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Behind Closed Doors by Otis McDonald song playing for intro of the video Curse Being the company this is With their main focus Not even being the YouTube network But still being a very well received MCN (Multi Channel Network) Was founded by Hubert Thieblot But just recently, Curse was Bought out by the large industry giant Twitch A video game streaming site owned by Amazon So lets help you In 2006 Hubert Thieblot, found Curse primarily on hosting World of Warcraft add-ons In an easy to use website Latter on, Curse began to grow and add other tools and services, for a more diverse crowd of gamers; that wern’t just limited to the World of Warcraft series The name Curse, comes from the guild name Hubert Thieblot made in World of Warcraft Among the new services and features to the site They added Two big ones The first being the Curse voice chat application. Which allows users to talk in a way similar to Discord, Skype or Teamspeak. And the Union for Gamers. The Union for Gamers was Curse’s attempt at starting there MCN With help from a lot of prominent gaming YouTubers Especially AtheneWins, who has close to a million subscribers Started in 2012 with the intent to start a fair network with no lockin contract, and high pay out Which seemed to be hard to come by back then Very recently, Amazon bought Curse under their subsidiary, Twitch for a undisclosed ammount The rest of the video Is self promotion. The video was narrated by NGameTheCube, a great guy, I highly recommend to watch his channel Music Used as always will be in the description For any questions on the video ask me on Twitter @YellowSyrup or in the comments below. Link in the description. Subtitles were added by Yellow Syrup Himself. Thanks for watching!

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