The History of the World according to Resident Evil

the resident Evil Saga starts in the 1960s with scientists hunting for rare viruses and closed Ecosystems hidden away in the heart of the African continent the Thorny history of Jill Valentine Leon Kennedy and other fashionable Survivors fighting Bloody Frogmen Spanish Farmer cultists with squid knife heads and Old-fashioned Zombies is not easy to grasp after 20 years of games This is the history of the world according to resident evil Hill 1966 to 1969 Edward Ashford [Oswell], Spencer and James Marcus discovered the progenitor virus in West Africa the virus can recombine genetic material for different organisms but it proves difficult to manipulate by the end of 1969 they founded the umbrella pharmaceutical company to legitimize their research in the virus finished a mansion slash research facility in the [our] clay Mountains outside, Raccoon City and Transformed that city into a center for their business They’ve also seized control of the region in Africa where the virus was [discovered] and AshFord’s son has established a base in [antarctica] where he begins his virus related project called Code, Veronica? 1971 to 1978 in 1971 the Code Veronica project is completed resulting in the birth of Alfred and Alexia Ashford twins with cloned DNA and manipulated genes that make them innately gifted at Viral research then in 1977 sunglasses Enthusiast Albert wesker an eventual Monster man William Birkin join umbrella to Oversee the training of its private forces That same year James [Marcos] creates a new progenitor strain called the t-virus Whose purpose is to create bio weapons? 1981 to 1988 after becoming one of umbrellas chief researchers in 1981 Alexia Ashford accidentally kills her father After infecting him [with] the TV ronica virus which is her own customized strain melding the code, Veronica process with Marcus’s own Bioweapon virus in order to perfect it she infects herself and goes into cryogenic, stasis to survive It’s detrimental effects in 1988 wesker Murders Marcus on orders from Oswald Spencer birkin takes over his lead T-virus Developer and umbrella completes the tyrant a Hulking Nyan killable biological weapon that sort of looks like Dr.. Manhattan from Watchmen with his guts hanging out Meanwhile an umbrella Facility in Europe Begins work on nemesis a tyrant variant infected with a powerful parasite 1991 to 1996 by the end of 91 umbrella has Expanded its raccoon city facilities building a new lab that runs underground throughout the entire City William Birkin and his wife have started work on the new and improved G virus which causes spontaneous and unpredictable Mutations in Bio weapons and Westar has begun working undercover as an intelligence operative Meanwhile the Drug dealer Javier Hidalgo becomes the new clone template for future tyrant weapons in 96 the Raccoon City Police Department forms a new specialized rescue task force called stars That is secretly backed by umbrella Wesker is placed in charge of the unit Summer 1998 umbrellas Clandestine operations begin to sour as tea virus-infected Bio weapons get loose in the Arclight facility after mauled bodies begin appearing in the woods Starr’s team member Rebecca Jambres is sent to investigate When she meets former Marine Billy Cohen during a t-virus zombie outbreak on a train Nothing in our training could ever have prepared Which leads them to a training facility nearby the [Arklay] mansion where they encounter albert [wesker] and William Birkin? Wesker reveals that he is betrayed umbrella in a stealing Research and birkin refuses to join him so he can finish the g-virus. [I] refuse to Abandon my work Meanwhile a [stars] team including Jill Valentine Chris Redfield and Barry Burton are trapped in the overrun our clay mansion with Westar where they’re forced to fight an outbreak of zombies Zombie dogs zombie Sharks and a Menagerie of other gruesome mutations run amok you are almost a gentle sandwich while Chris and Jill survive wesker is inevitable betrayal and defeat a Tyrant on sight they are not able to prevent the viral outbreak from spreading to Raccoon City, Via infected rats in August the City is completely overtaken by bioweapons Rookie Cop Leon s Kennedy and Chris’s sister Claire redfield arrived to find the city decimated before meeting up with intelligence operative [Ada] [wong] and [Shari] Birkin daughter of William who is carrying a sample of the g-virus. [I] can’t believe the man who developed the g-virus all four escaped from a grotesquely mutated William birkin before the city is destroyed by the us government with a sterilizing missile strike at the same Time Jill Valentine also escapes from the City while pursued by Nemesis with umbrella revealed to the public as a dangerous rogue weapons Manufacturer a new period of biological Warfare begins the us government shuts down Umbrellas operations and Hires leon Kennedy as a consulting operative winter 1998 after Chris redfield heads to Europe to fight umbrella abroad Claire Follows her brother only to be captured [by] the company and imprisoned on Rochefort Island an AshFord controlled umbrella training facility or another t virus outbreak has left [Dom] bees all over the place Claire Chris and Leonardo DeCaprio look Alike Steve burnside Defeat, a violently insane alfred ashford before getting shunted off to Antarctica where Encounter and Destroy a resurrected [Alexia] Ashford? Steve does not make it and he winds about it a lot 2001 to 2004 leon and Jack Krauser of special Ops Soldier working with the us government Encounter an Outbreak of the surviving t Veronica virus which [has] been provided by Westar to the drug Lord Hidalgo who [had] been cloned [to] make tyrants leon survives the encounter and Hidalgo’s base of operations is destroyed unfortunately an injured krauser joins wesker who in turn has aligned himself with [accell] a gionee and Try sell a pharmaceutical company and bio weapon manufacturer that is filling the gap left in a global market without umbrella Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield join a new international bioterrorism, task force called the BSA A 2004 to 2005 [Krauser] Abducts Ashley Graham as a double agent within [Lo] Cerumen Ado’s A Spanish cult controlling a mind-altering Zombie and Bioweapon generating parasite called las plagas Leon Kennedy is dispatched to rescue Ashley Because she’s the president’s daughter my assignment is to search of the president’s missing daughter, [right]? God I just said and he is also tasked with destroying low salute monado’s which he does before [escaping] on a totally sweet jet ski But he does not prevent ada wong from securing a sample of las plagas and giving it to wesker elsewhere Bio Terrorist group [felt] [rose] causes the destruction of the Island City Tara grigio By releasing the new tea of this virus on the public and forcing that Island Sterilization Chris Redfield is dispatched to stop felt [Rose] But disappears and jill valentine is sent to find him they eventually meet on a monster infested Cruise ship called the Queen zenobia Where they defeat [the] leader of ultros and uncover a plot within the federal? bioterrorism commission to increase the influence of [that] organization by helping Cause the [Terror] [Grisha] Outbreak you pretty much got it I’m glad I’m not paying you for nothing the BSAa is further established as an international cooperative. Task force 2006 to 2009 Chris and Jill Tracked down Oswell Spencer the last surviving Umbrella Founder only to Witness his murder at the hands of wesker who then [Kidnaps] jill in 2009 Trial Begins the Ouroboros Project the Ouroboros virus is the culmination of all of wesker’s manipulation and research combining aspects of all previous bioweapon viruses and blasts plagas to create a mutable Seemingly unkillable soldier after a new strain of las plagas is released in the Kajouji Autonomous region located in West Africa near umbrellas original operation [Chris] and [Bs] [aah], and Sheva alomar are sent to stop the outbreak they stop it, rescue Jill valentine defeat [excel] as try sell company and Finally kill Albert wesker by punching a boulder directly into his face and throwing him into a volcano Sober Yes 2011 now working for the non-government organisation Terra-save devoted to helping survivors of bioterrorism and prevent new groups like umbrella and try cell from forming Claire Redfield and Moira Burton daughter barry reporting for duty Ms. Medfield are kidnapped and brought to an Island Barry now working for the [BSa] [a] heads to the island to save them six months after their disappearance When he arrives he meets a young girl named Natalia with unusual pSychic abilities It’s revealed that the Island facility is run by Alex wesker Albert wesker Sister dead set on revenge and perfecting her brother’s viral research Laura Barry and Claire Escape, but Alex’s consciousness lives on [in] Barry’s Newly adopted daughter, Natalia 2012 to 2013 Bioterrorism is now a global plague a BSa a team Led by Chris redfield fight Javo mutated soldiers infected with the Durable C virus deployed by the Terrorist group neo umbrella [sherry] Birkin now grown up and working for the u.s. Government is sent to track down Jake Muller the son of Albert wesker whose Blood contains natural antibodies for the C virus no question Falling into a trap set by neo umbrella Chris Redfield entire squad is killed Safer his protege peers and both Jake and Sherry are taken captive for six months and injured in an easy at Chris wanders [adonia] while sherry and Jake remain in custody in 2013 agent Selina Harper and Leon Kennedy are present at a neo umbrella Viral attack in tall oaks that results in the Death of the United States president under the advisement of Ada wong Hellena and Leon head to China to prove they didn’t [dis] [hacen] ate the president and to uncover who’s behind neo umbrella Peers and the rescued Chris Also head to China to fight a massive Javo outbreak that’s overrun Shanghai where sheree and Jake are also being held While the city is almost completely destroyed the sextet Alongside ada wong Destroy neil umbrellas underwater base and defeat Simmons the President’s aide and closest confidant who is revealed to have been manipulating everyone as part of a larger conspiracy? Called the family that seeks to control world events before they defeat him he turns into a giant Tyrannosaurus rex Monster with an eyeball in the middle of his mouth says 2015 to 2017 Ethan winters receives a phone call from his wife mia who’s been missing for [three] years that? [leads] him to an old house in a Louisiana swamp where he meets the baker family and a mysterious new bioweapon There is also a creature called the molded a slimy fungal humanoid creature full of teeth and claws as He moves through the house and explores further even eventually discovered a wrecked boat in the swamp [that’s] the source of the infection it had been used to transport a new type of Bioweapon in the form of a little girl called Evelyn. Who’s able to create and control the molded creatures It’s revealed that mia was actually a part of this Working for an unnamed company to transport the girl when she escaped and infected the Baker’s Most of the suspicion points to a corporation called 10 sue being behind Evelyn and [e.type] bio weapon I’m redfield Let me found you And that is the complete history of resident evil so far if you enjoy this feature and we’re able to actually follow it with your brain Follow Gamesradar at Slash Gamesradar

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