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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay what you just saw was a little taste of how Shroud became known as the king of Reddit a title he earned by constantly making the top of the csgo subreddit through clips of his ridiculous aim his stream kick-started a dream eSports career turned twitch Titan going live to an audience of thousands almost every single day but let’s take it back just a little bit this is 2013 somewhere in Mississauga Ontario Michael grisha or as you know him shroud a streaming Counter Strike global Offensive a game series that was introduced to him by his father and can I please just say his father is freaking adorable and his passion for playing video games is what got crowd into gaming in the first place but before he was a streamer Michael was your typical gamer kid from the days before twitch and YouTube popularized the Hobby playing video games was his favorite thing to do it’s how he spent the majority of his free time and the idea of doing that for a living was a dream like for any kid then twitch happens and he saw streamers like summit 1g continuously grow in popularity and get paid to play as soon as his crappy Canadian internet was good enough he started streaming that was in 2011 and under the tag em eclipse his first steps towards becoming shrout but it didn’t happen right away in fact he streamed every day for several months straight and got basically no attention from viewers but what he did get was practice in becoming a better streamer and public speaker that is of course he got no attention from viewers until he started playing Counter Strike global Offensive in 2012 at the time Michael had lost interest in the Counter Strike series and spent most of his time playing games like World of Warcraft but his friend wanted him to try out csgo so he gifted it to him what he didn’t know was how important that small gift would it become slowly his channel began to get attention mostly because people were interested in watching csgo but what these new viewers never expected was for his aim and movement to be so good his reaction times and aim were so precise that people actually thought he was using an aimbot but the longer they stayed the more apparent it became that no this kid was actually just that good that’s when he started to make a name for himself eventually clips of him playing were getting posted everywhere and his viewer base was consistently growing just as he too was growing as a player first he dominated the competition in open intermediate leagues with relative ease switching his tag to shroud along the way but it was after getting second in a season of Maine where the level of competition starts to get actually decent that he got noticed by invite teams invite of course refers to the pro level of play it had been around a year of streaming Counter Strike what started as small intermittent viewers grew into an audience of fans to watch as shroud flourished from a kid with amazing aim to a player that everyone wanted to see go professional that would finally happen when at the end of their season of Maine crowd would get picked up by exert Asst eSports the Clift shot since long left alive fighting against pariah power players but how he is on the boy and you see a head armor no days left though they threw a ball and it clips with a double right there in the a once again such triple and if he can get floppies he’s got a good chance to get this as the clothes on the head swell OHP all 13 excuse me he knows who cook she’s right over there by that red pin the center of sight just threw out the pistol see the advantage shot they’re gonna be incent Wow gotta be careful it’s watch anthill there you go there’s the plunge and infuse Wow they have the momentum that’s paint unanswered Browns right here from Exodus as they’re just running away with the CP sides with this committee SEC sided map here so look for our back our to come back you eclipse gets to right there you came instinctually blow them away there’s a very nice response around right now flag and a Madrid coming from every direction there’s the final wrap-up viewers if you sleep on Exodus they’re gonna mop it up outside so it’s good you to buy himself a lot of CDs left the live psych major the can’t ever work with did work defend it flips steps out blows away his opponent burn and that’s gotta be so disappointing John Guare’s in the site we pinned up against help confused by a shroud will give me easily easily a convincing argument to make him the MVP of grammar quad plus defuse makes you there is the same tractor he gets taken out from behind though azk is over there Eclipse gets one kill it is now two versus two skadoodle and days versus long and Eclipse blog gets the killer endurance good utilize the last remaining cetys get over bushes way up that’s a few days days trying to fight right now gets tossed up behind one gets in Exodus wins 6s leg to 11 [Music] with shroud on their team Exodus eSports finished second in SIBO main season 3 a performance that ended up being the exact opposite of how their invite season would go the team took a massive nose dive right into last place almost immediately after the season began and just like that crowds career was on a perilous path but it turned out that exert us wasn’t the only team that saw potential in drought manage Ummah reached out to him with an invitation to join their team he felt conflicted and naturally so Exodus had only just brought him on and it was such a big step for him but with his career in mind he accepted their offer this is where he blossomed as a player shroud was undeniably exploding from the barrel with potential but what he lacked were the strong fundamentals of competitive play that are essential to the top level manager Mo’s team leader Irukandji took on the role of helping shrouds develop his foundation together the team earned respectable results but these were more than just good results for the team they were evidence that shroud was capable of making worthwhile plays at a professional level he has to fight he does have an m4 in his hand this is gonna be a 1 versus 5 sprays a lot of bullets not able to connect gets to right they’re trying to go for the third in against the third and oh my god oh my god if he clutches this G is the nuttiest player alive no way oh man [Music] by July of 2014 complexity gaming extended shroud and offer to become a standing player for their team this was a premier organization a lot bigger than exert is Sandman ahjuma complexity gaming meant the opportunity to travel around the world and play in front of roaring crowds and giant stadiums he accepted their offer [Music] what does it like to an order this caliber for the children this team was the real deal everyone on it was someone shroud had looked up to on his way here to top it all off cloud 9 purchased them barely a month later he was c9 shroud their first mission together was to compete at ESL one in Cologne Germany dominating rounds and clutch plays would earn them fifth place not bad for crowds first LAN tournament however following a weak performance at Dreamhack winter the team underwent a roster change that kept only nothing and throughout the restructure proved to be successful when cloud 9 ended up finding second-place finishes across the summer of 2015 and while these events were full of highlights tubules shrouds reddit title the real bulk of the clips were still coming from his stream that’s because shroud genuinely loves and is dedicated to streaming he would regularly go live after a day of practicing with the team and that’s part of why he has such a positive relationship with his viewers but momentum hit a snag when the team majorly dropped the ball at MLG Columbus 2016 this was amidst another roster change and would be the start of a brief negative shift in the team’s results in gameplay shroud 2 would underperform during this time but once they were settled in with the changes the results began to dramatically improve first and second-place finishes were the stepping stones as they made their way to compete in the season’s finals in South Paulo Brazil in events in which they obliterated every single team they touched clawed 9sk grand final starts right now pistol rounds first gonna fall balls gonna quit it’s fallen versus three and the pistol enshrouds got him over the top cloud9 I’ll start off with the best foot forward and taking the first round away from SK cold watch Stewie though he’s coming back around to dead already a blunder inside a monster they just sprayed through forwards got to back and return and it’s cold to go down fall in with two on an MP seven those gonna build up some cash for him he’s gonna try and go in another one versus three get bombed down at this time automatics gonna deny him another one-on-one for this situation shroud skadoodle Stewie again the same [Music] sandwich get them to walk in get them to command good duck down from cold bypasses the bullets against the trade back in but Stuart comes out from fire boys they’re pushing each other and this final is catching them out Duda lose one shot lights up this is twofold responds but now Stroud pops back into the mix coming out caught by FNX and it’s now a three versus two automatic backing away already still a chance I’ll do we exactly that ball I’m down from catwalks fifty seconds they have to go for this not ematic flanking around they want to content Stewie who gets one it’s coldzera ball him down automatic in a 1vs1 he’s got no idea where automatic is he’s rotated all the way to long and cold Mike get caught he’s looking down toward the door he’s in the cloud9 became the first North American team to win an international premier tournament in ten years easily one of the greatest achievements the team would ever earn with shroud but there was an unexpected consequence to all of his success shroud is unique in what he means to his fans he’s the likable kid who is loved for his stream and hype clips went pro and helped an American team get first place at an international for the first time in a decade in that moment everybody loved him but in that moment everyone’s hopes and expectations for what he would achieve with his career reached new heights and that would become a source of disappointment from his fans and eventually from himself as 2017 started cloud nines results once again began to grow shaky while they had their moments here and there it didn’t quite live up to their performance from the previous season shroud two was in and out of slumps as a player but when he dropped the ball now the impact was felt far more heavily by his fans and by his pride it took until summer but they finally hit their stride in mid-may with the series of solid tournament results at ESL 1 2017 cloud 9 showed up in a form that was reminiscent of their peak including shroud in some of his best moments she still gets the kill almost look like bring away shroud down he’s got 12 and oh he’s a one-man army they earned a commendable second place at that tournaments but that was it the team once again fell apart and which shrouds Returns of below-average performances fans of cloud 9 were quick to lose faith in him once more at this point shroud had started mentioning the idea of retiring he was becoming less sure of his future as a pro player hate was starting to seep in from the voices of the internet and doubts began to emerge at the mention of his name the first round the first rod I hope he retires you know why cuz god damn it that motherfucker will make so much more money and you’ll probably live a happier life doesn’t have to deal with all these toxic motherfuckers in hltv who think he’s bad for some reason people think shrouds bad it’s like are you fucking me not as literally so good it’s fucking sad I hope he retires cloud 9 was a wild ride that opened shroud to experiences he would have never had otherwise and led to friendships that will never be forgotten but it was time for him to change the course of his path in August of 2017 shroud stepped down to become a full-time streamer for cloud 9 understandably many were left disappointed but there’s something to admire in his decision to retire where many might endlessly fight to achieve an elusive dream shroud recognized his fleeting love for it all and took a chance on doing what he wanted to do the most stream full time in less than a month later he started playing a new game on his channel player unknowns battlegrounds the game that had been taking over twitch for all of 2017 for the first time in a long time trout is playing for fun again pub G wasn’t about getting better for him it was about having fun with his stream of interacting with his fans that isn’t the say that his amazing aim do you transfer over from counter-strike all it takes is a quick look at a stream to see how solid trout is at pub G the dude is quite literally a beast just stacking chicken dinners like it’s nothing and he’s consistently been one of the most popular streamers on Twitch ever since regularly pulling in an audience of over 30 thousand viewers daily the reason he’s so successful on Twitch isn’t because of how good he is at shooters I mean it helps but his achievements as a streamer come from his relationship with his fans since day one trout has made an effort to show that he cares about his viewers and because of that his viewers are dedicated to him he’s also the resident nice guy on the platform often using his popularity to help out smaller streamers [Music] shoud is hosted a with 30,000 317 viewers what what on April 18 2018 shroud officially left cloud 9 marking the end of an era in his life shrouds journey as a professional gamer started from the mutual love of video games that he shared with his father his affinity for shooters and dedication to streaming helped propel him into a world that as a kid he could only dream about new friends new countries and millions of people to watch as he followed his path of doing what he loves but all great journeys must come to an end so that a new one can begin proud may have stepped down as professional gamer but he stepped up as a full-time streamer a new path to go down a new way to express his passion for video games and a new journey to follow what does the future hold for shroud nobody can say for sure but whatever it is his fans will be there to follow [Music] I’d like to give a quick shout out to my patrons Brendon m’kay mr. novel cat grat Andrew gals John man Blair Alexander Bobby Skaar and Jacob positive thank you guys so much you really you have no idea how much it means to me it I really I truly appreciate it if you like this video and you want to check out something similar here’s a video on dr. disrespect that I did and if you want to follow me on Twitter that’s at slush underscore ssbm [Music]

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