The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds- Best Motivational Video for Entrepreneurs

Most people only pay attention to the final product of a successful entrepreneur. They say things like, “I can never be like them.” or “They got lucky”. What most don’t see, is what they’ve overcome. All the struggles, the daily rejections, the
heartaches, the betrayals, the rumors, the criticism,
the empty bank account and all those lonely nights while trying to make their vision a
reality. You see, the only difference between the one who quits
and the one who doesn’t, is that they showed up every day,
they worked hard every day, they hustled every day, they learned from a proven mentor every day, they improved every day. They did all this even though they felt like quitting every day. and eventually they became who they are

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  • Everyday

  • His is a scam. It's a 100s long video!

  • One thing pissing me off, why we have to do some kind office jobs to be successful? Can't a hard worker be a success story? And what's success? Maybe for some people it's not owning a luxury car or house!!! Maybe just have the time do what you enjoy in this life with the ones you love!!!

  • Best video

  • I also want to become rich…not to do a 9 to5 job

  • Great video , I’ve been watching this for years now .. Truly motivating .. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Будь рабом за красную машинку))

  • This small video helps me getting through those 'every days' (Thanks man)

  • Now : NICE VIDEO

    5 mins after: spends 2h watching youtube feed, without improving himself.

  • Who is he?

  • I liked the way he threw the car key

  • Music is a little displaced

  • I love you so much for this video! Thank you. It was extremely encouraging!
    I have been failing since I grew up! People thinks I am too ambitious, or that my dreams are too big. But, my conviction is only growing everyday. I just can't take it out of my system. Its part of me. Though its extremely hard at times, it never fails to excite me when I think about it. I still haven't achieved anything. I know I cannot sail into two boats simultaneously. So I took the risk. Even if I never succeed, I know clearly that I won't regrer making this choice. Its not only the success. There are much more important things behind our dreams. I believe in living out life in a most authentic way as possible. Sometimes, I get so weary and worned out. But I just let it go. Though I am a constant loser, I have learnt a lot from zero level. I didn't have any mentor and so made excessive mistakes, many which could have been easily avoided if I had the knowledge i have today. Sometimes, I feel like nobody believes or supports my dreams. But videos like this are one of the reason why I am more determined. It started as a vague idea purely motivated by a desire. But now, I have a clear picture of what i am going to do. I lost so much money. And restarting is a lot more difficult now. I have never taken commerce or mba degrees. But I can read at home by myself. I want to have a partnership which will gradually have multiple business under the same umbrella.i am going to start with a taxi fleet. But I want to have a transportation and tourist travel agency which I intend to attach with hotel industry at a later stage once the transportation agency started making enough money. I also want a real estate business in suburban areas. The opportunity is just too good if there is enough capital to invest.
    Id be very happy if you could recommend me some books or give insights or any suggestions which can be helpful to fulfill my dreams above. I am from a poor economic background with very limited capital to invest. So I can't afford to make significant mistakes anymore. Thank you so much!
    I started working on petty business since my high school days. So it means I have been failing for approximately 13 years now. I think its high time for things to change. Lmao

  • I wont see muslim!😡

  • Bro you left the door open on the Ferrari

  • Be positive to attract positivity

  • Hey Patrick, I am one of your fan. I am 22 years old. I am currently managing a company. Struggling a lot but keeping moving. Your video motivated me a lot. Tks for it. Hope that we can meet each other in the future.

  • Sry at 91 sec plz correct it

  • We are in the middle of expanding our business. This (and other videos) gives us a lot of strength in these pretty tough times. Thanks a lot, Patrick 👍

  • Chief Keef "Everyday"

  • It's everyday bro

  • PHP is a scam.

  • You said 90 not 100

  • That 458 Italia is my dream car, last of the naturally aspirated V8s sounding better than the current F1 cars, cool video

  • “Don’t store up treasures for yourself on earth where thieves come to steal, moths eat, and rust destroys. Instead store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where it will remain unshaken.”

    How hard is it for the rich to enter the kingdom of God? It is like straining a camel through the eye of a needle, why?

    The laborers cry out for their wage, every man will stand before God and give an account for his life. If you live with much excess and wealth and don’t give to the poor, how do you think that will go? You will stand before the creator and even though dead your earthly bank account sits at millions, God will ask, why did you hoard your money, you never owned it, to the contrary it owned you. Whoever desires to save his life will lose it but Jesus said whoever loses his life for my sake will find new life in Me!
    Amen, repent and be baptized with water for the kingdom of God draws near. The king will soon sit on His thrown.

  • Basically , if you go in the "business" industry you'll work like a dog, and do trial and error for something to work.

  • Its 100 seconds actually

  • If I was rich, I would buy a bicycle.

  • And when they get this rather sweet dream they find out just how empty they have become. Money means absolutely nothing, it's just a sweet product sold by this twisted society.

  • Its 100sec bro

  • This is the video that has helped me start my journey.

    I appreciate and am very thankful this man has made this video.

  • You can have any lifestyle you want with enough debt load.

  • Would love to see more motivational videos like this from you Patrick!

  • Hell yeah! Come on guys it's grind time prime time don't give up yet!

  • "When you fall down, always make sure to get up"


  • Believe In Yourself that you can ❤

  • what profit to the man if gain the whole world but looses his soul? nothing wrong with been a successful person but somethings are priority

  • But they are old

  • Amazing

  • Hallo Dirk Kräuter

    Selbst das ist geklaut haha

  • But most of the entrepreneur does not get success after strangling and they remain silent to the world even though they did a huge sacrifice, hard work in their life.

  • Needed that

  • D bag

  • Beautiful video, thank you

  • Too bad he didn’t have enough money to get a good car instead of that Ferrari

  • Yes…! Nothing is impossible for me … But without struggle nothing is possible for me …🙇🙌

  • Life's not about making it big once you get the sports car the house the jewels cash in bank you won't be happy for long, happiness will come from searching for your creator not the material things the millions will not make you happy, the meaning of life will, don't punish yourself trying 24hrs to make it big.

  • Everyone can be an entrepreneur. Its just those successful people failed and rose back up and tried again.

  • Anyone Else got recommended a 4 year old video

  • Dont like how the guy throws the car keys at the end. Kinda arrogant instead of lesson learned?!

  • everyone wants the glory, no one is willing to pay the price for it: hard work

  • Same story, I quit my job to become a millionaire. Started as a small time trader, failed many times, now began to be in track, for risk free income working for some other online jobs as well. Will move to bigger market soon to be a better player.. ambition got no limits…

  • 1:21 Oh My God. 👏👏👏

  • Born as a peasant, die as a king 🔥

  • Sound like song.

  • He Forgot To Close The Car Door👍

  • Speech: 4/10
    Video: 2/10
    Music: 2/10

    Whole thing felt more depressing than anything else

  • This is true motivational speech , not those pussbois with their 6 packs while showing off their car

  • You can only truly appreciate this video if you are experiencing the struggle. If you keep hustling, giving your all, and staying true to yourself you will achieve your dreams and beyond. My respect goes to those who are struggling but manage to keep their head above the dust. To be a true entrepreneur, there is no backing down, no impossible task, no failure; there is only facing challenges head on, conquering the possible, and learning from your mistakes. Keep it up and live your dreams!

  • I'm don't live in USA. I am live in Russia. How do you think? Is it really for me in my country or not?
    Thanks for your answer!

  • I don't live in USA. I live in Russia. How do you think? Is it really for me in my country or not?
    Thanks for your answer!

  • 01:03 – Ι thought Patrick Bet-David is Jewish but he sports there a big traditional catholic/orthodox cross!

  • Please post video with subtitle

  • Who knows what the background music name is? or can share links with me please?

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  • I love your content and you are inspiring. Don’t dilute it with the expensive car house salesman slow motion Tai… cordone fanfares. And this is no disrespect. We just have too many people selling shit. Most of us, your consumers, don’t want a Ferrari. Most of us, your consumers and fans, want to be entrepreneurs have our bills paid, reduce our life stress and have our family taken care of.

    Love bro

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  • 1:21, he left the ferrari's door opened😨

  • i dont think the problem lies in quitting and not quitting. I believe the real problem lies in give it a shot before you make the next decision to quit or not to quit. You at least got to give it a shot !! I believe most people dont even make it to the start line.

  • I wanna own a coffee shop when I grow up


  • In a podcast with Jordan Belfort (wolf of wall street) he stated that his wife's father passed away the same day this was recorded. She even encouraged Patrick to go on with recording this video. Lets give a shout out to her because behind every great man is a even better woman!!

  • As I watch this everyday. I say thank you.

  • You drive a Ferrari with that face? Get a Kia and smile

  • Entrepreneur limits their expenses…
    Just hustle hard good things will take time but they will surely come
    Commitment+will power=Success

  • it's the little voice inside my head that keeps me pushing forward

  • Real stuff. I can relate 100%

  • 🧐🤔 i would be more motivated if i saw fully paid off property title on the car and home, not everyone falls for the shinny things

  • EightySevenNative

  • I dont give a fuck, driving a forklift is better

  • This is the most motivational video on the internet.

  • I will become like him very soon

  • This video seems so fake

  • It took me 7 year i finally bought a ferrari430 not new but an 05 it cost just under 100 grand In that time I lost my mom to cancer/ my grandma to heart failure and my favorite aunt and uncle to age. I worked 70 – 80 hours a week every week it’s inspiring to have Ferrari’s/ to live the dream and I am blessed to be at this point but one thing I will say is money never buys back lost time with family/ with friends. I would give everything up to have my mom and grandma back and my aunt and uncle money and things buy you temporary happiness and we all think that last forever it doesn’t it’s temporary in all those years I worked so hard I missed out on a lot of my sons events I missed out on going to my moms cancer treatments and being there for her, I missed visiting my grandma in a nursing home while she was lonely. Remember money can buy you temporary happiness but when you lose someone you never get that back it’s a hole a missing spot and it’s not something you can ever regain. Spend as much time with people you love as possible and do good things for others. Now that I have this car I take it to the Oregon Randall children’s hospital and let kids who have diseases sit in it and enjoy it because seeing others happy brings me happiness.

  • Wife threw him out so he has do sleep in a hotel

  • If people believe rich people have luxury cars or big houses then they are dumber than I thought, you see rich people are rich because they know how to manage their money.

  • In 2 years am going to change the world, the name's Humphrey btw

  • Don't believe in these lies.use intelligence and don't do stupidity.thats enough to get success.

  • Always remember why you started.

  • you need to point your keys at the ferrari to open it?? those things are too small and stiff to enjoy the ride… navigator is the land boat

  • Go out there, find your scam, you can do it!

  • i turned one when he went broke (discover card part)

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