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my name is Jill Bearup this is history of fanfiction part 4 and fan culture was shaping itself in various interesting ways over the course of the 20th century and then the internet in part 3 we talked about fans and how important they were for the dissemination of fanfic before the internet and found for already beginning to decline in popularity but the advent of the world wide web and the ability to share your stories with anyone anywhere in the world instantly definitely spend the process there are still fanzines out there and some are pretty popular but the landscape is different not because nobody needs a zine to read the fanfic you can just go type stuff into google and there is everything at your fingertips you don’t need anything printed out. now back in the nineties when fewer people had internet and those who did were hardcore nerds fanfic was generally shared by Usenet groups or email listserv or other things that people under 35 don’t have any idea about that includes me I have to look them up in the 90s if you wanted to make your fancy available to everyone you had to host it on your own website angelfire anyone i remember Angela fire and while there were some multifandom sites available this approach didn’t really start to change until the advent of in 1998 i joined on january the first in the year of our lord two thousand i got into science section by searching something about harry potter and ending up on the author’s personal website where i devoured many many interesting six about Hermione which I thought was the best thing ever because hermione with the main character she was doing stuff that’s cool this ability to keep all the fantastic from older shoulders and over fandoms together in one place really big deal first because the writers can expect a wider and larger audience for their work and when you’re basically getting paid in compliments was a big deal and second because the readers could start in one fund and the men maybe branch out into others you came for harry potter but you’ve read all the fixie fancied and so high by pokemon you like pokemon or maybe Star Wars yes i have used that phone before I know I refuse to apologize to picture the scene it’s been 16 years since the last star wars maybe and people are naturally quite excited a pre cool gonna have yo b1 the origins of Darth Vader’s kind of amazing vitamin or not depending on your personal opinion of the Star Wars prequels but one thing about them is for certain the phantom menace in particular Road slashers like never before there was a fantastic archive for obi-wan clygon flash two days after the north american release of the Phantom Menace because this little seventies and assaulting the eighties even if something was still a tiny niche activity the fans who wrote and read it or connected like never before not just that but moving to 2004 and the development of delicious you could tag stuff and this was a revelation because it was like a search engine in Reverse you wanted someone to be able to find your rare pair or your work from a really obscure fandom tag matches and you’re good to go and as the years went on an internet access became more and more widespread more and more sites became homes for fix you had your infection dotnet and your livejournal communities you had delicious later you had archive of our own would skew older and more /e you had walked pad also later which gives younger and more rps and you have tumblr which is a terrible place to read music in my opinion but in which you can really build a community of Sun writers and readers what I’m saying is regardless of your knees you have a lot of options not days but back in the day that wasn’t always the case especially if your material was shall we say not safe for work remember where you find art you will find explicit art and so where you find fanfic you will find explicit fanfic and when the mainstream media talks about fanfic it’s the explicit stuff they jumped you first know you might think that’s because 52 gray is the thing that really brought fanfic into the mainstream and that is partially true but I think you’re really particularly breast the Sunday Times article in which the author wrote fruit exam / check which came out around the same time as the peter jackson lord of the rings films what can I say sex sells but the hosting of it has always been controversial fracture 2002 allowed nc-17 stories and they had a box which you could kick to say you were over 17 so that they wouldn’t show you explicit stuff is super on the ridge but in 2002 they changed their policy and purchased a number of different things but these included one nc-17 rating stories all of them and to hold rps on the site that’s real person sick and in 2012 had another purge of six which had sprung up in the meantime which they felt to be in contravention of their rules of course they didn’t actually give anyone any notice this so people came onto the site to find that their stories have been deleted without any warning at all Josh high-handed removal of stuff without warning I’ve never been on any other sites like that a similar thing to be purchase happened on livejournal in 2007 well what actually happened is that livejournal decided that it needed to get rid of child pornography on the site which is of course a noble goal the way we went about this was to blacklist certain tags which meant that an awful lot of say Harry for traffic in which two teams characters guest little got deleted but also given the nature of tags they managed to delete an awful lot of child abuse survivor support groups good job LJ so what to do about all of these explicit fix which 92 home well the purchase did lead to people setting up their own sites for MA and antsy 17 read it works but you have to wait until 2008 to find something that provides a home for absolutely anything welcome to archive of our or a3 a3 which launched into buzzin it is a site for thick and fan works in general which allows absolutely anything as long as you tackle appropriately anything mark mature will warn the reader before they open the story and so far this seems to work reasonably well III is also unique among fanfiction side in that eighth Delta rahman ad revenue it asks for donations from its members because while there are a large number of Brooks teenagers writing fanfic there’s also a large contingent of older people who would quite like to have a site where they can put their thick and not have it deleted the next day without any warning a 3 has a policy on dmca takedowns look they have rules and while found fiction done that for example doesn’t have any works based form and write books for example on ao3 anything goes anything which means there’s a lot of really squeaky stuff on there and also some of the best fiction you will ever read original or no that’s not to say a very good bad or to say that the absolutely anything goes approach to fanfic is universally loved but this is the decision that the people behind a 3 mid and here we are the organization for transformative works which is the nonprofit body behind ao3 takes a more forthright approach to the defense of fanfic and found works then pretty much any other fantastic site but if the stamps which is much more consistent with the opinions of Sun writers and the way those opinions have been going over the last couple of decades fanfiction as we have previously discussed used to be a nice hobby and not just that but one that was kind of secret it started as something done by a small number of people which they shared with a relatively small number of people and when copyright became more of an issue Sunrisers became even more careful because really who wants to get sued depending on the kind of fanfic that you wrote you can go fired you could get into serious trouble but the internet changed the landscape because not sure it’s technically possible to sue fine writer or to force them to take their fifth time but how useful is that really i mean first will be Internet is forever and second corporations and authors are increasingly realizing that there’s no point in fact it might even be counterproductive a lot of modern writers used to write fanfiction some of them still do write fanfiction and even those that don’t understand how powerful it can be as a marketing tool people love your world enough to write stuff about it for free that’s quite an endorsement and while to avoid any possible legal issues its best for writers not to read something about their own creations and again we’ll get to that encouraging it or at least being neutral towards it is increasingly acceptable but the thing is even actively discouraging it isn’t going to do much fanfic is not visible enough in the mainstream that bringing in the lawyers is going to alienate a lot of your readers not just the ones that right fix and so next time among other things we need to talk about the phenomenon which said so much to bring thick to the mainstream and sparked so many conversations about legality and ethics and found work yep hold onto your hats are going to be discussing fifty shades of grey or more accurately fifty shades legality thanks for watching if you’d like to support the show you can do so at / still there up or you can do it by paypal or if neither of those tickle your fancy you can always subscribe or follow me on twitter at chill Berra regardless of see you next time

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  • Thank God this show is here to make me feel young!

  • Great discussion, thank you

  • A quick question – would you be willing to share your ffn profile page? So we could check out more of your favourites/follows when looking for some good fics?

  • I remember that Sunday Times article! I cut it out and had it pinned to my bedroom wall for ages.

  • Signs you may be addicted to fanfic

    1. You spend a lot of time reading ??? fanfic

    2. On at least one occasion you have stayed up till 3 am reading ??? fanfic.

    3. You think it would be nice to live in the fictional town where your ??? fanfic occurs

    4. You design a home to live in the fictional town where your ??? fanfic occurs

    5. You look up the zip code for the fictional town where your ??? fanfic occurs

    6. You write ??? fanfic

    7. You create a self insert character for your ??? fanfic

    8. You pair your self insert character with a canon ??? fanfic character

    9. Your self insert character dreams of marrying a canon ??? fanfic character.

    10 You want to marry the canon ??? fanfic character.

  • And now ffn is pretty much a dead site.

  • What do you think of Slash Fic Jill?

  • Ah, the LJ Strikethru of '07!

  • Before I discovered fanfiction (.net and other sites) writing I was watching the videos. At first, it started with fan art slideshows with music in the background, my introduction to fanfics was the fanfiction web series on youtube; the ones with pictures and subtitles and sometimes music. Not only was I introduced to fanfic but I fell into the deep rabbit hole of shipping.

  • The sad thing about Ao3 is that one of my favorite fic writers was chased off the platform, deleting her account because she wrote a fic about two horror game characters that, according to commenters "were not accurate" etc, it is a work of fiction talking about healing after trauma, and the fact she was forced off the platform by angry readers makes me so sad

  • My first internet fanfiction experience was over at the wonderful Derbyshire Writers' Guild created by Jane Austen enthusiasts, particularly in the wake of BBC's definitive adaptation of P&P in 1995. From there I too branched out with Hermione Granger into specific fan spaces for Harry Potter nerds. Robin Hood introduced me to and lj. Nowadays, of course, I spend most of my time on the wonderfully convenient AO3. Love your video.

  • whats your views on robotech

  • 8:40 Metallica’s roots and Napster.

  • I was 4 when you signed up to ff(.)net

  • no spacebattles mention


  • I'm really glad that i found your channel. Thanks Youtube recommendation.

  • I had the subtitles on when I watched this. Are the puns intentional or just the worst/best case of voice-to-text failure ever?

  • History repeats itself. What happened to LJ is fucking uncanny to what happened to Tumblr right now, but what you said gave me hope.
    ''So what for all these fanfictions that need a home? There certainly are places there, but you need to wait until 2008, for absolutely anything''
    TRANSLATION: Late 2019/2020 is when NSFW artists will finally settle down in there home. Probably Pillowfort.

  • I discovered fanfic here in youtube! actually this is my account for fanfic jhaha, i no longer do videofanfics, but jesus. Nostalgia is here. I love this series!
    The thing i hate about fanfiction community is their obsession against OoC (Out of character).
    also xD glad anne rice cannot sue anyone in 40 years

  • You can basically get a slash for almost any characters in a fandom or show.
    Sometimes it's pretty…weird.
    Other times the relationship explored is pretty interesting.

  • love the pun 💖

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