The Internet RIPS Into Vanessa Hudgens after Hateful Virus Comments

Now we’ve all been taking preventative measures during the outbreak that has been sweeping the US and the entire world But Vanessa Hudgens is in some heat for the comments. She made online about this entire ordeal. You’re watching. What’s trending Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more social media news daily now Vanessa went on social media the other day and she herself with social distancing as the rest of the world should be the virus which has Now spread across the world and has resulted in thousands of deaths has been on the minds of many celebs like Vanessa herself During her Instagram live she mentioned that she wasn’t too happy about the quarantined state that could go on for quite some time the comment she made was um Yeah told you lie. Sounds like a bit of bull, but that’s not the comment that set everyone off. It’s a virus I got it, like I respect it, but at the same time like Even if everybody gets it like yeah, people are gonna die just terrible but like inevitable That comment definitely didn’t sit well with a ton of people Let’s be very honest many people thought that Vanessa was pretty high when she said those comments But that didn’t hold the internet back from telling her how they really felt about the situation one year on Twitter wrote How did you manage to get canceled during a lockdown and even logan lerman tweet? Let her with like what a schmuck of course the internet had even more things to say about a situation But it seems like this is something no one is happy about after a brief bit of time she took the live stream down and it’s nowhere to be found the Internet except everyone sharing it and She shared this video on her socials. It’s a crazy time it’s a crazy crazy time and I am at home and in lockdown and That’s what I hope you guys are doing too in full quarantine and staying safe and sane Yeah, I don’t take the situation lightly she later posted to Instagram with the short brief text saying hey guys I’m so sorry for the way. I’ve offended anyone everyone who has seen the clip from my Instagram live yesterday I realized my words were Insensitive and not at all appropriate for this situation our country and the world are in right now This has been a huge wake-up call about the significance my words have now more than ever I’m sending safe wishes to everyone to stay safe and healthy during his crazy time news online even responded to her post saying things like vanessa hudgins is not apologizing for her cruel and stupid words about the coronavirus but instead complaining that we misunderstood and took words out of context shows a lot about her and her personality and even am I the only one that thinks Vanessa Hudgens can say all is Insensitive garbage about the coronavirus and still get a test kit before us now We all know that celebrities have said some things that really have hurt the careers and reputations, of course in their time But we haven’t really had someone say something like this in times like these Don’t forget that Vanessa and her sister also posted a picture of the two of them with masks on raise the pandemic started Giving a tease about the flu and not you know going to really bothered them However, despite all this chrissy teigen did shed some light on the scenario and kind of came to her defense anyway, Chrissy shared sometimes people especially famous people are gonna say really stupid and so are you and they and You will learn from it and hopefully their history says they’re good. It’s okay and at the same time Wow, they really had a dumb moment, but you don’t have to ruin their lives She further went on to say this isn’t about me this time, but it will be one day or it’ll be you But yeah today, it’s Vanessa, lol And then she left us with this thought and know life is rarely ruined for anyone, but you are dwell trying your best Just stop now Thank You Chrissy for also you know spreading some light but also at the same time really hunkering down and what people should be saying about Vanessa now we hope that you’re also taking the time to think about your choices much like Vanessa should be in a time like this and also staying at Home where you belong in times like this us at what’s trending are also staying at home making videos for all of you to enjoy From the comfort of your home. Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more social media news daily

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  • Do you think Chrissy said some things we should all think about for this situation?

  • What a twat. She seems strung out. YIKES

  • You mean this girl from High School Musical? Right in the childhood!

  • Depends how soon u wanna die tho?
    Coronovirus tomorrow or much later. Like maybe many many years later.

  • So she is in trouble for saying death is inevitable? I don't think we should be pretending that the virus is not dangerous, people deserve to understand the seriousness of the situation. It's not like she said we shouldn't respect the lockdown.

  • Even though the disease has some bite in some cases, the infection numbers when the curve flattens out again are but a tiny fraction of the entire population so in practice the death toll is minuscule. If we socially distance the few vulnerable and a bit of good practice hygiene, it's really a non issue we are dealing with. Despite all the chaos, globally only 1 in a million have died and almost all had multiple medical issues, typically near death already. One important thing to avoid is high exposure from someone overwhelmed by the disease because it seems a high dose of the virus can strain even a healthy person. Modest exposure seems to make this no more significant than some other daily diseases.

  • Alot of people will get it and people will die. She just said what most experts said while looking damn fine.

  • Hatefull? I don't remember caronavirus is a race. 🤔😂😂😂😂

  • I mean is she wrong tho. Apparently by the end of this month around 92% of the population will have it. Some without even knowing. People will die its sad to say, but regardless of these quarantines it will spread.

  • Oof…

  • Is this the musical Disney girl? She’s still famous??

  • I've have been noticing people are naive and stupid about this pandemic it has shown me how many stupid people there are in the world in these kind of situation

  • she might be having a hard time she is human you know

  • She’s so fucking stupid 😭😭😭 I can’t help but laugh

  • Didn't realise how annoying she was when she speaks

  • This just goes to show you that it's not what you say, it's how you say it.

  • She wasn't wrong

  • She’s really trying to be relevant

  • What did Vanessa say wrong? Some people will inevitably die from this.

  • I totally agree with what Chrissy said, yea she said something that was insensitive, and she apologized for it, so move on its not like she said some racist shit..ok so next topic

  • Christine trying so hard to stay famous. She only became famous due to her husband curry 😂😂

  • Just like this comment for no reason

  • I think I’m tired of your stupid clickbait titles. At first I thought she was dead. I started following you when you where covering the Shane Dawson Series. Since then your content is lacking, sorry but fact. Unsub

  • They mad cause she right

  • This channel covers some very silly non-stories.

  • Someone who has got by on their looks and been treated like a princess all their life is more likely to turn out to be a fascist or sociopath with zero empathy.

  • "Death is inevitable" – Yeah those children dying really made it "like so" far in life as they reached the final step of their finite existence before being able to take actual steps.

    "People fuck up LOL you do, too. Famous people do say stupid things like so many times, leave it be" – Yeah, for sure. Was about to make an comment on how [insert infamous politician or celebrity here] was "just another famous person doing silly things" but I guess I'd get flamed for that "LOL" .

  • I mean she's not wrong 🤷‍♀️

  • just goes to show young whyte celebs are as out of touch as their parents🤦🏽‍♀️

  • chrissy be best shut her gash, 4b murica scapegoats her Asian a$$. Anyone who even looks asian are targets, and you've a milquetoast defense 4 vanessa. GTFOH🤦🏽‍♀️

  • I have to take off work, without pay. She has money and can afford to stay home.

    I will not be able to pay a lot of my bills. This is very stressful because I can’t work, and my fucking manager keeps coming to work sick. Which is why not only myself but others are getting sick, and continually getting sick.

    I had to call my market manager to make him stay at home because he was coughing, sneezing and had a runny nose while helping to sell guns to people. Elderly people I have to add.

    Fucking taxes the rich more. This shit is flat out rage inducing.

  • shes not wrong. The regular flu will kill more annually this year.

  • Why are they mad she isn't fucking wrong. People are way too sensitive.

  • Is she even relevant

  • I hate cancel culture.

  • Who cares? She was talking out kid and none of us know wtf is going on. To hear that people will be affected all the way until July was a bit alarming a few days ago. Things change by the hour

  • They shouldn't let her post anything on social media because of what she said. She got no respect for people that are suffering and dying. She sound sooo immature and dumb.

  • She has a really condescending way of talking..

  • We all knew Sharpay was the queen not Gabriela.

  • Ooh everyone’s going to die, ooh not what u want to hear.
    Have u heard faithful woman by Mark Davis, great song cheer you all up🙂

  • The selfish, privileged youth of our times. Hope she grows up some day. Oops. She's 31.

  • She right but she didn't to say in the negative way that's why people took in the wrong way

  • Spoiled & rich, doesn't understand struggle or hardship. All she cares for is her parties, DRUGS and of course sex with everything. What a loser. What a piece of shit. Who on this planet idolizes this shit???

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