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  • Hmm I wonder if this will segway into an episode or two talking about pain and how it works

  • With so many chiropractors and alternative medicine specialist using "Dr." wouldn't including MD such as "Dr. Aaron Carroll, MD" be better so that we can at least get people to figure out why this is important?

  • I appreciate your balanced point of view on this issue. I feel this war on drugs rhetoric often casts aside the fact that pain is still a serious health concern that needs to be adressed.

  • I suffer from chronic pain due to extensive abdominal adhesions. I can't stand for more than a few minutes, and I can't sit up straight for more than 2 hours, and that's with my pain meds. Without them, I can only stand for 2 minutes and sit up for 30. The details are below for anyone who wants to discuss it, but the main thing I want to say is that it took me 3 years to get any help with my chronic pain, and that was with proof that I was in a lot of pain. Nothing they tried helped me, and they were unwilling to give me actual pain medication. I couldn't see how I could keep going like that. I had very low quality of life.

    I moved across the country (my family paid for it), so I could try medical marijuana. It did nothing for my pain. I couldn't believe it. The doctor who certified me for medical marijuana made some calls to my former doctors, did research, and then came to the conclusion that I needed opioids. Now, I'm weird with meds. I don't get high, at least not at the doses most people do. The only way I know I've taken my meds is that the pain is reduced to a manageable level. I have to go off it when I start to develop a tolerance, and I don't have all the withdrawal symptoms people talk about. I'm in a lot of pain, I sweat more, things move through my GI system faster, but that's it. Then I go back on the regular meds and I'm good again.

    I realize I'm not a typical patient, but when people start talking about how it's prescribed too much (where are these magical doctors?), or when they believe that a large percentage of those who take it get addicted (just not true), I remember what my life was like before, and I just can't go back to that. There's no point in it.

    Background: They went in to try to cut the adhesions during my hysterectomy. The surgery took twice as long as it should have, and the doctor estimated that he only got about a third of them. He described them as cobwebs of thick scar tissue that were so bad that they couldn't even find my right ovary, which they were also supposed to remove. The doctor said he'd never heard of a case so severe. The pain was better for a little while after that, but several months later, the pain had returned worse than ever before. I couldn't do the simplest of tasks. I was completely disabled. And since surgery just made them grow back worse than before, I'm not a good candidate for further surgery.

  • I'm excited for this miniseries! We just learned about overwhelming opioid use in suburban America today. A lot of my peers felt that the perspective of lower income and underserved communities was largely absent from this discussion.

  • Will you talk about the relationship between exorphins and food addictions?

  • Thank you for this episode Aaron. I have been wondering if the same is true about ''mild opioids''? In Europe the use of opiates like codeine, tramadol and dihydrocodone is far more common than the use of ''hard opioids'' like Oxycodone. US and to a lesser extent Canada seems to be some of the only countries where the use of the very potent opioids seems to be very common. What is your opinion on the ''mild(er) opioids''.; can they be used safely?

    Ps. I'm a Finnish medical student.

  • Outro music is way too loud, and at 2:40 it says "hug" instead of "huge" (I assume). Otherwise good job, and keep it coming!!

  • This episode was beautifully conducted as a Public health student I really love it.

  • "Brief history of Opiods!" (look at the spelling of the thumbnail guys) 🙂

  • this is me giving another 100 thumbs up.
    (they would only let me click once 🙁 )

  • Say what you will about opioids. When I had a kidney stone I was VERY glad to have them for a couple days.

  • The Inquisition stopped opioids? Wasn't expecting that.

  • Can you do one on ocular health??

  • If only there another plant that when ingested greatly reduces chronic pain and digestive issues, but didn't have strong side effects or potential for addiction and overdose. OH WAIT!

  • Typo (in case you want to fix): In your 1839 history section, you have Commissioner Lin Zexu "destroying a HUG shipment".

  • Thanks, interesting video. I always learn something from your videos. I didn't know the maker of OxyContin pled guilty and paid such a huge amount. And I'm curious to learn more about the research involving opioids and chronic pain.

  • Fancy intro!

  • More deaths from opioids than alcohol?!?!??

  • Great review of the history of opioids. It is particularly interesting to see the waxing and waning of the popularity of these drugs in medicine. I actually had to pass an online course in pain treatment in order to renew my California medical license – the focus was all on undertreatment. It would clearly have a different focus today. Thanks for this video.

  • Addiction is certainly an issue, but a lot of the negative side effects of opioid addiction are artificial and a result from how we as a society deal with drug use. The war on drugs turns someone who is simply and addict into a criminal. Once labeled a criminal it becomes harder to thrive in life, so the addict returns to drugs. Perhaps if we didn't completely ruin addicts lives after they are caught with drugs, like we do, and instead focused on treatment, the problem would not be as bad and there would be less addicts out there.

  • Why must drugs that make us feel amazing be bad for us physiologically and psychologically/ It's such a bummer.

  • just wanted to say great topic. im glad you're addressing it. history specifically was interesting to me, lots of new info.

  • Man, talking about opioids always hits close to home :/

  • due to a genetic mutation I have recurrent, acute pancreatitis. I was diagnosed at 13 and I used to spend a little under a month being hospitalized every year. When I was 16, my doctors (for reasons I still don't understand) stopped regulating my pain meds (I was on morphine at the time) and before I could realize what was going on I was addicted. I mistook my pancreatic pain with the pain of withdrawals. Once the Dr figured out what was going on I was tapered off until my symptoms went away.
    Withdrawal was crazy (literally feverishly hot then freezing cold every 7 seconds for 2 weeks.) It sucks because I'm 25 now and when my pancreas starts acting funky and I go to the ER for help they always give me the side eye thinking I'm a druggie. Instead of my record reflecting the Drs mistake it's taken as my own mistake. Idk what the answer to chronic pain is but it ain't this!!
    (side note, I'm given dilaudid now when I go to the hospital because morphine is no longer strong enough to manage my pain… can we maybe talk about tolerance in the future? I'd love some more info/your opinion on it in the opioid/pain management scope!!)

  • Opioids are dangerous. Understatement of the century there.

  • As I understand it opioids are good for a quick but short pain like for a surgery but are addictive and dangerous for a long-time pain. Am I right? Plus I am very interested in the doctor's opinion on use of marihuana to manage pain 😉

  • It kind of sucks that the few addicted patients are ruining it for the rest of us.

    Broke some ribs in Europe, I got morphine and my life was bearable for the first week. After it had settle a bit, I got a combo of tylenol and ibuprofen and it was okay then.. This was in stark difference to Canada, where after a surgery, I got tylenol #1 and it wasn't enough and the doctor did not take my pain seriously because of addiction potential.

    I don't get it. These drugs cause severe depression and vomiting, why would anyone actually take them if they're not in pain? They suck and this euphoria claim is bullshit.

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  • The pharmaceutical companies seem to parallel the banking industry in terms of business practices: do whatever you can get away with and just pay a nominal fine that is subtracted from the vastly superior amount of profit you just made. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of drug addicts are put behind bars and have their lives ruined.

  • Around 7:30 you say Opioids cause more deaths than any other drugs (in the USA). But in the US alcohol causes far more deaths than all opioids put together. NIAAA says, "Nearly 88,0009 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making it the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States."
    The figures for opioid related deaths seem to be about 1/4 to 1/3 of that number, in the range of 20,000 to 30,000 deaths each year.

  • I was not expecting the Spanish Inquisition

  • Opiates are the class of drugs originally derived from opium poppies, opioids are something else entirely and include endogenous substances (produced by the body) as well as opioid antagonists such as naloxone, substances which act on kappa opioid receptors are also often included in that category nowadays.

    Including hydrocodone with drugs like hydromorphone or oxycodone is highly misleading, hydrocodone isn't nearly on the same level as the latter two and is highly unlikely to be the drug of choice for regular users. It's also very much debatable that the limited access and general demonization of heroin in the public's eyes are responsible for the epidemic more than anything else. It's simply much easier to sell pharmaceuticals than it is to sell heroin nowadays, there isn't really an epidemic just a shift in which substances are used, a few years ago heroin use went down dramatically but then abuse of pharmaceuticals increased.

    If you're going to talk about healthcare and posit yourself as an authority on the subject you best get your facts straight, particularly when it comes to alarmist subjects like this one.

    (EDIT: I don't know where you got your 'heroin most deadly drug' stat from but it's highly unlikely to be correct, and if it is then you're missing a big part of the picture. Most heroin overdoses aren't caused by heroin itself, they are usually caused either by the use of heroin with other substances or heroin being cut with other drugs. You'll also have to distinguish between incidental overdoses which are sometimes fatal and voluntary overdoses. Even when it is heroin alone and nothing else, it's often when addicts stop for a period of time and then restart that they then overdose, due to tolerance being lower and quantities not adjusted properly partly due to the variability in concentrations of the illicit substance.)

  • Great video, Mark. I work as a medical assistant and a scribe in a pain management clinic in an area with particularly high heroin addiction rates. We treat chronic pain as well as do addiction management. Opioids and their dangers have become a regular topic of my day-to-day life and I relish the opportunity to learn as much about them as I can.

    Really great channel. I look forward to this series just as much as I do to all the content you make. Please keep it up.

  • The single most important thing that chronic pain patients like myself need is an equally/more effective alternative to opioids. But in the meantime, we also need doctors to stop telling us to "just learn to deal with it" and help us to manage our pain with the resources available, including opioids. People are killing themselves because they simply cannot live with under-treated chronic pain.

    And it's not like our pain isn't a big deal. For me, local anaesthetic doesn't work because of my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (which is also the cause of most of my pain), so I've had four minor surgeries (difficult Implanon removal due to scarring, which took 4 attempts, each lasting 30-45min) and more than a dozen dental procedures, all without any anaesthesia or pain relief. People like me make Rambo look like a delicate flower =P So if we're saying our pain is too severe and constant for us to tolerate it, then that's some seriously intense and unrelenting pain. The kind that prevents you from sleeping until you're finally just too exhausted to stay conscious after 3-4 days of constant agony — and even then, your heart rate doesn't drop low enough for you to sleep deeply because of the pain your body is in, so it barely counts, anyway. The kind of pain that makes you wail and sob and scream in your sleep (which scared the hell out of my parents, throughout my childhood). The kind of pain most people will never understand (thankfully).

    Humans have an astounding ability to adapt to extreme circumstances. But there comes a point at which we simply have no quality of life — and a life with zero quality is not worth living.

  • +healthcare triage Now that you've covered opiates, you guys should do a series on endogenous cannabinoids (anandamide), psychedelics (DMT, etc), and stimulants (adrenaline, etc) to really round this thing out! 😀

  • Man, the world was so open to drugs.

    What happened?

  • I am a non-drug using Christian, do not even drink alcohol, but I can make no sense of our drugs laws. Legalize it all. People like you and me need to convince people to not use. Government does not have the right tools to address the problem

  • 2:48 Wow, how did he destroy a HUG shipment of drugs? Did he hate it out of existence?

  • Do opioids really kill more people than any other drug?

    I know misuse definitely can kill, but I find that statement a surprise if true.

    and I know Aaron usually doesn't state incorrect information.

  • "… destroyed a hug shipment" There's a typo on one of the early slides about the opium issues in China.

  • Wait you cant state state pain relive is often undertreated and then state that pain drugs should not be used… this is not logical.

  • What would be the best Opiod to put inside my butt?

  • History is about detailing past events, if you're going to tell us what to do in the future, you're not a history video, you're an opinion piece using history as justification. Which isn't a problem at all. But don't use a title like "The history of…", implying objectivity.

  • As someone who suffers from severe chronic pain due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hypermobile type) it's really frustrating that opioids are the only drugs that can even touch my pain. They make me constipated and drowsy, and you have to keep increasing doses due to tolerance. But it's so much better than nothing. I also have Borderline Personality Disorder along with severe depression, and every time I get my prescription they're wary of giving these drugs to someone who is at risk of suicide. But I'd never even want to abuse them because I NEED them to get through my day. I'm still unable to work, and spend much of my time asleep or lying down, but if I didn't have my painkillers to numb the pain a little I'd kill myself through other means. They may not be perfect but people NEED TO STOP demonising patients who need opioids to get anywhere close to functioning. I am not addicted, I am dependent. I'm not unable to work because of them, they enable me to get out of bed most days.

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  • This video was very intriguing to me. I knew that opioids were very addictive and classified as one of the most dangerous drugs. I however, was not aware of how long they have been around and how they have been modified and brought up many new drugs during the fight to keep them around or to make them better. It was also very interesting to see that name brand drug producers were part of this opioid use and even made them and sold it publicly. Such as Bayer, they produced and sold Heroin to the public as a way to get people to get off of Morphine. I did not know that Heroin was evolved from Morphine and it was interesting to see how it changed over the centuries. I also did not know that there were many wars fought over keeping these drugs around and still legal. I am never usually interested in History, but this was very intriguing to see how these drugs came about, went away, came back, had wars fought over them and then were mass destroyed in the early 1900s. Obviously these drugs are still out and being sold illegally, but it was shocking to see that it was once sold over the counters by major drug corporations.

  • 2:41 a hug shipment

  • Kratom. It really does save lives, why do you think pharmacutical companies want to Schedule it?

  • Please tell us about "Pain measurement" ?? (I wish I had an emoticon for shock here) because
    my neurologist said it was not possible twenty years ago and that my "10" is different then most peoples.

  • Obviously this narrator never had stage 3 cancer. Cancer is the worst pain I've ever experienced. Opiates need to be freely available to cancer and terminally ill patients.

  • Soooooo…..legalize cannabis federally? Got it.

  • I have a question, I'm from Russia, and some doctors here don't prescribe opioids for cancer patients because they afraid of addiction, but other sources say that opioids don't work this way if pain is real, and your video says that opioids COUSE the addiction, no matter how pain is real, so, basically, my question is, is it makes sense to deny cancer patients of opioid pain killers.

  • I am a chronic pain patient. I take methadone. I've been on Opana(oxymorphon), the hydromorphone extended release and every other opiate and other drugs such as Soma, gabapentin, preglabin, amitriptyline. You get the idea. I think too often we conflate addiction with dependency. The medical community also confuses "drug seeking behavior" with someone whose pain is not adequately controlled. The opiate crisis is not black and white. When used properly opiates can be some of the safest analgesics. No liver damage with opiates, no stomach bleeding, no seizures (well except for tramadol which is a synthetic opioid.)

  • wait.. Cannabis?

  • Or only prescribe less addictive/less potent opiates like codeine

  • Oh, NOW criminalizing drug addiction is a problem, but is was okay to imprison Black people with crack addictions for the last 50 years. And we haven't forgotten that it was crack cocaine that this white supremacy government (CIA) deliberately introduced to South Central Los Angeles. No, opioid addiction is not a an epidemic, it is simply KARMA. I got nothing for ya'.

  • I'm into the educational aspect but holy fuck this guy is such a vlog brothers ripoff it's not even a little bit funny

  • Too much of any one thing isn't good for you and that applies to everything. Don't be a fool live by the rule.

  • Don't trust these scientists, the American blood stream in all of mankind history is flowing like never before with opioids. We live in a very sick society, period.

  • Opioids if given at any amount to
    The users they need make it possible to integrate the opioid
    In normal functionally society
    Especially when given pharmaceutical grade diacetylmorphine (Heroin)
    Because heroin has a unique
    Well balanced action in the human
    Central nervous system

  • Great video guys. Good job

  • I had a rather large and deep cyst surgically removed from my neck. Afterwards the surgeon would not prescribe the 10 Hydrocodones I requested. He said to take Tylenol. I was in intense pain and luckily a friend of mine gave me 2 Hydrocodone that night and 2 more for the next day/night. Then strong Advil worked. I told the Doctor on the follow up what happened and blamed him for my discomfort which was totally unnecessary and he said nothing. Just looked at me. The Doctors are running scared and the patients suffer needlessly because of abuse. Just another point of view. GET THE MEDS WHEN NEEDED…

  • I would be grateful for someone to explain why this opiod crisis is apprently fairly unique to the united states among countries in the western world.. for example i live in the uk and to the best of my knowledge we do not have an opiod crisis here..

  • opiods don't work well for chronic pain is bullshit! It is the best medicine we have for Chronic pain sufferers.The problem with long term use for chronic pain sufferers with opiod use is that opiods work great short term then the dose or drugs needs to be changed to keep being effective.My ex who suffered from fibre-myaligia & arthritis in her spine had to keep going up on her dose every 6 months to keep being effective.There are no other drugs that come close to opiods for pain relief.You should have done more research before making such an ignorant statement!

  • its often bought up that soldiers who used heroin. while in vietnam were able to stop as soon as they got back to america, implying that heroin addiction is merely a case of mind over matter .well i say fuck you .only someone thats never experianced a n opiod withdrawel would say something as ignorant as that.i started using to block out memories of past trauma and it took well over a year before i became physically addicted to the stuff .after 8 years of daily use coupled with severe depression im in a living hell .its been proven that overtime heroin completly changes the brain chemistry to the point were you physically cant function without the drug.

  • Opioids are an amazing tool when used properly. ESPECIALLY for chronic pain, so you're wrong on that.

  • Cannabis. Pain is like death, it happens to everyone……even the lawmakers in their ivory towers. Cannabis is not addictive and it works for pain. Lest's just sit back and watch this one play out.

    Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy: Chinese Opioids Flooding Country a National Security Threat

    by Edwin Mora 19 Dec 2017 Washington, DC

    U.S. President Donald Trump’s newly unveiled National Security Strategy (NSS) has deemed Latin American drug cartels who smuggle heroin and Chinese traffickers of the synthetic opioid fentanyl a threat to the United States for killing “tens of thousands of Americans each year.”

    The NSS notes:

    The illicit opioid epidemic, fed by drug cartels as well as Chinese fentanyl traffickers, kills tens of thousands of Americans each year. These organizations weaken our allies and partners too, by corrupting and undermining democratic institutions.

    TCOs [transnational criminal organizations] are motivated by profit, power, and political influence. They exploit weak governance and enable other national security threats, including terrorist organizations. In addition, some state adversaries use TCOs as instruments of national power, offering them territorial sanctuary where they are free to conduct unattributable cyber intrusions, sabotage, theft, and political subversion.

    The U.S. military and other experts have affiliated Latin American drug cartels with the Sunni al-Qaeda jihadist organization and Iran’s narco-terrorist proxy Hezbollah.

    In 2016, more people died from drug use in the United States alone than were killed by terrorist groups across the world, Breitbart News determined using federal government data.

    Trump has declared the illicit opioid epidemic currently gripping the United States a public health emergency, ordering his administration to provide immediate assistance to communities struggling with addiction to opium-based heroin, synthetic fentanyl, and other opiates.

    Trump’s NSS pledges:

    We will deny TCOs the ability to harm Americans. We will support public health efforts to halt the growth of illicit drug use in the United States, expand national and community-based prevention efforts, increase access to evidenced-based treatment for addiction, improve prescription drug monitoring, and provide training on substance use disorders for medical personnel.

    While Latin American cartels are responsible for bringing most of the heroin into the United States, China is considered the top source of fentanyl in this country, federal data shows.

    During his visit to China in 2017, Trump urged Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping to combat the influx of fentanyl from China. President Xi reportedly agreed.

    The Trump administration’s NSS describes “criminal cartels … bringing drugs and danger into our communities” as a threat that has proliferated in recent years, along with rogue regimes developing nuclear weapons, rival global powers, and radical Islamist terror groups.

    “Non-state actors undermine social order through drug and human trafficking networks, which they use to commit violent crimes and kill thousands of American each year,” the strategy to fight national security threats facing the United States stresses.

    The NSS designates drug cartels and fentanyl traffickers as non-state actors and TCOs.

    “We will target jihadist terrorists and transnational criminal organizations at their source and dismantle their networks of support,” declares the Trump administration in its strategy, explaining:

    Strengthening control over our borders and immigration system is central to national security, economic prosperity, and the rule of law. Terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminal cartels exploit porous borders and threaten U.S. security and public safety. These actors adapt quickly to outpace our defenses.

    Trump’s National Security Strategy vows to annihilate TCOs, noting:

    The United States must devote greater resources to dismantle transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) and their subsidiary networks. Some have established global supply chains that are comparable to Fortune 500 corporations. Every day they deliver drugs to American communities, fuel gang violence, and engage in cybercrime.

    According to the latest information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), opioids like fentanyl (20,145) and heroin (15,446) dramatically fueled the unprecedented 64,070 drug overdose deaths in the United States last year.

    Meanwhile, Latin American cartels, namely the U.S.-designated terrorist group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), have reportedly increased cocaine availability in the United States in recent years, fueling the 10,619 fatal overdoses from the illicit drug last year.

    Taken together, fatal overdoses of synthetic opioids, heroin, and cocaine made up the bulk, or about 72%, of drug-related deaths in the United States in 2016.

  • If you choose methadone as part of your therapy "keep it to yourself" I have never seen such prejudice in the med community. Your not treated as a human. Addicts are treated as garbage & never treated fairly. Your just another problem too them.

  • Your so right, pain is real and we need those medicines to alleviate it. All this talk is scaring the hell otta the folks who need them and making them wonder if they, without releif, would even wanna go on living. People who abuse have ruined it for the honest pain paient whom works with their doctors and should be out in jail.

  • I find this enjoyable to watch while snorting oxycodone

  • Alcohol kills more Americans by an order of magnitude, yet Crickets. Anyway – how about personal responsibility? All drugs should be legal.

    Declare war on any drug and you will get a cheaper more potent drug. It's how pure Capitalism works. Supply and Demand.

    Get the Police out of the drug business! they only profiteer.

  • Thank you for explaining the history and maybe the next one will bring in our war machine guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan

  • Alternative to dangerous drugs?

  • dont let this distract u from the fact that the avengers blew a 5 to 1 infinity stone lead to thanos:(((

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  • It is becoming a big problem but I don’t think it really is with people of chronic pain or terminally ill like myself I do use pain medicine and so I guess I have a dog in the fight a lot of the overdoses that you hear of its illicit drug use a lot of it synthetic coming over from Mexico etc. but that being said this is 2018 and I know with my doctor and my medical facility they monitor me pretty well constantly doing lab tests making sure my body is processing it safely also monitoring the concentration in my system and I just know nowadays they really watch it on the pharmaceutical and the pharmacies monitoring people and I think that’s all that really needs to be done it’s just gonna take time to clean up the aftermath from the early 2000‘s and I honestly think about that has to do with when it start becoming a major problem a lot of people that were abusing them they just cut off they did not wean down or did not put them through treatment they just cut them off which force them into withdrawals which in turn made them go out to the streets it should’ve been handled differently but that’s what we’re dealing with right now. It is a great pain management medication if it’s used properly and if it’s managed properly.

  • Yes, pain is real. I suffer from chronic pain, but I feel for my brother-in-law who has trigeminal neuralgia who will be awake for a week at a time during the worst flairs.

    Hopefully we can discover safer alternatives than opiates, or better ways to treat painful conditions.

  • People lack discipline and self-control. That's a big part of it.

  • there is NO alternative for the treatment of pain .effective treatments anyway, if there was an alternative a problem would not exist in the first place .

  • Yeah, and we should "protect" against addiction people dying anyway i.e. from cancers.

  • Thanks to big Alex the Great Afghanistan has the poppie plant. Thousands of acres of poppie fields. 80% of the heroin that comes into the US comes from Afghanistan.

  • The main source of the drug trade starts in Washington, DC. Elected officals didnt do shit except getting rich from letting heroin flood our streets.

  • Years ago during my last year in high school I was being treated for kidney stones. Unfortunately in the late 70s not many parents knew much about narcotic pain med's neither did I. Unfortunately my doctor didn't feel a need to warn me about the addiction potential. After nearly a year of seeing my urologist once a week and getting 30 Demerol each appointment I knew something was going on but certainly didn't want it to stop. After nearly a year of taking this extremely stong narcotic pain pill on a daily basis I went to my weekly appointment. My doctor said that I didn't need the meds anymore and to take a aspirin if I needed it. So now I'm definitely hooked and found other ways of getting this drug. I'm not blaming anyone for my addiction but labeling me as a felon due to the fact that I gave a fake name to obtain a narcotic pain med.

  • Thank you for the video it was very informative

  • They kill they are dangerous but we can cure you But America is great yes great at making folks sick and Obese .

  • Dude! Ask yourself “How do I pronounce BAYER” (Bayer a German Pharmaceutical Company) How? Not 🐻 BEAR!!! That’s for sure! Bangkok Johnnie CarSanook Media THAILAND

  • Its true , sence the " opoid panic" the gov has made them weaker n weaker …no its not a tolerence thing either !! …cia loves the heroin epidemic ! 💸💸!! …….great plan on there part ! …..👍👍….way to go guys!! …we not in afgan for me !!

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  • I didn't ask for cancer. When I got it they ripped my head apart and gave me huge amounts of radiation directly on my head. I will be in severe pain for the rest of my life. The pills I take allow me to work and have somewhat of a life. If I knew then what I know now I would have let the cancer kill me then. I get it…… opiates are dangerous and addictive. If I have to live than ide much rather be semi functional. Instead of yapping about the OPIOID crisis. Make a better pill. I wish marijuana worked for me. It doesn't. So to all of you perfect FUCKING people out there telling me how bad it is, why Don t you make a better pain relief product…… stop the illegal shit that comes from China, through Mexico to the US. DO YOU NOT THINK THAT THOSE OF US WHO ARE IN REAL PAIN WOULD RATHER NOT BE???

  • "Opioids now cause more deaths than any other drug". That's 100% false.

  • i think opioids are to restricted wether it be acute or chronic pain patients need their medicine i never got addicted only some people should not get their scrips like junkies and my aunt doctors treat it like if you feel good of it and your pain is gone the dose is to high but thats how drugs work no drug that actually works will do nothing to change your psyche doctors need to realize that

  • On my break shooting up a type of heroin whilst watching this video! I love learning about the history of anything that I directly interact with in my life ^_^ gotta go back to work soon. Just need to make sure I’m good on not withdrawing for another 8hours!! Too bad the USA is super ignorant when it comes to a lot of substances…. war on drugs hahha what a joke. Sad that he average person probably associates us opioid physical dependents and addicts with gross dysfunctional junkies & methheads/crackheads. Honestly grinds my gears man! Alcohol is more destructive to society in many other ways! And tobacco way more deadly. And no heroin isn’t the problem it’s the way government treats us and also fentanyl is deadly as fuck. Honestly. They could so easily fix everything. 1. Legalize & have centers for prescribing and safety of using and help. 2. It would stop the cartel violence and smuggling of heroin 3. It would help no more overdose deaths happen! 4. Us addicts wont be in danger on streets or wasting tax money getting arrested and all that bullshit. And becoming worse actual criminals in jail systems. 5. We save more of our money and it goes to our government system instead to help. Thru insurance or what not. 6. We get to focus on our lives and repair them instead of being terrified of being able to get our next dose of literal medicine so we don’t go into horrible beyond painful withdrawal. You might say wow there are already methadone and suboxone clinics but no. Those r bullshit. They r worse for u than heroin!! The long half life of them make it so withdrawal is exponentially worse and longer onc edependent on them!!! And they suck and don’t even help much! They’re a trap made by big pharma. Purdue is getting sued right now over it. Also subs aren’t actually “abuse proof” the nalaxone in there is bullshit. Legal crap in order to sell in the USA. U can shoot it up still. Buprenorphine overpowers it. And common misconception. It’s the buprenorphine itself that causes precipitated withdrawals when used too soon. But alas we cannot have this utopian world 🙁 for the DEA makes fucking millions so often for the war on drugs and the CIA god knows what deals they make. & big pharma loves hooking people onmethsdone and suboxone for life. And people r ignorant of these matters. So it’s just sad that so much violence and death and lives will be ruined over a simple change that won’t happen cause the USA big dogs love their profit$$$$$$$$$$$$ </3

  • And yet things like kratom are demonized. Look at who is the most critical of it. Look at the skewed stats.
    Love of profit will always find a way to drugs like this being an issue.

  • only 4 in 12,000 became addicted after years of use.. what a complete lie… who was responcable for this fucken lie? they should be shot in the middle of the street infront of fox news… they killed millions of people world wide …. hell is waiting for this person .

  • I wish Bayer would bring back laudnum.

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