The Kupa Recap Show: OPI NTNA All Stars Ep. 2 “Where In The World”

It’s Wednesday and that means
it is time for the recap show on the NTNA OPI All Stars competition get cozy we’ll be right back
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Incorporated and I am joined by my two lovely hostesses Beth Lindsey who is
also an executive editor at Neal’s magazine and sigourney Nunez who is OPI
North America education manager thanks for being here I’m really excited cuz
today it’s not just like last week we were showing today is every meal of
winners who say we’re in the middle we’re in we’re in it yeah we’re in it
now yeah yeah unlike the usual ngne competition there’s no lab so and we’re
revealing to people who are out oh my god it’s the worst it’s kind of the
worst it is and it’s my fault and it’s sorta this is the heartbreaking yeah
but Beth for those who have not watched the NTA recap show or the competition
are living under a rock well if you’re living under a rock thank you for
choosing this program to tune in to nails next time nail artist is the only
online professional nail art competition so it’s elimination style so that means
every week we have a new challenge every week there is a winner
and someone gets kicked off but we wanted to do at nails magazine is we
wanted to make this a all start competition so the best of the best from
the past six seasons of NTNA were invited back to compete
no winners allowed so between ten finalists we’re seeing who can be the
ultimate and NTNA All Star champion we’re really excited to have OPI support on
this yeah and for those of you fans tuning in we
are live and we’re live on nails page and we’re live on OPI stage and we’re
live on Cooper’s page so if you have questions or comments during the
broadcast make sure you post it in the Facebook pages and we’re all gonna be
watching our phones and we’ll probably chime in with your comments but because
we’re gonna start with the recaps from last week first thing you want to tell
them what last week’s competition was of course so to kick off the TNA all-star
season for week one challenge we asked the author’s to create a set of nails
inspired by an OPI of iconic shade named yes so the contestants had to choose
their name it was first-come first-served and then they had to do the
nail art on ten nails that were on a hand yes so now we do have a top three
to announce mache do so bad who were our top three this week big congratulations
to Deanna stomas Chuck Julie Ventura and Lisa Weitzman awesome congratulations
ladies um we didn’t have comments yeah and I thought it would be good to at
least play the comments or read the comment yes Beth wanna throw those
comments but you guys have for each girl sure
so Deanna the tinted monomer technique had the judges mouths watering the shape
of the nails and napkin details were especially crisp your filing
capabilities coupled with your smile line lessened
spiced up the video well done I really wanted some shrimp after seeing this for
sure Julie the judges were impressed that you used all okay products in such
a creative way from the tiny strips on the stars to the pin technique to the
powder perfection usage this set had us star-struck your video was always steady
and in focus and you stayed in frame fantastic job and then for Lisa
your video this week was a solid as it was entertaining the whole set is delish
is the delicious juicy homage to New York City and the big apple red zooming
in closer on your hand painting will only help us savor your talents that
much more beautiful work and without further ado deserved en I just got it
right for sure yeah I thought it would be weird to not have you guys need to
read your own coffee no big can you give Tiana your comment
kind of picky but piggybacking off the best said first there wasn’t look I was
impressed that you sculpted the set on your own hands that was really cool
also I love that you use trending techniques to create a beautiful
cohesive set and then blown away by inching the monomer to create your own
unique shades very nicely done and congratulations
so my comments for you deanna were that these shrimp are delicious
everything from the lemon to the pot to the cutlery carry the theme through all
the way it’s a nice blend of sculpting 3d and masterful hand painting with the
napkin print the sugaring and smile line lessons show how great of a teacher you
really really are so well done everything about your set the shape you
chose is perfect for the design the intricate details of napkins 3d elements
and those shrimps made me almost cool that means that we have four contestants
that were absolutely sick yes yes so congrats to Carly Emily Melissa and
Trisha congratulations and sure so Carly your pop-up book style diner
was a cute take on the classic shade and she had I’m not really a waitress the
judges love that you incorporated incorporated the color into the set we
just wish you had incorporated more glitter
or shimmer in the design to kind of show off the true variance of the shade Emily
your hand painting is of course incredible adding a 3d element would
have kicked this set up a notch watch your lighting and zoom in more
when painting your nail art masterpieces because of course we really want to see
that up close because you’re a gifted hand painter Melissa the whimsical
details in this set came off cleanly and creatively we love the diverse usage of
OPI color Alice in Wonderland is a common nail art theme so be careful to
choose a point of inspiration that will stand out more yeah yeah Trisha
the judges agree your explanations are as crisp and OnPoint as you’re shaping
and 3d artwork we personally think this name is one of the more challenging
because of all the possible ways that could have been interpreted she had show
us your tips yes yes so great job on creating something that showed your
skill set that was on-trend been our bottom three this week process of
elimination yes so Dana Danielle and Lisa Dana your voice and video are
perfect the unearthing technique is amazing to watch thank you for teaching
us incredible new techniques and about onyx the judges appreciate the
cohesiveness of this design and feel you nailed the color name our only criticism
is the bulkiness of the nails that made the overall look looks less less sleek
yeah for Danielle the judges recommend trimming your video down our talking
about the history while you work on the nails and eliminating some of the prep
portion because we really want to see you on the art that you’re doing Yeah
right the challenge we also don’t recommend showing an ad or a promo code
during your video it’s a little distracting you’re shaping and
wine-bottle are excellent make sure you keep the
models fingers fingers in frame while you fill them and those grapes are
delicious Cheers so for Lisa your shape it’s consistent across all ten nails and
this concept is super cute she had bubble bath
mmm-hmm the balloon technique was also really cool we just wish we could have
seen more of your video of you actually working and see the amazing nails even
closer and clearer to soak in all the details so while we had three bottom
people we have two contestants this week that are packing up their paintbrushes
yeah yeah I’m this is really really hard I just want to preface this this was
very very difficult but Dana and Lisa did have the two lowest scores right and
like the whole day on social media hitting nothing to be upset about when
you are all right and I mean it’s tough competition and then as I explained to
Dana and I usually explain in the finale you know that those scores are a mixture
of the judges scoring and the popular vote the popular vote is weighted at ten
percent which is why voting is so so so critical and important it can help you
it is the whole grade so so you know it’s important and it’s unfortunate but
yeah we had we have to get down to two people so unfortunately this is how we
do it and we do it quicker by double elimination yeah absolutely absolutely
yeah all right so we do have a challenge for this week mm-hmm what this week’s
theme was of course so for week you it’s called where in the world okey I always
looks to a destination for our spring and fall collections so for this
challenge we asked our all-stars to create a 3d set based on a landmark or
other iconic image associated with a location inspired by one of our
collections the design should be done on ten nail tips of any size not actual
hands and then the winner will receive a $500 travel gift card to journey on any
of the iconic location right it’s really cool it’s a cool prize
it’s a really cool prize travel money it’s a great side play you could get
away you can get away yeah I’m so excited
yeah just want to remind the viewers watching you in social media today we’re
going to show all eight competitors we’re gonna show all eight videos so get
comfortable it’s gonna be a little bit longer than normal but I am watching
Koopas chat and I just I had thought I wanted to share this funny one that we
have Todd Jacobs who says nothing like sitting in a fire station and watching
male videos yelling someone really loves your earrings love your yeah yeah so
let’s go to our first competitor which is Carly snart and I’ve gone back to
doing what I like to call the Snoopy snoot yeah that’s where I basically
stock these poor people on their Facebook and instead of screenshotting
their actual Facebook’s I just grab them and I’m gonna deliver the message but
Carly you know a little deeper than other people of course and we mentioned
Jacob yeah he did we required a JK we requested Jacob present my image of
Carly Snoopy snoot today is is a picture Jacob and I did a collage because they
want you all to see how young Carly is in this picture and Jacobs in it and how
how much older Jacob is now so the difference is Harley turns 28 on the on
January 29th this year a happy birthday and Jacob is 20 okay they’re basically
sibling yeah yeah yeah so let’s go to you know Carly’s video and while we’re
in the video we’re gonna be watching your chat and your comments and maybe
we’ll come back with a few and well this that’s her set of nails hi guys Carly’s
not here and this is the nails next top male artist OPI all stars
and this is big girl well as many of you know I have a 20 year old newborn baby
cat named Jacob but I don’t know if many people know that I also have four other
cats I’m going to be taking you on my cat journey and this is Belle but for
this week OPI wanted us to create a set of nails based off their location-based
collections and I chose their 2019 collection Tokyo so this is my video
tutorial on how I created videos and I hope you guys enjoyed so we needed to
choose a landmark from this specific location based collection of OPI in or
iconic image and I found this image of Mount Fuji and Japanese cherry blossoms
and the Buddhist temple Sensoji all in one picture and I was like this is
pretty iconic and I liked it so I made my set based off that and I put a fork
really snug around a tip so that the 3d image I’m about to make that I can later
put back on to my nail it’s gonna fit really snugly so I started by making
three rectangular shapes out of acrylic in using alpine snow and then I made
these green pieces of temple topper in between fermented with making these red
planks of wood and realized that it if I played them on the actual temple it was
going to contaminate my white too much so I decided to make them off in a
different place on the form so that I could later cut them to the perfect size
add more white to give it that crisp clean color and then I could just while
the acrylic was wet set those little red pieces into the acrylic now I have these
four tips upside down they’re gonna create my horizon line where my cherry
blossoms are going to meet with Mount Fuji and I just built up by mixing a
bunch of different colors acrylic to get a nice green gray foggy smoky color for
the mountain and then just built that up and on the four nails that are gonna be
the opposite side of my horizon I used the gel
colors Mexico City movement and hue is the artist create a nice little dull
background so it’s not just solid and flat and then I painted some cherry
blossom trees just for an extra layer of background add real dimension then you
can go on to adding one more layer of cherry blossom tree that’s actually
going to be flushed to the arch of the nail tip before we get started on our
final and top layer of the cherry blossom tree which I wanted to build at
a higher level off of the nail so I created it on a separate piece of wax
paper I made all of my branch is connecting to keep it one solid piece
for easily putting it on top of my other nails then I made these tiny teeny tiny
little cherry blossom flowers and I wanted to point out that I used very
small tips for my design because I’ve been watching a lot of Japanese reality
TV shows and I noticed that it’s more trendy in Japan to have cute short nails
with really like outrageous 3d designs so all of my designs are extra extra
tiny because they’re on these tiny tiny tips I wanted to add that as an extra
challenge for myself and on the side I have these two bordering nails one I
wanted to have the really delicate and dainty just detailed cherry blossom
which I went in and just sculpted out these little tiny flowers with pink and
white acrylic and then I went back in with a little tiny bead of acrylic added
all the blossoms onto the tree branches then you can gently when the acrylic is
all hardened pop that off of the wax paper in it those flowers are layered up
and the mountains in the background and I’m just lining everything up to see how
I like the way it looks and then I can put that little sit and cheese so buddha
temple over up on the side and coming together so now I just wanted to
create a little like l-shaped bar on the side of my branches so that they really
like stayed hovering above the other nails I attached it to the cherry
blossom detailed nail itself and there you could see how it really hovered over
top and just to add a little more pizazz I put little golden star sequins in this
guy and then I was able to slide everything into place and put it all
together and just to keep in comparison to how teeny-tiny everything was I put
OPI bottle of Polish in there for comparison challenge alright so we’re
back with Carly said yes and her little blossoms in Japan I’m gonna check the
chat while you guys do that with some comments opportunities for a teaching
moment video showing the acrylic ombre but she didn’t tell us how she did it we
just watched her do yeah and same thing with the flowers we saw
her sculpt tons of flowers my recommendation is slow down show us how
to do one and then tell us you did the rest so that we can learn from you
eye on the flowers we were just saying this right off camera and I was saying
the way she made her flowers on the set first versus the flower she made peeled
off and put on we’re very different and I felt like the first set of flowers she
did on the background were so much cuter and more realistic and then she did the
stick with the the flatter flowers and done and then like covered it up so I
wish she would have done the same 3d bending of the petals on the stick right
and I so obviously to me when I look at this set of course it’s it’s Tokyo you
can see Mount Fuji you can see that the buildings and I appreciate what she said
about the reason she went with the shorter length tip because that’s a
Japanese trend however I think though for a nail art competition and when I
know I know what Carly can do these are all stars so we know whatever we know
what everyone can do I think a longer length
though would have given her more brim more opportunity and since I know Carly
is a fantastic artist first runner-up season sex like you could have you could
have added the length and done something done even know you know and even like
the glitter in the sky like it’s cute but like I know Carly could have painted
stars or made something you know what I’m saying
so that that’s just kind of my thing and again I appreciate that she had an
explanation she did research it’s not like this wasn’t not thought through but
yeah I just kind of want a little bit more writing that’s a good May I did
like that she used a polished bottle of Opie eyes as a reference society that
was so funny like that doesn’t know the size of a bottle was perfectly fine and
of course Belle I mean yeah thumbs up I know I thought it was cute now she got
both castings I showed you oh yeah so Marshall another seed validator
conversation I had a meeting at Koopa in our headquarters on Monday because I
just recently went to Korea and I know for years the the style there was long
and 3d art and everything and we were talking about you know this Japanese
thing we’re doing and I said I have a sneaky suspicion that this style in
Japan now is short usually Korea does Japan and that day you sent me all of
the assets and I started watching him and I I immediately texted one of my
co-workers Rachel I went look I was right with a lot of art so it’s cute
that it played into my daily my daily life so that’s Carly good job Carly next
moving on to our next contestant is Danielle kiss custody no cats
concertina yes it wouldn’t be a shot without be butchering I know they’re
hard name um I found a really cute picture of her with her son Carter and
who doesn’t want to show off their child yeah I thought this was a really good
one so that is Danielle with her her adorable son she had a ton of pictures
on Facebook with her son so Danielle’s let’s go – Danielle’s
videos don’t forget us some comments in the chat I’m looking they just it was
kind of just a little woozy Naz right now but it’s on the cat everyone yeah
there are some comments and we’ll come back and talk about this set of nails hi
everyone OPI challenged us to pick one of their
location-based collections and I picked the 2007 Australia collection as you can
see this collection is a beautiful combination of earthy tones terracotta
Reds and nudes it’s almost eerie that there are so many bushfires right now
and the collection is all these beautiful red tones I’ve been really
really tuned into what’s going on there and it’s extremely sad all the beautiful
animals that have been losing their lives and just suffering the people
losing their homes the beautiful landscapes and the one-of-a-kind natural
wonders that cannot be replaced or rebuilt so I decided to do the flora and
fauna of Australia as my iconic location so I used some alcohol inks to create a
water marble II looking background for my ocean nails I wanted to create a
Great Barrier Reef scene then I used some alpine snow gel polish from OPI to
start sculpting some coral out and I basically cured it with my flashlight
use their chrome effects no wipe topcoat and then sprinkled some dip powder into
the wet topcoat and cured after this gave me a really nice sugary powdery
effect next I used some absolute clear and I started to sculpt some animals
this is a stingray a bull stingray and they’re known for their large size
they’re native to Australia and there’s only believed to be about 2,000 left in
the world as of today and every year the numbers dwindle from poachers and just
slight changes in climate I use some alcohol inks and gel polish to color
the Stingray in and then I kind of watered it down a little bit with some
acetone to give it a really nice texture like they have a nature the bushfires
are an awful tragedy and it’s extremely sad to see billions of animals be killed
in such an awful way and I know it’s kind of graphic but I just wanted to
kind of spread awareness also it’s super sad and in any way we can help please do
I’m gonna put a link below for a local charity that helps with a lot of the
animals better in shelters and that have been injured and let’s hope that steve
irwin’s up there taking care of all of the babies that didn’t make it I’m
sculpting a koala bear out of clear absolute acrylic and I wanted to do a
small one and a larger one so I basically got my shape down and then I
started to use gel paint from OPI gel color to shade in the Koala and I did
the same kind of technique to do a kangaroo as well Kangaroo Island has
lost over half its population of koala bears just from these bushfires alone
and over a third of the island has burned to the ground eucalyptus is the
most popular type of tree that marsupials eat and unfortunately it’s
also one of the most flammable making a eucalyptus leaf right now and I’m going
to attach it to my vines with some no wipe top coal in my flashlight next I
started working on an acrylic heart and I basically painted it with gel color to
resemble the Australian flag just to kind of show homage
to show some love and then I did the continent of Australia as well and then
I wanted to symbolize how much of Australia actually was being taken over
by bushfires so there’s actually red crystal pixie in
the areas where there have been bush fires recently which is pretty much the
whole confident and I hope that you enjoyed my project and the flora and
fauna of Australia is truly one of a kind it’s something that cannot be
replaced and I hope that you know everything keeps flourishing and nature
doesn’t damage it too badly if you guys can help out I’m gonna put a link below
for a charity that helps the injured animals thank you so much and let me
know if you have any questions bye all right so that was Danielle’s yes
submission I personally like to the message about Australia okay it’s timely
yeah I mean with everything going on in Australia right now she definitely gave
some information in an awareness I thought that the map part was cute where
I put the stony identify where all the flowers are if that’s not dramatic
enough right bring awareness right and what I’m seeing a lot in the comments is
something I believe I said in my own judging form which that you know a koala
for me is such a cute iconic it’s such a fun creature and then you know with all
the devastation but like making those koalas was really my favorite part of
the video and that’s what a lot of people are saying they love the koalas
so I do too you know I just think that those are really really cute and and
well executed yeah yeah I want to see you actually do the work I’m so grateful
you did the research I learned a lot watching your video but instead of
giving us a slideshow of pictures of inspiration definitely show us how you
created bright nails right my comment would be filling gaps – you know like I
feel like when it’s a timed competition and we don’t know you own the challenge
but much time they do it right but in in
time two challenges that I’ve judged yeah you know like if it caught it takes
two hours to do it I want to see five hours of work totally I really knock us
off our feet and I feel like you know it planned right if you could fill in some
of the space right Oh totally yeah yeah there’s some yeah I love any empty
spaces right make us thank you you spent a hundred hours ten days they all get
ten days there’s a couple other contestants who work shy of letting us
know exactly how long each said yeah and it just gives you a different
appreciation totally yeah yeah yeah overall well done thank you our next
competitor of course is this past week’s winner Deanne Estelle Machat Chuck I
grab pictures again this one was a personal one for me because Deana just
competed in Neil Olympia Canada which I was there to judge and I went back into
our Canada images and pulled these uh-huh so that I could show her working
at the competition this was joy of nails with bling that she did and she worked
on herself she was one of the competitors that actually did the nail
on myself just like her challenge and then she ended up winning first place in
Division two so yeah she’s just been practicing for this she’s alright she’s
working out ok got it God all right so let’s go to Deanna’s video and we’re
gonna come back and talk about her nail work when we’re done where in the world for this challenge
OPI asked us to create a 3d set based on one of their location collections I of
course chose California dreamin because California has such a special place in
my heart it was where I attended my very first nail tradeshow I hope you like my
set one of the colors from the California dreamin collection is called
Santa Monica beach peach and the Santa Monica Pier is one of my favorite places
my husband and I took the most amazing trip there and it’s forever in our
memories and we’re always California Dreaming in cold Canada I start by
mixing you don’t know shocks and hate to burst your bubble to create the most
perfect pure Brown pate two coats and let it dry then move
on to the wood details paint some wood details with black onyx then take a fan
brush and create a blurred effect sponge on a highlight down the center using
Alpine stone add a hefty layer of matte top coat using OPI Absolut monomer and
perfect white I begin sculpting the iconic Santa Monica Pier sign file the
edges into shape I begin the tooth picking process by snipping a toothpick
into tiny pieces it’s a time-saver in a few ways because now I roll the
toothpick in alpine snow and I can place it right on the sign and cure it with my
flashlight and this way I’m fixing it to the sign and priming it all at once I go
in and I paint the rest of the sign white to make my colors really pop I
mixed together my chills are multiplying an OPI grabs the unicorn by the horn to
create the perfect blue for my Santa Monica sign I applied two coats and let
it dry thoroughly before going in with hate to burst your bubble again because
I don’t want the yellow to pick up any blue and create a muddy green color when
I’m detailing using no cleanse topcoat I paint over the entire sign you can
totally use this over polish so long as you make sure the polish is dry and of
course in an art setting not on a client because my piece has no cleanse topcoat
on it I can go in and do the lettering and I don’t have to worry that if I mess
up I’m gonna ruin something because now I can wipe it without damaging the
background layer take black onyx and an eyeshadow sponge and do some shading on
your sign complete the sign with matte topcoat of
course remove that dispersion layer using 99 and a paintbrush to create the
Pacific Park ferris wheel and using monomer and alpine snow dipping powder I
create three rings over my form paper drawing I shape all the edges with my
e-file because I want my work to look crisp and clean and creating up powder
coating technique using OPI powder perfect so you’re gonna apply the base
coat to the wire and then dip it and then bring it out and apply the
activator to harden it coating the wire with dip system is actually a limitless
technique my mind is racing with all the things I could do using this and that’s
how I create the spokes for my ferris wheel using Viva OPI I’m going to make
some cheer for this ride I use gel polish because I’ll literally be able to
fold it in half to make the chair rinse and repeat using don’t tell us all and
install those chairs on your ride fix all the parts together using no cleanse
top coat and my trusty flash curing flashlight I create the roller coaster
track using really thin strips of acrylic and I’m filing to make sure that
they’re nice and clean and smooth mix some powder perfect coated wire to
create the bars on the tracks this was easily one of the most tedious pieces
that I’ve ever created and I have a lot of respect for anyone that’s made a ride
before now cover that coaster and don’t tell a soul no silver no problem I’m just gonna mix
some chrome powder into my no cleanse top coat add some metal rivet details to
the ferris wheel to really bring it to life using a pipette and some no Cleanse top
coat I make my coaster car I love using pipettes because it’s so easy to squish
them and pop the gel off after now go in with don’t tell a soul and get that
coaster car yellow it’s all in the details so we’re going to use a detail
brush and vive OPI to create the coaster car stripes fix the world’s tiniest
seeps into this coaster car create those colorful coaster supports
using Micasa a blue casa and many other colors from the New Mexico line adding a little spongy sponge to create
depth and detail again of course making magic happen with my magic no Cleanse
top coat and my magic wand which is actually a flash carrying flashlight no
I do not have four hands I had the assistance of my husband well
I hope this you California dreamin like it did for me and I definitely am
because it is minus 33 here in Alberta I hope you enjoyed my second challenge for
OPI and nails magazines and TNA Allstars please don’t forget to vote I would
greatly appreciate it so I have a comment in the chat that I wanted to
read so Phyllis I know Phyllis is a regular here Carlson I felis she said it
was a great tip to top cook the sign before lettering it and that she loves
how Deanna went into detail with her methods of making the powder coated
wires so again good teaching yeah good yeah totally
also this was the shortest set of nails I’ve ever we were talking about that
yeah yeah I might my yellow goofy no yeah to my south where she’s too darn
busy to do her own nails working on yeah cuz Deanna I will say this for her she
wears the like the nail she does that her long like the cajun shrimp that she
were like that’s her she wears her nail so like yeah it was kind of a trip
you’re like okay whose nails are those her husband yeah yeah I loved it because
you know being from LA and everything of course
that’s so cute I thought the detail too looking like this
Monica Pier was really cute the wood grain it was cool that was cool yeah the
picture does not do it justice no you need a video yeah you need to sit yeah
see the rest of the you have right video right actually it was the longest video
of all of the group and I made the decision after I gotten all the videos
finally because we went late and I just went I gotta show them all because even
though it’s the longest and I normally would cut the longest line to save time
it it needed the beating it Tiffany what she had yeah exactly showcases all the
products that she totally she made her own shades and now if she had lacquer
and yellow she used that lacquer if she had gel polish you thought and said it
was a really good mix of franchisors yeah yeah yeah lots of effort and I just
think like the detail here like the ride like she didn’t just make a ferris wheel
and a track she made like the car for the roller coaster this silver to like
really go and make that make that metal silver color and like add that detail
she didn’t have to do it but she went ahead and did it yeah the beach but I
loved looking at that little beach ball yeah this is so great I like how she use
the Chrome’s to mix to meet colors because I’m totally in the chatroom they
can’t believe it’s minus 33 degrees in Alberta that’s everyone’s like 33 degree
minus 30 it was it was below zero I can’t believe it yeah so moving on to
Emily Nash uh I don’t even there’s no background story that one with these
pictures I saw them and I had to run with them and so I’m guessing this I all
I know is it was October of last year I’m thinking this was a which is why I
wrote which is a visa that was hocus-pocus
come on come on come on right yeah I remember looking at this yeah and oh my
god cutest pictures and they three yeah and so I was even able to get
her friends names because they each shared one and so in the shara be able
to get that it was Jenna Smith and Robyn Truman out there with Emily Nash cutest
costumes ever yeah love it so let’s go to Emily’s video and we’ll come back and
chat about her work hello everyone welcome back to our second challenge
called where in the world sponsored by OPI for this challenge we are asked to
choose a past destination collection from OPI and do a set of nails inspired
from a landmark or an iconic photo associated with that destination for my
location I chose Australia and decided to do the
Great Barrier Reef not only did I choose the Great Barrier Reef because of its
beauty but I wanted to pay a little homage to a past of nails I did it was
the very first nail art competition i won during the isles magazine five years
ago also wanted to show how much i have improved over the last five years to
start my octopus i am mixing my chihuahua doesn’t buy any more in my
monomer so I create a tinted acrylic that way I can see what I’m doing and
where I’m putting it start layering on beads of acrylic until
you get your desired shape for the head once I have the desired shape I am going
to put that on a base and start sculpting the legs hold your form paper
in the shape that you want the lake to dry before it hardens completely once
hardened remove from the form paper and attach to the base of your octopus build
up the legs by using beads of acrylic and then letting the gravity help pull
the bead down forming that round shape to the lake once I was happy with the shape I went
in with my e-file to help round out the legs a little bit more and create
definition within a I went in with my 12 bytes and alpine snow to give my octopus
a little bit more color once I paint my second coat on I wanted to give my
octopus a little bit of spotted texture so I went in with a dry bristle brush
and splashed black onyx into it to give it a spotted look up next I am using the
powder perfection and coralie near spirit animal black onyx and alpine snow
to create a sand color with this mixture I am using it like an acrylic and moving
it across my nails creating a sand look like the waves in the bottom of the
ocean create that rippled effect since the powders don’t completely mix
together like an acrylic it gives me a nice texture look and lots of depth and
dimension up next I am creating my sweet little angel fish I’m starting out by
using a clear acrylic and sculpting the shape of the fish out onto a form once I
am done with this set I will flip it over and add acrylic to the other side
to give it a 3d dimension once I was happy with the shape I painted it with
Alpine snow and now I’m going in with black onyx to paint in my detail a
little tip to help you paint the lines on without them bleeding all over is to
wipe off your inhibition layer before you start adding it all of your detail
and here are the two little fishies that I made
I added fins and painted on the top coat a little later on now to make my shark I
am going in with the same technique I did for my fish and laying down a layer
of acrylic flat and then I will go in and add acrylic to build it up I’m using
gravity to help me move their kerlick down without laying too flat and then I
just keep adding on and adding on until I get my desired shape for
sides I added on fins and then I go in with more beads of acrylic to help blend
it in further and make it look more attached his color is achieved with a
mixture of black onyx and alpine snow and then going in with a lighter version
of that color adding detail I’m using an ombre brush to give it that like brushy
texture and the Etherea is finished I made a whole bunch of different kinds of
corals for this but I wanted to show you my technique of laying out a bead of
acrylic and then rolling together to attach it to my nails I’m using that
same sand color and then just start adding on and not until I’m satisfied
with the shape and placement of them these were my favorite to make and my
favorite in the piece but using that same technique I’m just kind of making a
wavy pattern and attach them all to my nails and here are the finished nails
the Great Barrier Reef and all the little Street sea creatures that you can
find down along with it thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you love
them as much as I do voting starts January 13th and I hope
this new guys next week the fact that she clearly is a pet bird in the
background at the very end when she says you know goodbye thanks for tuning in
you hear the burger so comfirm later she’s in the chat yeah I want to start
off by saying that Emily props to you because I like the concept of this set
because she said I did one for a nails contest years ago and nails magazine
contest but I wanted to show my improvement so I chose the same subject
matter Great Barrier Reef which fits with Australia collection and then she
like showed us and I mean she showed us I am 17 times better than I was because
I mean that octopus was like one of my favorite things to watch and compared to
when I compared it to her previous one night and day so Emily like such a good
like concept yeah yeah yes I had that written down
she also took our criticism from last week and she zoomed in on today
background is brighter I was really happy about that so thank you I like
that she did everything super glossy it looks like it’s underwater exactly we
were all talking about that and then the contrast with the ocean floor and we
were kind of saying with that too you can see that there are nail tips there
you can see that it’s like a little bit more you know sandier and muted the
contrast there plays really nicely in the scale is something else we were
talking about Carlson said Thank You Lee Watson I didn’t want to ask about the
bird I’m not crazy it’s cute though I love it I like something like that
cracks me up or the video to last week we watched her hand paint but she didn’t
really show us a lot of her techniques so for this week I was really grateful
to hear her say micro tip we’re working with chocolate exactly stuff yeah wipe
away the inhibition layer on the fish oh yeah all the time sounds like spot-on
that was really great and just a tiny thing for those watching I’m gonna let
you guys in on a secret for spring 2020 where the antenna contestants have our
shades already we’re going to Mexico City so a lot of them have already been
used right she’s right maybe you didn’t catch this but in our collection we have
a shade name called my chihuahua isn’t by anymore and she actually said my
chihuahua bites which is actually in this shade it was inspired by so I
thought that was weird is the previous yeah right oh my gosh and any other OPI
shade that knows these colors probably caught it right right right well done
Emily good job good set our next contestant is Julie Ventura who is the
only contestant on Facebook with bye I know she’s a youtuber yes so I went to
YouTube and scope summer videos and I found one and it was called as a one so
I’m hoping they’re more coming where she does nails
yes she literally non-boring the nails and it’s inspired by the cocktail and
then goes and shows you mixing the cocktails does one hand so this is
fantastic I’m watching this wait I know do you would you like help yeah yeah I’m
done down early oh yeah yeah I want to see more subscribe more videos but I
also wanted to say she is 63,000 subscribed she’s a big youtuber you
girls begin to go find her and subscribe I actually made sure I trimmed the
picture so you could see her YouTube name so great set let’s go to the video
cuz you get to see how she made me yeah that hello so we are back with round two
of OPI is next top nail artists fall stars we made it through and this one is
called where in the world and we have to pick a previous OPI collection and do a
nail set a 3d set based on that location so I chose India because OPI did an
India collection back in 2008 and India is one of the places that I am dying to
go visit and explore I also really love how everything they do is very intricate
you know they make sure to take their time with everything they’re doing and
like their clothing and their jewelry and the mehndi with the henna like
everything is just so insanely intricate and they pay such close attention to
detail and that’s what I love doing what I do nails so so to represent India I of
course wanted to include the Taj Mahal and I added some intricate beading but
the hands here are the centerpiece so in India they use hand gestures called
mudras to tell stories through dance um spiritually for yoga as well and
these hands are in a really popular position called the guy in mudra it’s
popular during meditation in yoga which if you didn’t know yoga was created in
India and not only does this mean wisdom but it actually can ease tension and
depression and help expand your mind so for the base of the nails I
used okie ice powder perfection in big apple red I covered it with the chrome
effects no cleanse topcoat scrubbed on OPI
tinman chrome and then I mixed a little bit of viva OPI with some topcoat to get
these metallic red nails I sculpted the hands entirely out of acrylic and the
easiest way I found to do this was to create a bead and let it sit for a
second so what firms up and then I would pick
it up and mold it while it was a little bit dry already if it was too wet it’s
just not buildable so I built up the fingers one by one and then each time I
got to a fingertip on the last bead I would go in with an exacto knife and
just put some details in there before it dried then I went in with my e-file to
touch up the hands and add some more detail and I used a little bit of
sandpaper to get in between the fingers because that was tough to reach and then
I went over everything with a buffer to make sure there was no crazy sharp edges
or anything once I brushed all the dust off I covered the whole hand in OPI snow
cleanse top coat and then scrubbed on their chrome powder in gold digger then
I mixed black onyx with beaver OPI to get the color of henna and I painted
some mehndi on I attached the hand to a nail tape with a giant beautiful egg and
then I use a pinch nail form to create the base for the bangles and to make the
bangles I painted telenovela me about it on to
the pinched form along with bird a nice to meet you stuck all the bangles on
with some topcoat and then I went in and beaded everything to create the taj
mahal i started creating sheets of gel using a mixture of alpine snow and
Suzi’s slinging mezcal and then i cut up those strips into the pieces that I
needed and I basically played architect here I used the nail form to measure
everything and made sure there was no way I could mess this up and then I used
an exacto knife to cut out the pieces that were a little bit too hard to cut
with a scissor and once I got my pieces done I covered the back in topcoat just
to give him a little bit more strength so they wouldn’t Bend or anything I
painted the back of the Taj Mahal with the same mixture but I added some black
onyx in there and then to get a really strong structure
on the inside I cured two layers of Suzie sling in Mao’s cowl with two
layers of top coat so it was pretty thick and then I cut strips of that
stood them up on the background and then laid on my pieces to create the tall
structures on the sides of the Taj Mahal I took the shiny side of a foreign paper
and pinched it so that it was really tiny on one side but then it gradually
got bigger and I painted on top of that I’m cured it and when I popped it off it
still kept its shape which was great and I just trimmed off the excess to make
sure it was nice and smooth then to create the domes I took some of OPI stop
coat and drew the shape that I needed on a form and then I repeated this until it
got a little bit thicker and then once I was comfortable with the shape I just
started putting globs of the top coat on and I used two thin brush to guide the
top coat and once I built it high enough I used my heat file to shape it a little
bit and then I painted him after I attached everything to create the Taj
Mahal I went in to do some details with the same mixtures of the paint that I
was using before just different shades of Suzy’s slingin Maskell and then you
can see this little structure that I made it would not be complete without
some intricate beading so I just put down some top coat and I actually kept
the top coat out for a while so it got a little bit thicker which was perfect to
use for beading and then with a ton of patience I placed down all of my beads
and this is the final look I hope it screams India I had a ton of fun doing
this thank you so much for watching thank you nails magazine and OPI for
this amazing opportunity once again I really hope you enjoyed what I’ve
created and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys so thank you so
much and hopefully I’ll see you again next week I’ll put a link down below to
boot okay so much so much to talk about this I don’t even know where to begin I
love that she focused on the word intricate because that’s exactly how I
would describe this set in a trick hit so well done everything in the detail
everything yeah everything every India yeah I felt like you have to watch
the video again totally just looking at the picture the Taj Mahal looks like
it’s just two-dimensional like it right types where they peel it off flat but
she literally built it like architecture I know piece by piece gel polish cure by
cure yes absolutely absolutely right and then like I think a good henna like
shows off her hand painting as well the the gold and I want to say too like I
feel like with NTA I’ve seen a lot of Taj Mahal’s like I can think of there
was one a couple seasons ago so I really like that she showed me a different way
to kind of build this up yeah yeah yeah really brilliant yeah it really you
could build these out of wire right no she didn’t
yeah and then adorned them the bangles like making the bangles each bangle
layer by layer yes totally for me obviously great use of using powder
perfection yeah absolute our chrome chrome was the heroes gold hand and and
the fact about the women in India and how they have 11% of the world’s gold I
did not know that like I was like I’m so glad there’s so much gold in these
because I did not know that but that was a really interesting fact and then we
have a really good question from the chat that I wanted to share from Trina
she says the final picture is really beautiful so the final photos that Julie
is submitting and all the contestants are submitting is are there any tips on
taking the final photos and how do you get the bottom and the back seamless so
I just kind of wanted to throw that out there in case some of the contestants
wanted to chime in but I was going to share like my take on it so the we
require that the contest submit their photos against a white
background we require that because what we’re doing is we reading all the photos
together for the collages you’re seeing on social media on our feeds on our
stories so we need that white background to help our designer edit them so what
they have to do is they have to then Photoshop any like wrinkles any meeting
of the bat versus the floor so the contestants are editing these photos
themselves before submitting them and then we’re cleaning them up even more
how to get the final shot you know I think it’s always tricky to get a good
nail shot but I think for this competition in particular right we said
we wanted to see ten nail tips so I think it’s really really important that
they’re trying to showcase those ten tips or enough of the tips or the tips
at the right angle like this one clearly shows you all ten tips right in the
scene so I think that’s definitely a good tip for photo taking and then we
are cleaning them up yeah yeah show starting yeah and I’m gonna say it now
because it’s not about any one particular competitor is that okay not
about Julie Julie’s you can see ten nails right yeah
as a judge in a nail competition the one thing that kind of irks me is when
people put all the tips together and then go over em with product and it
becomes a canvas and in my world in the nail world I know I asked they said was
there any rule against this and you said no but then I just go hey nail
competitors call it a cloud rule you know this is a nail competition and if
you make something giant out of ten tips it becomes a canvas it’s not really nail
art for me so I would say you know best pictures is
right yeah make sure we can see you have all ten nails because we want to know
you’ve done any all competition not my canvas right totally yeah this was a
good one leave that oh my god these are waves Minh I look forward to her video
ah me too my favorite yeah clowning and we talked
about the little hands in a profile picture and so we went back to Facebook
which happens for your current profile so everyone add her on Facebook yeah
yeah yeah and I I was growing fruit you need a
album girlfriend of tiny hand picture yes I would have done ya head hurt yeah
it takes for the tiny hand yeah I didn’t find more other than her profiles so and
and leaves it doesn’t hide the fact that like she likes kick back with a cocktail
oh its key or whatever so I like this is so leza to me and there’s so many
pictures I want to share in somebody I can I know I know but let’s go leave
this video so you can all have a good laugh too and we’ll come back and talk
about her Network hey guys good morning its rise and shine it’s time to start
building our next set let’s go this week were taken a trip from San
Diago to Fiji for this week whereas a construct a 3d set based on a landmark
or other iconic image associated with that location from a past destination
color line from OPI so I chose Fiji so we’re gonna start by building a boatload
of fish and sea life and sea creatures and plants and I’m using OPI is liquid
and kerlick powder system here I think I sculpted about a dozen of these little
guys and Allison knew that I wanted a turtle this is gonna be parents the
turtle and he’s just amazing and I look so I knew that I wanted to build a piece
that was not just 2d but I wanted to really push myself and create a 3d set
and my vision was to have all of my see lives
floating together so I’m building all of my animals flat
but then I’m gonna go ahead and flip them and build the underside as well I’m
using my eat drill too soft and on the edges and to help my little tortoise
show come to life I apologize about the centering there were lots of the ballers
involved in this but then I you know I made his little fins I made his flippers
and then I really carefully I was trying to get his cute little face together
with his eye place at the mouth when I had all of my sea creatures together I
decided I needed to have diverse snorkeler again I need to start
building her face down I wanted to give her a bagel but Duncan don’t because
you’re Gus to look at something while she’s in the water and then I flipped
her over as I did with my animals give her a nice rack there I continue to
build her and I was really really specific to try to actually show muscle
tone I know this is ridiculous and her legs and in her arms even her butt has a
sweet little smile line after that I’m gonna go ahead and paint all of my
creatures I’m using mostly gel polish here I did use some acrylic paint for
the fine details for example for the tortoiseshell and I get really OCD but I
had to continuously remind myself that just like our finger prints no to animal
markings are the same so I just kind of brought Terrance the turtle to life here
another thing I wanted to mention about this reef system off the coast of Fiji
it’s actually the third largest in the world it’s off of the northern tip of
Fiji and that is my inspiration for this set of sea creatures in the sea life in
my underwater babysits now that I have all of my little guys
painted I used most of the paint the polish that OPI sent us blends I just
have brought my C wives too soon as we’ve seen creatures to life and I use a
lot of toilet you know me about it where they nice to meet you and tell soul
macaws plans your spirit animal here I used don’t
tell someone mixed it with absolute crystal-clear powder and I wanted to
make these lawful white beans so after I got the
shape before curing it I used some of the dipping powder a year a year on the
wall and my chihuahua bites and I went ahead and sprinkled it on
the perfect colorization here’s gonna be the base of my underwater oasis I used
some singly slimming Moscow I didn’t care and I sprinkled on some of that
absolute crystal and I dusted that off secured all five pieces with smaller
need to make sure I had a strong structure here very very very carefully I am
placing blooming spraying and then I actually just appear on my see life
I see turtle Terrence the turtle there’s it’s quite heavy so it really was
extremely hard to get that placement but as you can see as we kind of float
around my final piece here I’m really proud to say that every angle that you
look at you can see my little fishies oh hey Dad booty all my sea creatures
coming to life I have my plans back there thank you so much snails magazine
OPI following on Instagram and Facebook but oh my god yeah I have a special
thing for turtles I love turtles but yeah so okay I’m gonna start with
just one one comment the judgey one I’m not a judge so it doesn’t matter but
things like ocean amusement parks and I got lucky
yeah ice cream candy like so seen it and leaves I’m sure it was your episode
where I said this 100 times and here’s what we have we have two people Emily
and her who did a ocean themed thing so now you have few girls showing up the
prom in the same gown and one girl so I would try to stay away from such common
themes because like especially ocean oh my gosh a million lire bleep Lisa says
my background music is too loud just calling myself contestants ever been in
the chat I’m like given iron yeah you’re right Lisa no um I just want
to say to kind of a little bit piggybacking off of Elaine and like
something we were talking about in the background while the video is playing
like it it was interesting to me to see which collections these eight people
chose because I did like that Lisa chose Fiji because for me and like that’s fun
Lisa it’s very fun you know it’s an opportunity to do a lot of color but
yeah but like you know ocean is kind of like I actually don’t even know where
else where else I would have gone you know with Fiji so I just think it’s very
interesting that and then and you know the 2007 references to Australia I’m
like that was a long time ago like it’s really interesting to me that we had
duplicates and that people chose what they chose so I so I just want to make
it clear like we assign people the names last week we didn’t assign the
collections and so it was like even though there were only eight people the
duplicates for me it’s always fascinating to see where where the
creative mind goes yeah yeah yeah the snorkeler the baby got back baby got
back Tina she gave her son Tony yeah yeah I thought that was nice though
a nice a nice exactly totally yeah man whether that was your circular or
something yeah that’s what she really stood out fill in some of that gas
there’s a lot of space in there that needs some some flora and fauna you know
yeah maybe more fish maybe more sea we saw her mix some shades to make her own
custom color which is great exactly but I would appreciate just a little bit
more consistency by sharing the shadings that you’re actually using yeah
definitely all right leads a great job aren’t a jump contestant Melissa Salazar
Melissa I pulled this picture this is amazing
because we share a client in common I’ve done three news nails and I didn’t know
she had done Serena’s nails for the Met Gala can God she added in in in Spanish
and then I hit the translate missus thank you thank you for all my love
messages on my birthday she goes my day was spectacular nice pendant working and
I hope I can work every day I have left I did the nail design for Serena
Williams for the Met Gala and collaboration with Tina Lee so if you
like shows or sports and you know who does the nails on number one athlete in
the world this is back in May Congrats Melissa that’s huge I don’t
think that a really nice client and she’s a nail tech Chanel tat she talked
about yeah she had a sports and she collaborated OPI Yahoo for shades nice
she was a good client a really nice lady so let’s see Melissa’s video and we’ll
come back and discuss her nails claw hi guys our next challenge is to select an
OPI location and create a 3d set based on a landmark I had to choose California
Dreaming because every year I visit my family in this beautiful estate let’s
start with my dream in San Francisco the Golden Gate Bridge Victorian houses the
pyramid building Alcatraz House of the famous Al Capone a part of the city in
unmarked San Francisco so colorful that I started painting without penis no the
silhouette of the city then I add bright colors on top now for their electric
train a bill a train in the same grade as the background and I drill a line to
make my train go up and down the hills next location Napa Valley known for
their wine I made a warm sunset with the OPI
dipping powder system to make a contrast with a cream of the valley at number one
base coat and on top as far as printers as many colors as you won I did two
layers of colors and a turban with glitter all over the sunset to make it
look magical Co your work with activator and then stop code to bring the colors
to life I did my Beemer with a perspective loop
as a tip to conquer this look at the dark colors to the end and bring the
bright colors to the front what is the sunset and wine in Napa
without a sky full of air balloons apply OPI gel topcoat over a plastic piece and
cure for 60 seconds you might need three coats to make it a stronger I like to
use OPI dipping system base coat in activator to glue my charms drill a hole
attach admit I’ll stick to your balloon and secure it to the back I mix the gel
polish with clear acrylic to make my own taste roll it on your hands to make the
perfect grapes add them to your paste and cure it for 60 seconds our next
destination is Hollywood add some stars in a perspective look and the same way
we did San Francisco we are doing our Hollywood landmark pounds Hollywood sign
Chinese Theater and Marilyn Monroe all together are my idea of Hollywood
experience San Diego Zoo is the gem of the city
with aluminum foil make to shape and cover it with acrylic add your colors to
bring to life their animals with exome gel polish paint more animals on the
wall to complement the look and they were known for their vision and serve
use blows to bring to life the Pacific Ocean take a bit of gel green color over wax
paper and cure 60-seconds put the shape of a leaf and
the sides to make it look like a family same way we did the elephant we are
gonna make the lighthouse after you cover it with acrylic add details with
gel polish I know you guys are waiting for this the pants build a base with
acrylic and add some of the funds live we did for the zoo on top
it’s a pity right let’s stop Death Valley and their orange
colored landmark make some cactus with foil and green acrylic to make a nice
contrast with the orange I want to build some more times for the
background and I’m gonna build up with the orange acrylic powder and what is
Death Valley without mr. dead mm-hmm I added just for fun as a final touch
start painting your piece with as many oranges reds and browns you won in your
piece duties as a long lines shadowing one over the other one to make a look
real I hope you guys enjoyed this California dreamin trip with me thank you
OPI nails magazines for this opportunity bezels and Buddha Vida we all first one
because I want ask questions so if she’s in the chat she can answer that but I
want to know what was other writing is it luggage next to the little death guy
and because there’s writing on the bag and I want to know what it says and I
can’t see it if i zoom in right so Melissa if you’re in the chat I want to
know what did you write on his bag and oh my gosh you I love you guys because I
got too much I mean piggybacking off of that I love that you did Death Valley I
think that Melissa did some really smart things here when I think California I
mean we live here but I think what other people think California and when I think
California I do tend to go Hollywood but I like that she didn’t make it all about
that especially when last week we had a Hollywood entry as well so she did a
bunch of different stuff she did San Francisco which is my personal favorite
city in California so we loved that she showed that she showed the moving cable
car that she showed San Diego she showed Napa
my other favorite you know I’m sure you know Death Valley which I which I think
was just such a fun and she had fun with it she’s girls let’s put death in Death
Valley so it was kind of humorous and then you know to cap it all off she
shows us all these images at the beginning which was kind of Elaine’s
feedback last week right like show us a little bit more of yourself she took
that feedback and then she kind of showed us places she had been to so I
just really loved back she had this great source of inspiration she didn’t
just go with one she was like some real good ones that I wasn’t expecting and
she had fun with it so I really appreciated that yeah yeah we obviously
look for destinations for inspirations and we consider ourselves storytellers
and we serve great yeah names she really captured the inspiration and very
different we write we’re expecting Hollywood yeah yeah it’s a really great
job yeah I for my artists point of view like she’s perspective totally look at
that Marilyn Monroe nails she’s got a big star and then they get smaller even
with the bridge you know the bridge closest to the viewer part is bigger and
then it gets smaller like I I love that she has detail in the fact that she even
put some perspective in there and that elephant the elephant was great because
it comes out at you it’s kind of the hero eye for me it’s the hero piece in
terms of the sculpting like it’s really well done I know I love that yeah and I
mean just like sig saying this this should tell us a story the collection
should tell story I feel like this told us this story it’s got like that little
map feel right this is a story last I’ve been here before
yeah I’ve been here before this is what I loved I love this about California so
I just really appreciated this that yeah it was fun it was a yeah yeah yep yep
that was good yeah good tips all right I last one is Trisha Johnson this one I
shared because again another one personal to me her doing her voiceovers
in her closet I do them under my comforter surrounded by pillows when I
do police over is good yeah the best way to knock out some rent closet idea was
great you’re surrounded by clothing and a hot prop it up so she put did some
editing earlier this morning voiceover work in the closet there is going to be
two videos uploaded to my youtube channel I will post links so great job
that she’s sharing the experience of what she’s doing on her Facebook she’s
Trish keeps it real I don’t want to say that Trish you keep it real I appreciate
that yeah this is it
great video yes I mean no idea how you made a hula girl statue and I now know
so hey blown away literally the house for me yeah yeah so let’s go to the
video we’ll come back and talk about the nails Aloha welcome to challenge number
two where in the world hey Bella if you could go anywhere in the world with me
where would you want to go I feel like I would be
a 3d set with ten nails close to 50 hours in about five minutes
few started with three tips creating the sunset out of OPI is absolute clear
acrylic I then used many shades of their newest Mexico City collection to create
an ombre tropical islands remind me of an ombre sunsets
so I also sculpted the waters reflection of the sunset using many of the Mexico
City collection powder perfection colors as acrylic I wanted the sunset to appear
in the distance so I finished it off with matte finish gel color topcoat on
the entire sunset tips four and five became the rock
island formation in the palm tree in the darkening distance when I covered them
with black onyx powder perfection as acrylic I chose Hawaii because I’ve been
there before and I plan to go back for a much-needed vacation with my husband I
mean just look at that sunset what Hawaiian island luau would be
complete without sand a tiki torch and a wooden tiki mask watch me as I
sculpt these using Opie is powder perfection as acrylic in the color do
you take lay away from the Hawaiian color collection
I added in some detailing on the pieces including Opie ice chrome and bronzed by
the Sun and some hand painting with gel color because this video is more of showcasing
the techniques I used as a video diary and we are limited to a five minute
video if any of my techniques interest you and you’d like to learn more please
drop me a comment down below tips six seven and eight sure look like
five o’clock somewhere to me now this that okay so I was actually gonna try to
hula for you guys but I can’t hold a dance or dance so let’s be honest here
you’re really watching this because you want to see how I created that Dashboard
hula girl that can hula a dashboard hula girl is one of the most iconic souvenir
gifts from Hawaii so to begin creating her tips nine and ten became her legs
covered in Opie eyes absolute crystal-clear acrylic as well as her
upper body oh hey here’s the first attempt at
making this spring yeah well we’ll talk about that in a bit so let’s make a
custom skin tone using powder perfections do you take layaway with a
little bit of what better than brands by the Sun chroma facts mix well and voila
I started bringing hula girl to life think we need to redo the spring I sculpted a 3d hibiscus for the left side
of her hair because she’s married and made her an acrylic palm area
lay I sculpted her dashboard base added in some 3d gel polish art and a raffia
grass skirt that I made and they add darn spring again let me know what you think by dropping a
comment down below and don’t forget to vote Mahalo I’m really disappointed just boomerang yourself will forgive you
will forgive you I mean there’s so much to talk about here are you think I mean
and the thing I said to Elaine and sig before we watch the video is like I’m
glad you chopped up your video in a smart way because you knew what we
wanted to see was you making this hula girl because I appreciate it every
aspect of that that you know the spring the tips for the legs the building of
the muscle tone on the legs the mixing of the skin tone because like you know
how do I know as a judge this isn’t pre-made right it looks so damn good so
I really appreciate that that girl that that’s what she focused on and then
she chops up the rest of her video and says like you know if you want to see
these specific other details shout out in the comments I’ll show you but I
think for editing for for time efficiency really good strategy here I’m
gonna show them the meat and then everything else like we can kind of come
back to which you monetize right I just get more YouTube viewers good yeah I
thought I thought the sunset was cute it’s beautiful beautiful they look like
a dollar it does it’s gorgeous yeah the cheeky mask but her face she’s the
most precious look on her face I can’t do faces my look and I feel like there
was a past n TNA entry that Trish did where she made a woman
I believe she’s called it out a woman and like I just feel like now this is
kind of what I know what I know Trish bar like she’s good at sculpting the
female form like she’s really good at it yeah yeah Farland Mary yeah I had never heard that
I didn’t know wearing your flower on one side in the other
I could go to Hawaii and put it on the single side and be thrown the wrong
message a cautionary tale yeah and I just I think there’s just you know again
the video portion with her daughter and having the hula girl on the dashboard
like Trish just had like a little bit of fun with this and I I thought it was
nice and even and didn’t do the underwater scene like she was like let’s
do the hula scene I just thought you know this is like a beautiful way to to
show the proportions an aspect ratio of everything just beautiful I think you
guys have your hands or your brains full let say what I think we do yeah packing
up their brushes I really don’t like that you work like the missing lab
freaks me out they’re gone by really fast they lovey
so we have a challenge for next week we call this the super scoop on the regular
see ya Beth always shares without the super scoop so saying what’s what’s next
week’s challenge course so OPI our brand manifesto is color is the answer so for
next week we want our contestants to show us as many OPI shades as possible
to create a wearable of nail art look across ten nails they’ll have two
photographs to finish set on two actual hands and we want to see the artwork on
actual nails cool yeah so we’re gonna get some good stuff out of that yeah I
love color so I can’t wait yeah how many colors oh yeah yeah yeah we want to
remind the viewers to make sure that you go vote it’s so important at voting closes tomorrow at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard
Time go now don’t wait yeah and then tune in every week Wednesday at 11:00
a.m. Pacific time on either OPI Facebook nails magazines Facebook page or Kupa’s
Facebook page to watch this program until the end of the competition where
we will start the next one after back to that um thank you so much ladies thank
you thank you I think all of you yeah yeah of course we want to thank all of
you the viewers for tuning in each week and we’ll see you next week kupah ink is
excited to introduce two new colors of the MANIPro passport the mermaid and
the pixie passports the mermaid is inspired by beachy waves and the pixie
is magical and girly both limited edition colors are available at two
locations in store at beauty Beach their address is 11561 Westminister Avenue
in Garden Grove California or here at Kupa Inc in Anaheim California you can
also find them online at

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