The History of Mathematics and Its Applications

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  • Numbers/Counting (00:00)
    Logic (00:50)
    Euclids Elements/Euclidean Algorithm (2:16)
    Cryptography (3:05)
    Calculating the Radius of Earth (4:54)
    Calculus (5:06)
    Graph Theory (6:20)
    Topology (7:51)
    Fourier Analysis (9:17)
    Group Theory (10:15)
    Boolean Algebra (12:21)
    Set Theory (12:45)
    Markov Chains (15:40)
    Game Theory (17:05)
    Chaos Theory (18:17)
    Geodesics (19:51)
    Fermat's Last Theorem (20:08)
    Millenium Prize Problems (20:40)
    You can maybe go back to doing that homework you're procastinating (21:17)

    Not everything in the video is exactly in chronological order but most of them are. I know I didn't include everything of course but there was constant back and forth of should I go over more topics in less detail, or less topics in more detail…I hoped this would be a happy medium.

  • Major Prep? – You are in over your head…..

  • Where is the history?

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  • Dammit, I was planning to watch Mary Queen of Scots

  • I am pretty sure 18:09 is the beginning of a porno

  • Sucks Andrew Wiles couldn't wait 6 years to publish his paper, because Fermat's last theorem FOR SURE would have been a Clay Institute Millennium problem.

  • Best channel!!! Keep up the dope vids homie. Not that many math enthusiasts on YouTube unfortunately.

  • Could you please talk about Computational mathematics. Am currently taking that , I kind of have sense what it is about but would really like to hear your side of it.

  • 1:54 I think I have counter example so it doesn't work

    If x is even, then 2x is even
    If x is not even, then 2x is not even

    Which is not true

  • you don't count zero.. zero is always a unknown. a wide card. none is not countable. lack of something is negative so is not zero. so you only have 1-9. 10 is the start of a new sequence. lol why do school keep teaching kids to count to 10. we have 3/3 = 3 of 3 (negative) first negative amount (-3). so they cut up a circle into 3 equal piece of bread. that bread was for 3 meals a day. then people were still hungry so they cut up 3 of 3 making 9. people would then learn time by figuring out how they could eat 9 piece before the sun went down. by food they learn to manage their tasks better. 3×3 or 3of3 (positive). positive meaning forward in time. negative 3/3 meaning compression of time. there's a lot more.. but I'm not going to right a research paper on here. lol.

  • Wow! At last! Something worth watching on YouTube.

  • I love love your channel … I'm becoming Albert Einstein Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • I love this.. can you recommend me books so that I could get wider knowledge of this subject rather the ways and formulas to solve the problems?

  • Alternative to mathematics needed ..

  • Amazing and beautiful

  • 1:27 No. They are not the same.

    If we call "it's raining" A and "ground is wet" B, than the first proposition is:
    If A then B
    and the second one is:
    If not A then not B
    which is equivalent to:
    B then and only then when A.

    The first proposition says "Rain makes ground wet", the second one says "ONLY rain makes ground wet"

  • now one of the oldest foundations of mathematics which has lost on many people today is logic lmao the shade

  • Try to watch also another technics in Math.

  • loving your videos, please keep making more! one question – what video editor do you use to make these videos?

  • Enough of Math, now let's do some meth.

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  • I am an amateur programmer and you were definitely right on the algebra in computer science. In machine learning, all you need to know is math pretty much such as linear algebra, calculus, and some other stuff. Good video.

  • "If it is raining, the ground is wet." and "If the ground is not wet, it is not raining."
    NO THEY"RE NOT!!! 1:26 This is because the second IMPLIES that the ground cannot be wet if it is raining but if there is an apron (cover) over the ground, it will not be wet. Thus, the raining does not make the ground wet. The first is a statement of declaration that the ground was made wet by the rain. They are different.
    And with 1:43, the first statement is a declaration. The second is not the same because there leaves an argument that theta can be acute and not 40°. Socrates would destroy this argument of logic that you have put forth.

  • Well it wasn't a theorem before it was proved. It was a conjecture.

  • God I've been looking for this, your videos are amazing

  • It's a pity that Perelman declined the $1m from the Clay Institute for his Poincaré Conjecture proof. He could've just given the money to me, and I would've been totally okay with that.

  • I hate math, but after watching this video I kinda love it










  • So nice to hear Maths getting some well deserved love and with clear explanation! Well done!

  • I completely lost track of time watching this, well done

  • 17:18
    But that's just a theory,
    a game theory.
    Thanks for watching.

  • Paad diya

  • only 2 digits in binary until we created Quantum computers…now there's another.

  • (0 and 1 Are just representatives for off and on just like quarks up ,quarks down ) Binary numbers, Mathematics are two different things entirely, my option Mathematics has a longer history than Earth

  • We didn't discover math. We made it. Math is just measurements based on comparison.
    We have a 10 number system, but also a 60, 12, 24, 365. 10 is the easiest to calculate throughout math. Look up ethiopian math. It's practically entirely binary.

  • great vid, change your mic and relax yourself for a nice tone

  • 12:47 Please pay attention..

  • You skipped some ancient encryptions, including the one that gave rise to relay race and shift of alphabet in greek and roman times ..

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  • Idk why I’m watching all of these videos… way over my head… but I’m still here

  • I don't get the 1:30 logical thingy. "If A is true then B is true is not the same as If B is not true the A is not true. We know that A effect B! But we don't know that B is always the cause of NOT A. The ground could be inside right 😛 "

  • I'm mathematician I teach calculus, linear algebra, differential equations but sometimes I feel so sad because only few students desire to learn, although I love maths many students are lazy and dont want to work

  • So that means: If The Butterfly Effect, then kill all butterflies.

  • Why not introduce the term "contrapositive" when demonstrating formal logic?

  • This video is basically years worth of Numberphile videos, in the nutshell, minus the applications

  • If you have any interest in talking a little more about set theory, you could go into Cantor’s theorem and the power of continuum. I absolutely loved this video. One of the best math overviews I’ve ever seen.

  • I like waffles

  • I feel like the only big deal you missed was probability theory and it's related child, statistics. Great video nonetheless.

  • You missed linear algebra..

  • Actually the reason we have ten fingers is there are ten integers

  • Great video!
    Can you make one about how to interpret math in plain English?

    Edit: Not sure you understand what I mean. I have seen some videos of people explaining math in ways that seem… normal.

  • Can you believe my boss said "I've never used Algebra in my life"

    As a maths grad I love the subject, especially the counter-intuitive stuff where understanding the answer is more important than knowing it.

    The biggest problem with Mathematics is that people try to know it rather than understand it.

  • So the thought that the ground underneath a bridge is dry during rainfall is logically incorrect?

  • Once upon a time a little mathematics egg hatched and out came a fuzzy yellow baby mathematics that one day grew into a great big grownup mathematics.

  • Math is a queen of science.

  • Interesting

  • Very cool video … thank you!

  • I am currently looking at the P vs. NP problem … although I may never find the solution, I am having a great time researching it and working things out … Another benefit is I feel working the P vs. NP problem is making me a better programmer … plus, while the 1*10^6 dollars and any other awards, accolades and monetary perks you may receive from other organizations will be nice, the sheer joy of knowing you have solved a universal problem and that your name would be associated with some of the great minds in history are the number one and two reasons in my book to try and solve this and other math problems (not just the Millennium Prize Problems). I think most pure mathematicians are not interested in fame or fortune, but are only interested in solving the problem. Case in point, Grigori Perelman, who solved the Poincare Conjecture (one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems and as of this posting the only one which is proven and proven in the affirmative), rejected the prize along with other awards including the Fields Medal. In an interview, Perelman said in part: "Everybody understood that if the proof is correct, then no other recognition is needed." QED.

  • We do have base 12 numbers. Clocks

  • How come you scientists say you're so smart yet you believe in a mythology that has a built-in Error, it's called your mathematics! your own mathematics by its own construct by its own preponderance will always be lower ranking than reality or imagination

    Your mathematics will never ever be able to explain reality!!!

  • The earliest signs of humans doing math is in Africa. The lebombo bone and ishango bone are the oldest signs of humans counting. They're both baboons bones with tally marks etched into them. The ishango bone has one side with prime number tally marks and another side with base 10 tally marks and I belive the final side is with even numbers. This is around 5000BC. There is a theory that suggest the person who made it was tracking the lunar equinox as there are 160 marks in total. The ishango bone was found in the Congo and the lebombo bone was in South Africa. It's also believed this is where the Egyptians learned mathematics from as their god thst represents 24 hours in a day or time is a baboon and their counting system was multiples of two like the ishango bone. Africa has a very rich history for those who look

  • this is what future education should look like, you're a visionary

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  • Sorry but this is not the history of math. It's a list of some important discoveries, their description and their applications (mostly modern). The history should include context, evolving states and relationships + how the world was being changed by math as it evolved. In the modern world everything has some math in the background, but that doesn't tell us much. Tell us something interesting about the revolution that was kicked off by the discovery of calculus and so on..

  • I hate and fuck math

  • amazing content man ! I have been waiting for so long for a good educational mathematics channel !

  • For the first, it'll be useful to name the exact terminology, like contrapositives, inverse, converse etc.

  • Great video, like it.

  • s/o to my homey from the motherland Belgium, Sir Poincaré

  • mysterious yet interesting!

  • Maybe this is a useful glossary of the current mathematics in historical order. It's good.

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  • I panic when I have to do complex math for electronics and robotics. I get by but use all of my text books as reference or I would be totally lost. I have ADD, LD, dyslexia and General Anxiety Disorder which does not help. So I will take any advice you can give me. God bless you.

  • Numbers are symbolic representation of values; thus, mathematics is symbolic representation of values in some kind of quantitative event. There are only four quantitative events in mathematics: plus, negative, times, and division. Are there serious problems with advance mathematics? YES! Here is an example of a serious problem. Zero plus zero equals zero; zero minus zero equals zero; zero times zero equals zero; and zero divided by zero equals zero. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Zero to the exponent of zero equals 1, as well, zero to the exponent of negative zero also equals 1; well that is wrong, but all calculators give this result. Lets look at it more closely. Zero to the exponent of 1 equals zero; zero to the exponent of 2 equals zero, and so on. But, zero to the exponent of negative 1 equals infinity; even zero to the exponent of negative 500 still equals infinity. Zero is not a value, it’s the lack of value, so, how can zero ever have any greater meaning than zero. Is this a mathematical error? Here is an online calculator that you can play with to verify this quantitative error: Let me know what you think?…

  • I need Chinese !

  • 1:00ish u could have jumped under shelter!!

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    Your new subscriber 💚🌻

  • 1 thru 10 is very occult. So many mathematicians have 0 clue

  • There are only 10 types of people: The ones that understand binary numbers and the ones that don't.

  • So you're saying I should get an after degree in math

  • I just found you, I know only basic math, but your videos are interesting, informative and understandable and It makes me want to understand math just a little bit better in my middle age.

  • Irrational numbers may not be countable but they are apartable as needed!
    THE PRINCIPLE OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. "Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law." — The Kybalion.
    Irrational numbers can be relied upon!

  • using mathematical construct and using mathematical preponderance of ranking system

    mathematics will always be lower ranking than reality

    mathematics will always be lower ranking than imagination

    There for mathematics will never ever be able to explain the universe or reality

  • right now I feel a lot less smart than a proportion of the world and a bit more in relation to another. I'm a computer programmer so I work with logic, I wasn't good at math growing up, but logic and philosophy & working with this has made me able to see and understand maths much better. Holy shit were those guys good at abstracting

  • Math is so vast!

  • The dsDNA at 9.15 is mirrored. dsDNA is a chiral molecule and mirroring for artistic purpose actually results in a non-existent molecule in all known biology (useless fun fact). I liked the show though 😀

  • We actually did have a 12 digit system. Many European languages have special words for 11 and 12 (it's not ten one and ten two). 4 fingers with each 3 elements (counted with the thumb) give 12. Multiplied with the 5 fingers of the other hand give us 60, something the babylonians used and we still use for the time today.

  • Great video

  • 5:50 assuming ideal tea pot lol

  • Nice video..please make a video on how mathematics helps us in study of universe.🇮🇳❤️

  • Mind expanding. Thanks for sharing.

  • Completely pedantic FYI 😅: John von Neumann's last name is pronounced differently than Paul Newman's last name; specifically, it is pronounced like von-NOY-man.

  • Math teachers in my school sucked. I topped my class but still can't understand the concept of calculus. We used to solve equations and plot functions only without understanding why.

  • What sort of hurry were you in, dear, when you made this video. It was very good, but we don't just hear it, ; our mind tries to take it in accurately and reflect and understand what is being said/shown. Please, please, slow down just a little bit!🙏😃

  • "Now one of the oldest foundations of mathematics WHICH IS LOST ON MANY PEOPLE TODAY IS LOGIC" 0:50…sadly true😣

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