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TIA: Back in July 2018, Playboi Carti went
on record to share that he and Lil Uzi Vert had some unreleased music in the vault. INTERVIEWER: How many records do y’all have
together that we haven’t heard? CARTI: Like a hundred. We been recording since like 2015 so we know
what we gotta do, we know what we’re capable of. TIA: Now with the 2nd anniversary of Carti’s
self-titled mixtape and Uzi’s return from retirement with tracks like “Free Uzi,” “Sanguine
Paradise” and “That’s A Rack,” many are hoping the two collaborate again. So Genius decided to take a look back at their
friendship. TIA: Both Uzi and Carti emerged as stars of
hip-hop’s new generation, landing coveted spots in the 2016 and 2017 XXL Freshman class,
respectively. Though both artists had been getting tons
of buzz in the years before, in 2016 they teamed up for their first official release
on “Left, Right,” which resulted in a 9 city tour. TIA: Later that year, Uzi enlisted Carti for
the Maaly Raw-produced track, “Of Course We Ghetto Flowers” on ‘The Perfect LUV
Tape.’ TIA: These duets inspired more releases from
the pair in 2017. That March, ahead of the release of his self-titled
mixtape, Carti dropped two more official tracks featuring Uzi: “Lookin” and “wokeuplikethis*.” TIA: And Uzi made sure to support Carti’s
debut mixtape. UZI: Ay listen here, my brother Carti just
dropped the best damn album that I ever heard. TIA: And although sometimes working together
can be a struggle… UZI: Alright so lemme tell you something about
Carti. He’s psyched out. Me and Carti be really having to fight, like
physically fight for him to listen. TIA: At the end of the day, the love is real. CARTI: Me and Uzi be in the studio together
at all times and we just be knowing. We just, we a team. UZI: I just went to the store, yeah. CARTI: Fucked a lil hoe, yeah. UZI: Ay. CARTI: Went back to the store. UZI: What. Yeah, you feel me? It’s just lit, it’s just all about being
lit. TIA: In May 2017, both rappers made an appearance
on the feature-packed track “RAF,” from A$AP Mob’s ‘Cozy Tapes, Volume 2.’ TIA: In August, Uzi dropped his critically
acclaimed debut studio album ‘Luv Is Rage 2,’ featuring the hit “XO Tour Llif3”. In September, Carti teased a joint album on
Snapchat and less than a month later, “Break The Bank” dropped, giving fans hope that
it might really happen. TIA: A month later, Carti announced their
16*29 tour but the next day, Uzi bowed out, saying: TIA: Though the two didn’t hit the road together, they kept making music. Tracks like “Bankroll” as well as snippets
like “I’m With The Squad” also known as “Squad” or “Firearm” surfaced in
the following months. TIA: In May 2018, Carti’s debut studio album,
‘Die Lit’ dropped and “Shoota” became the pair’s first official release since
2017’s “wokeuplikethis*.” TIA: By the end of late 2018, Uzi was visibly
going through some business issues with his label Generation Now. He announced his retirement from music and
thanked his fans for their support. But by March 2019, the Philly rapper released
“Free Uzi,” delighting his fans and continuing the hope for the release of ‘Eternal Atake,’
his second major label album. TIA: And although there is no official release
date for ’16*29,’ now that Uzi’s album may really be on the horizon, fans could
have a new Carti – Uzi collab to look forward to. TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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