The History of DMT in 3 Minutes

DMT steht für N,N-Dimethyltryptamin Tryptamin ist ein Monoamines Alkaloid, welches in Pflanzen, Pilzen und Tieren gefunden werden kann Es gibt viele Tryptamin Alkaloide aktiv in unserem Körper Zum Beispiel der Neurotransmitter Serotonin ist ein Tryptamin, welches auch bekannt ist als 5-Hydroxytryptamin Serotonin ist verantwortlich für die Regelung von Stimmung, Appetit, Schlaf, Erinnerungen und Lernen Guck wie ähnlich DMT und Serotonin Moleküle sind DMT oder N,N-Dimethyltryptamin soll angeblich in der Zirbeldrüse von Menschen produziert werden Im Jahr 2013 fanden Forscher DMT in der Zirbeldrüse von Nagetiere Und dann im Jahr 2014 berichteten Forscher von der Biosynthese von DMT in der Menschlichen Melanom-Zelllinie Dr. Rick Strassman glaubt das DMT im Traum freigesetzt wird und in größeren Mengen während Traumatischer Vorfälle wie bei Geburt und Tod Obwohl solche Behauptungen noch nicht bewiesen sind DMT wird in Hunderten wenn nicht Tausenden an Pflanzen endogen produziert Wie auch in Tieren wie z.B die Colorado-Kröte welche ein Analog produziert welches 5-MeO-DMT genannt wird DMT ist einer der Hauptbestandteile in dem antiken Schamanenbrau Ayahuasca Normalerweise ist DMT nicht oral wirksam aber gemischt mit einer anderen Pflanze welche ein Monoaminooxidase-Hemmer enthält wird DMT oral wirksam und produziert starke Psychedelische Zustände Archäologische Funde in Ecuador zeigen das die Einheimischen des Amazonas Ayahuasca seit 5000 Jahren konsumieren Wenn es in seine freie Base umgewandelt wird kann DMT vaporisiert und geraucht werden Welches die intensivste Erfahrung sein soll die ein Mensch haben kann Wenn 20-60 mg innerhalb von einer Minute inhaliert werden behaupten Veruschspersonen das sie alternative Realitäten besucht haben mit Geometrien und Gesetzen welche nicht durch eine Moderne Sprache erklärbar sind Sie sagen auch das sie Kontakt mit fremden Wesen haben wie ausserirdischen Wesen Wie auch religiöse und spirituelle Erfahrungen welche nicht mit kompletter Vereinigung mit allen Lebenden und nicht Lebenden Wesen in der Existenz limitiert sind Die Dauer dieser Erfahrung beträgt nur 5-15 Minuten auch wenn Versuchspersonen sagen das sie gefühlt viel viel länger “Weg” waren DMT ist das stärkste bekannte Psychedelische Mittel Da die Substanz natürlich in unseren Körpern produziert wird trägt es den Spitznamen “Das Geistmolekül” Wörter können der Erfahrung nicht gerecht werden man muss es machen um es vollständig zu verstehen Nun versucht nicht alle DMT zu finden In vielen Ländern ist es eine Klasse 1 Substanz sodass der Besitz und Konsum strengstens verboten ist Das bedeutet das jeder lebende Mensch eine illegale Substanz in seinem Körper trägt…

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  • That shit sound scary

  • The mind fuck is we all have an illegal substance in us

  • Mind fuck is everybody has an illegal substance in them

  • narrated by professor mordin solus

  • And healthy

  • Google it the images are very pretty

  • Welcome to Earth 2
    – Harrison Wells

  • To many big words… Dumb it down a little

  • Why is vault boy telling me about dmt?

  • i feel like it's saying your talking your first et last gasp of life with the living entity you believe to perceive as god

  • You sound like Micheal reeves

  • Anyone interested in DMT production or use should read this book. Books

    It's a game changer!
    Welcome to the future : )

  • I would try some but I already know there are aliens.

  • If anyone is seeking answers to life, to this world, to spirituality, to the truth, check out the video on my channel titled The Truth about DMT and other Psychedelics.

  • I only learnt what dmt is……..I want some

  • So when we die, DMT is produced even more? Death might not be as scary as people think… maybe our after life is a whole DMT experience which is why we "rest" when dead

  • Bullshit. These are not "psychedelic" states at all. It is a separation of the spirit from body that allows you to see perceive what's going on intellectually due to the lack of melatonin and such that inhibits traditional intellectualization or conscious understanding of the experience. Another thing to note is that DMT is NOT addictive. That means that having that rating of a schedule 1 substance is utter bullshit and meant to stop people from having these profoundly helpful and enlightening experiences. It is also profoundly helpful for people who are growing closer to death and can help them look forward to the experience vs living in fear.

  • We may be currently carrying this substance but our body is not secreting them in high amounts. If that were the case, that person would not be normal. Diseased. You are not smart. Do you think the body is meant to have excess of this? To do so would be a false reality. I’m not convinced that DMT brings you to alternate realities. It just sounds like New Agers trying to take Korin Specific Technique to a whole new level with drugs. Crazy people!

  • I never knew you nade this video 😂😂🤣

  • helium voiced narrators make me very uneasy… the point of criminal when forced to listen to at great length. Especially when they laugh.

  • I've seen a lot of your videos, and I want to thank you for your imformative lessons, facts, warnings, guidance, and your personal journey(s). The Science, Pseudo Science, Spiritual, Mental and Physical advice you give will and has saved thousands of lives. I assume this is video #1 chronologically, so I'm watching them all now.

  • sounds like terence:)

  • Toads are not mammals

  • Guy reminds me of a synth from fo4

  • Interesting

  • Am I hallucinating or did he just call the Colorado River Toad a “Mammal”?

  • If I never get to try this substance, I will die as an empty man. I simply can't live my life without trying it. The curiosity is too much. Fuck you government. I'm trying it whether its illegal or not.

  • Instructions not clear got trapped in a interdenominational prison for 5000yrs by clockwork elves. THE DEMONS THEY'RE EATTING MY FLESH GET THEM OFF ME GET THE DEMONS AWAY!!

  • Lets debate: Should Dmt be legal?

  • Where can I cop ? Haha

  • Wait… So I'm illegal then?


  • Here goes my next arguement to a cop.
    . " what you arresting me for my DMT "

  • How can it be more powerful than acid if it only last for up to 15 minutes?

  • "Get high on your own supply" Wim Hof
    Why look outside of yourself for DMT when everything you need or will ever need is always within you now and therefore is always available to you? The answer is: most of us will not make the sacrifice of time and effort to get to the Source. We begin to wake up when we question all authority including that of our own egoic mind and as we awaken we begin to take responsibility for all aspects of our lives. It is all an inside job. We get to decide if we want to make it an inside misery or an inside joy : )! Learn to distinguish between your conditioned consciousness (your egoic mind) and your inspired consciousness (the consciousness that is at one with the stream of Universal Consciousness, aka Infinite Intelligence) . Do the work that gives you dominion over your "meat puppet body" and receive your salvation from within.

  • will this come up as meth?

  • Language has evolved in this place and it can serve no other, or at least takes years of practise. So literally the unspeakable falls Into your lap, you're loaded right you're there and you're trying to explain to yourself what is happening. The water of language, it just falls off of you like water off a ducks back, you cannot say whats there. Its paradigm shattering

    No relevance to our existence and our pity concerns, like religion.

  • I dont believe u dmt trip when your born

  • buy your root to make the dmt here it’s easy

  • blood should be illegal

  • DMT here now? For what reason, if it's in you naturally, let it enhance you naturally, like our ancestors. They had no cheat sheet , it's putting us back to sleep.

  • Can you see the after life when you take dmt then

  • Coming here after Joe Rogan with Alex Jones

  • isnt salvia more potent of a psychedelic?

  • Colorado river toad is not a mammal mate

  • And people go on and vote to support those mofo's who prohibited the use of natural "drugs". We have the right to use anything we want.

  • Joe "This entire script" Rogan.

  • what u say about PCP/Angel dust??

  • So much false shit in this video. Dr Rick Strassmans book, DMT : The Spirit Molecule is a good book. has been proven that its produced by your pineal gland, and is responsible for REM sleep, and dreaming. Also, it is proven that your body does in fact pump out heavy dosages at birth, and death. Sound science. Do some research, and not just the first thing that pops up on google. been doing studies on DMT since the 20's. Ayahuasca, is only found in the Amazon, translated, means :the vine of life". The bark has 70% dmt, and when made into a tea, there are effects. Yes that alone is not orally soluble. But, the leaf off that same vine turns off the enzymes in your stomach to allow it to be taken orally. Not a different plant. same plant

  • Just tried for first time, omg 😮

  • At first I thought the video was on 2x


  • Since when is a toad a mammal?

  • Im only 5 seconds in and already want to meet the Salarian that made this video. I love that race!

  • Nobody is going to talk about calling the frog a mammal?

  • So that's what they meant by illegal immigrants!

  • God said young men will dream visions and old men will dream dreams. Sometimes, God gives us dreams to warn us about the future. I remember I had a dream about me driving my car and the breaks went out and I crashed into a car. Couple of weeks later, it happened. Some dreams are minor, and some major. Like I remember I had a dream (had the dream 5 times through childhood to now) about a Huge tsunami hitting NY. I know that never happened, but I feel like it might happen.

  • Might as well add some of my relevancy to the subject. In a nut shell my experience was spiritual. It was like I died. I was in a purgatory type state. At the pinnacle, I accepted my death and wherever I went (Heaven or Hell) I knew it was all in God's hands. I didn't go to hell thank God, but I remember a large hand scooping me up – if you will – when I gravitated towards the "redness". It was happening all so fast. And then I noticed the circular pattern of the trip. I would enter back into "reality" and then cycle back into the "death" state. All the while I was trying to come to terms with the situation. The lessons learned: try to be the best person you can be because death can happen at any moment and we shouldn't be afraid of it but instead welcome it. For instance, before I came to that acceptance point in my trip, I was terrified of dying so unexpectedly. So I definitely recommend! I will do it sometime in the future when I'm more mature. Thank you if you read this.

  • I have never even smoked weed before let alone try any other drugs. I have had insane trippy dreams on numerous accounts and always brushed it aside. Only up until recently hearing Joe Rogan and some of his guests talk about the effects of DMT and the possibility of it being made in humans did it finally click. The way people describe DMT is EXACTLY what I will experience when falling asleep and in some of my dreams. Say what you will, call me a bull shiter all you want. I KNOW what I experience and the vividness of the psychedelic effect. DMT is definitely made in the human body.

  • The Colorado River toad
    is an amphibian, not a mammal.

  • I normally like your stuff. Not this format. And not mixing 5meo into an already confusing topic.

  • I've taken the natural DMT my body produces. Something only 9aether brings can only feel

  • I want dmt

  • If you’re doing this Or thinking of doing this… DMT..what are you REALLY looking for? Jesus is the answer.. as always, if you’re searching for truth and peace. Please…Don’t be deceived. Proverbs 3:5! Jesus is GOD !

  • ass#ole.

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    best deal ever

  • Joe Rogan Wants To Know Your Location

  • I like how the video ended XD

  • Dmt users, although it usually takes 10 minutes to wear off, what amount of time passed in your mind while high on dmt?

  • Here because of soillumanti

  • After hearing the final sentence, hands up those of you who thought of extracting DMT out of someone´s body

    – Both Hands Up –

  • You need to contact Joe Rogan

  • Shit im carrying like 3 illeigle substances in my body

  • That's ridiculous to mark DMT as sch 1 drug when everybody has it inside of them naturally.

  • I don't think a toad's a mammal

    Oh, and it's illegal but it shows us what's real, governments can't control us if we know our true origins and what we really are 🙂 And some shit like that

  • And somebody told me it was pot. Hmph. Not. But I want to try it 😁

  • Spirit science

  • Sign me up

  • Since DMT is produced naturally in the body in times of great stress or sleep, I wonder how many people have under gone a DMT drug test and been wrongly convicted because of a natural DMT release.

  • You have the same voice as afterskool.

  • LSD is taken in very small amounts. Imagine taking 25-60mg of LSD, would DMT still be the most powerful psychedelic?

  • Do a video on how to extract dmt from humans

  • In case anyone is wondering how fucked up you can get from taking this drug, just look at MC Ride

  • That's the fucked up American government

  • I hate when people say dmt is the strongest
    Boi you can always dose higher on mushrooms or lsd or dmt
    Its not the substance its the amount you take with those near to impossible overdose drugs
    I bet eating 30-100g shrooms would be harder than any dmt trip
    Unless you ate nearly 2k and scratched near od dose you cant really say something is stronger when you never saw the limits

  • Joe rogan

  • I rent a room in a coworkers house so I can't smoke in here. I've never done any psychedelics but I'm planing on doing DMT alone in my car, any sugestions?

  • Can you die

  • Thanks Adam 👌🏻

  • How is it illegal if its in our bod… 🤦

  • Actually, technically speaking, salvinorin A (the terpene that makes people trip in salvia) is the strongest psychedelic known to man. It produces dmt-like states in micrograms

  • Hang on a sec! I fully had a DMT trip at a tool concert. I was seeing shit as if it was in super Mario 64 whilst walking up a hill and then started teleporting in the crowd

  • Why is the guy from fallout holding crack on the thumbnail?

  • Blla blla blla

  • Well I guess I've been doing this wrong. My dealer insists the rubber fist is the only way to administer the drug?

  • It's not illegal these rules don't apply to anyone

  • The Egyptian eye of Horus is a map to where the penial gland is situated in the brain

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