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  • i figure its the human condition that nobody will slag off a product that they spent loads on to avoid looking stupid . its a paradox

  • For most people the alternative is windows, so it kinda makes sense they keep coming back. Hackintoshes are the biggest winners and linux users are in the N/A category;)

  • What do you think about hackintosh?

  • This is nonsense. I love Apple, they inform me of who I am supposed to be. Repair complaints are for the poor….I am not rich but I make sure Apple gets all my money.

  • In truth Apple is as good or bad as ever other PC, phone, laptop out there. Just because Apple is the nich must have, doesn't mean other vendors are not having the same problems with faulty components, poor supplier quality control. And I've only had an iMac for a year and are happy to report it has had no hardware issues in that time.

  • It's amazing how people can become a brand sheep, and they deny it.

  • Apple has been ripping off there customers from day one,there products are over rated, over priced, and they are laughing at there customers all the way to the bank.take your head out of your ass and see what they really are,con men!😕

  • It's a weird coincidence that the moment Apple transitioned to Intel processors, over half their products turned into such shit, and get worse and worse by the day.

    Great video. Although do note others defend, and continue to use, crap products from other companies, just like some do with Apple, as you mentioned in the beginning of the video.

  • Talk with an Apple fanboy, they are completely brain washed.

  • Every thing I buy is Samsung. Why? Apart from price, I trust my own judgement; that means, if it messes me around , i don't buy again. and I have been buying Samsung for as long as i can remember; fridge, microwave, washing machine, j5 mobile—the only exception is my Acer Chromebook. Ho! the TV is Samsung.
    I am 73, and if I get another chance at life I will find myself a South Koran wife.
    My car is Hyundai—South Korean goods last longer and are cheaper in the first place. Win,Win. UK.

  • The only apple product I ever owned was an apple sticker that I got for free many years ago.

  • Apple is gucci, jordans, balenciaga etc.
    An accessory to look rich.

  • So…waitaminit…at roughly the 12:36 mark where Mr. Rossman shows the reworked motherboard…did they just bake the whole thing as a reflow instead of fixing the actual damaged part? I'm struggling to see WTF they did to create such a disaster…


  • To look at all this, especially that easy to correct capacitor issue, and say that Apple gives a shit, or does not use planned obsolescence is a massive stretch..

  • If you buy a MacBook you are a fool I don’t see how anyone with an IQ above 81 would buy the MacBook you really don’t get much for 2,900$ while the people at the Apple store laugh in your face

  • what about raspberry pi 4 little computer

  • A1278 Macbook Pro SATA cable failures(yes, really).
    Changed 2 during the life of my sister macpro. Last time I both 2, to have one as a backup. So ready for the third time.

  • How do you like them apples?

  • Wow, I am now SO thankful that I went Android instead of iPhone when I got my first smartphone! And more thankful still that I never put all my eggs in the Apple basket that one time I did get a MacBook!

    Suffice to say, hell will fly and pigs will freeze over before I buy Apple products ever again!

  • I dont trust this guy., not in real life quality and performance., i have apple now in 5 years still good as new,.. not like other brand where are all the flagship of 2012 and 2013 now? Only apple left! You are such a lier! Such a big lier we are not fan boy just our xperience you are just like edison just to kill animals just to destroy tesla and that you., just to destroy apple

  • Iphone 7 and 7plus loop deasease. U should've talked about it ):

  • Pay More Differently

  • Designed obsolescence, an Apple patent

  • Hipsters and other people who need to show off buy Apple because they need the "status" that a stupid logomark gives them . As Louis wisely said…if these people have problems with a product of any other brand they will probably never buy again but when it's Apple they will forgive and keep buying because they need the logomark to show off, it's like a disease. Any tech savvy person knows that Apple are overpriced and are not good quality products. You can get something way better for much less money and that's the truth. The products are only focused on the style, they want to make it beautiful and expensive and that's all.

  • Have to say that I am a satisfied Apple user who has never required any hardware or software support. That said I have to agree that Apple design seems to bear no reference to servicing or upgrade requirements. The new iMacs look good and work well, whilst allowing simple RAM upgrades it would be nice to have easy access to the hard disk so that it could be user upgradable. Nice looking equipment and when working it works OK but even I am disappointed in the history of problems that fortunately seem to have been mainly laptop and iPhone related.

  • I just dont understand all those #fanboys that willingly give #money for this piece of shit products, BUT even worst they go proud to be rip by those #cunts at #apple, almost any brand of laptop has better products than the mac

  • The idiots that always say "well they work well for me" are a disgrace to humanity. They're the reason technology has been going backward. It's extremely sad every time I hear someone talk about apple as if they're a company that has brought technology forward.

  • My mac has an insulation problem and the touchpad shocks me every few mins. Don't really have a choice coz most of the software that my school uses is from mac.

  • Stupid humans…

  • Sold my iPhone (3gs) to a hot Italian girl. It was the best decision I've ever made 😂🔥. 🍎FU

  • You are relentless and ruthless in the pursuit of the fall of Apple. I love it your enthusiasm .

  • After being an Apple product user for many years, as well as some of my close family, I believe (when I can) I'll choose another device that can do better in terms of computers. The phones I've always been suspicious about but the laptops surprised me after watching this whole video. Incompetent computer design is more than enough of a factor for me to leave a brand, and this video is having at it.

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    I'm currently typing this on a MacBook Pro, Retina display, 2016 model- 3 years before I became more aware of the tech industry, and what good computers can actually do.

    I'm very angry. *Very.*

  • 4.1 k down voters must be Orange Bone Spur supporters . Very LOW IQ!

  • So true.

  • I have a Microsoft surface 3 purchased new on May 2015 still works great….. Its on 24/7 take it everywhere I go would I buy again yes…. Apple computers are pathetic stop buying the most over priced crappy computers / phones you morons.

  • First trillion dollar company everyone

  • I was wondering why there were so many downvotes then you got to the Trump part and it all made sense. Salty Trump lover losers. 😀

  • The stupid fanboys keep pressing "dislike" on the truth 😀

  • I miss when "apple" was Macintosh. Back when the designers had engineers on board instead of middle schoolers sitting in an office huffing markers when they "innovate" least that's what it seems like to me with identical looking products that work worse and cost more.

  • Hey Louis… You really made apple fanboys look like morons 😂

    Lovely video & lots of proof but you know what?.. people will still buy it cause the just want to showoff their fake status with that dumb apple logo.

    BTW more than 4k apple fanboys disliked your video 🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:52 Steve Jobs replied at 4:20 PM, coincidence?

  • Steve jobs didn’t want this.
    He was killed for these people to take advantage of us all, it’s human greed for money.. just my thoughts..

  • I bought a MacBook Pro two days ago and when I was using it for the first time I noticed that when it drops below 40% (20%-40%) it shuts down with no warning and it's impossible to turn it back on unless I plug in the power cable. I thought it must be a hardware issue so I got it replaced for a new one. I set up my new computer and I found out that it had the same issue.

    I tried resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) as per Apple's instructions at: @t

    Unfortunately, this didn't resolve the issue.

    At this point I think it would be stupid to buy a third MacBook Pro just to find out that it's not working again.

    Has anyone come across any information that indicates this is a known issue?

    Link to the topic:


  • Salty ppl just because Apple makes the best laptops around smh

  • horrible design

  • This is why i don't buy apple products
    noone ever exept my sister has bought An Apple Product

  • I only own a iphone because my car only supports apple carplay… but i really only use it for music so im just going to get a headphone jack. iphones are the worst products i have ever used, they are so freaking fragile delicate and useless and short lived and you pay absurd premium amounts to purchase one

  • I agree with you 1000%! Apple is an evil vile company and their products are nothing but crap that comes from the back allies of China! The only reason they are still even in business is because they use stupid old fat white men that are technologically stupid to back them up because they're paying them off (Congress, yes, I'm talking about Congress).

  • The display hinge is screwed?

    The customer is already screwed

  • Apple.

    America's Huawei.

  • Trump must be Apple reworked. Defective and SAD.

  • Ik it’s not logical but at a subconscious level, most people see androids as a “poor person phone”

  • 10:30 watching a macbook pro on my macbook pro, I didn't choose this computer I'm replacing it with a desktop soon, and at least it has windows 10 installed instead of that garbage Mac OS

  • How dare you say that about Trump's face!

    Trump's face is much brighter orange

  • apple isn't a tech company, it's a fashion company

  • I would never buy an apple computer, but to me, the UI on iPhones and iPads is far more appealing than any other mobile device. The default softwares (such as GarageBand) are also something I like and use. I believe there are benefits to having a mobile device from Apple, but it depends on your needs. For me, iPhones are far more convenient. Despite my preference for Apple mobile devices, I would never encourage anyone to purchase a MacBook over a regular PC. I got a gaming laptop for $1000 that runs games and other softwares much better than any MacBook. Also, I don’t have to deal with worrying if there will be iOS versions of the games I play and softwares I use.

    While their mobile devices are worth it for many customers, their laptops almost never are. Brand loyalty is stupid, and people should buy what gives them the best value.

  • I dont think Apple does that on purpouse. I think the engineers are just not good enough. There are many people in the world specialized in their jobs that dont know anything about their jobs. I have met many people. Not many people are smart like me and few others

  • macbook pro’s are garbage! i bought a 2017 macbook pro… under a year it had its keyboard replaced and by the second year had mother board failure… i just sold it for $500!! it cost me $3,000!! what a complete waste of money and piece of complete garbage

  • Take a look at the new Huawei machines…


  • Watching this video on a $320 ACER ONE Netbook bought in 2011. (Only upgrades include RAM & SSD swap that I did myself.) LOL, way to go crApple.

  • Apple product buying guide

  • You are friggin' AWESOME, Dude!
    I am sharing & recommending you, as we speak, to all my techie friends!
    Rock on, my friend!

  • How is it that over the last 25 years of using PCs, I've rarely had a single issue. Even still, most if not all of the issues could be fixed with a Windows fresh install.

    Yet with a "high end" product from Apple, which is designed and built by a single company, where they have control over all of the components, it doesn't work worth a crap?
    I just got a custom built PC with one of the fastest 8 core processors (Ryzen 7 2700X), all SSD (2.5TB) and a very good graphics card. Silent fans, Silent base. How much? $1750.

    It was an upgrade of my brother's computer which I used for about 3 years and he used it for 3 years before that (and his was custom built as well). Still worked fine. Just gave it to one of my friends for free.

    I'm so glad I never took the Apple bait. Even as a musician/composer, it's not something I want to mess with. I don't care if it's supposed to be better with music and sound operations.

  • Nice to finally see someone showing off Apple Scam Practice! Too bad i found this that late… Liked and Subbed i am a Hater since my first Experience with Iphone 3G. It died 1 Month after Warranty while a software update… Unable to get into os anymore infinite update loop after 2 days constantly updating… in the shop they wanted to charge 200$ for fixing… Was the time i noticed This Fucking Company is a SCAM!


  • I’ve never had issues with my iMac or Mac Pro, which are bother 8-10 years old, but I a, considering moving away from Mac because you can no longer upgrade aa machine to keep it running form10 years.

  • All this is true. So, should we all comeback to a windows nightmare? What’s the real solution?

  • I would rather use a slide rule than Apple crap

  • Im watching this on an old mac book pro lmao

  • I continue to buy Apple products…on Craigslist

  • CrApple Tim Crook is a thief great content I bought into Steve not capitalism

  • I had that MBP with the bad NVIDIA GPUs. Apple replaced the board 3 times, at no charge. The 4th board ran fine up until last when I sold the box for 300$ here in Nepal. Phew. Now my late 2012 iMac screen just went belly up. I gave it to our Apple authorized repair shop in Kathmandu, but they said if would be either $800 for the screen or $1600 for the screen + logic board. And they ruined the ribbon cables when they opened / closed it up. Arg. So I am running two external monitors now, with the iMac hidden below my desk. One other Macs is also falling apart, albeit 4-5 years after purchase. My late 2015 MBP's screen is literally flaking off. However, I have an original 11" MBA, which is working perfectly years later, and running Mojave just fine. Hit and miss, if you ask me.

  • Y'all dumb if you think any of this was by accident it's obviously planned obsolescence so you'll buy their new product the next year

  • and this is why I haven't buy nor I will ever buy apple products

  • Apple customers have enough money to discard broken machines. If defects bothered them they'd use different computers. I favor ripping off hipsters so I approve of their business model.

  • Apple always sucked. Their product was never compatible with everything else, and anyone that gets suckered into the sleek advertising asked for it.

    Ipod shuffle gen 1 for lyfe though

  • Apple stock is "worth" so much, they could completely collapse several times and still stay in business… Sad. .. Criminal really.

  • i think apple should get back to being apple. no mac, no iphone. they were really great machines back in the 80's. and early mac was better than anyone else. These days, linux based os and bad hardware. nope. They use to pretty much never break. many IIE's still out there. not useful today except for fun but still. Ever since windows xp, i've been a pc guy. I'll be honest windows xp and windows 7 are the best to date except for viruses. what bothers me most about apple is, now the reliability, the obvious move towards phones over computers, the premium price thanks to yuppies and the fact that a machine only supports a few versions of their os, and software companies also only support certain versions of osx. often, 3 years into it, it has to be replaced just because of software compatability issues even if it does the job fine, like with adobe and kodak. that is if you want the latest software, now your on the hook for a new 6k imac also. or mac pro. where as a new pc with windows 10 will often run 3k software you bought 10 years ago or more. its bs.

  • Apple an American company who get Phones made in China for cheap along with the batteries and sell them to the productives who buy them as wealth statement who then get an update that kills the battery life and slows the phone down to usless so the productives go out and buy another newer model ,
    The secondhand iphone market is awash with slow phones and batteries that are near usless
    God bless our digital life and preprogramed obsolecence ! !

  • I own an iphone 7 and im not gona lie, over the time of a few months, it started having problems randomly

  • I dont necesarily agree about the iphone 6, because it never broke for me and this video was interesting, good job

  • I had no idea about the iphone 4 issue.
    That's insane. This whole video is insane actually.
    I've bought two apple products in my life, both iphone 3s. I never bought another.
    I even had a Zune lol. Still works

  • Here’s a little story:

    Full disclosure, I despise Apple’s computers and OS and am a proud and satisfied PC user/enthusiast. But one time, we went to the Apple store to get my mom’s MacBook fixed (it wouldn’t boot properly) and when we turned it on to demonstrate the issue, it miraculously just… worked. In spite of this, they looked at it a little bit, and decided to just give us a free MacBook Air, obviously a much better computer than my mom’s old one. Credit where it’s due, but maybe it was just my town’s Apple store being cool.

  • Hi Louis, Thanks for your video, don't need to agree or disagree because facts are facts and you are exposing them. It's not only applicable to apple, it's the entier world that is working like that. Some people are just not doing their jobs and they get the money anyway. If we change that, we change the World. Salute from France 🙂

  • To be honest. I'm so glad people like Louis exist. Otherwise more people wouldn't know how ridiculous companies like these are and how badly they mug their customers off. My iPhone 7 broke from water damage! The almighty waterproof iphone couldn't hold up to a puddle for 4 seconds! Because the warranty expired it wasn't their problem anymore?!? THEIR DESIGN WAS FAULTY??

  • I have a late 2011 MBp 15" thats in new condition…i only use it to DJ til last year when i got a new one….i only use the dedicated GPU when need be whi using grfxswithcer program….trying to avoid unnecesary thermals…..i guess thats why its lasted so long….i mainly use the integrated chip in it..and hardly ever have a need for the dedicated one….but they really do screw things up sometimes

  • Proud to say the only Apple product I've ever owned or used was an ipod mini back in 2006. I've never understood the obsession with Apple.

  • Apple and Mac OS Keep you in their own Little World . Hiding Over 50 % of the one % Publicly Visible World Wide Web . PC's are what most of the Web was built on ., Better uet Unix and Linux give you Much More Control over Remote and Local Hardware , Just Saying : QC

  • Actually i had a confirmed problem on desktop SATA Cables which caused an issue in business desktops. The company accepted that this was a series-production error and fixed the problem (which is probably how it should be). Not defending apple here, im actually shocked at how bad the quality seems…

  • I abandoned team apple just not all that long ago. I will say my iPhone was stupid it kept freezing and restarting. Then my Hp laptop has been dropped has had a dent in the case and it still never gave me any problems. I went crazy team apple for a while. Had their phone iMac airpods apple watch and overtime I realized the experience was not good enough for me to keep paying crazy prices for something that I can pay about the same amount if not cheaper to have a super-powerful windows machine or a new android.

  • It's your money, if a product line keeps failing to meet what it promises, they stop buying it and do research into what would be better for your hard earned dollar. Weather it be Apple, Nvida, or some other product, stop wasting your money! Buy a product that will give you a good life span for your money. Nothing last forever!!!

  • I respect your view and experience – so maybe I‘m just the lucky one. But since 1984 Apple products almost never failed on me. Just work. And more ergonomicalky for the user experience than any other. And the rare cases of failure always led to Apple fixing or replacing it – for free. So making it a general rule that Apple products suck is not true for everyone, I guess – and your experience not on the scale of all bazillion products sold. You of course get to see the bad Apples on a daily basis, I get that. But think scale.

  • I have a life proof case on my iphone six….. Its still bent at the volume buttons….

  • People get apple products for social status.

  • Tough to hear since I’ve switched all my tech from an iMac 2009(no issues, knock on wood) to various number of iPads and currently iPad Pro 11” bought the iPhone 7 Plus no issues outside of fixable software bugs to the iPhone 8 Plus because i don’t like the face recognition software. I am not doubting you I just have not had terrible luck like in your video. I will say that for the money I don’t think there should be this many issues that are covered up or ignored. Thanks for your honesty and easy to watch videos.

  • Rotten apples … stink different.

  • Well, safe to say I got quite lucky when it comes to purchasing/owning APPLE products. I purchased the, well shit at this point, the abuse & just common wear-n-tear this bad, tiny motherfucker has absorbed w/o flinching, imma go ahead and call APPLE's crowning achievement……I͓̽p͓̽o͓̽d͓̽ N͓̽A͓̽N͓̽O͓̽ s͓̽I͓̽x͓̽T͓̽h͓̽ G͓̽e͓̽N͓̽e͓̽R͓̽a͓̽T͓̽I͓̽o͓̽n͓̽……..NOT A SINGLE ISSUE WITH IT. Still use it at work to this day.
    Oh, BTW, APPLE………………*(i purchased mine at an estate sale, $40 in 2014)* Ahhhhh…….man ya gotta love capitalism!!
    ……………that's capitalism……right?!?

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