The History of The Beatles

hey John will ya what’s the matter John lauve Blue Meanies mule and Blue Meanies have been sized within the vicinity of this theater there’s only one way to go out how’s that singing one two three they were the Fab Four welcome to and today we’re taking a look at the history of the Beatles [Music] rock band The Beatles formed in 1960 in Liverpool England the group originally consisted of guitarist John Lennon Paul McCartney and George Harrison along with bassist Stu Sutcliffe and drummer Pete best much of the group’s early time was spent playing shows in Hamburg Germany McCartney then took on bass after set cliffs 1961 departure and they began recording as a backing band after meeting their future manager Brian Epstein the Beatles were signed to EMI ‘s Parlophone label by producer George Martin in 1962 that same year Ringo Starr replaced best during their first recording session and the classic Beatles lineup was solidified all four members contributed vocals but Lennon and McCartney singing and songwriting partnership stood out the group released two successful singles before their number 1 1963 debut Please Please Me [Music] and followed that with two more hits as they toured the UK in 1963 their popularity generated friends and fan reactions dubbed Beatlemania that year the foursome also released the chart-topping else heat with the Beatles next came their first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart [Music] the song and their 1st 1964 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show kick-started the British Invasion in America screaming fans continued to pursue the been on their international tour dates in 1964 the group also starred in the successful comedy a hard day’s night and released a popular soundtrack No that year also saw the UK release of the number one album Beatles for sale and the US release of the chart-topping record Beatles 65 the next year their second film helped and a number one soundtrack that featured the song yesterday came out [Music] the Beatles recorded the folk rock LP Rubber Soul amid growing tensions that effort showcase of the Bands musical and lyrical progression and is often considered one of the greatest albums ever made [Music] [Applause] in 1966 controversy arose when Lennon commented on the band’s popularity are you burning your yes sir I burn you burn them all yourself how about already burning despite this the band continued to crank out hits they also topped the charts with the psychedelic rock record revolver and this was another triumph [Music] after their final tour came the 1967 record sergeant pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band the effort successful mix of musical genres and its use of varied instruments and sounds made it one of history’s most important pop albums [Music] the Beatles song all you need is love premiered next and was followed by a meditation retreat in Bangor Wales that was kind of stunning because we were off on this sort of finding the meaning of life and there he was dead following the shocking death of Epstein the Beatles released a successful psychedelic rock sound track to their poorly reviewed magical mystery tour film in 1968 the well received animated movie Yellow Submarine it’s all in the mind and corresponding soundtrack were followed by the Beatles first single on their label Apple Records [Music] after visiting the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India that same year it was a bit of a phase but he’s still a nice fella and everybody’s fine but we don’t go out with him anymore the group released a self-titled LP commonly known as the White Album despite tension-filled recording sessions and Lennon’s romantic fixation with Yoko Ono the record topped the charts over the course of their 1969 recording sessions for the album Let It Be The Beatles began to fall apart during this time they made their final live performance on the rooftop of their recording studio [Music] unable to resolve their issues the beetles put let it be on hole and began work on Abbey Road they release that album later in the year and it became one of the group’s most commercially successful efforts [Music] like though it was recorded before Abbey Road let it be was the band’s final album release it was finally released in 1970 along with an accompanying documentary [Music] by this point both Lennon and McCartney had started releasing solo material [Music] despite their subsequent breakup and the deaths of Lennon and Harrison the band’s popularity did not diminish with time the members continued releasing solo albums and many projects were released with and without input from the band [Music] some of the most successful of these included the Beatles Anthology documentary and stuff to saleh’s theatrical production love The Beatles were artistic innovators who quickly achieve massive success with their colossal pop culture influence it is without a doubt that their musical legacy will live on I’m smoked to say thank you on behalf of the Google though we passed the audition [Music]

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