The Lines of Seth: A Brief History of Genesis 6

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it gave me a chance to kind of touch up some things and with that said let’s get
into it so the lines are set a brief history of heresy the reason they
mentioned me is because I wrote this book in 2003 our 2013 I’m sorry I
originally published it in 2013 and it was a response to really people that are
in mainstream Christianity that believe a certain view of Genesis six and so
this book focused on scripture for answers and not outside sources a lot of
the Christian the mainstream Christian doctrine or biblical doctrine don’t get
caught up in the semantics of the word Christian I’m using it to refer to
people who believe the Bible so the mainstream Christian doctrine differs
from what the Bible actually teaches and a lot of the mainstream Christian
doctrine relies on outside sources so when I wrote the book
wanted it to only rely on Scripture it points out the contradictions and hidden
racism in the set by theory now make no mistake those that do believe the set
theory are often associated one with white supremacy which comes out of
Christian identity doctrine and it has its roots in the Tenaya Crenn which
we’ll get into when we touch on Sextus Julius africanus but yeah this right
here this book and it points out the it points out the false doctrine behind the
serpent seed theory which we’re going to touch on very very briefly in this if
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tail Ministries has already laid down I’m gonna touch on some of the stuff
that they touched on but I’m gonna touch on an entirely different perspective of
it and again go check them out alright so this right here it looks incomplete
and there’s a reason for that we’ll come back to it so the serpent seed deception
we’re gonna start there at the serpent seed the lineage of King cursed by God
because Cain killed Abel this is let me clarify this is what is believed by
mainstream Christian doctrine this is not my personal belief but this is what
they teach that the lineage of Cain was cursed by God because Cain killed Abel
now not all but many Christian churches and denominations teach that Cain was
cursed with a black skin this is where we’re gonna get the start of the racism
that I was referring to he they believe his car so black skin
they believed his entire lineage was cursed and they believe that Cain’s line
was told not to mix set slime now the lineage of Seth
they’ve chosen by God to replace Abel this is again this is their belief they
believe the entire lineage was considered righteous they believe that
sets line was told not to mix with Cain’s line so when you see the two
compared side-by-side you see that there is a difference in what they were I’ll
say racially let’s say racially one side is cursed to be black which tells you
that the people who believed this did not believe that Seth or Adam or any of
them were black to begin with that is a direct contradiction one of Scripture
what we know to be true it’s a direct contradiction of science because we know
that the first people came from Africa but it’s also a direct contradiction of
the Book of Enoch now let me say this I do not take the Book of Enoch as
Scripture but I will use the Book of Enoch as historical reference just like
any other historical book so in the Book of Enoch it teaches that Noah came out
with white skin and that Noah looked like the children of the Angels and not
like the humans so we see two different ideologies there in the in the Book of
Enoch people are not white nor was white and they believed he was a Nephilim
which we’ll come back to and in this mainstream Christian doctrine people
were white and that Cain was cursed to be black and so therefore Cain’s lineage
was also cursed to have black skin now the racist undertones we kind of
just touched on that but we’re gonna keep going Cain was cars with black skin
Cain’s lineage was black Cain’s lineage became the Kenites so again this is
their teaching not my personal belief I keep reiterating that because I don’t
want anybody saying well Dante was out here teaching the Kings lineage it
became the kid Knights and he was black no so the kid Knights which we will come
well actually you know let’s just touch on the Kenites now it became more
popular to talk about the kid Knights Wow
Arnold Murray was alive Arnold Murray was the leader of shepherd’s chapel and
now his son Dennis Murray has taken it over if I’m correct and Arnold Murray
would use this use the Kenites as a reference to people who were linked to
Kain and I’m gonna show you why that cannot be true but often you will find
this students of shepherd’s chapel when you don’t agree with what they say or if
you’re a person of color they will refer to you as aconite and when I say person
of color I don’t just mean black they refer to anybody non-white as Kenites if
you do not accept their false doctrine again all black people are descended
from cain that’s what they believe and so therefore the Kenites are descendants
of King used by a white supremacist and Christian identity doctrine refer to
black people in a derogatory way so again if somebody ever calls you aconite
there’s a very huge chance that the doctor that they are identifying with or
accepting or preaching his Christian identity doctrine and that is very
closely associated with shepherd’s chapel because Arnold Murray’s teacher
was he taught Christian identity doctrine it is a white supremacist
doctrine so Genesis 6 is where we get the story from this a type theory and
the Genesis 6 scenario leads into Noah’s Flood there are some common-sense
questions that come when we read Genesis 6 now I don’t have all of Genesis 6
listed to read because you’ll get a lot of that from thao if you go check out
their their series the ancient world parts 1 through 4 I believe they’re up
to now so some common-sense questions let me let me actually just give you a
quick summary of Genesis 6 so you have the sons of God well men began to
multiply upon the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them and the
sons of God saw that they were fair they took wives of all which they chose this
is where this starts the sons of God taking the daughters of men the belief
is that sets line was righteous in Kings line was unrighteous so these
common-sense questions Seth slime was righteous why is it his sons the
initiate the disobedience to God because we see that the sons of God see the
daughters of men this tells me that the theory that they were righteous is not
correct if Seth fly was righteous why were they all wiped out in the flood
except for eight people Noah his three sons their wives and Noah’s wife were
the only eight people that survived the flood this comes back to the false Kani
doctrine the kenai doctrine teaches that the Kenites are descendants of Cain and
so if everybody except for eight people according to the Bible were wiped out
from the flood it means none of Cain’s descendants survived the flood now there
are some people to say well what if one of the women were a descendant of King
it doesn’t matter because according to the Bible the lineage is traced through
the father and not through the mother so even if someone is born to a woman from
the line of Cain because the husband is from the line of Seth that child would
be counted as a Seth ight not a not someone for the line of Cain and
certainly not aconite who comes around– after the flood why were the daughters
of Cain why would the daughters of Cain punish the the daughters of men we’ll go
back to the the nuances of that why were the daughters of Cain punished if the
sons of Seth initiated disobedience so again go back to Genesis 6 the sons of
God who mainstream Christianity teaches are really the sons of Seth they saw the
daughters of men who mainstream Christianity teaches are the daughters
of Cain they saw them and took wives of all which they are choosing this is not
a choice on the part of the women the sons of God
took these women this was a forceful act and if everyone except 8 people were
wiped out in the flood how do the Nephilim appear again in numbers 1333 so
these are the common sense questions we’re gonna break down some of this and
really dig into it now so Sextus Julius africanus he was born
in 160 AD had died in two EAD and so this theory that that the
sons of God are the sons of Seth and the daughters of men are the daughters of
Cain he popularized this theory now it became mainstream doctrine when the
Catholic Church picked it up and so what the Catholic Church did was they deemed
it heresy under the penalty of death to teach the angel theory so you have this
long period where nobody was even allowed to teach that there was a
possibility that angels has sex with human women and created hybrid offspring
on the on the on the earth and so because of that it got embedded into
Christian doctrine and so you’ll see a lot of times when you go to churches if
you challenge them with Scripture and say hey show me scripture for this
specific belief they cannot show you scripture because they have accepted it
and the reason they accept it is because it has its roots in what is called the
Tenaya doctrine the Tenaya conduct Rijn is a spoken form of doctrine – where it
doesn’t rely 100% on the Bible it relies on people speaking and telling you what
to believe versus you reading it for yourself like
acts 17:11 tells you to be like the Bereans and search the scriptures to see
whether these things are so but the Tenaya doctrine falls outside of that
because you cannot search the Scriptures for the Tenaya doctrine what you can
search the Scriptures for is to see if the timaya Tran lines up with the actual
doctrine of Scripture in this case it does not and so the set theory became
uncontested mainstream doctrine because the Catholic Church was going to put
people to death for teaching it and I’m sorry for teaching an angel theory and
most people aren’t willing to die over a non salvation ‘el issue such as whether
or not angels had sex with human women so this is gonna bring us the st.
Augustine or Augustine have you want to pronounce it 354 ad – 430 ad
excuse me so I’m gonna read this whole thing because this is interesting and
the st. Augustine did not believe that angels could have sex with humans so he
had to address what was going on though he couldn’t just deny it so here’s what
he had to say many persons affirm that they have had the experience or have
heard from such as have experienced it that the satyrs and fauns whom the
common folk call incubi so satyrs if you don’t know what satyrs and fauns are
Google is your friend YouTube is your friend
they are hybrid creatures from the mythologies that were known to rape
human women they were known for sex and orgies and all kind of stuff
now the ink you buy are it’s a plural word for demonic spirits you have
Incubus and succubus so we’re gonna come back to that whom the common folk call
incubi have often presented themselves before women and have sought and
procured intercourse with them hence it is folly to deny it so here’s a guy who
doesn’t even believe it can happen he says hence it is folly to deny it but
God’s holy angels could not fall in such fashion before the deluge he’s
referencing Genesis 6 hence by the sons of God are to be understood the sons of
Seth who were good while by the daughters of men the scripture designers
not saris by while by the daughters of men the scripture designates those who
sprang from the race of Cain again so this is where you see the theory all the
way back to 354 ad when the Catholic Church is in charge
they say the sons of God are the sons of Seth and the daughters of men are the
daughters of Cain nor is it to be wondered at the Giants should be born of
them that the Giants should be born of them for they were not all Giants albeit
there were many more before than after the deluge still if some are
occasionally begotten from demons it is not from the seed of such demons nor
from their assumed bodies but from the seed of men taken for the
purpose as when the demon assumes first the form of a woman and afterwards of a
man just as they take the seed of other things for other generating purposes as
a so let me see so that the person born is not the child of a demon but of a man
all right so I read that slow cuz I want to make sure everybody heard it now
Agustin does not believe that angels or demons can procreate he believes that
they first transform into women where you have the succubus they seduce a man
into sex they collect the sperm from man they then transform into an Incubus and
impregnate the woman with the man’s sperm this is an interesting scenario
because according to st. Augustine angels are capable of shape-shifting
into men and women and somehow procuring semen from a man for the purpose of
impregnating a woman which does not make sense so we’re gonna we’re gonna move on
and get back into the the Cain and Seth who’s the daughters of who now before I
get into the sons of God there are two books that I also wrote one is as the
days of nor were the sons of God in the coming apocalypse I get real deep into
the sons of God subject this book is 442 pages long I believe but if you want to
do some good reading on Noah’s Flood I’m talking about some in-depth research
scriptural references pictures and everything check out as the days of Noah
were I wrote in 2010 before my awakening in 2015 so you will see some references
to Judaism and Jews in the wrong context however the flood stuff is still on
point now the second book I wrote that has to
do with this topic is called beyond flesh and blood the ultimate guide to
angels and demons so unlike the days of Noah this book
does not focus on the flood this book actually focuses on angels and demons
specifically it goes through their powers their ability cross references
some of the similar these through other cultures that are
talked about the gods it cross-references similarities to
abductions of UFOs fairies and all other abduction stories throughout history
this book I believe is about 228 pages if I recall and it really really gets
deep into what angels and demons really are according to Scripture and not just
according to timaya core verbal doctrine all right so we have in Genesis mr6 but
Genesis 6:4 I think my number lock was on but before and after that Genesis 6:4
so in those days there’s two phrases in this sentence this is all one sentence
by the way and this is important because some people will try to break it up you
have false teachers out there that teach that there was some kind of DNA that
came through the flood and the DNA later on led to the revival of giants which is
just not true so let me read this Genesis 6:4 there were giants in the
earth in those days and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the
daughters of men and they bare children to them the same became mighty men which
were of old men of renown so we see here there were giants the word there in
Hebrew is Nephilim there were Nephilim in the earth in those days and also
after that that’s one sentence and also after that so it’s giving you the
timeframe in those days and after that now it’s going to give you the
explanation of how those Giants were or the Nephilim were in earth in those days
and after that there’s no separation it’s not talking about two different
things it’s telling you how this happened when the sons of God came in
unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them we’re gonna stop right
there that word win in the Hebrew I give all the references the Strongs
references in my book the lines of Seth the brief history of heresy so if you
want the detailed notes on that check out the book that word win is actually a
Hebrew word that can be translated as whenever or wherever so if you reread it
with one of those it sounds like there were giants in the earth in those days
and also after that whenever the sons of God came in unto
the daughters of men or if you reread it the other way there were giants in the
earth in those days and also after that wherever the sons of God came in unto
the daughters of men so it starts to sound different when you understand that
the translators picked the word that they thought fit best but there are also
alternative words that fit and it does give it an interesting context so
whenever this happens giants are produced wherever this happens Giants or
Nephilim are produced so we have to ask ourselves is this the result of two
people mixing Cain’s line and Seth’s line mixing and believers and
non-believers or righteous and non righteous do they create Giants do they
create Nephilim and the Hebrew word which we’re gonna come back to let me
let me not jump ahead of myself so the two theories the sons of God we have the
B’nai ha Elohim this is what it says in Genesis 6 but
Naha Elohim sons of God this is important because people try to take
this out of context when they don’t believe that angels can procreate and so
they don’t believe the Genesis 6 account to be angels and so what they do is they
ignore the phrase but benaiah Elohim or they try to find other phrases in the
English but it doesn’t work like that the Bible was not written in English it
was written in Hebrew so this phrase Binaca Elohim is used five times in the
Old Testament to refer to angels specifically to angels never to humans
and again don’t look up the word sons of God go find the phrase Binaca Elohim
because you will have a couple of different phrases translated as sons of
God but B’nai ha Elohim is the specific phrase I’m trying not to get ahead of
myself all right Jobe mentions that the sons of
God watched the creation of the earth I’m gonna give you the verses for these
in a minute now the sons of Seth Seth is not mentioned anywhere in Genesis 6 so
as part of these two theories you have the sons of God
some believer angels the B’nai hi eloheem and if you look at a Jewish
hierarchy of angels you can find it I believe on Wikipedia you can google it
find a Jewish hierarchy of angels and on that hierarchy of angels you will find
B’nai high Elohim sons of God they were a rank of angels so this is not
something we’re making up without any kind of background or evidence the the
rank of Angels has been AA high looking right there listed ISM as a rank of
Angels the sons of Seth now the problem is Seth is not mentioned anywhere in
Genesis 6 not once it is B’nai high Elohim and this is why
it’s important Elohim is one of the names used of God and it’s also used to
refer to angels or the gods lowercase G throughout scripture it is never used to
refer to Seth not one time there’s no scripture in the entire Bible that says
Seth was referred to his line was referred to as the sons of God there is
no documented command for such line not to mix with Cain’s line
this is Tenaya and verbal doctrine passed on there’s nothing nothing in the
whole of scripture that documents that these lines were not supposed to mix and
finally there’s no I said it’s document no documented occurrence of such line be
referred to as the sons of God it just doesn’t happen so let’s talk about the
B’nai high Elohim excuse me it’s only found it’s found 6 times in Scripture
now I’m gonna I’m gonna come back to the 6th time so the phrase Genesis 6 1
through 4 they use it twice so that’s two of the six you see five listed here
if you’re watching the video two of the six times occurs in Genesis 6
verses one through four another time it occurs in job 1 6 where these sons of
God come to present themselves before God and Satan is among them
now if these were people how would they come to present themselves before God
why would Satan be among them and why was Satan strike up a conversation with
God so we know God is present when these
people come to present there is no example in the Bible where a group of
people are allowed to approach God himself even the holy of holies only
certain people were allowed in the Holy of Holies I was the high priest and the
high priest could go into the Holy of Holies where God was or the Shekinah
glory resided but groups of people were not allowed into the holy holy holy of
Holy’s and there’s no stories or anything where groups of people were
allowed to approach to a stone room we see this happen again in job 2 1 where
Satan is among them again and the sons of God come to present before the Lord
now job 38:7 it says the sons of God shouted for glory when the earth was
created so if these were the sons of Seth how would the sons of Seth observe
the creation of the earth now some people have a belief that there was a
first earth age but it still doesn’t solve the problem how they watched and
so shepherd’s chapel mostly that I’m aware of teaches that we existed prior
to the creation of the earth and so that the sons of God watched even though they
weren’t technically born yet into human bodies they existed with God into that
point it’s a it’s a real convoluted theory that gets into what I believe
sounds a lot like reincarnation and I don’t personally believe it but if you
want to do some research into that you can just be aware that is out there and
finally the last reference I put a star by for reason Daniel 3:25 it’s the fiery
furnace story where they throw the three Hebrew boys Shadrach Meshach and
Abednego in the fire and then there’s a fourth
man in the fire Nebuchadnezzar Daniel uses it in a
singular term well actually Nebuchadnezzar actually uses it in a
singular term the Book of Daniel has it in a singular term in Aramaic but the
actual use of the word comes from Nebuchadnezzar
he says didn’t he throw three men in there behold I see four and the fourth
looks like the Son of God in some translations it says a son of God
the article in in the Hebrew can be translated a an or the so there’s
controversy some people that our hardcore believers say well this is this
is an account of Jesus in the in the Old Testament maybe some people say it’s an
angel maybe I just know that the phrase is the same phrase used to refer to an
angel astir Aramaic equivalent of the Hebrew son of God it refers to the man
in the and I should put man in quotation marks a man in the fire as an angel and
so we see here that on at least one account of Nebuchadnezzar he outright
says this is an angel he later on says this is an angel
he said God sent his angel to protect them from the fire his angel we we’re
not gonna get into the whether or not that’s Christ but Nebuchadnezzar does
say angel job is job 38 to me is clear that these are angels watching the
creation of the earth job – it’s clear that Satan who is an angel is among
these other sons of God when they come to God same thing in job 1 so it’s
logical to conclude that if we see but not high eloheem listed as a rank of
angels we see Satan among this group of benaiah Elohim in job we see the B’nai
ha Elohim cheering for the creation of the
earth we see in Daniel that Nebuchadnezzar calls this benign ha
Elohim an angel then it makes sense to conclude that the same phrase in Genesis
6 1 through 4 used twice also refers to angels so we have a weak
counter-argument I call this a weak counter-argument to the sons of God
people who are in denial about the supernatural aspects of the Bible often
come up with very very weak counter arguments that don’t take into context
the whole of scripture and so what they will do is they will cherry-pick they’ll
find something that latched on to it and that will be dead there was a debate I
did on talking doctrine with Matthias if you guys want to go check that out on
YouTube there’s a debate it’s like a four-hour debate with me and brother
Matthias against two other guys and you’ll see in one of the debates they
they not only do they not research their answer there
completely unaware they give a false answer I point out that it’s false I
give them the scriptures to prove that it’s false they immediately go into
reactor mode they look up a definition they literally do this like it’s it’s
funny to listen to it play out they literally look up the definition pick
out the words that they do and don’t believe and decide hey this is the real
doctrine right here and that was the extent of their investigation and we
were talking about satyrs and fauns and they refused to look up the word faun
you’ll hear me in the in the debate tell them hey look up the word faun and let’s
get the definition they miss define the word faun because there’s two ways to
spell it fa w in and FA you in st. Agustin I just read it to you saying
Agustin says satyrs and fauns the FA UN refers to a creature like a satyr a deer
or goat human hybrid the definition of fawn if a.w in refers to like a baby
deer and so you’re hearing this debate that as soon as they saw the word fawn
they said well these aren’t satyrs these are hybrids these are fawns like a baby
deer and they were completely wrong they did not look up the word they applied
the wrong definition to the wrong word based on the phonetic sounding so you’ll
have week counter arguments like that and one of those comes from Luke 3:38
well let me actually this doesn’t come from 338 I put little 338 here to
preface preface these week counter arguments now Adam is called a son of
God and the reason I point this out is says Luke 3:38 says which was the son of
eNOS which was the son of Seth which was the son of Adam which was the son of God
now Adam is called the Son of God because Adam is a direct creation of God
nobody created Adam except for God and so therefore God is Adam’s father which
is why I look in the genealogy refers to Adam as the son of God not in the sense
that he’s Christ but in the sense that he’s created being by God himself and so
we have to ask ourselves if something if God creates someone is that his son or
daughter Eve would be technically a daughter of God because she was pulled
out of Adam’s rib by God God fashioned her
and shaped her so but he was not called the daughter of God anywhere in
scripture angels were created by God they didn’t create themselves they
weren’t created by other angels to my knowledge God created the angels and so
therefore angels would qualify as sons of God just like Adam so now here comes
the the weak argument number one comes from first John chapter one verses 11
through 13 it says he came unto his own and his own received him not but as many
as received him to them gave he the power to become sons of God even to them
that believe on his name which were born not of blood nor the will of the flesh
nor the will of man but of God born of God this is why we get the
phrase or this really digs into the phrase being born again being born of
God but let’s break down this first real quick his own received him not but but
as many as received him to them gave he the power to become the sons of God
meaning that prior to this they did not have the power to become sons of God
which means that the sons of God in Genesis have to be something different
to the sons of God post Christ giving them the power to
become sons of God it makes perfect sense to me at all lines up so the sons
of God in the Old Testament were not human beings because they did not yet
have the power to become sons of God because Christ had not given it to them
because they had not received him yet so an even weaker argument which I find it
interesting the tail ministry did point it out but they didn’t get into it like
I’m about to get into it they did point this out though this verse does not
apply to any argument this is Matthew 22:30 it’s not a good argument for why
Genesis 6 could not be angels from the resurrection they neither marry nor are
given in marriage but are as the angels of God in heaven so there’s a lot to
unpack here this was a specific question about a woman in a specific situation
not all believers this was a specific question from the Pharisees and
Sadducees how about a woman who had been married
she her husband died she’s passed to another brother he dies she’s passed to
another brother this is a very specific scenario about a woman who has been
passed from brother to brother to brother and they wanted to know whose
wife she would be in the resurrection now he says they are as the angels of
God in heaven then they don’t marry and not are not given in marriage this does
not refer to all believers all believers have not been married seven times so if
you’re trying to take this verse and apply it to every single believer you
are in error because this was a very specific question for a very specific
set of circumstances this refers to the angels of God in heaven the Genesis 6
event occurred on earth this does not take place in heaven so once again if
you’re trying to apply what goes on in heaven to what goes on on earth once
again your interpretation is fallacy the verse mentions marriage but makes no
mention of sex at all and this is a huge problem in the church as people confuse
sex and marriage they are not the same thing no being is required to get
married in order to produce offspring period we have in vitro you don’t even
have to have sex to produce offspring anymore
you don’t have to get married people get pregnant out of wedlock all the time
animals don’t have a marriage situation and yet animals seem to get each other
pregnant another false assumption is that angels have the same order and law
that people do there is nothing in the Bible that says an angel must be married
to have sex period there’s nothing in the law that says you must be married to
procreate period you can procreate without being married it is physically
possible so if somebody says Matthew 22 says the Angels don’t get married okay
it says they don’t get married but it does not say that they can’t have sex it
does not say that they won’t have sex it does not say that they shouldn’t have
sex it makes no reference to sex at all whatsoever and if you disagree feel free
to show me in the Hebrew or the English the word sex and then follow that up by
showing me where in angelic law it is written that an angel has to get married
to have sex show me where in the Bible is
as angels do not have certain parts and are incapable of having sex show me this
in the Bible if you cannot show me this in the Bible then again it comes back to
the Tenaya doctrine the made up verbal doctrine that you cannot verify as acts
17:11 tells you – now it’s not just in the Bible it’s in Greek mythology it’s
an Egyptian mythology Roman mythology and modern mythology such as ancient
aliens that beings came down that were not human
these beings came down they took human women and then they reproduced with
these human women through rape in most cases in some cases it was consensual in
most cases it was rape and even when we get into the modern mythology of alien
abductions the idea that hybrid offspring exist is present in the idea
of modern alien abductions the idea that rape occurs on these ships
non-consensual sex between people occurs on these ships to create hybrid
offsprings that idea is there and so if we look at the change over time we have
the Bible that says okay these are angels that did this the sons of God did
this now if you’re Greek or Egyptian or Roman and you live in those times and
you don’t have the context of Scripture because you’re not following the Most
High God of Israel to tell you that these are just angels and I’m above them
then you look at them as God’s lowercase G and so you might interpret the Angels
as gods and even the Bible calls them gods the Elohim the lowercase G the
Elohim when it’s not used as a proper noun for the Most High it used in lower
cases when you see that word gods in the Bible that is the word Elohim so the
Bible uses the word gods and angels interchangeably now a lot of people that
profess to believe in the Bible all often have a hard time getting their
mind around this concept it’s all about perspective so where one person sees an
angel another person says no this is a God even though they’re the same
at the core when you get into modern mythology we hear well no gods don’t
exist in angels don’t exist these are aliens I was using finger quotes you
can’t see it but aliens and yet all of they even the ancient alien people agree
that the evidence is line up and yes they’re referring to the same being now
it’s very rare that we can get on the same page where you have Christianity or
not even just Christian let’s say Bible believers you have Bible believers on
the same page as somebody who believes in Greek mythology Egyptian mythology
Roman mythology and ancient aliens these people are all on the same page when it
comes to the belief that something came from above something not of this earth
something either divine or technologically advanced they took
humans against their will mostly women rape them and reproduced hybrid
offspring so hopefully you’re following along and you get the point as one to
drive that point home now let’s talk about the offspring you have the
Nephilim from the Bible and you have the heroes from the various mythologies and
we’re going to talk about the Nephilim comes from the Greek word gigantis which
means earth born now the let me back up the Nephilim doesn’t come from that the
word the English word giant comes from gigantis so it starts off as Nephilim in
Hebrew and when it’s translated into Greek with the lxx of the Septuagint the
70 translators translated the word Nephilim into the word gigantis now
here’s where it gets interesting if you look up Nephilim you’ll find all kind of
references to the Nephilim the angel human hybrids but when you start looking
up gigantis the only place you find the gigantis is in greek mythology that’s
the only reference to the gigantis so when you look at this goddess you see
that they were supernatural beings they were not humans
I will let you go research that yourself it is a very very interesting read if
you get into the Titanomachy you’ll see lots of references to the gigantis the
Titanomachy is an interesting read again I’ll say
one more time Titanomachy google that or youtube it
so the gigantis becomes Giants in the English they are angel human hybrids now
the Giants had supernatural strength now the heroes which are interesting they
are God human hybrids so when hey you have angel human hybrids and the heroes
become God human hyejin’s hybrids I was gonna do lowercase G but auto
capitalized but that is supposed to be lowercase G not God as in the most high
with human hybrids Christ is interesting if he is since we’re on the subject
Christ would be considered a God human hybrid Mary being human and the Holy
Spirit being God he becomes a hybrid but well we’re not gonna go deep into that
now in the Greek mythology they are not always giants but always has
supernatural abilities now st. Augustine said the same thing these are not always
giants not always giants that’s important because you have Giants of
varying height which I did not get into on in in this study because I didn’t
want to get sidetracked but you have Goliath who is 9 feet 9 inches now I
know Te’o I believe tale let me not say I know I believe Te’o mentioned that he
believes Goliath was at least 12 feet tall now we have a difference of opinion
on that based on is it’s it’s to me it’s not a disagreement that would cause
separation you had the standard Hebrew cubit which is 18 inches in length and
then you had the Royal cubit which I believe was 20 inches in length and then
the Egyptian cubit which was like 22 inches in length I might be confusing
the role and the Egyptian cubit but depending on which cubit you use you
will end up with a variation between 9 foot 9 inches and 12 feet and so he was
an I believe he was six cubits and a span and I believe a span is nine inches
it’s a half a cubit so yeah basically between nine foot nine and twelve feet
is what most people leave no big deal they were varying
sizes but then as Te’o mentioned in numbers 1333 they the Israelites when
they went in to spy out the land they said that the Nephilim were there and
they look like grasshoppers in the Nephilim site and they look like
grasshoppers in their own sight compared to these Nephilim so clearly they were
taller than a 9-foot giant because I’m 6 1 and even standing next to a person is
9 9 I wouldn’t look like a grasshopper so the the person of the people that
they encountered the creatures they encountered in the Promised Land had to
be bigger so these these giants vary in height and they’re not always giants but
there are always some kind of supernatural ability associated with
them you have in comparison you have Goliath now pay no attention to this
picture because we know it’s not culturally accurate ethnic ethnically
accurate because this was this took place in Africa so we know that there
were a bunch of pale white people running around Africa so Goliath who was
a giant and he came from the Giants if you read the story of Goliath you’ll
find that he was in Gath and what’s interesting is how the girl how the
Giants came to be in Gath you will see that when Joshua if you go to the book
of Joshua and read about their invasion of the promised land
some of the Giants escaped and actually settled in Gath and so years later when
David comes along there are giants in the land that are a problem and Goliath
is one of them and he has four brothers I believe and I touch on that in as the
days of Noah were the sons of God in the coming apocalypse I talked about Goliath
and his four brothers so there were at least five Giants in the land and
David’s time because Joshua was in Joshua’s time they escaped and made it
there then you have in the mythology’s one of the most famous is Hercules or
Heracles in Greek mythology Hercules is actually named after Hera Hera hates
Hercules because Hercules is a product of Zeus having an affair with the human
woman and any favors Hercules and so Hera actually is behind a lot of the bad
stuff that happens to Hercules but Hercules has superhuman strength
it goes back to Genesis 6:4 which says these became the men of old the men of
renown it’s actually hog gibbering in the Hebrew hog gibbering the mighty ones
the men of legend are men of great Fame they became famous legendary heroes
these hybrids and so we have proof here Goliath became a and when I say hero
let’s not confuse the term hero even the bad hybrids were called heroes héroes
was a term to describe them it didn’t mean that they were good or bad it just
meant they were not human they had superhuman strength they weren’t fully
human so these heroes like Hercules
he kills I believe Hercules killed his wife and child if I’m not mistaken so in
that case he’s not a hero kind of like Wolverine I believe over n killed his
wife in the comic books so these these offspring are mentioned all throughout
history and Scripture we have odd the king of Bashan also mentioned in
Scripture and in the mythology we also have Gilgamesh who is mentioned as being
part God so not to get into a whole list of that if you want to go dig up those
references in the Bible a fast way to do it is to grab my book as the days of
noir where I also have another book called taboo topics in the Bible
Nephilim Giants that’s available in Amazon I believe it’s either $2.99 I
think it’s $2.99 it does go through the genealogy of the Giants in the Bible and
it does trace the references that I was making for the Giants who escaped to
Goliath it does trace the lineage of the Anakim and some of the other Giants
mentioned in the Bible all the way from Genesis 6 all through the new test re
all through the Old Testament now another interesting thing you’ll run
into going back to alien abduction and ancient alien belief are the black-eyed
children some people believe that these black-eyed children are hybrids of
aliens and humans so this hybrid thing is not just ancient myth
is modern-day myth as well if you want to call it a myth people still believe
in hybrids and since I went into it I won’t get too much back into that so let
me give you the breakdown actually before I do the breakdown
let me reference you two to Jude the book of Jude the whole book of Jude I
believe around verse seven it compares the sin of sodom and gomorrah to the sin
of the angels and this is interesting because people look at sodom gomorrah
they say it’s about homosexuality it’s not and I know a lot of people don’t
agree with that and I know it’s controversial Sodom and Gomorrah
homosexuality was a side issue if an issue at all as far as the destruction
goes and here’s why I say this people often lose sight of the context so in
the Sodom and Gomorrah story occurs across Genesis chapter 18 in Genesis
chapter 19 however it starts in Genesis 14 you see that there is a war between
the five kings and the four kings and what happens is the Nephilim the raff I
am these are one of the under Nephilim tribes the ghost the shades the walking
dead the zombies this is what they were called they weren’t actual zombies per
se but these Nephilim were called the Walking Dead the ref I am the shades and
the reason they recall this is because the belief was that when the Nephilim
died the offspring of these angels and humans are gods and humans when they
died in the Bible or 911 let me back I’m not saying the Bible the book of Enoch
they become spirits on the earth and I believe the book of Jubilees mentions is
it mentions it as well they become wandering spirits on the earth that can
possess people then in the Greek mythology’s they become the daemon the
knowledgeable ones and they can possess human bodies in in modern day mythology
with the aliens they have what are called walk-ins go check out what
walk-ins are they are beings that are disembodied and that they can
communicate with people through channeling and they can possess human
bodies just like demons if they are channeled so we have the same
being being contacted or dealt with over time and the comparisons are there so in
the book of let me get back to the book of Jude this this Sodom and Gomorrah
event is tied directly to Genesis six by Jude he says in like manner or in the
same manner he talks about the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah being sins of are the
same as the Noah’s Flood so what happened in Noah’s Flood the angels came
down and tried to take human women or did take human women and create
offspring now because they did this that was punished by God there was a flood
and according to Peter they were bound in chains of darkness or they were bound
in chains and and cast into hell now the interesting part about first Peter I’m
sorry second Peter I believe it’s two and eight you can check me on that and
if you find the right verse put it in the comments but it’s I believe its
second Peter to eight where they are bound in chains of darkness and cast
into hell the word for hell in that specific verse and it’s the only time
it’s used in the Bible is Tartarus the only place you find a reference to
Tartarus is in Greek mythology and is considered to be far as far below I
think it’s but far below Hell as Earth is below heaven you can get into that
all you want to but again it’s the only place the Greek word Tartarus is used is
in 2nd Peter to refer to where these Angels that sinned our test
Jubilees mentions makes reference to it too that these angels were cast into the
bound in chains of darkness and cast into the outer darkness or Tartarus the
book of enoch mentions that these angels were bound as well so in Genesis yeah
the angels going after strange flesh this is what juices they went after
strange flesh in the in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah
you have the humans it’s reversed the humans are attempting to rape angels so
we have angel’ angels raping humans in Genesis 6 and then
in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18 and 19 we have humans trying
to rape angels we have the exact reverse now the homosexuality part that people
like to claim it’s about never occurs there is no homosexual act in the entire
story of Sodom and Gomorrah not a single homosexual act humans are trying to rape
angels when lot comes outside and offers his daughters they say no we don’t want
them we want them and if you don’t give us them we will rape you but they never
rape a lot this is when the angels decide to get them out of the city so
you have the clear-cut comparison of these events that go down the other
problem with the homosexual argument is that Jude actually uses the phrase in
Greek heteros Sark’s SAR ex hetero sucks it means flesh of a different kind
now people say what angels don’t have flesh if you get into Paul and I want to
say first Corinthians I believe the notes are in my book see the first a
second Corinthians about I’m very very positive its first Corinthians 15 where
Paul breaks down the difference between the different types of flesh he says
there’s a flesh of fish there’s a flesh of birds is a flesh of beasts there’s a
flesh of men and then there’s celestial flesh he says all flesh is not the same
flesh he says the glory of the terrestrial is one and the glory of the
celestials the other and in another part Paul talks about us disrobing our
celestial bodies or I’m sorry our terrestrial bodies to put on a celestial
body or our weight kateri on now this is used to refer to a spiritual body so
there are spiritual bodies and there are physical bodies so Jude puts this all in
context for us by making the comparison the sins of Sodom are directly related
to what happened at Noah’s Flood people try our people mating with the
supernatural and will notice that when it happens God wipes it out every single
time he wiped out the earth with a flood because the it was so widespread and
huge that everything was contaminated thao talks about
in their series their ancient world series so everything was contaminated
God wiped it out Sodom and Gomorrah they were attempting to rape angels we
already know that the ref i”m came to their rescue in Genesis 14 so they
somehow were associated with one of these hybrid tribes already which to me
indicates that they knew these were angels and some people say well they did
they know well Abraham recognized them from a distance as angels lot recognized
them as a at a distance as angels and when they entered the city the people
immediately surrounded Rock Lots house and said give us those men I believe
that they knew that they were angels and I believe that they knew that by
procreating with angels that they could create hybrid or more powerful offspring
/ allies yeah I’m gonna go off of that side I want to get caught up in the
whole silent gomorrah story so the breakdown all evidence points to the
events prior to the flood and after the flood being super natural there was
nothing natural about this there is no evidence that anything that happened was
natural between the lines of Seth and Cain it just didn’t happen multiple
cultures and belief can believe contain stories that match the account in
Genesis 6 it’s not a coincidence when you have multiple religious beliefs that
are different in nature and sometimes opposed in ideology for them to come
together on an obscure point of view is very interesting and to me provides a
lot of evidence that this wasn’t just pagans making up stuff about God’s
coming down and sleeping with women because if you’re gonna go that route
then you have to address why the Bible says the same thing Native American
legends this is interesting I found this out when I was writing as the days of
Noah were there were 500 flood legends around the world
and so I was researching the flood legends itself and when I came to the
Native American legends I saw that one of them teaches that the Great Spirit
sent the flood to cleanse the earth of the Giants natives have legends of these
white red-haired Giants white red hair and so they believe the great spirits of
the flood to wipe those Giants out and again the Bible says that the flood came
to wipe out the Nephilim there is no evidence in the Bible the kings of Seth
line was being referred to at all in Genesis 6 the names Cain and Seth are
not mentioned if you want to hear an interesting debate on the serpent seed
topic you can look up my debate with Zheng Garcia he teaches the serpent seed
theory and we have a debate on that and it kind of leads into this so if you
want to kind of get into KITT whether or not Cain had sex with I’m sorry whether
or not Cain was the son of the devil and if Eve cheated on Adam if Adam was a
homosexual with Satan like it’s a lot to unpack in that study I’ll probably drop
one on that soon but yeah you can check that out the
serpent seed B bunk that I get into that real deep so that’s it for this study do
me a favor hit the thumbs up hit the like make sure you share and grab those
books the lines are set the brief history of heresy the serpent seed
debunked as the days of Noah were the sons of God in the coming apocalypse and
Beyond flesh and blood the ultimate guide to angels and demons between those
four books actually three of the books if you get if if you get any combination
of the three books you’ll get a lot of perspective on it but yeah if you can’t
grab all four books if you really want to dig into this subject so that’s it
for now I do plan to bring you guys a lot more videos in the very very near
future actually have about five more powerpoints already ready to go and so I
just have to really sit down make some time to record them but make sure you go
to Black History in the Bible com I will be posting these videos on black
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feel free to leave a comment on the video feel free to leave a comment on
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questions if you don’t have any if you if you read the books first before you
have your questions a lot of your questions will be answered in those
books but on this specific topic I would suggest getting the lines of set the
brief history of heresy it goes in much deeper than I went in today so with that
said until next time I’m out

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