The Illuminati Decoded by Sadhguru

And the first question is by Aniket Diwadkar He says “Hi Guruji. In recent days, I came across several contents about Illuminati secret society who are ruling our whole world using
media, finance network, and pharma politics. Even many leaders, gurujis and priests
are under their control. Your answer on this.”
Sadhguru: No… Not me, hmm (Laughter)? Not me, not me (Laugh). Moderator (Anima Soankar): But you have to still answer the question. Sadhguru: I will, I will, but I’m saying
I’m not under that control (Laughs). Moderator (Anima Soankar): I agree. Sadhguru: See, I think you’re reading Dan Brown (Laughter). Moderator (Anima Soankar): You mean Aniket? Sadhguru: Yes. Aniket, wherever you are. See, it is part of European culture to always… Well, we are also imbibing it these days quite a bit. But, in Europe, secret schools were romantic stuff. Even people who are now famous like…
like a Socrates, or Aristotle and these people they were also part of the secret schools. Why would I make my school secret? Because society is in a mode of persecution
of anything that doesn’t… it does not agree with. Persecution. Only if there is persecution,
a school becomes a secret school. Isn’t it so? So, secret school traditions are so much in Europe because the dogmatic religious beliefs
were really suppressing anything. Anything that they think is gathering ten people,
they want to demolish it, they will kill them. So, they ran secret schools. In this, whatever you are referring to as Illuminati
and later on it transformed itself into Freemasons, some history, I cannot confirm this. Some books have been written as to how Freemasonry
were started by the Indian masons who went to Egypt. Because they had to survive in a strange land,
they came up with all kinds of tricks – how to survive. Among themselves, they developed code and contacted, you know,
communicated with each other in code language so that they survived in that hostile culture. And from there it spread. That’s what some books say but I am…
there is no historical certainty about that. But it’s possible – we know that masons went, stone masons from India went
for building pyramids and the Baalbek Temple. There’re clear records about the Baalbek Temple in Lebanon which is about 4200 or 4300 years old where they built a sun a Phoenician Temple which was built where Indian masons and Indian elephants worked. Every Lebanese child knows about it in their school but none of the Indians ever study this or anything like this is mentioned
anywhere in the Indian history books unfortunately. Anyway… So, later on it became Freemasonry
and Freemasonry took on a powerful form. When it went to United States,
it took on a very powerful form because the Christian dogmatic thing
was so suppressive. Free-thinking people called themselves Freemasons
though they were not doing any masonry anymore. But you will see one thing, wherever Freemasons
are there, the building designs are fantastic. This… I’ve gone to a whole lot of Freemason temples simply because I love the design part of what they have done fantastic designs because geometry is very much a part of their culture. It is because of this probably somebody
is writing books saying that they came from India because in India the yogic culture invested itself
absolutely in the geometric aspect of life. Yoga means, in one way, aligning your geometry
so that you’ve become aligned with the cosmic geometry, so that your experience of life is enhanced in such a way that what is you and what is cosmos, in some way, becomes a reflection of yourself, or you become a reflection of the cosmos whichever way you want to see it. So, because wherever we see an extreme sense of geometry then we think yogis must have been here because this level of geometry doesn’t come
unless you are into an internal process in ancient times. Now of course people are studying geometry
at a different level outside, but otherwise, at that time, the only way you could understand geometry so complex was studying your own structure how this body is made and
observing the planets and astronomical phenomena. So, at one time, yes, they controlled a few things
but I think all secret schools are overly exaggerated, and don’t worry, Aniket, hmm… what’s his name? Moderator (Anima Soankar): Aniket Diwadkar. Sadhguru: Aniket, don’t worry
they’re not controlling anything much these days Donald Trump is controlling a lot of things (Laughter).

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  • He's nowhere near the subject

  • i smell rat ,in his words…

  • Either the do not exist or you are not part of them.
    If they do not exist you cannot say you are not under their influence.

  • ..

  • Answer to that question is Bible, it is in revelation 18 chapter, God's word fulfills.

  • Project Zorgo is waching

  • Well explained by a man of wisdom. For people who have all these ridiculous ideas about freemasonry, go to the nearest lodge and ask for a tour.. simple. I am a proud freemason , it's an ancient fraternity ..want to know more join a lodge…if you are accepted

  • Does not control much anymore, ha, ha, thats about as real as the moon landings!!!๐ŸŒ

  • We are real, and we are in control. But only for the betterment of humankind and yes by all means necessary.

  • IMO ethnic people in Freemasonry is fighting for the balance in our best interest. But European Freemasonry is for their best interest.

  • The original Jews are not in Jerusalem. The neo Jews are European. Read more..

  • This man is confusing many things and not presenting a correct picture of things…either he KNOWS and prentending or he knows jacksh**. Generally Indians (mostly youths, townsfolk and villagers) presume that sadhus, sants and yogis know everything hence they ask them all these questions expecting a straight answer….thats really ridiculous !

    If you are really interested to know more about this subject, then you must read some authors from the west.

    Jim Marrs
    Jordan Maxwell
    John Keel
    Matthew Delooze
    Bronte Baxter
    Mark Passio
    John Lamb Lash
    David Icke
    Pierre Sabak
    William Bramley
    Alex Collier

    And many others….

  • Did you know that 5G frequencies are geared to control human perception world wide. Will even your self be captured by these frequencies?

  • Freemasonry has nothing to do with ancient indian culture or something like that, whether the origin of freemasonry revolves around the old testament and the solomon's temple. For last few days I was following his lectures, I was convinced by most of his sayings.. but after watching this video I have been convinced that he has some sort of agenda!

    I was an accepted mason in an Indian lodge (although I continued for a very short time) , and I have pretty much clear idea and understanding about the origin and the history of freemasonry, certainly sadhguru is not telling the truth here or he has no clear understanding about freemasonry!

  • Either he knows nothing about them or he is just covering up what he knows. He is anyways nothing more than a word salad. His answers are never based out of the question.

  • Why do I suddenly want a slushy?

  • very disappointing answer…

  • Freemasons have a monopoly on the entire funeral industry in the western world. This is why funerals are outrageously overpriced and why the men who profit so extensively from death are actively perverting the course of peace, health, justice and democracy. They are a no more than a grubby mob of theives who should be exposed

  • He is changing the talk

  • He is most likely part of them.

  • bullshite

  • sadhguru you are controlled

  • Interesting Infinity can not be explain, yet it is always limited in general, which is contradictory.

  • This is completely different than what is said here, paradigmofpower dot com

  • He is lying , you can bet on it

  • Anybody else felt he was scared while talking?

  • Sadhguru, I love you but Donald Trump is not controling ANYthing. He is the one being controled. I understand that you don't want to attract the "illuminatis" attention, but don't minimize the situation. Or maybe, are you in with them and thus are trying to spread confusion?

    My question is : how can a realized person such as yourself be so ignorant of the global conspiracy to enslave humanity?

  • He answers the question beautifully at the very beginning by saying "they are not ruling me"

  • First time I disagree with Sad guru fundamentally!

  • He is following the same path of ENLIGHTENMENT, Knowledge of Lucifer, the light bringer. He won't be able to tell you anything.

  • Gurus and yogis hide alot more secrets lol

  • Lol this guy is a pure joke and puppet of International forces himself. he must be paid by them to mainuplate people believes . pure joke he is

  • This man doesnt even have the knowledge of the subject what a shamefull sadhu….

  • He is also a part ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Q:who is rama
    A:Jesus lived once

  • Crazy guru

  • "Dan Brown" i giggled


  • Sadhguru is not telling us the real truth; though he knows it all too well; yet he has given us only 2.5% of what he knows; perhaps to spare us from reality; or perhaps he's decided to mind his own business…..

  • He is not telling truth bcz he doesn't want to promote or enlighten this creepy thing to people. If tells full things people will get attracted to it. He is an intelligent man

  • Guruji do you know what you are actually saying. You are lying. How come those free masons are so innocent in your eyes. Do you know they have demonic rituals.even modern day Freemasons agreed that they expose everything but not their rituals! Why don't they expose their rituals? Do you know why government suppressed their activities and banned then for several times specially from 18th century because they use to do demonic creepy rituals.they caught red handedly for several times.they use to sacrifice children to their demons. That's why they were suppressed.They are not so innocent guruji. You are admiring their design how funny! I think you have also 'Enlightened' yourself by the freemasonry.Your tone is too much close to those Freemasons who use to defend their culture in a similar fashion๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sadhguru ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  • Something is not right about satguru, he never really impresses me, he always takes half an hour to answer a question and gives a million metaphors to look like he's so wise cuz wise people use metaphors, and he ends up saying the same yogic stuff people like to hear, and this response seems really off. How can a yogi not know what's going on? If you just think for yourself you don't even have to ask this question and he's saying they don't control much.. hmmm

  • what is the meaning of 311a tell me


  • Why are you spreading lies, if the history which is not confirmed by you…

  • ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸคŸ Signs in the 28th second on this vid ๐Ÿ˜ฒ I see ya ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Thanks, Sadguru . I studied anthropology and learned that societies alway demonize the unknown and the other.

  • Not me.. Not me…
    The truth is He is a part of Illuminaty.
    He is supporting Illuminaty clearly….

    He is a dust of Illuminaty..

  • What knowledge amazing

  • All these messages floating in whattsup are also controlling thoughts some hidden agenda maybe..influencing thoughts and opinions

  • Thank You SadGuru and you ended the lovely conversation on Point of The Controllers. Helps our educators understand where they come from.

  • It's good now to watch the EYES of The Elite Speakers or The Top psychologists in conversation espe cially on the topic of woman, girl and baby.

  • He gave zero evidence to how the secret schools are no longer in power… theyโ€™ve only centralized their power even more

  • He's not telling truth

  • Akhand Bakwaas. Period.

  • This clown is a part of them lol don't worry guruji Kali Avtar soon gonna take birth and destroy every clowns like you from the world.

  • Guru ji your out of your mind . The question is something and your saying something else.

  • joker caught with brilliant question.

  • I dont trust Sadhguru at all

  • what is he a guru of again, hope not idiocy

  • He isn't under their control??? But he host them and is friends with them as he has said in other videos. And he said that they are just playing a chess game as if it is a joke!!!!… But the joke violates people's lives, the chess game violates people's spiritual life (unforgivable) and the chess game is abusive. Im sorry what?

  • Guru Google would've given u a better reply Anike!!!!

  • This guy thinks that he is God. But then cutting her question short, also replies "I am not a member". how sad indeed ? He leaves everything halfway. Never completes the subject and only passes final judgements. This is unfair on the part of someone who is so popular among the half-baked new generation of today but is wel-intentioned.

  • The title should be "How to avoid getting killed by illuminate " by sadhguru

  • Is buddhe ko kuch nae pata

  • It's weird how he completely disregard secret societies controlling the world, even though all real worldwide decisions have never been done in public. Everything regarding serious global change is calculated long before it is exposed to the public. Be it economic, political, military, and especially tech development and science. Whoever has power will never reveal themselves because they become a target. Anyone who has real power is automatically assumed by society to upbringing justice and being held accountable to anything that happens. Mostly due to their influence. No sane person who has power will ever expose themselves to 7.5 billion concerned people. It is terrifying. Think about it. The way U.S. democracy is set up. It's a diffusion of responsibility and compartmentalization. Complete illusion and scattered attention. Everyone is like a puzzle piece randomly scattered. Only knowing their tiny function and oblivious to anything else around them. This is pure power play over human race. Be it democracy or dictatorship, the concept is the same. Compartmentalization, isolation, clearance, separation, and control. Every governmental system in the world have these basic structures that filter out and blur out the real players who make global decisions. It's like a magic trick. Your attention is always drawn to one place, while the actual trick is performed somewhere else completely.

  • Anything secret sounds dangerous.

  • He is fuckin manipulator such a waste of time

  • caste this you fools dalid will rule

  • so what god made us all,, be humble please and love your brother sister and enemy

  • Ye sadguru nahi hai dosto ye angrejo ka gulam hai ye guru hota to hindi me bat karta n ye keval angrejo ko hi koi bat bata sakta hai bharat ke logo ke to ye guru ghantal koi kam nahi ane wala hai

  • Inko to kuch pta he nhi h ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • He is in the control everyone are

  • I was satanically abused in Masonic lodges as a child. You have no idea of what you're talking about. Furthermore, you're presenting your incorrect opinion as spiritual awareness. Absolute BS

  • I just lost some of my respect for my guru! I agree, he may have feared for his life if he uttered the truth! Tough question to answer for him!

  • Sometimes I think that the end is near now seeing the current scenario of our world …. everything is not in proper way….3 year old child knows everything …. 15 year kid is so mature like 30 year old… something is really very wrong…. think it about deeply guys… Fights in every country… nuclear power, war …. World War 3 chances… repent your sin to the Lord God as he is merciful ….

  • Whatttttt. ??????????

  • I like how he says that Secret Societies came about because the church would not accept the ideas of these luminary's so they needed to go underground. Why did he weave that little nugget into his answer? I just wish he hadn't answered this question at all somehow.

  • All secret societies have an alien extraterrestrial agenda behind them ๐Ÿง silly humans

  • Lost a lot of belief on this guy by watching this video. Thanks for asking him this question!

  • "You have to still answer the question" OMG

  • Enlightened…. but not on all aspects ! Do a little more research.

  • He starts off by defending secret societies, then admires the Mason's love for geometry and likes to visit their lodges because they are beautifully designed. He then says they are not controlling anything, DONALD TRUMP IS! The same thing all mainstream media says hahaha. He is a Freemason against freedom in America!

  • You maybe so wise not to tell the truth about the Illuminatis and how they really control the world

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