The History Of the Starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701

The Starship Enterprise His mission to seek out new life Survey Uncharted Worlds And defend Federation territories From its beginning as a common science vessel to becoming the flagship of Starfleet This is the evolution of the USS Enterprise The enterprise NX-01 was the first earth starship with a human built propulsion system It was a new generation of starship meant for long-term space travel and exploration NX-01 is basing an experiment Christened “The Enterprise” that actually it’s the very first ship to be called “Enterprise” its whole purpose was to explore the unknown, go places where humans have never gone before As time went on, the design of the ship was going to relate itself to the way It’s been discovered in space how space travel works Lightspeed works all that type of new kind of technologies that were discovered In 22:45 the NCC 1701 was launched from the San Francisco fleet yards this this Constitution class enterprise was in service for 25 years including five highly successful Years under the command of Captain James Kirk Following a quarter century of service to Starfleet The enterprise was called into drydock to be given a complete upgrade of all its major systems The retrofit was to upgrade the ship to handle the the new stress as the new loads the new speeds The old cylindrical missiles on the ship were replaced as were the nacelle struts this allowed for a newer aerodynamic design The ship was also equipped with dual extra vehicular activity bays This allowed maintenance and cargo ships easier access to the enterprise After many months in dry dock for refit, the enterprise was put back in service It was now one of the most recognized and respected ships in the Federation The enterprise pretty much has Become the ship being so it’s always the challenge of alien forces to take it down would be the gold mark for any race To take that ship down claim victory The enterprise under attack from the reliant Khan’s crew the shields weren’t up They were not ready for an attack. And so when the surprise attack took place They were hitting all their vital areas pretty much making them helpless After the enterprise encountered the reliant and Sustained its heavy damage its first point of origin was to go to the space talk and get repairs in that time Captain Kirk has to commandeer the ship To steal it to get Spock back to his homeworld the ship had not been fixed. It hadn’t been repaired. It left home Never to come back when it encountered the Klingons They pretty much had a field day on the ship. They had the cloaking device All kinds of technologies that that ship in that particular state was not ready to handle Following a costly encounter with a Klingon bird-of-prey the NCC 1701 was given its self destruct command This resulted in the complete destruction of the enterprise Following the loss of the refitted Enterprise Starfleet commissioned an old Constitution class ship and in honor of previous service to the Federation renamed it USS enterprise service number NCC 1701- A It was the end of the era for that Constitution style class of ship After the attack on the enterprise by Conn a whole design team kind of went to work to figure out what would happen had that attack on further. Obviously the neck would have been blown apart. It was a very weak design element in that particular ship when it came time to recommission an enterprise B The Excelsior was the obvious choice because it’s the strongest of the of the Federation ships Design changes led to the excelsior class vessels to have a more durable neck The nichelle’s had been set to a lower profile and the struts were closer to the body It was given a more compact design to keep the limbs of the ship from being a focus of an enemy during an attack the Enterprise B’s maiden voyage it was a christening ceremony. Admiral Kirk was there to kind of give it the send-off and as Things go space emergency takes place. It gets encountered kind of an energy ribbon, which they are not sure what it is being the Captain Kirk was on board the veteran of all kinds of situations like this decided that he could alter the ship’s deflector array to basically put a hole in the renergie ribbon long enough to pull the survivors of the ship out in doing so the tendrils of the energy ribbon, which is just a static ball of energy and Electricity actually strikes part of the ship destroying the entire section where Captain Kirk was working Thus given him his basically his last flight on the enterprise Prior to its decommission the enterprise be successfully chartered over a hundred and forty new star systems and made first contact with seventeen new civilizations The enterprise-c encountering, uh Attacked by the Raman forces pretty much met its demise in a in a heavy battle they fought As long as it could as boldly as it could but there was no match for what the Romans had to throw at it making surf Li barrier that the Romulan threat was a lot stronger than they had imagined and technology would Take us into new frontiers from this point on The galaxy-class starship was the new design which would carry the name enterprise now the Flagship of the Federation its size was unmatched in Starfleet the purpose of this ship was more taking out of the battleship mode and putting it more into a family in space what they wanted to Have is communities The ship was designed to stay in space much longer than previous enterprise designs the immense size of the enterprise-d allowed approximately 1,000 16 officers enlisted crewmen and civilians on board The galaxy-class Enterprise had the most advanced warp core in the fleet at the time It could sustain a warp speed of nine point six for 12 consecutive hours As the science of warp speed kind of advances in the Star Trek universe the ships also Change as they go along you look at the ships on a profile point of view from the original to the D The original enterprise you see the nacelles are higher than the saucer and as the ship’s progressed in design they actually go lower to the point where they’re Parallel with the saucer to the point with the D where they’re below the saucer purposes. This is all with the new aesthetic design of longer space travel and the way aerodynamic warp factors go into play The enterprise-d had a new face or design It had multiple strips positioned on its Hall which allowed the phasers to move independently toward different targets It also had two photon torpedo bays located on the ship each bay had the ability to fire 10 torpedoes Simultaneously and each torpedo could also be given its own individual target Bunch of rogue Klingons decided to take it on take it down and claim the victory They pretty much meet their match with the enterprise-d The battle takes place they take out the Klingons but in doing so they’ve damaged their own ship to the point where it’s unrecoverable They have to separate the Sun from the body Let the body go to waste evacuate the crew to the saucer the ship had to go down it had to crash there was no other way to Keep in space. It was losing its orbit it would have burnt up had they not been able to get down the smooth as you could get it in less than a Way that Darin was able to survive The successor to the enterprise-d was the new southern class starship service number NCC 1701 II Larger and tactically more capable than the enterprise-d this new vessel was designed to defend the Federation and its allies The main aesthetic difference between the D and the e is the saucer shape they’re both ovals but on the D It’s more of a wider layout and on the on the enterprise-e oval is elongated with the length of the ship The enterprise-e was given a much tighter design the neck between the saucer and the body of the ship has been decreased The nacelle have been elongated For an increase in warp capability and to also increase the durability of the ship during extended warp travel The enterprise-e had a purpose unlike the other ships for basically advancements in the lineage The Enterprise II was basically designed to battle the board. Its whole purpose was to Fight this enemy that’s whole purpose was destroy and take over Earth Basically was meant to be a battleship. It’s a much sleeker ship It’s a longer ship in comparison to the original enterprise, which was roughly around 900 feet. This one was 2,250 feet fast difference in scale Being that it was an attack vessel where this entire primary Defense system attack system was was set forward on the saucer and on the side of the ship they felt this would be the strongest point always keeping its nose high on its enemy and being the one that would do the attacking as opposed to Defending the most advanced tactical upgrade to the enterprise e was the addition of the quantum torpedoes designed to help battle the Borg these torpedoes used Zero-point energy which increased their destructive power up to two and a half times that of a standard torpedo with the successful destruction of a Borg cube in 20 373 the quantum torpedo proved to aid in the Federation’s ongoing battle with the board During a hostile encounter with the riemann vessel scimitar the enterprise under the command of Captain jean-luc Picard collides with the enemy ship crippling the scimitar and severely damaging the enterprise-e The enterprise-e survives the battle comes back to earth pretty much last moments recorded in the space dock being retrofitted with all its latest and newest technologies and Awaiting its further and newest missions Carrying on with the design of the enterprise the next day a numerical Enterprise of EDF in design sense It’s something that always on the drawing board Ideas are always conceived of what the new ship would be What would advance a ship from where we know they are now from nan apprise II? Where would you go? The continuing voyages of the Starship Enterprise will last for generations to come Always the most distinguished of Starfleet vessels any ship bearing the name enterprise will continue to be recognized throughout the galaxy You

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