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comment section. Epcot’s future world is the first half of the park itself and all of it’s pavilions meant to be inclusive the same overarching theme with future
every pavilion there would represent an element of what the future was supposed
to hold and how our current technologies and innovations would help us get there
these pavilions would together represent the future of oceans, ecosystems, energy,
transportation, creativity, innovation and communication. However there was to be one pavilion that would combine all these elements together. One pavilion
that would be the crowning jewel of Future World: Horizons. Announcer: Step into the
future at EPCOT Center’s newest adventure. Step into the future in Horizons. Step into the future, today. General Electric sponsored the horizon
billion and we’re more than happy to do so partly because most of the rest of
the park was built so GE knew they weren’t getting themselves signed up for
some unfinishable project that’s concept might have been a little bit too
ambitious and would later be abandoned the other reason being, GE had that
experience with Disney’s company and that experience had garnered them notoriety at the 1964 World’s Fair when they’d sponsored “Progressland: A Walt Disney
Presentation” or as is commonly known now, the Carousel of Progress. If you don’t
know how these pavilion sponsorship’s work, here’s how: A company, in this case GE sponsors a pavilion. Then Imagineers conceive and designed a ride, the sponsoring
company pays any and all construction costs and – boom, a new pavilion is made. In return, the sponsoring company gets to have their logo featured on the pavilion and a say in the Imagineering process of the ride. GE’s original idea for this ride
would be one that showcased how Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb was the
beginning of what would eventually become General Electric and that was
it, just a ride focus solely on GE. Thankfully, imagineers objected to this
idea and encouraged a more broad representation of America’s future
before the tie-in to electricity was dropped altogether and the attraction
grew more like its original concept as the epitome of all the future world
pavilions combined. While Horizons was in its planning stage was called “Century 3”, which referred to America’s third century that would encompass from 1976 to 2076. However the name didn’t make much sense to anybody outside of Americans
who were projected to be a big part of Epcot’s visitors. The rides name was then
changed to its new name “Future Probe”. This name didn’t stick around too long
either due to its use of the word “probe” and the given medical association with
it as it was thought to confuse people. And on top of that it just doesn’t sound
very appealing… Finally, the name of the ride was changed to
its final name: Horizons. Construction of the attraction began in 1981 and ran into
a few problems along the way. And this, will be new horizons. 21st century living on the land, under the sea and in outer space. One of which being, a 10 million dollar
budget cut at the last minute. But if you think 10 million’s a lot, try 70 million.
Because that’s how much the ride would have been to make pre-budget cuts so,
it’s understandable why they weren’t eager to throw another 10 million
dollars with the ride. In order to make up for the lost funds the ride was scaled down at least 35% and 600 feet worth of track were removed. Even with these
problems the ride was completed on time, Construction was finished sometime in
1983 the attraction was open on October 1st of that same year. Which was the
first anniversary of Epcot itself. When Horizons opened, media and special guests gathered for the grand opening plenty of big names were there including
Ron Miller, the CEO of Disney Productions. Roland Schmidt of General Electric.
Florida’s lieutenant governor, Wayne Mixon and Walt Disney World ambassador
Cynthia Pleasant. It was a pretty big to-do, speeches were, balloons were
released into the air and trumpets played the Epcot theme. The ride was very popular
during its operating years with park guests as it was basically unofficial
sequel to Carousel of Progress which, had already proved itself to be a big hit since it was first released in the mid-60s. In some aspects, Horizons could be
considered better than the Carousel of Progress, as it showed a broad future
consistently throughout the ride. As opposed to only showing a future in 1/4
of the ride. It was also an omnimover dark ride instead of a stage show. The omnimover system wasn’t that different with the one used on the Haunted Mansion, the
common thread being that neither stop and are constantly going on a track that
allows for daily high capacity, and allows for short wait times. The only real
difference between the two is that Horizons cars hang from the ceiling while the
Haunted Mansions remain on the ground at all times. Horizons also featured two 90
foot tall omnisphere theaters in between sets. Similar to the room at the end of
Spaceship Earth. Horizons was also different from other rides in that, it was interactive
and would let you choose your own ending. A very unique concept that tied in with
the rides theme of “a future with options”. On September 30th of 1993
General Electric’s sponsorship of the Horizons pavilion was up when their contract
expired. GE chose not to renew and the ride was
left without any financial backing for the first time in its decade of
operation. Any mentions of General Electric were removed from the ride. For
instance, at the beginning of the ride after you’d board you would hear this: Ride Narrator: “GE – Horizons passengers, you are now cleared for departure to the 21st century.” But in 1994 that was changed to this: Ride Narrator: “Horizons One is now departing. Our final destination today: The 21st century.” Along with that, the GE logos were removed from the interior and exterior of the ride. Ride Narrator: “From all of us, thanks for exploring Horizons.” Along with having no company sponsor, came the issue of having no company funding. So now, whenever something broke on the
ride; an animatronic, for example, it would stay broken. As would be
unprofitable for Disney to fix it, since it was coming out of their pockets and
not General Electric’s. During the rides final years, parts of it had fallen into a
real state of disrepair. Now normally a 10 year old ride can expect issues like
these after operating day in, and day out every day for that long the only issue
here was that Disney was hardly even attempting to fix these problems. But why?
Why have such an iconic ride, such a big part of future world and Epcot Center
itself be in such a sad state? Well, Disney would answer this question in the
following months. in December of 1994, just three months after General Electric’s contract expired. Horizons just closed down. No statements were given, no
timetables as when it might reopen, no indication beforehand, nothing. Things
stayed quiet until one year later when Horizons suddenly reopened. Nothing
inside was changed, no refurbishments or anything to explain its year-long absence
but, fans of the ride really didn’t care. They were just happy that Horizons was
reopened. The real reason that Epcot reopened Horizons was because two other future
world attractions were closed at the time. Those rides being, “World of Motion”
which was, at the time, being converted into Test Track and Universe of Energy,
which was being turned into Ellen’s energy. Adventure if Horizons didn’t open
back up, only one pavilion would be open on the eastern side of future world,
which isn’t good. So, Epcot really didn’t have much of a choice other than to
reopen for the next three years to make up for the other out-of-commission pavilions. But finally on January 19th of 1999, Horizons was officially closed down for good. before demolition began Disney officials
knew they would have to come up with a good excuse for completely demoing ride
that at this point had become a veritable cult classic at the park there
were a number of reasons for it as to why the building couldn’t be restored or
its attraction updated the first of which means is the new rides building
would be played larger than the horizon building and they had no choice but to
tear it down to make room for the new one as it’s already been proved that’s
not true the Verizon’s building is noticeably larger than its replacement
rides building later it was alleged that a huge sinkhole is beginning to take
form under the horizons building it was weakening the Billington near collapse
the sinkhole allegation was later proved true by Marty Sklar which does need an
international ambassador the single excuse was generally accepted today is
the real reason as to why the attraction was ultimately demolished in March of
2000 horizons began to be empty some props and sets will preserve for example
the robot Butler seen in the easy living section of the ride was moved to Disney
Hollywood studios to be put on display a few other props removed at Disneyland
Paris and can still be seen there today there were also rumors of various other
animatronics in the ride spider around Disney parks including this guy because
he was alleged to be stashing her Magic Kingdom’s Carousel of Progress I have no
real way to confirm any of these claims but I don’t think it’s really out of the
realm of possibility that some of these animatronics could have been repurposed
or is still intact and lingering around the parks also the famous mural seen at
the end of the ride the prologue in the promise was a room prior to demolition
is currently in Disney offices unable to be seen by the public but hey Alicia
wasn’t destroyed later that month the Omni we ride vehicles removed and there
seriously no telling where these things are the most I can find is a few
pictures of them stashing some warehouse some people say they were sold up
individually others say they were all destroyed and nobody really notes what
became with vehicles mission space would be the ride to replace horizons
begins construction in September of 2000 the ride officially opened however on
August 5th 2003 for anyone who doesn’t know mission spaces simulator ride and
its riders operating spacecraft on the first manned mission to Mars
Wright is most commonly known for juicing centrifugal force for the
g-force effect that is if you choose to go on the orange team over green green
is the exact same simulator ride just without the spinning if you want my
opinion now go orange if you can I always think it’s way more fun I don’t
want to help you fun the back story or history of the ride since I’m pretty
sure I’ll be making a whole from video on mission space when it gets
replaced by something else soon enough I mean that rides been open for at least
10 years now there I was built and open without much from from the public but
much as I should rent a horizons fans who didn’t think it was a worthy
successor to the classic ride and I have to say that I agree now I’ve got nothing
against mission space I make it a point to write it every time I go to Epcot but
through the research I’ve done the recording for the ride I’ve seen and
just general feel the attraction there is something that horizons has a mission
space just falls short of having that dancing character yeah horizons focused
on the future but it showed our future mission space just feels cold in between
the space theme throughout it and just being a simulator it really takes away
from the sentimentality you could have horizons still lives on today through
Berry’s tribute website video of the ride references and nods on other rides
and through its fans horizons really was the epitome of what the original idea
behind Epcot was that being the future and hope for it mission space is fun but
it really is a far cry from what is still considered to a lot of people to
be the best dark ride ever

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