The Impossible Burger to a Wyoming Rancher

hi I’m Mike is it plant-based is it a
burger is it vegetarian is it vegan or is it neither what is the impossible
burger and can it fool me on our Wyoming life hi my name is Mike I’m a Wyoming rancher
and along with my wife Erin the creator of our Wyoming life our goal is to
showcase ranching and farming to a society that has in a lot of ways
forgotten where their food comes from we do that by inviting everyone and
anyone to come along with us and explore the ranch life and escape the ordinary
please subscribe and get to know us a family behind your food as you can
imagine when I started hearing about lab made meat it got my attention I had
people asking me if this was the end of cattle of the cattle industry if
meatless meat was the future and what we do our ranch here has been in existence
for over a hundred years if the beef industry full of tomorrow we’d be in a
world of hurt but would it be the end of the world
probably not ranchers and farmers are some of the most resilient people I’ve
ever met but we still hope that we don’t have to find out this whole thing is not
a new idea in fact the veggie burger may have been created in 1982 in London by
Gregory Sam’s and his brother Craig or maybe it was in 1948 when the veg burger
was mentioned in the media or maybe in 1980 when the garden-house restaurant in
Gresham Oregon introduced the garden burger the veggie burger no matter when
it was invented is typically made with ingredients like beans especially
soybeans and tofu nuts and grains sometimes seeds or fungi such as
mushrooms or mycoprotein protein derived from fungus I’ve had a few veggie
burgers in my life and if you’ve ever had a veggie burger you know that the
taste and texture is really nothing like beef but with technology comes a whole
new type of veggie burger they call it a meat analogue meat alternative meat
substitute mock made full meat imitate vegetarian made fake meat and vegan meat
or maybe just meatless meet the goal is to mimic meat the texture the flavor and
the appearance while the old veggie burger is out meat alternatives are in
or at least to a certain set of society but it’s also being seen by another as
over processed industrial food and it’s sometimes even called food-like
substances you can’t hurt you that veggie burgers they don’t grow on
the ground they are made in factories and although they’re made with plants
they aren’t made only with plants when you buy a pound of hamburger from us in
our farm store that’s located right here on the ranch I can show you exactly
what’s in that package however when I look at meatless meat such as the Beyond
burger there are sometimes up to 50 different chemical additives most of
which I can’t even pronounce now here’s the truth we all eat crap and most of us
do it on a daily basis today I had an energy drink that probably has more
chemicals in it than in the gas tank of my truck but I really don’t like the
miss the the manipulation I guess of the consumer in the last Gallup poll to
tackle the subject 5 percent of u.s. adults consider themselves to be
vegetarians that’s about 16 million people those 16 million average and
income rule of $50,000 and the largest percentage of them are 18 to 34 year
olds you don’t have to be an economics major to know that there’s a demographic
that is ready for a new product just like meatless meat and if you can
provide it you can make a lot of money the scoop is that inside a veggie burger
you’ll find this whatever this is tertiary butyl something TBHQ it’s a
preservative that basically keeps it the right color it’s been linked to cancer
and the FDA it’s the amount allowed in foods there’s
magnesium carbonate that’s used in in flooring and fire extinguishers red dye
number three another chemical that has been banned in cosmetics for actually
causing cancer guess it’s still good enough to for our food though and
propylene glycol does that sound familiar
well it’s used as a moisturizer but down in the shop we just call it antifreeze
you get the idea is it really good for us now the FDA won’t rule it meatless
meat is better than real beef but they say it’s safe enough for sale are the
chemicals harmful probably not but is it natural and healthy for you well I’ll
let you make up your mind on that one I honestly have no problem with
vegetarians in fact Aaron’s sister is vegan what I don’t like is somebody
telling me that I’m a monster or an evil or I’m a bad person because I eat meat
because my choices don’t align with theirs that’s actually called elitism
and it’s caused more than a couple problems around the world since the
beginning of time we aren’t better than somebody else we’re just different
people but now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is
literally so I’m on my way to town I ran out of
fuel so I’m on my way to town to get my very first meatless meat burner it’s
called the impossible burger available today at your local Burger King I’ve
never had one I’m anxious to see if it actually tastes
like beef I imagine it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it tastes exactly like beef
does if you think about it there’s probably been millions of dollars put
into making this thing the same texture the same taste as beef and that millions
of dollars I mean you know you’re gonna spend that much money you’re going to
get it right probably it’s funny that it takes millions of dollars to make
something taste like something that you know that that we could get naturally
but it’s okay it’s different strokes for different folks right just one regular whopper at one
impossible longer that is it have you tried those do you want to it smells
weird all right so here we go
we’ve got a and B Aaron put them on on place for me so that I can’t tell the
difference but actually just by looking at it you can you can tell the
difference the the impossible burger doesn’t look like a real burger it
doesn’t look anything like the whopper that’s sitting right next to it but yeah
I kind of kind of leery to do this it smells funny that’s true you know you
can smell I know you can’t smell it that’s beef you can
it smells like beef this one however does not it smells like agar it smells
like plants it smells like the garden yeah all right so I guess I don’t even
know which one to try first we’ll try the impossible burger first I know what
a whopper tastes like so the the a B comparison is kind of out because it’s
very obvious which one is not real meat yeah that doesn’t taste anything like
hammer not me that’s hammer that has taste to it at
least the other interesting now I’m not finishing on that the other interesting
thing about the the impossible burger is that it doesn’t even claim to be a
vegetarian burger it’s cooked on the same grill with other burgers
cross-contamination and of course the the Fannie’s that’s not that’s not vegan
this burger burger also has four times yet on a sodium than real beef so I can
see that if you’re a vegetarian and you’re eating Burger King you’re
probably no better than the rest of us welcome to the club of course you can
get it without the mail you can ask them to maybe play in the grill before they
cook it for you in fact that’s probably a good idea no matter what you order
so vegetarian vegan farmer Rancher meat eater or heathen let me tell you what I
know I know we’re all just trying to do the best for ourselves and our families
and occasionally we think about others and wish the best for everyone thanks
for hanging out with me it’s evening and and thanks for listening to my little
rant this burger is apparently easy to fake but well actually it’s not with the
be on steak or impossible pot roast comes on the market I’ll have to try
that out too I guess I’ll try that out too but I think that those that think
that meatless meat is gonna replace beef well I can tell you it’s not gonna
happen at least not yet anyway demand for meat real meat is actually
growing and that’s across the world 30% of the calories assumed prayer consumed
globally come from meat and the the markets worth actually 1.8 trillion
dollars at least 25 states have introduced bills to make it a legal to
use the words beef or meat on products that aren’t and Kansas has went so far
to and do to introduce a federal bill that would require companies to simply
label their product as imitation B after all if beef is so bad why does it
taste so good and why would you want to make a plant taste like it I’ll see you
next time until then have a great week and thanks for joining us in our Wyoming
life doing this for you Internet are why we like trying things so that
you don’t have to you

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  • Was thinking about trying one. Now I won't. As the song goes …There's nothing like the real thing baby…

  • After reading the comments already posted, I got nothin'. To echo: thanks for taking one for the team, Mike.

  • The expression on ur face when trying the fake burger. U r a brave man trying that crap yuck

  • Taste like crap

  • Darth Vader works at your Burger King ? Many of these fast food corporations aren’t selling us 100% meat in their burgers or burritos anyway. I like supporting real beef problem is the corporations greed. Thanks 🙏

  • to be fair i make that face when i eat a whopper too….

  • I'm a meat eater. The impossible burger isn't something I wouldn't eat. I help my father-in-law on his farm. I know what's in my beef and how it's treated. I'm not going to eat a burger that I don't know what's in it. Don't like all the extra stuff (junk) they put in it to make it taste like beef. Our gress feed beef in the end will be much healthier for you. And I think that will all come out in the end. But anyways thanks for the great video. Go have a real piece of beef.

  • Your a braver man than I am!!!

  • Number of ingredients : As it happens Beyond Burger has 21-22 – not 50: but some will have more …

  • Beyond all that Cattle are good for our planet. Grass raised beef returns to the soil nearly all they eat. They are natural fertilizers. A well managed ranch focused on the soil health is sustainable forever. Current the earth C02 levels are about 400ppm, Green house growers try to keep their levels to 1000-2000ppm, Plant life dies at under 180ppm. In earths pass the C02 level has risen as high as 8-9000ppm. Plants breathe C02 same as we breathe O imagine you try to live your life breathing air only through a straw…Yet we are doing this to our plants by restricting C02, I just in case it was forgotten all life on earth s based on Carbon every tree, blade of grass, animal fish, Cattle and Human, and where you might wonder does that Carbon come from…..did you guess C02 you're right. C02 is not causing the Climate to change, Cattle are not harmful to any thing on the earth…and…..they taste good! And fun to be around. Bless the Cattle they made all the fertile soil….Soybeans, and the rest are raised on chemical concoctions that kill other plants and burn the life in the soil. So when you suck down a Chem Burger…you are killing the earth. good video as always Mike.

  • Mike, you are 100% right, why try to make a plant taste like beef. Just eat food the way it is Naturally produced. I will definitely buy some of your beef!!

  • Thanks Rick, Aaron, Grandmother and the kids. I watched all the ads and want to support. Hot topic!. Brightened my day.

  • I don’t trust what in it . How will it effectively do too you’re health over time?

  • Where was this video last week? LOL. I tried the Whopper challenge and I agree 100%. The meatless Impossible Whopper smells funny and doesn't taste like beef.

  • I don’t think anybody likes vegans telling them what do. Just recently here in Australia there was 50 or so cattle farmers who received letters from a vegan telling them that they should shoot themselves for what they have done all while they are battling through the worst drought in recorded history. Thank god though the police have been able to track down who wrote them!!!

  • Mike, I feel so bad for you, you really put yourself through the grinder for us. Hope you had a nice T-bone for dinner!


  • I love this video!! But I agree Arm Chair Rancher would have been great for this video.

  • It was good, but don't want to change. I keep eating beef !!

  • Go to Burger King and don't get the kids anything…. Damm

  • South Park did a show on this called "Let Them Eat Goo" in one park they had the same reaction you did.

  • Some buddy give him a half gallon of whiskey, he's going to need it!!!

  • Hey Mike, thanks for the side by side. Now, I love good beef. We buy ours locally, usually by the quarter, sometimes half. (Freezer is only so big) I know not everyone can do that, but they can source it from local farms by the pound too. That said, I've also enjoyed a Veggie Burger. I knew I wasn't getting beef and didn't expect it to taste that way. If only the target audience could grasp that a good vegetable based product doesn't need to imitate beef. Eat one, enjoy it for what it is, not because it mimics something else. Then, relax and have beef when that craving hits you. I've never heard any farmer try to tell you their beef tastes just like veggies. 😉

  • So, BK say their burgers don't smell like food. Not an endorsement. You didn't have to do that – I was never going to buy one.

  • they spend millions of dollars to make plants taste like meat and cows have been doing it for ever

  • I got an impossible burger once when the BK employee gave me the wrong bag. I immediately knew when I took my first bite that something was very wrong. I was in a vehicle and spit the bite out the window. If you ever had a whopper or any other 100% beef burger you would have to be drunk not to notice an immediate difference.

  • You are a brave man to eat some of that stuff!

  • Propylene glycol or PG is not the same glycol as used in antifreeze. That one is mono ethylene glycol or Meg. PG is used in so many foods and is safe to use. But it's getting worry when you read the ingredients list on prepared food. Al those e numbers and food preservations I still like my meat fresh and from the local guy then prepared food. 😁 Love your channel and keep up with good work. Greetings from Belgium.

  • Hey Mike: I like veggies and I like BEEF. I will continue to eat Beef and Pork and Chicken. Please keep farming and ranching. God Bless your family.

  • Mike pretty sure we stopped at that Burger King last Christmas on our way home from visiting my wife's family.

  • Glad I don't eat at BK.

  • Don't confuse propylene glycol with ethylene glycol. Both can be used as antifreeze, one is used when there maybe contact with food, the other is toxic and can kill you, that is most commonly used in your radiator.

  • 😲 omg! Now I need a Jr. Whopper with Cheese, large fries 🍟 and a Coke. Shit!

  • If you are a vegetarian then get a salad or the fries 🍟 and a fake milkshake! Lol

  • Food like substances, I’ve seen there before on mre packages and food delivered to prisons.

  • the regular whopper did not look too appetizing either. that used to be a really tasty sandwich in thenday.

  • Excellent job ! I love salad and veggies, I also like a nice steak,…..I do not want a plant based steak or burger or turkey bacon……

  • Thanks for being the guinea pig on the impossible burger.

  • You make a lot of good points, Mike. But the fact is that our food system has gotten out of control. You have seen the pictures of cattle standing belly deep in their own manure. And what a lot of cattle are fed is also questionable. They are often exposed to pesticides and herbicides and drugs that are equally as scary as what you mention. That does not mean that your operation does that, and I would probably be the first in line to eat any of the products that come from your farm. But I find that a lot of meat that I have eaten in the last few years doesn't taste very good and does not sit well in my digestive tract. Why is that? If I pay $20/lb I can still buy organic grass-fed beef that tastes pretty good, but on my income, I just can't do that very often. Even cheap beef is too expensive, and that stuff is probably riskier than red dye #3. I was at a cookout this summer, and they served brats, hamburgers and veggie-burgers. The veggie-burgers won, hands down. I will be the first to admit that they didn't taste anything like beef at all, but the taste was good. I didn't get a look at what was in them, but they were gone in no time. The second item to disappear was the brats, which were probably not beef either, although I can't remember, and a bunch of the burgers were just left over. I couldn't help but notice, and it surprised me. Good meat is great, but not very good meat just makes me think of school lunch. Bahgh! That is the problem we face. Good food is expensive to produce, and there are usually a lot of middle men to drive up the price. Great for doctors and CEOs, but unaffordable for the masses. But I can tell you this one thing for sure. If you are looking for a good meal, do not go to Burger King, like you did in this vid and then drive miles back home and pull it out of the styrofoam containers right before you dig in. Yum. I bet it wasn't even cheap, either, before you add in the gas money.

  • And it harm none, do what ye will. I wasn't impressed with this choice or any other of the other fake meats. The closest I get is TVP,(textured vegetable protein/ defatted soymeal?) which I think is pig food. Made by ADM sold to Bob's Red Mill as a healthy alternative protein. Your guess is as good as mine. Treat your animals well and most people are happy. No?

  • I guess i'm old school, when i want something that tastes like beef I get BEEF.

  • The way I see it is regardless agriculture will persevere. If its not raising beef cattle it'll be raising the veggies for the veggie burgers. Now that being said cattle ranching/beef production ain't going anywhere soon.

  • the next thing to happen is liberals start banning your cows because they fart lol

  • I really like the Impossible Burger and the competitors that are available in the grocery stores. They aren't all as good as the Impossible Burger but more than acceptable and much much better than bean burgers or even TVP burgers that have been available for a long time…. The Impossible Burger at Burger King isn't vegetarian because obviously they don't have a dedicated grill but of course that's not a problem at home…. I'm always interested in the observations about the ingredient list when beef producers aren't required to list the imputs that go into that product and really it's concerns about hormones etc that drive a lot of people away from beef. I'd think producers would embrace more consumer information instead of claiming its a single ingredient product when obviously it isn't…. That's just a funny argument to me. My family will probably never be fully vegetarian but the improvements in these products are huge and it makes it A LOT easier to cut back even more on the amount of animal meat we consume which we've done and will continue to do.

  • Beef/pork is the only way to go – period – some fish – turkey – chicken

  • How did Erin get out of the taste test? Not safe for YouTube content? I can’t stand regular whoppers let alone a fake one!!

  • MTN ops ignite for energy drink. Made by elk hunters. No jitters, no garbage that goes into canned energy drinks. All I'll ever use.

  • Hey go try some of that nasty almond “ milk “ 🤢🤢🤢
    Now that’s a good on air comparison like the fake meat. Now onto fake milk for the dairy farmers on your page. 😀

  • Nothing satisfies like beef

  • I have done the carnivore diet and lost 40 pounds and I am not Evan a fat person and I felt amazing on meat eggs and homemade yogurt 2 gallon a week

  • I laughed at the guy doing the head bobble on the subway as he was falling asleep. Sweet clip.

  • Thanks for articulating these thoughts. The world needs to hear the truth about their food.

  • Loved the ending! "….so you don't have to"

  • YUCK!!! YUCK!!! YUCK!!! NO NOT FOR ME Thank you very much! Where's the beef???

  • That face though! Lol! I just died laughing!

  • We Want to wish you and your family a very safe and blessed, Merry Christmas, New Year and beyond! God Bless!

  • Mike, keep in mind, the ultimate complement, is to mimic something 🤣😂😎
    I'm sorry, I'm a God knows what generation, beef producer in the US.. third generation in Oregon, I have no clue how many generations in Kansas or anywhere else before that…
    I just can't bring myself to try it…
    Really, the only "imitation" meat I have ever eaten, is imitation crab…
    At least it's actually made from crab juice and fish… (And some other stuff you don't want to eat)
    As we all noticed, the look on your face and what you had to say… Yup, if I were to order that thing and eat it in the restaurant….
    LMAO!!! People would find out exactly what I thought of it!!
    Good video!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  • That sandwich dosen't look right even YUCKY how did u even get past the first bite hats off to you my friend

  • Is it true that McDonald’s don’t buy American beef

  • Smear campaign. Always a good sign.

  • Man this is awesome waiting for the first bite! After that I have no fear!

  • Keep making beef, Mike!

  • I bought a tee shirt, and it was processed and shipped out right away. Thanks!! BULLSHIRT tee shirt is so humorous.

  • Thank you for trying it for us. Not that would’ve tried it myself. I find it better that someone like u who is not being paid by a company to try something because they will actually give an honest opinion about what they’re trying not telling them what they want to hear just because they are being paid for it.

  • I what eat a real burger every once an a while .. and I mean real beef please

  • I made chili out of it. Never, never again.

  • It's funny how far u have to drive just for burger king

  • M ike, you're so close to Cally. Don't let those nut jobs discourage you. Keep growing your ranch and your family. Good video.

  • You are aware… that most fast food burgers are about half soy anyways. Or they mix it with horse meat. I know aboit the soy bc I'm kind of allergic to it. Ordered a burger and bloated right up lime a pai ful pregnant lady right.after. Too much fun. This has happened with Dairy Queen, McDonalds, and even a flavored strawberry milk from the grocery store. Fast food is jacked full of salt and junk either way. They don't call it "junk" food, for nothin'.

  • Seems a bit desperate. I guess that's fair as people are desperate to stop the exploitation and murder of animals.

  • Captain obvious the video was a huge waste of resources, I hope you have more to do than drive to get fast food.

  • There's a lot of bull behind this imitation meat, a lot of unsavory characters with damn questionable motives. Globalist elites who love their money and hate population…that should scare the piss out of everyone. We have a large portion of society just stupid enough to fall right into it too, sad.

  • Hey Mike, I saw this video yesterday and commented but came across the link I'll share about beef history. I found it pretty interesting, you might too.

    If it doesn't load, search for The History Guy. Then the episode on beef.

  • What do you think about breeding 1000 pound cows compared to 1500 pound cows

  • When I was younger I went vegan but thought it meant you only ate meat for one straight month

  • If meatless meat was better it wouldn't have the word meat in it . Just like caterpillar is better because crawler tractors are often called cats . Meatless meat is dog food and I don't feed it to my dogs that either

  • You should have used one of your burgers from the freezer as a third option. I would never eat either of those two. I am not sure I would even feed my dog something from Burger King. But hey, that's just me and I like my dog.

  • Antifreeze in meatless burgers??? Yikes! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • Mike, You're a braver man than me! Thanks for saving me from making that face!!! S

  • After that face I will not be trying one don't know that I would've anyway. Haven't been to BK in years. But I will be eating beef not fake stuff. If it didn't grow up on a farm I don't eat it. God bless the American farmers.

  • Yuck, haven't gotten brave enough to try one. Not sure who this 'Impossible whopper' is supposed to appeal to? I live in Beef country too- so nope. 🐮👍

  • I love grass fed beef and by far prefer it to feed lot beef. Never tried a fake burger of any kind and suspect I wouldn't be up to it without a Gravol appetizer. Propyline glycol has been used in skin care products and in a vast number of food products for decades, not the same as antifreeze.

  • You always share great information. Funny comparison. Thanks!

  • To each his own, I guess. The thing that drives me nuts is that all of the Burger King commercials I have seen have cowboys and construction workers in them- like that is supposed to make people think the Impossible Whopper must be good if these tough men are eating it lol

  • Doesn't the name make the taste test a moot point…?Just sayin'.

  • Thanks for taking one for the team on this. It looked like you didn't even want to touch it. Hopefully you did not get sick from that bite. Real beef forever!

  • Look up the what that burger has for fat and salt, it'll kill ya !!

  • They better not mess with my fajitas I will go crazy if they do that….

  • I eat less crap and more real food that I raise. I thank God every day for the privilege. And work to preserve it.

  • Nailed it!!! Great video

  • Impossible burger and other type of veggie foods will do nothing but increase desertification, erosion, monoculture et al. bad in every way

  • Great vid, great comparison… but please go easy on the background music while you're talking….

  • Lmao! The look on your face was absolute horror when you took a bite.

  • Ranch R&D someone has to do it!!!

  • there is no cold chance in hell they can make a burger out of plant to taste like beef sorry

  • after taste is horrible i tried it plain so nothing would mask the taste.

  • Thanks for doing a taste test, glad to see people advertising

    Pity your biases are showing but we are a product of these

    "Beef can't be bad, it tastes great" surely you know the issue is the methane burps (30× more effective at retaining heat than carbon dioxide) and the nitrogenation of water from pee and poop runoff from those beef herds?

    We all need to eat less meat and make less meat because right now we have run out of time to fight climate change. There probably is still a place for slaughter herd farming but it's going to be in the region of about 2 meat servings a week for most people.


  • It creeps me out just thinking about eating that crap. Thanks for taking one for the team!

  • That thing is an Abomination!

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