The History of Dragon Ball Z on Toonami

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  • I'm gonna leave my comment before this video blows up!! I just wanna say, thank you for being the most real authentic Dragon ball reviewer, reporter and Youtuber, you've been an incredible inspiration to me and many others on this platform, don't ever stop providing the beautiful in depth news and discussions about the Anime of all our childhoods known as Dragon ball.. Now that out of the way, it's time to watch this monster of a video!!!

  • Toonami was available in Europe as well on Cartoon Network, so it's pretty much the sole reason DBZ went international imo.

  • Thanks for the upload!

  • Still to this day Geekdom can't pronounce the word depth. It's always Dragon Ball in Defth.

  • plz reply to my comment,if any one know the link or any app to watch all the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z ,Dragon Ball GT,Dragon Ball Kai,Dragon Ball Super and any other series.

  • I watch Dragon Ball Z before when I was a teenager and now I watch Andi Mack before I'm an adult!

  • Indias Nutshell Storie
    DBZ Came on Toonami block india,Was Indias highest rated animated shows,got complaints by Parents Teachers Association,Kids got screwes,Motu Patlu Became NORM,DBZ faded,CN Ratings fell being the last channel in the top 5


  • I miss Kelamis, Drummond and ocean dub

  • I grew up with the Funi/Bruce Faulkner dub, and dragonball when i was 5-8 years old. Damn, time flies!

  • I've watched this video several times, one of your best videos of all time without a doubt.

  • I discovered dragon ball z KAI on Nicktoons.

  • 7:51 genie, lamps, wishes, that doesn’t ring a bell?

  • Vegeta …. full blooded super saiyan, heir to royalty… destined to rule the universe. His ruthless fighting skills are feared by many… (Blasts the shit out of a dude)

  • Most of you don't understand the importance of Goku turning super saiyan. I mean it seemed like an eternity until they aired that episode. I remember my little brother and I watching DBZ in the kitchen eating Celeste pizzas and it was like the happiest moment of our childhood. Rest in paradise little brother

  • Damnit I wish I was born in the 90s

  • Anybody remember SWAT Kats? If that had come along a little bit later I think it would have been a huge success.

  • Everyday after school my mom would buy me a McDonald's Happy meal go home turn on the TV to channel 23 and watch DBZ! The best days the old days love them old times 💜

  • I watched toonami since the beginning and been a fan of dragonball even longer.

  • Wow, bringing the Frieza saga into the US must’ve felt like a monumental ordeal back in the late 90s. I can’t imagine how the fans must’ve rejoiced witnessing it all in dub for the first time…

  • Does anybody know where I can find the Toonami April Fools DBZ run from 2012? I would give anything to find those nostalgic childhood episodes

  • the First Time i discovered dragon ball z on toonami it showed trunks killing the android 18 and 17 the first time i didn't who these was then i searched up and found out about this characters name and history

  • Oh yeah, this was the shit, although I watched dragon before toonami 😊

  • I discovered dragon ball cause my school had the manga at the library so I started there

  • If you've never seen DBZ on Toonami, you've clearly never Rocked the dragon.

  • Then Do A History of TV Network and Syndication Distribution on your Another Video Then Because I'm Dying to Hear

  • Cartoon Network was once a godly channel to me before I had cable, I would see someone had it on their TV and be desperate to use it

  • I thank dbz for all of this as well but i think its time to move on.

  • I did see some eps on Cartoon Network (didn't get it until middle school) but I actually got into Dragonball through the manga, and it is the main reason why I love Dragonball Kai.

  • Dont watch dbz huh haha loser 2004 me

  • First time I seen Goku was on Fox Sunday morning and I've been hooked ever since

  • man i remember when i watched Dbz's cell games on toonami, next day i watched Dbz Kai's cell games on toonami

  • How can u compare dbz to Naruto if it wasn't for Goku there wouldn't be Naruto! Dbz was the best

  • Is Johnny quest related to Johnny test

  • We From India only have cartoon network to thank for introducing us to DBZ , Naruto, Digimon and anime in general

  • every body already commented all the things I wanted to say about this video so I'm not gonna be that guy to babble and repeat; but I'm very grateful for this thorough master piece. I was born in 91 so I was able to witness this myself, I use to talk bout this to all the fake anime fans that dont know the origin or how it even got Americas influence and they think they know every God damn thing. but this video is so special it brought tears to my eyes

  • oh yeah and Bruce faulconer is God, that vegeta super saiyan theme with the piano still gives me chills

  • Is there a Dragonball Hall of Fame? You should be in the Dragonball hall of Fame

  • 14:10 is where the video starts

  • How were the Ocean episodes 2 seasons? I always saw that as season 1, and ginyu to Garlic Jr as Season 2. I always thought there were 5 seasons, not 6.

  • Fuck yeah!!

  • I enjoyed this video so much takes me back to simpler days

  • My first introduction to DBZ wasnt Toonami. It was on FOX and was a episode from the Namek saga like early weekday I think.

  • Not me I was watching this on a unknown block that came on when school was over on basic television

  • Even the toonami presentation introducing anime has its own backstory and made me watch plenty of shows that I wasn’t alwayss interested in but the introduction to each show was unique in its own way

  • I miss toonami so much. i miss OG cartoons so much. The shit hey have on TV today is so fucking stupid, with no artful skill at all.

  • So what your telling me is my whole childhood was apart of the fake news CNN?! Really disappointing

  • My dad actually got me and my sister hooked on the dragonball series. We were into pokemon like crazy and thought we would like this series and we did 😊

  • Those toonami promos would get me so pumped to watch anime as a kid

  • Ronin warriors was da shit

  • Crazy that cartoon network is two years older then me. I grew up on cartoon network and nick.

  • I was really and still I'm into pokemon

  • I remember watching that short special lineup on cartoon NETWORK. My brother loved dragon ball z.

  • 1:30 of talking and not saying anything, dude shut up

  • “Who watches cartoons at 2:00 am?” I’m old enough to remember when Cartoon Network would shut off after like 1:00am because I assume they thought no one was watching. It was just colored bands across the screen until 6:00 or so when they’d start up again.

  • To bad the swedish cartoon Network never hade any animes

  • Hey um guys, quick question. At 13:33, what is that one tape with the blonde woman in a red dress? I'm asking because I am searching for old anime movies to marathon with my friends.

  • Even though I grew up in this time period I didn’t get to experience dragon ball z the way most of you did. I would every now and again watch the cell saga on tv but what really got me hooked was the VHS tapes of the buu saga. They always came in pairs with 3 episodes a piece and sometimes I would have to wait months to see what happened next.

  • 24:55 Mr Cullen said: "The boys are back in town!" Ronin Warriors 1999

  • OG Piccolo raised me 🐐

  • When Are You Gonna Make a History of Saturday Mornings Cartoons ?

  • When Are you Gonna Make A History of Anime and What you Think It was in the 80's and 90's in North America ?

  • When are You Gonna Do the Entire Video of Michael Lazo's Influence on Anime on Cartoon Network and What He Brought to the Table

  • When Are you Gonna Make a Full Video About The Entire History and a Thorough Explanation What TV Network and Syndication Distribution Is ? That's What I Wanna Learned About

  • Japanimation was an actual term? Say what?! I thought that was, like, a semi-ironic derogatory word created by anime-haters! The more you know, huh.

  • I first watched Toonami when it was new and watched DBZ, reboot, and more and became a fan and still love DBZ still today and will always be my favorite and I have loved anime since. I had to record it on VHS, stayed up late when couldn't, and more but it got me through lonely days and Im thankful. Toonami was very important to me and DBZ was best and still is.

  • I was 14 years old when cartoon Network first aired and I did watch the shows when able or snuck watching it 2 or 3am when I should of been asleep.

  • Does he know about the “rock the dragon” box set?

  • The way how I got into Dragon Ball Z was through Toonami. Honestly for me, if it wasn't for Toonami I don't think I'd like anime as much.

  • I love that the first 14 minutes of the video aren't even about Dragon Ball Z and I still love it! That really shows how great Geekdom's channel is!

  • I fall in that small majority that got introduced to it as Kai on nicktoons and toonzai. I still knew it as dragonball z though instead of Kai.

  • 20:16 The left Turles — "Now, kid… let's give a good look at the moon!"
    The right Turles — "Look Kakarot! Your son is now evil! He's going to join us!"

  • I just stumbled upon this and watched the entire thing! Thank you so much for this video! I remember fondly coming home from school and watching the Toonami block and being introduced to Dragon Ball Z for the first time in 1998. So much nostalgia in this video. I am still a huge DBZ fan to this day, even having almost 30 DBZ figuarts at the moment.

  • Beautifully executed 👏thank you for this!

  • Idk what station but as a kid I have a memory of watching an episode of Dragonball z in the 80s. It was a Sat morning and it was an episode with Piccolo training Gohan. It's why I got into the show later. That early memory.

  • I swear DBZ used to also come on Kids WB and me and my brother would wake up super early to see it. Until we finally got cable, we were able to see it on Toonami.

  • 34mins of pleasure 😁

  • I discovered DBZ while it was broadcast in syndication (pre Toonami) in 95/96'ish. One day my father was a little late getting ready for work (he would drop me off at school on his way to work) so I had time to flip through channels and discovered the show. Back in the day a lot of awesome cartoons would only be broadcasted during school hours and thus made Summer breaks a magical time of the year.

  • Man I had no idea dbz was this popular I just became a fan late December of 2018 of dbs and dbz because why I became a fan now is because back in my day I never heard of dbz because people at my school were talking about pokemon and yugioh nothing dbz or dbz Kai ikr but I love dbz and dbs now I respect this show I love it now and will always

  • This is why I fuck with you, Geek. This is why I fuck with you.

  • Daam what a great video my childhood

  • May I add something I remember this time frame there was Saturday morning cartoons on every Network television channel CBS ABC NBC had Saturday morning cartoons thinking about it now I think they were at competition at that point cuz I remember other cable channels had Saturday morning cartoons USA Channel

  • I miss the Ocean Dub. I find it more enjoyable than Kai any day.

    My first memory of Dbz was the episode when Tien killed himself trying to take out Nappa.

    I think my second memory was watching the Ginyu force fights on weekdays, but seeing Garlic Jr. episodes on weekends. Strange schedule…

  • Wow dude, thanks for making this video. It really brings back a lot of fond memories.

  • 311 people didn’t have a child hood

  • I remember when the uncut version aired in 2005. I had watched the show off and on growing up, the original airing and the reruns they'd show everyday after school, but around this time I'd recently found it again and became completely obsessed. But it was 2004 and the only way I knew to watch the series was to rent what few DVDs my local blockbuster carried, which made me pretty sad. Then they announced they'd be reairing it, and it was uncut, we'd get to see Blood and hear Bad Words! I begged my parents to change my bedtime so I could stay up and watch it every night.
    My brother and I started watching it together, excited and gasping in shocked delight that one time Krillin said "damn". They finally got to Namek. Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta were fighting the Ginyu Force and losing. Goku finally arrived. He appeared behind Burter and just went, "Hi!" I was jumping up and down, so excited to see the next episode and the upcoming battles.

    then the next night it wasn't on because they stopped airing the episodes once they caught up to where the funimation dub had taken over and yeah I am still bitter about it

  • Cartoon network is a Libra..😂

  • I actually started watching DBZ about 5-6 years before it hit CN. I found it on Sunday mornings on an old 43 channel called UPN!! I am 33 now and was like 11 or 12 then. I tried telling all my friends about it, it even got me into training kickboxing n shit. All the homies were clowning me like it was wack. Then 5 years later when it was on Toonami they all got into it and I clowned them saying I tried to tell their punk asses. Lol

  • Back when I was I kid we didn’t have cable TV. So between “Telemondo” which I couldn’t understand, & the local TV channel that’s how I got introduced to DBZ

  • Okay, you keep referring to Adult Swim as "Cartoon Network."

    Does Cartoon Network air Family Guy?

  • Yo Geekdom I’ve been a of dragon ball since 96 and sailor moon as well I’m new to ur channel and love the content ocean dub 6:30am while getting ready for school then sailor moon this took me back!

  • Sailor Moon first aired on the USA network cartoon morning block in 1997

  • I only watch dB on tonomi

  • Poop 💩 is the name of your mom and your dad is going home to get your car and then I will go to get my truck and then I’ll be there tomorrow morning

  • My family made me miss some episodes of dB

  • I learned to do ssj and mui

  • I come back to this video once in awhile just to get the nostalgia bump. Geekdom, this might just be the very best video you've put out in my opinion.

  • 27:30 gives me chills. Such a wonderful time to be alive. I'm so fortunate to have been. A kid during this era. Unmatched!!!!

  • I remember the Ocean Group dubs when they aired. I miss how bad ass Vegeta sounded in that dub. He sounded like a psychopath lol

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