THE HUNTING “SHIKAR” شکار Please, don’t harm the Birds – براہ مہربانی، پرندوں کو نقصان نہ پہنچائیں

Some where in south Punjab Jungle ….. Your turn is yours ….. Smoking kills! Take this brother ….. Game
Not getting it …. Looks like today you will win …. “Smoking kills” Come on just do it, walk for the hunt ? Dude , i will not go to for the hunting, I do not know how to hunt. Dude, you scared ? Dude, you go alone for hunting …. I’m not even interested in hunting …. Okay, I’ll go out alone …. Well, this is the work of men …. I’m leaving …. OK …. We will wait Mr. Hunter !!! Deep in the “Jungle” …. Search for hunting …. Middle of nowhere …. searching for cell phone signals I think I’ll be late …. Let me know the friends …. Hunting is not found yet …. Dude, it’s too late, where is the hunter ? He is a hunter he will come …. do not worry …. Come on, let’s go …. He will come …. let’s go. Some where in the deep Jungle ….. The local man is sitting in the woods collecting for woods. Brother you seem like traveler, What are you doing in this jungle? I’m a hunter
  I’m going to the dense jungle …. Do not go alone …. Listen do’t go ahead of this tree …. “The mysterious tree” …. Many strange stories about this jungle are heard …. Somebody says here is a bedevil, somebody says here is a ghost …. Is not appropriate to go alone …. Laughter …. Dude, it’s nothing about ghosts …. Are you scared me ? Your choice It’s strange crazy man …. Crossing the mysterious tree …. Ghost voices …. Gun fire …. Who pushes me ? …. Who is here ? …. Ghost voices …. The ghost, why have you come here, Nobody told you …. Over here hunting is not allowed …. Why you in this jungle, come to hunt innocent birds? What about your hostility with these “Birds”…. Why have you come to kill these innocent birds? …. Who are you? …. What are you doing in this wilderness? …. This is my territory …. And you broke the law of my area …. When my birds go to the city, So people like you, are capturing these birds, And when these birds, Return back at home in forest, So predators like you Hunters are targeted by bullets. These birds are my friends, and I, will not allow anyone to kill these birds Ghost voices …. I did not know, for give me, I made a mistake, Do not kill me, Let me go, Crime has happened to you, And you will be punished, And that punishment, I will, Run away, if you can run, Run away, if you can run, Run away, Ghost voice …. Ghost voice …. Ghost voice …. Cry of ghost …. Who are you friend, Why you have fallen here? I was lost, Now got the way. Who are you?, the hunter …. What are you doing here?, Come to hunt, Do not hit the birds ….. Hunting here is prohibited, Hunting here is prohibited …. Strange crazy guy …. But I will hunt …. Leave him …. The ghost laugh. The end. Produced @ Directed By Jamaan Khan.

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