar brushes with cosmic consciousness. I'm trying to write a book about it. Everyone needs to realize Tesla have a tremendous clue: "everything is made of light". We evolve from stars….We all figure it out eventually

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