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[Music] for immigrants leaving Europe for the new world the passage across the Atlantic was the first of many adventures at their destination they were greeted by a spectacular backdrop Manhattan in the harbor they were welcomed by a goddess of the modern age holding high a promise anyone seeking to better their fortunes here would find freedom and security [Music] this principle shapes the United States to this day freedom is paramount it stands above everything even justice this idea continues to distinguish the United States from the democracies of the so-called old world [Music] the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of this principle a gift from France it was shipped across the Atlantic in 1885 she was intended as a beacon to the world a bearer of hope for all who would left Europe behind [Music] the first visual depictions of America by Europeans showed adventurers searching for a route to India which is why they called the people they encountered Indians the Europeans were interested in money and power and a crucial factor in that power was religion when Christopher Columbus set sail from Europe in 1492 he flew the flags of Catholic Spain he was sent to find a new Western sea passage to Asia and lay the foundations for the spread of Christianity there the Caribbean was a launching pad for later Spanish expeditions with the help of new maps the sailors searched for more territory to explore they landed on a coastline they called Florida derived from the Spanish name for a flower festival on Easter Sunday Pascua Florida Columbus went to his grave believing he had reached India Ponce de Leon who would accompany Columbus on a previous voyage knew otherwise but Ponce de Leon thought Florida was an island he claimed it for Spain naming it La Colonia Florida [Music] his ships were likely the first to sail the Gulf Stream at the place in the Gulf of Mexico where its current is strongest de Leon’s crews were amazed at how the powerful current left their ship’s rigging ragged and Dorn the Gulfstream transports more water than all the world’s rivers combined its discovery was a boon to the Spanish treasure ships over the next 100 years the current helped speed their journeys back across the Atlantic [Music] a famous European engraver collected reports from 16th century expeditions and captured them in illustrations more than any other Teodor debris shaped how we pictured the first encounters of the Spanish invaders with the indigenous peoples his depictions were not always true to life but the embellishments are not always as apparent as in this illustration of Native Americans at work tilling the fields the Spanish had no real idea of how many Native Americans lived in the new world historians today estimate that more than 1 million people lived in Florida alone before the invaders arrived the indigenous Americans helped to Spanish navigate their way through the unfamiliar terrain why the foreigners were always intent on moving on and what they were looking for was a mystery at first the Spanish explorers asked them for water and food but that was not all they were after [Music] the Spanish were searching for precious metals and spices they hope to reap new riches they wanted to wage a campaign of plunder as they had already done with the Incas for their south st. Augustine in northeastern Florida calls itself the oldest continuously occupied settlement established by the Europeans in the United States [Music] Ponce de Leon came ashore here on his Florida expedition and then moved on fifty years later the Spanish erected a small wooden fort [Music] in the 17th century after raids by English ships the imposing Castillo de San Marcos was built in its place pirates found refuge in the islands of the region many it started as ordinary smugglers when they saw galleons loaded with gold and silver setting sail for Europe the lure of a quick profit was too much to resist the Caribbean gradually became a haven for murderers and thieves eventually spain’s dominance in the new world began to wane [Music] in 1607 English settlers landed further up the East Coast in what is now the state of Virginia after entering Chesapeake Bay three ships sailed up the James River the passengers were supposed to build a fort for a new settlement Jamestown for people seeking a better life across the Atlantic the Virginia Company of London offered free passage and returned for work in the new colonies after up to seven years of indentured servitude they were given the right to settle on land assigned to them by the company the English founded a succession of colonies along the east coast all the way up to modern-day Boston Jamestown eventually flourished for the Virginia Company it soon became a worthwhile investment the settlers also planted tobacco which grew so well that Virginia tobacco is still the most popular in the world the Europeans Oh the discovery of tobacco to the Native Americans who used its leaves for medicinal purposes they treated snake bites with them and all manner of disease [Music] in 1620 the Mayflower set sail from England with a crew of 31 and 102 passengers on board they were motivated less by material wealth than by freedom most of them were fleeing religious persecution they were heading for Virginia first but poor weather diverted their ship further north to Cape Cod near Boston [Music] they landed in what they called Plymouth Rock after the English port city they had set sail from the Pilgrim Fathers are still part of the founding myth of the United States [Music] within just a few years they were joined by 20,000 more colonists who settled in the New England area near what is now Boston they laid the foundations for a deeply religious Society where they’re free churches flourished the Pilgrim Fathers as they were later known called themselves the Saints after st. Paul back home in England they had been marginalized for their strict adherence to the word of the New Testament which is why they were called Puritans they believe their congregation answered directly to God and needed no bishops they were even opposed to celebrating Christmas because the holiday was never mentioned in the New Testament [Music] compared to Jamestown colonists The Pilgrim Fathers of the Plymouth Plantation adapted more easily to their new surroundings they had good relations with the native peoples in the area who helped them survive their first winter they gave the settlers food and showed them how to cultivate crops in the sandy soil and thanks for the bountiful harvest the settlers invited their native neighbors to a three-day feast an event that inspired the modern Thanksgiving holiday over the 17th century the Netherlands became another rising commercial and naval power [Music] Cape May in New Jersey was founded almost 500 years ago by a Dutch explorer as a trading post with Native Americans it is now the oldest seaside resort in the country each summer 4,000 residents welcomed more than 100,000 visitors [Music] the fur trader Cornelius Jacobsen may also brought Dutch settlers to an island nearby they formed a nucleus of a new colony New Amsterdam today’s Manhattan by the mid 17th century the Dutch settlement had 2,000 residents [Music] the British fought three naval wars against their Dutch rivals and dispatched a fleet to take control of the Dutch settlements in the new world the Dutch lost their colonies to the British the governor was forced to relinquish New Amsterdam which the British renamed New York but the Dutch were permitted to keep their land their faith and their pubs this tolerance displayed by the British commander laid the foundation for a gateway to the New World [Music] the British had founded colonies in the south and north of the East Coast they consolidated that foothold with New York and New Jersey and later added colonies in Pennsylvania and Delaware [Music] their most successful colony was Virginia its prosperity spurred on other settlements in the south as the farms increased their profits they evolved into plantations [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this success was founded on a workforce brought in from Africa the captured slaves did the work that brought the landowners their wealth the crops they grew included cotton tobacco and rice English rule spread from Virginia to Maryland at North Carolina South Carolina and finally Georgia the last and southernmost of the original 13 colonies established under British rule [Music] the Middleton family were one of the most prosperous landowners in South Carolina their manor house still stands at the former plantation the family owned 20,000 hectares of land some 50,000 acres worked by 800 slaves not far from the thriving city of Charleston by the mid 17th century Charleston was the cultural and economic center of the southern states with a population of 1200 it was at the time the fifth largest city in North America [Music] [Applause] [Music] it sport became a hub of the slave trade in the British colonies half of the slaves captured in Africa and brought to North America landed in Charleston it was a cruel and barbaric business that paid no heed to any contemporary notion of human rights slave owners were allowed to do whatever they wanted with the people who were their property Charleston prospered under the slave trade and the British crown filled its coffers with taxes in the colonies this bred resentment and they began to turn against British control the colonies were flourishing and did not want to follow orders whether in their business dealings or their religious beliefs from the north to the south this was something they agreed on eventually in Boston tensions boiled over when London issued new duties on basic commodities such as paper leather and tea the colonies demanded no taxation without representation their protests were met with force the conflict turned deadly when British soldiers shot and killed five people during protests in Boston the king in London now offered to abolish all taxes except for the tax on tea but it was too little too late the revolutionaries in Boston now openly challenged the government in London under cover of darkness and disguised as Native Americans a group of them crept aboard British trading ships and through 40 tons of tea into the harbor the raid went down in history as the Boston Tea Party Londyn responded to the provocation by sending reinforcements in 1775 British troops clashed with colonial militias for the first time [Music] the 13 colonies issued a declaration of independence and a declaration of war [Music] Thomas Jefferson who was born in England penned key sections of the Declaration of Independence he became one of the founding fathers of the United States along with Benjamin Franklin Samuel Adams and a tobacco farmer from Virginia called George Washington they were united in their determination to be free of what they called British tyranny their declaration also proclaimed that all men had a god-given right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness it was a call to rebellion but were the colonies willing to die for their cause they had 15,000 poorly equipped militia troops under the command of a military novice plantation owner George Washington they faced the well-equipped and battle-hardened British redcoats backed up by 30,000 mercenaries from Germany [Music] but George Washington had patriotic fervor and tactical skill on his side he managed to avoid open battle against the enemy’s superior forces his militia was more accustomed to retreating than going on the offensive but the British were unable to press their advantage then George Washington received military assistance from France the tide turned the decisive battle took place not far from Jamestown the British surrendered and London sued for peace the United States had now come of age the birth of the nation inspired Francis Scott Key to write a poem about the star-spangled banner this later became the lyrics to the national anthem which celebrated the United States as the land of the free and the home of the brave but who was truly free in this new world women had less freedom Native Americans and slaves of African descent had none at all the freedoms that were enshrined in the Constitution were only valid for a select group it soon became clear that rice grew well in the southern states new slaves were imported who understood how to cultivate rice this also proved a very profitable business thanks to enslaved rice farmers from West Africa South Carolina and Georgia soon became known as the rice coast but diseases like malaria and yellow fever also flourished in the subtropical climate when temperatures rose in the spring white farm owners often left for the north over the summer the slaves were left in comparative peace they developed their own african-american culture man their own language Gullah which is still spoken today on the Sea Islands of South Carolina in 1790 the islands were home to around 200 white colonists and 1700 black slaves 80 years later some 300 colonists ruled over more than 5,000 slaves as each decade passed the flaws of the American Constitution became more apparent for those who are willing to see in the north the thorny questions of freedom and equality were at least a topic of debate in the south it was business as usual the South had its own concept of freedom to the plantation owners it meant the right to free trade and freedom from interference from both the British and the northern states the Virginia Company of London was the first joint stock corporation to import slaves from Africa to Jamestown the slaves replaced white indentured labor who gained their freedom after completing their years of service that covered the cost of their journey from England for their owners the people brought from Africa would never be free in the new world they lived to serve [Music] slaves who attempted to escape faced brutal punishment the United States of America which thought of itself is the land of the free was built on slavery [Music] by 1860 there were some four million slaves in the United States men women and children exploited by slave owners and often abused a few years earlier in 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe a teacher published a novel that gripped the country Uncle Tom’s Cabin tells the story of a slave who is sent to be freed but is then sold to another master who has him whipped to death [Music] for Abraham Lincoln born in Kentucky and his new Republican Party the book helped win support for the anti-slavery cause Abraham Lincoln became president with votes from the northern states in the White House he faced a challenge of historic proportions [Music] after his election South Carolina moved first soon eleven slaveholding states seceded from the United States the president decided to use the military to force the South back into the Union the civil war waged over differing definitions of freedom cost the lives of six hundred thousand soldiers and five hundred thousand civilians 2% of the population it remains the country’s bloodiest conflict [Music] half of those killed could not be identified [Music] in May 1861 the white slave owners on the sea islands had like every year left for the summer their slaves remained behind the North took the opportunity to seize control of the islands and armed several hundred Gullah slaves many of the men took pride in wearing the blue uniform and in joining the fight for their freedom [Music] Union forces soon occupied the nearby city of Beaufort thanks to the first South Carolina volunteer infantry regiment it was one of the first black regiments in the Union Army the North now began to deploy more and more units of black soldiers 180,000 African American men gave Lincoln the new troops he so desperately needed on the battlefields another factor helped the industrialized north its railway network allowed troops and weapons to be transported quickly across the country many of the battlefields were located close to railway tracks and the towns that had sprung up near to them the union of the northern states was gaining the upper hand the Confederate south staked everything on one final push to encircle the northern armies [Applause] they were outmatched both in terms of resources and strategy the Confederate Army lost their final great battle their only choice was to surrender Abraham Lincoln had been reelected the year before the end of the war after the South capitulated he urged reconciliation calling on both sides to refrain from taking revenge to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and a lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations but the Civil War claimed one more life one week after the end of the conflict President Lincoln and his wife attended a performance at the Ford’s Theater in Washington [Music] [Applause] at the pinnacle of his success Abraham Lincoln paid the ultimate price for his vision of freedom he was shot dead by Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth more than a century and a half later wounds may have healed but they have not been forgotten and old resentments lurk under the surface during the war both sides prayed for God to grant them victory in a conflict fought over land resources and their different definitions of the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness the rights enshrined in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence proved easier said than done [Music] the Navesink twin lights lighthouse overlooking the entrance to the bay of new york is a good vantage point to gaze on what may be the quintessential American dream the journey from rags to riches for more than a handful this dream became reality [Music] on the way toward Manhattan the Statue of Liberty symbolizes what the nation’s founding fathers had put to paper in the declaration of independence from British rule an end to tyranny and liberty for all only a short distance away is Ellis Island for new immigrants from Europe it became known as both an island of hope and an island of Tears [Music] Europe was suffering from hunger and political and economic unrest during the 19th century 52 million people left the continent in many cases their home countries helped support the emigration of entire families to help alleviate poverty back home the mass emigration required organized collection points on the European side of the Atlantic many people departed from Hamburg after a devastating fire in 1842 the port city was rebuilt the harbor was massively expanded as were the shipyards Hamburg became a gateway to the world while sailing ships used to need two months to cross the Atlantic by the late 19th century modern steam ships made the journey in just two weeks a growing number of migrants were now arriving from Eastern Europe and the Balkans the Hamburg America shipping line built a camp for them on the outskirts of the city passengers had to endure a 14-day quarantine this prevented the outbreak of diseases on board the ships which could cause people to be turned back in New York passengers traveling first class had their belongings packed securely in trunks their tickets cost four times the price of a lowest class ticket but this is where the ship operators made their profit passengers were crammed into bunks in rooms with no windows immigration became a huge moneymaker ships took passengers West and loaded up with cargo for the return journey east [Music] for many migrants it meant saying farewell forever and a departure to the unknown [Music] thanks to growing competition among shipping lines even third-class passengers soon had more amenities on their journey at the same time ticket prices dropped in 1850 the journey cost an average annual wage by 1900 it was one month’s income families who couldn’t afford to send everyone often sent the men ahead first but for those who hope to achieve the American dream there was still a hurdle to overcome Ellis Island island of hope and tears passengers of wealth or social standing were allowed to step off the boat and go straight to Manhattan passengers in third-class were made to submit to a rigorous screening process the initial interview took only a few minutes the medical exam was an ordeal this was what decided who would have a chance at the American dream at first only passengers suffering from disease were rejected later the authorities also blacklisted prostitutes the poor anarchists the illiterate and Chinese people those denied entry were returned to where they came from at the cost of the shipping company on some days up to 12,000 people were processed at Ellis Island in the late 19th century Germans for the largest group of immigrants followed by people from Ireland and Britain but many Russians Hungarians Italians and others sought their fortunes in the New World [Music] [Applause] for passengers traveling in first or second class who went straight to Manhattan the American Dream was not such a reach [Music] the others who disembarked at Ellis Island had a more difficult path but still some rose to a life of prosperity in their new home [Music] hey Vsauce born in Bavaria emigrated with his mother in 1847 and went on to make Levi’s jeans a mass consumer product – Steinbeck arrived in New York from Hamburg in 1850 he went on to become world famous for his Steinway pianos Henry John Heinz who invented tomato ketchup was born in the US but his father came from Germany as did another immigrant Swedish Trump grandfather of Donald Trump [Music] before and after becoming president Donald Trump campaigned for more restrictive immigration policies and for a wall along the border to Mexico [Music] the vast majority of European immigrants arrived through New York even those who plan to continue to the Midwest immigrants who stayed in New York generally settled in specific neighborhoods which became Little Italy little Germany or little Russia their children were automatically granted American citizenship through birthright [Music] New York had become a modern-day Babel and not just because of the many languages spoken there as the decades passed the city’s new buildings towered higher and higher trying to outdo each other and don’t do other cities the first high-rise was built in 1885 it had ten storeys in 1889 the first skyscraper with the steel skeleton structure was built a decade later the tallest building soared 100 metres 10 years after that doubled that height in 1931 the now legendary Empire State Building topped out at 381 meters it held the world record for more than 40 years until the limitations of steel framed buildings were overcome [Music] in 1603 Samwell the champlain founded the first of a string of settlements for France in North America the first was on an uninhabited island later ones followed along the st. Lawrence River some well – Champlain came into contact with Native Americans who thrived in the forests that were rich in game the French ended up having to cede most of their new world territory to Britain although the Quebec region in what is today Canada remains french-speaking but those who lost the most were the Native Americans their traditional hunting grounds had been deforested their lakes and rivers depleted of fish they were even prohibited from hunting and gathering much of the forest was now privately owned [Music] Richard Henry pranked an army major assigned the task of assimilating Native Americans is still known for his motto kill the Indian and save the man [Music] the descendants of Europeans never lost their suspicions of Native Americans and resorted to military force to displace them this may not have accorded with the word and spirit of the US Constitution but in the New World might was still right by the turn of the 20th century the indigenous people had been decimated only 237,000 Native Americans remained they lost 98% of their land to the invaders and they had to wait until 1948 to be granted full civil rights in all states nearly 80 years after the first African Americans won the right to vote [Music] 500 years of colonization and displacement for some for others 500 years of the American dream soon after the dawn of the 21st century that dream came under brutal attack on September the 11th 2001 the World Trade Center was targeted as a symbol of the ideals of the Western world almost 3,000 people were killed in the attack people who had roots in all corners of the earth [Music] but the open society whose foundations had been laid by the courage of the pioneers refused to be intimidated the new freedom tower adjacent to the former site of the World Trade Center is a testament to that determination today it fills the gap in the New York skyline [Music] the Spanish were the first European conquerors of the new world their legacy today includes over 50 million spanish-speaking people in the United States more than in Spain itself but the pillar of the American Dream was and remains Liberty the belief that people could come from around the world and achieve their dreams or as one son of Italian immigrants sang if I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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