The History of Vacant Insurance

Since the dawn of time, man has sought out
the perfect home. Only to leave it shortly after for a more perfect home. Often, this
would leave the first property pretty empty and exposed to risks. This proved to be a
particular challenge for ancient insurance agents. Most insurance companies don’t offer
vacant policies. Often our agent’s ancestors would call on a broker and sacrifice their
commission, or worse, turn the customer away and lose the business. As time went on, the
struggle of insuring vacant homes continued to haunt agents. And for awhile, it seemed
like as if they would be destined to repeat the past. Luckily, agents have discovered
a solution for insuring vacant homes – Foremost Insurance. Foremost can cover many types of
vacant homes, including those that are for sale, between tenants, foreclosed or owned
by a company. Plus, unlike with a broker, Foremost agents have binding authority, online
processing systems, and the option to easily endorse the policy to a different usage, if
it becomes occupied. No one knows where the future may take us, but Foremost agents know
one thing. When it’s time to go there, they have Foremost to insure the empty place we
leave behind. Quote and book vacant properties today on

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  • Learned nothing new! Complete waste of money on making this video. A simple email would have been fine. Prefers a higher commission rate then seeing this silly video.

  • I agree with Khaled…this is a waste of Foremost's marketing budget.    I'd rather have more visits from my marketing rep.

  • Can you make a version that doesn't make a broker sound like a bad guy? I won't share this because I'm proud to be a broker.

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