we venture into white history month, we should
probably define what “white” Is. When we look at almost anyone with light skin
and features we assume that they are white. But historically, In the United States, it’s
been bit complicated. Phrases like “white race” and “white people”
originate from 17th century Europe during the Spanish and Atlantic slave trade. European explorers were fascinated when they
discovered that people had different skin colors and bone structures than them. So it became important for them to differentiate
between themselves and people with darker features They developed what is commonly referred to
as “scientific racism” that sought to define race based on biological differences rather
than cultural differences. “White” is a term that historically has functioned
as a descriptor of the dominant class. In the early British colonies of North America,
religious identity and racial identity often went hand in hand During the 17th Century, the terms Christian, White English and Free were used interchangeably to refer to white
people. It wasn’t until the emancipation of slavery
in the 19th century when the term “white” became a more popular term as many freed slaves
were also Christians. “White” became more of a legal classification
as laws limiting the rights of freed slaves started to emerge. The United States of America has always been
celebrated as a “melting pot” in reference to its diverse history of Immigration. Whiteness in the United states is like an exclusive
club that only certain people were allowed into But when we look at the history European immigration in the United States, we see that not everyone was allowed in the club. There were many reasons for this, but one
big reason was religious discrimination. The Protestant Reformation caused a lot of
anti-Catholic sentiment among the British in the 16th century. In 17th century America, those sentiments
were still felt among British colonizers who were largely Protestant. During the 19th century, Irish and German
immigrants came to America in droves and most of them were Catholic. They were referred to as “the whore of Babylon”
by many Protestant leaders and were met with a lot of hostility. A combination of religious discrimination
and xenophobia helped establish those groups as distinctly non-white. Irish immigrants had to fight against a long
list of stereotypes when they arrived to America and were often seen in the same light
as African Americans. In many Northern states they were often forced
into the same slums and rundown neighborhoods as African-Americans. Though they had so much in common, Irish Immigrants
in still sided with American slaveholders; even though at the time Ireland regarded slavery
in America as a great evil. During a time where segregation and racial
lines were drawn European immigrants presented a complication. While they were from Europe, they were not
seen as white, and whiteness was distinctly tied to legal rights, specifically property
and housing rights. So it became important for European immigrants
to pursue the label “white” and to be seen as American. When we want to study the shift of European
immigrants towards whiteness, examining the history of Chicago, Illinois is a pretty great
place to start. Chicago was home to numerous European immigrant
groups. like many immigrants to a new country, there
was a pressure to assimilate into dominant culture in order to pursue a better standard
of living. The history of property rights in Chicago
can be traced back to treaties between the Native Americans in the US government. The Pottawatomie tribe controlled most of
the land around Chicago until these treaties were signed. The land then belonged to the US government,
and at that time, only white people had to legally defensible right to property. So being “white” meant more than the nation
of origin to many immigrants. It meant being included into a group that
could legally own land, which of course meant start being able to start businesses and provide for their families. Eventually, European immigrants started to
intermingle, and areas that were marked for one group soon became intermixed. They often married across nationality but
within religious lines. As they mixed, the distinct lines drawn between
them became more blurred and they became known as simply the American working class. When slavery was abolished in 1865, African
Americans from the South migrated to Chicago and settled in the neighborhoods of European
Immigrants. As African Americans entered the working class,
racial tensions between them and European immigrants increased as they competed in housing
and employment markets. While labor fields were generally diverse,
integration of black workers came at a snail’s pace. Workplaces tended to be very clannish, with
people choosing to work only with people of their ethnic group. Trade unions attempted to bring people together
regardless of their background, But there was often a “job ceiling” that prevented black
workers from having certain higher-paying crafts. Some fields that, In theory, could hire African
Americans, didn’t when the majority of the laborers had prejudices against African Americans. As a result, black workers worked for much
less pay. When white workers would go on strike, their
employers would threaten to fire them and replace them with black laborers.
This insured that black laborers worked for less pay and racial tensions against black
people increased. In the race riot of 1919 Irish gangs incited
violence against African-Americans in Chicago. Members of an Irish gang called Reagan’s Colts
set fire to Polish and Lithuanian neighborhoods while wearing blackface. They did this hoping that these groups would
attack African-Americans in retaliation, but they didn’t. So, they raided an African-American neighborhood
called The Black Belt and murdered several people. The black community retaliated, and this resulted
in a bloody riot that lasted for four days. White identity, in Chicago, could be almost
defined by the exclusion of people of color. Numerous settlement houses were established
in Chicago during the 1880s and 90s. Their goal was to remedy poverty among working-class
European immigrants. The settlement houses were celebrated for
their diversity but still followed Jim Crow laws. Housing covenants were created to restrict
housing options for certain racial groups. Covenants were popular across the country,
especially in Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago. They would generally say things like “Herefor no part of said property or any portion
therefore shall be occupied by any person not of the Caucasian race” They often go into very blatant terms that
stated they wouldn’t rent to people of the “Negro” or “Mongoloid” race. Their reasoning for these covenants of course
was to keep the neighborhood safe. Places like the Pullman Planned community
welcomed European immigrants from all nations and utilized restrictive covenant’s because
many places wouldn’t rent to European immigrants. While European Immigrants may not have liked
each other all the time, it became clear to them that there was social and political capital
and black exclusion. The exclusion of black people,allowed these
places to thrive and to be seen as acceptable within the political landscape of Chicago. The Gads Hills center even had a blackface
minstrel show in 1915 with Polish and Bohemian actors that got rave reviews in the press. In the second quarter of the 20th century,
real – estate agent sponsored companies fought to enforce racially restrictive covenants. European immigrants signed into these covenants
and as a result accepted a white ethnic identity. In 1919, Benjamin J Rosenthal built Chicago’s
first model housing, Garden Homes. It was created as a haven of diversity, but
was ultimately white-only until 1956 when an African American family moved in. As a result, their home was burned down in
an act of arson. Housing discrimination still continues to
this day. And though segregation ended legally in 1964,
The red lining of districts still keeps black and brown people in the same impoverished
neighborhoods they’ve been in historically. When you examine the history of European immigrants
in the United States, it’s not a history without oppression and abuse. But it is a history where assimilation to
whiteness and the exclusion of black people provided a foundation on which European Immigrants
built themselves up in ways many other groups were not able to. And that’s white history. If you liked this video you can support my work by, becoming a monthly Patreon supporter and get access to my exclusive private vlogs!

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  • racism is prejudice or bias against someone based on race not oppression position or social class

  • People like you are the reason the kkk exists.

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  • I am so tired of identity politics and the re-writing of history to sell your narrative. Human beings have been shitty to other human beings since we started congregating into tribes. At this point in human history every single fucking one of us has had many ancestors who were a slaves. Yep, my great, great, great, great, great….. granddaddy was a serf working under the lash for some land owner in some forgotten manor in central Europe. Conditions were just as brutal and yes, serfdom is another term for slavery. For my ancestors liberation came in the form of the black plague. Yep, a fucking horrific pandemic where everyone died was the only way to end that type of slavery. Where the fuck are my repatriations!

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    What about the history of humanness? Humanness has destroyed the environment and polluted the planet. So you, Kat Blaque, are guilty as well. You should be deeply ashamed to be human. The world would be a better place without us. Let's all kill ourselves right now.

    But seriously, I have NO white guilt. You're just another communist who secretly hates people of European descent. At least "whiteness" made the rest of the world aware of other continents (Christopher Columbus).

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  • European workers unions were also notoriously anti-asian immigration, supporting policies such as the chinese exclusion act and taking up a large portion of hate groups like the asiatic exclusion league (AEL).

  • Every race on earth has benefited from human oppression in some form or another throughout human history. If history has taught us anything it is that humans, not races, are imperfect. Research the Barbary slave trade. Research slavery still happening today in non-western countries.

    People commenting hatefully here – your 'whites are the devil' narrative is simply reverse racism. 1% of Americans owned slaves. Of the 12.5 million Africans sold during the era of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, about 388,000 were shipped to America. 4,000 free black families also owned slaves in the South during this period. The majority of Americans opposed slavery, fighting a civil war where white people literally slaughtered each other to end slavery – being one of the first countries along with Britain (and races if you want to keep playing that card) to oppose and outlaw human enslavement. No one is saying colonialism should not be looked back on critically and that we should strive to right the many wrongs or injustices we have the power to do so today. But people should understand the history of their own ancestors before passing judgement. Do you understand the history of yours?

    The Arab slave trade and their enslavement of Africans continued for a longer period and was endlessly more brutal than the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Where is the outrage and cries for all Arabs today to take collective responsibility for the actions of their ancestors? Are people of African or indigenous consent also going to condemn their own ancestors inter-tribal warfare for power, land and resources still happening today, the oppression of their own race through the African slave trade and the selling of their own people into slavery? Or is it only oppressive when white people do it? What about Genghis Khan and the extermination of Persians by the Mongols – or the extermination of millions of Chinese by the Japanese in WW2. Not racist right? Only whites can be racist. Isn't all warfare or malicious act committed by a human or group towards another, done in the belief that the perpetrator is somewhat superior? Where is this myth coming from that only white people viewed their races as superior to others?

    Perhaps the truth of the matter is that almost all races throughout human history have committed acts we now view as atrocities and we should all be equally willing to learn from these and advance together as a species. If you aren’t willing to hang your heads equally in shame as you are asking all white people to do, then you are a hypocrite and have no right to pass judgement here. And to the narrator in this video who sees it so fit to generalise and chastise all white men – you are lumping into that pool some of the greatest minds in human history. Men who helped to abolish the slave trade. Men and women who contributed to the advancement of the human race through scientific discovery, technological innovation, contributions to politics, art and philosophy, even the democratic society you exist in which grants all of you below the freedom to spew your callous bigotry and vitriol. All videos like this achieve are in making sweeping generalisations and popularising the notion that it is now ok to morally subjugate people of a certain race under the guise of guilt acceptance.

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    40 years of walking around in the darkness before God gave us light again.. & from that light, came a tribe that was white & a nation born from Moses & the Exodus.
    We were never 'White Privileged' but those who made the journey to colder climates in search of freedom, were cursed with resentment from our black brothers instead..

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  • "They wouldn't teach this in schools because it would make whites look less noble."
    This kind of audience is exactly why racism still exists. Oh wow, you read a whole bunch of Internet articles summing up white history and decided to make a YouTube video out of it just to please your coloured margins. Imagine if a white, female YouTuber made a video about black history. Sry sweeties, blacks also sold each other into slavery, it wasn't just whites.
    Bringing back a time period where slavery and 'white privilege' were exceedingly common, this honestly just makes African Americans hate white people more. Blacks living in impoverished neighbourhoods are there because THEY choose to be there.
    "Housing discrimination" is so utterly false and ridiculous, it's amazing. I know plenty of African Americans (with good jobs and lifestyles) that live in homes that either cost more than their white counterparts homes or about exactly the same.
    It's no wonder whites discriminate blacks nowadays. If you looked at CURRENT facts, anyone would see that blacks are more responsible for the increase in crime rate besides Mexicans. There are so many factors playing into why a white individual wouldn't​ want to be in the company of an African American. Its how they present yourselves.
    If they're sagging their pants and dealing weed in the backstreets of South Omaha listening to that disgusting music you call rap, then yeah, totally see where the hatred comes from, because no one wants to be associated with trash. Whites have their pocket of dark history. Every race does. Just because you're black doesn't give you the right to make this kind of video. It's sad and immature.

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  • Great speaking skills but I think you started missing the point in the title. I mean I was waiting for an explanation of what is considered white, I’m Italian and I’m trying to explain people around me that we are not white, as this term has no history in Europe ( until nazi I think). I was looking for some historical clues about the words etc. but the video began just talking about how black peoples were treated. So please try to focus more on what you are advertising with the title next time. I’m gonna watch other videos of you because I really like how you express yourself so this isn’t intended to be a negative comment, please don’t get bothered by it ^^

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  • Their origin leads to one person. The Devil

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    Race is politics

  • This is why i will stand for New America because Old America doesn't represent me i will fight for my own personal liberty and freedom of speech even in this day i don't need old white history to tell me because that's their war not mine we colored people were excluded from both wars/religion/culure/law and equal rights because they were greedy to keep it to themselves either way they can have their shity racist history but i will have the New America at least.

  • Eurocentrism needs to end that old outdated racist american nation&culture ideals has to die and have New America for All take it's place.

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    next level ethnic cleansing

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  • When you say "white", do you mean WASP? There are plenty of people of European descent from all over the world. Caucasian is also often used to mean white and that term encompasses Europeans, Middle Easterners, and North Africans. I think in order to talk about this, you need to start with the working definition of the word. There are plenty of non WASP people who have paler skin who are treated WAY better than people with more melanin. I think it's important to address that instead of just grouping the world into WASP and "not white." I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying per se, but I just feel like you could have been clearer.

    And on a petty note, if you're going to talk about my state, please pronounce it correctly lol

  • Bring back racism

  • The problem with this account is that it seems to base skin-color racism on an 'innocent' thing such as 'fascination with the different types of people/skin color/phenotypes' that Europeans encountered in the 17th century. This is false. Europeans encountered dark skinned peoples way before the 17th century; artistic depictions of humans on vases and other artifacts of the ancient Roman and Greek cultures showed various shades of skin color. Writers from those cultures acknowledged darker skinned people without inventing a 'white race', and Shakespeare was only one among others who recognized black monarchs like the protagonist of his play, 'Othello'. Europeans saw many kinds of people in Europe for hundreds of years before the 17th century, and interbred with them, up to the transatlantic slave trades before the 17th century, during which time there were many cases of fair-skinned European slave women marrying African slave men, and of European free women marrying African free men. The invention of the 'white race'' was to prevent more of these types of marriages occurring in the American colonies, and the term 'white person' did not appear in colonial records until 1681. The situation during this time was such that there were many free or non-slave African persons who could vote, run for public office, own properties and businesses, own slaves and indentured servants of African and European descent, and could marry anyone regardless of nationality. At one time in a county in Virginia, 50% of African free men were married to European women (see Jacqueline Battalora), and this was socially acceptable. The imbalanced ratio of women to men, and the European women choosing to marry African men, gave rise to the anti-miscegenation laws to invented the legal term 'white person'. It took a hundred more years with the invention of 'scientific racism' to solidify this notion of a 'white person', and make Europe predominantly 'white' for a few centuries by prohibiting 'intercolor' marriages and creating historical narratives of the 'West' and the 'European continent' (which is not a continent, but a peninsula of Asia), overturning the previously naturally 'multicolor' nature of Europe, given its location between Africa and West Asia.

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  • Well Kat, maybe you need to look beyond your progressive history you have been taught. Most of the protestants who came to this country came to escape being imprisoned and even burned at the stake by either the Catholic Church or the Church of England, which had a habit of labeling Christians who disagreed with them as being heretics. Once they were declared heretics, then they were fair game to face the consequences those two entities placed on them. So once they had escaped that persecution, why in the world would they want to invite in the very ones who had persecuted them? Call it religious discrimination if you want, but I call it self preservation.

    Maybe we all should just admit that we are all guilty instead of laying all the blame on "whites." And if you think culture does not differ, then invite some of your own to lunch from the Congo.

    Wikipedia – Racism — “During the Congo Civil War (1998–2003), pygmies were hunted down like game animals and eaten. Both sides in the war regarded them as "subhuman" and some say their flesh can confer magical powers. UN human rights activists reported in 2003 that rebels had carried out acts of cannibalism. Sinafasi Makelo, a representative of the Mbuti pygmies, has asked the UN Security Council to recognise cannibalism as both a crime against humanity and an act of genocide.[177] A report released by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination condemns Botswana's treatment of the 'Bushmen' as racist” —

    I don't have the stomach to watch the remainder of your racist characterization because I can see where it is going, which is that "white" people are morally inferior to every other race on earth. As for the title, The History of Whiteness, I don't know anyone who had a choice as to what color of skin they would be born with, so you should get off your morally superior high horse.

  • How America’s culture of “punching down” came to be.

  • Should Irish be considered PoC?

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    EDIT: missing a "but"

  • Immigrants from all areas of Europe were highly discriminated against in America and other countries for hundreds of years. People usually bring up the Irish but it was pretty much anyone who wasn't a natural born American. It didn't matter that they had light skin. It mattered that they weren't American or they weren't part of the country they immigrated to. Slavery is still a huge issue in many parts of the world, and human trafficking is modern day slavery which encompasses every race and culture. People need to cover these topics more. They get frequently ignored and it is unfair to the people of every culture and race that are victims of modern day slavery or had ancestors of every culture and race who were slaves.

  • Whiteness aka goodness ✊🏻

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