The History of Physics and Its Applications

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  • A few things I want to comment on

    1) TLDW: 0:16 – 0:29 on 1/4 speed.

    2) I apologize in advance for the mispronunciations, researching how to say these physicists names was like 50% of the work that went into this video.

    3) I already posted this but again thank you for 100k subs you guys!

  • Thanks m8

  • Wow an electroscope is a simple machine anf yet used correcly it con give you a noble prize.

  • 👌😉

  • great video! loved it

  • Can't wait for part 2!

  • Earlier physics was fueled by curiosity, Now, by grades.

  • There is a book called "The Science Book Big Ideas Simply Explained" It contains many of the things that you mentioned. I just started reading it for fun.

  • >Wtf there's not even a part 2?
    >"Published Today"
    Also with the crown thing I think there was some misunderstanding in his idea. Balancing the crown w/ an equal mass of gold is fine so you know m1 = m2, but placing them in water wouldn't make calculating the presence of silver any easier. Even as you stated, we know that a bigger volume displaces more water, so the crown feels more force anyway. Basically, if the masses are the same, but the crown is more volume, the crown will always float more than the gold, so how would that help show that there's silver in it?

  • It’s a warm summer evening—

  • Is there a wallpaper version of 8:25? It looks beautiful

  • cant wait for the next video !!!

  • Why is Physics so hard, I am taking AP Physics and I always doubt myself when answering test questions.

  • Plasma is gas under a ionized form

  • What a tease, I want part 2

  • I may not be religious but i know i am grateful for all the circumstances that have brought society to where it is now.

  • I wish there was someone like you for computer science. I still watch you and have learned a lot about CS from you even though you’re an engineer!

  • I still do not understand how they come up with those formulas. Has the formula proven to be right? Also how is it possible to instill a formula from your own observations?

  • when will you post part 2 ?

  • How come never mention the Nagasaki and Hiroshima 15 kiloton nuclear fission explosion?

  • Now physics is done to push out massive amount of research papers, get grants, and grades.

    Pretty sad.

  • Excellent video as always

  • Correction

  • Physics doesn’t exist

  • Thanks for the video.

  • 9:06 – uuh ? Kepler described that planets followed elliptical paths in 1609, 72 years before Newton published Principia Mathematica

  • It's pronounced "prinseepia", Ci in Latin languages is "see"

  • I can't wait to see part 2

  • Watching this video because im stalling on continuing studying for my electromagnetism test.. I should get back, thank you MAJORPREP I subscribed almost 2 years ago because I was an engineering major, recently switched to applied mathematics. Thank you for always inspiring both indirectly such as videos like these, and directly when you give your own input and suggestion. Looking forward to part 2! The history of Mathematics video was also very good.

  • I

  • Hello MajorPrep! I'm 15 & really love watching your videos! Do you think you could make a video about early college? I'm going into an early college program soon, which will allow me to go to college classes after my high school ones. I'd enjoy seeing you give your opinion on it & facts you found. I'm sure it'll be helpful to me and any other younger fans of this channel. Thanks!

  • Can you make a video about Petroleum engineering?

  • Eagerly waiting for your part 2

  • Woah!!You have clearly uped your game.Nice work!!!

  • Come on get the part about the law of falling bodies from Galileo right next time.

  • According to Stephen Hawking na Jhon Gribbin that Galileo story isn't real

  • Physics is now a joke, so many students i see, who only care about grades.

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Isaac Newton, chilling reading a book

    Apple falls into his head

    Proceeds to come up with gravity and invented Calculus to support his argument. What a freaking legend. Lmao

  • RefrActive index = sin i/sin r
    A law given by ibn al haytham
    Today known as snells law

  • We hereby accuse the science of physics of relativism for expounding that there is no absolute truth and that there is a history of physics that seem to imply that the truth of the matter has been changing all the time!


  • Before watching the video OMG I'm GONNA LEARN SOMETHING NEW.
    After Watching the video WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT.

  • Highschool physics all topics breifly covered!
    Btw,well presented

  • I came here from "Sheldon teaches penny about physics"

  • one of my favourite documentaries when i just wanna chill and relax

  • prinKipia

    floored, im sure he learned his mistake later though

  • Everything is made of one element and more massive versions of itself. Light is a wave of particles.

  • Actually Archimedes was playing with a toy boat

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  • I like this history series of yours. You should make more like maybe the history of computer science to name one.

  • I dont know how the oyramids were built without engineering and physics.

  • I think Galileo did not do the pisa experience… if you do the heavier will reach the earth faster do to friction. So inconclusive… instead he demonstrate it. A clean demonstration. Suppose Aristote was correct. Then the watermelon should reach earth before the apple. Now you tie by a rope the apple to the water melon. Following aristote, the watermelon+apple should reach the earth before the watermelon alone. But following aristote as well, the system watermelon+apple should actually arrive after the watermelon since the apple will act as a parachute and slow down the system. The conjecture of aristote is therefore inconsistent… and then both case will reach earth at same time…. super nice no?

  • Is it really Newton who discovered that the orbit of earth was elliptical rather than circular. I think it was Kepler, isn't it?

  • Thanks

  • No offence but you should change the very first statement. It should not be thousands of years, but hundreds of years. Last time i checked all discoveries were made in 2000 years only.

  • The Great Physicists' Road Trip by Ms. Rachel C. Millison

    Great physicists and a few of their friends from the past decide to return to Earth for one last road-trip vacation to the coast together. They all appear on Earth on the designated evening. Heisenberg pulls up behind the wheel of a gigantic 1930's car, a huge grin on his face.
    As they're getting in the car, Hubble looks up and says "What a wonderfully dark sky".
    "Shouldn't be" responds Olbers.
    "Always has been" says Hoyle.
    "No, it hasn't" says Lemaitre.
    "I knew that!" says an embarrassed Einstein.
    Once they're all in, Teller says "Hey guys, this trip is going to be The Bomb!".
    "Yeah, but why do I always have to organize?" asks Oppenheimer.
    "Where exactly will we end up?" asks Kepler.
    "That's impossible to predict" says Bohr.
    "I just can't believe that's true" says Einstein.
    Heisenberg punches the throttle and the old car roars off.
    "Say – this thing sure accelerates" says Newton.
    "I don't know, Isaac. It feels like gravity to me" smirks Einstein.

    Later that night, as they are speeding down a country road, a police car catches up to them and pulls them over.[1]
    "Do you know how fast you were going?" the cop asks. [1]
    "No, but I know exactly where I am" Heisenberg replies. [1]
    The cop says "You were doing 55 in a 35" [1]
    Heisenberg throws up his hands and shouts "Great! Now I'm lost!" [1]
    The cop thinks this is suspicious and orders him to pop open the trunk. He checks it out and says "Do you know you have a dead cat back here?" [1]
    "We do now, a**hole!" shouts Schrodinger. [1]
    "I think it's time to split" says Everett.
    "Scatter!!!" yells a panicked Compton.

    "Say, officer – how did you manage to spot us on such a dark night?" asks Hubble.
    "I saw the light from your head lamps" says the cop.
    "How fast was it going?" asks Michelson.
    "That's simple addition" giggles Galileo.
    "Not exactly" says Lorentz.
    "Look here" says Heisenberg, "how do you know I was going that fast?"
    "I clocked you over a measured distance" says the cop.
    "How often?" asks Hertz.
    "I disagree with your measurement, officer" interjects Einstein.
    "Don't start tonight, Albert" says Bohr, shaking his head.
    "What Herr Einstein is trying to say" continues Heisenberg, "is that time was running at a different rate for you than for us".
    "WHAT??? I should have realized that!" exclaims Newton.
    "I discovered it first" interjects Hooke.
    "It's true" says Maxwell. "We're all famous scientists and, believe us, Herr Einstein proved it, though it came as no surprise to me".
    "Must have been a real eureka moment" nods Archimedes.
    "Extraordinary!" says Galileo.
    "Extraordinary evidence" asserts Sagan.
    "Well, it sounds awfully complicated" responds the cop.
    "Not really. I'll draw you a simple diagram" says Feynman.
    Totally flummoxed, the cop lets them go with a warning. As he drives away, Doppler cocks his head and listens to the sound of the receding police car. "Gotta love that" he says.
    "Amen" responds Hubble.

    Returning to their car, Lord Kelvin remarks "Sure is warm tonight"
    "Yep – lots of disorder" replies Boltzmann.
    "In places you'd never expect, Ludwig" adds Hawking.
    "I was lucky to get away with that" says Heisenberg. "Most cops think they're better than everyone else".
    "Yes – I hate inequality" adds Bell.
    "Though you were speeding" says Faraday to Heisenberg. "I carefully observed the needle creep from 35 to 55".
    "Actually, it went up in jumps, Michael" replies Planck.
    "I couldn't see it because of the condensation" says Bose.
    "Please keep it under 0.07, Werner" says Mach.
    "In which frame of reference?" asks Albert.
    "Hey, Max" says Heisenberg, "If you loan me a tiny bit of money, I'll pay it back so quickly you'll never notice it was gone".

    As they pile back into the car, Bohr says "See here – you must fill the seats in order – no empty spaces allowed. And stop interfering with each other!"
    "Only one of you can sit next to me!" yells an agitated Pauli.
    "I need my own space" grumbles Minkowski.
    "Say, Werner – it's stuffy in here. Be a good chap and crack the window a bit" says Hawking.
    "Sorry, Stephen. It can be all the way up or all the way down, but nowhere in between" replies Heisenberg.
    "Hey guys – Albert and I just figured out a great shortcut. Only one bridge" announces Rosen.
    "It will save us a lot of distance" says Einstein, "but it might get spooky".
    "We could just tunnel" says Hund.
    "I prefer left-hand turns" says Madame Wu.

    Arriving at the beach the next morning, they hurry from the car and stand looking out over the ocean.
    "Look at the wonderful waves" says Schrodinger.
    "They don't look like waves to me" says Bohr.
    "This is not my idea of a sea" opines Fermi.
    Looking down at the fine sand, Dirac exclaims "Look at all the particles!"
    "Now those look like waves" says De Broglie.
    "This is great!" exclaims Feynman, rubbing his hands together. "Now, lets go meet some girls!"
    "Sounds good to me!" exclaims Schrodinger.
    "Let's delay" says Wheeler.
    "We have to be discrete" warns Bohm.
    "I need to shave first" says Occam.
    "What are girls?" asks Newton.

    1 Based on, and including the original joke attributed to Rich Granger, Engineer, Battelle.

  • Can you please make an explanation video on the History of Logic and Contradiction

  • Basically the history of ol dead white guys.

  • I noticed that you made a mistake around 9:18 saying that Newton corrected the theory that Copernicus made saying that planets move in perfect circles

  • Actually Newton's laws are actually related to the three laws of Johannes Kepler(1571-1630) actually was the first one to suggest that planets move in elliptical orbits

  • does uranus have lots of uranium?

  • Great video thank you for the upload

  • What is the symbol between the d and at at 7:50? I can't find anything about it via searching.

  • 10:55 Thumbs up if you were thinking of the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future. You have your application right there dude!

  • For information related to this click here👉


  • Very interesting to hear it explained with coordinated visuals.

  • Your contents are so amazing and informative I love ur channel.

  • You forgot About Sir Michael Faraday my friend

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