The History of Bonzi Buddy

Ahhh, Bonzi Buddy. The old piece of software that used to infect your windows XP machine. I recently remember this program when I started on windows XP machine after a long time. Doesn’t even work today because well all the server’s shut down, but why did the server shutdown and what happened to Bonzi Buddy? Welcome to The History of Everything. Today were taking a look at Bonzi Buddy. This is a piece of software that you could have downloaded through your Windows Xp, Windows 2000, Windows Me Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 3.0, machines and let’s start by taking a look at the founders of Bonzi Buddy. Bonzi Buddy was made by a software company called Bonzi Software. Bonzi Software was founded in 1993 by Joe and Jay Bonzi which I am not sure if they’re brothers but they might be. Together they made their first software, Voice E-Mail which basically you can send instant messages to your friends using your voice. You just spoke into your microphone and it would send that to your friends. Even though this was freeware most people didn’t get it because you could just call your friends instead of downloading a risky piece of software that actually could have viruses. I could never find out if this piece of software ever had viruses, but it might. Bonzi Software’s second piece of software was InternetAlert’99. This basically alerted you if someone was trying to hack into computer or use your IP. I don’t know if this actually works as I couldn’t find if anyone actually had real proof that worked. This was freeware and a lot of people downloaded this. Bonzi Software’s third piece of software that they ever made was InternetBoost’99 speed up your internet connection. InternetBoost’99 was basically a piece of software that supposedly speed up your internet. It access “hidden settings” I’m using inter quotes here, and no one knows if it really worked but I’m pretty sure it didn’t because I’m pretty sure Windows wouldn’t have “hidden settings”, but it might of and Bonzi Software’s next piece of software was Bonzi Buddy. This is Bonzi Buddy, but not the bonzi Buddy you probably knew. Wow that’s a lot of bonzi, I just said, but it was released in 1999 and this was with Bonzie the Parrot. The parrot was a 3D model made by Microsoft and released for free by Microsoft. It lasted for about a year but Microsoft got mad because they didn’t want some random company taking their own mascot that they were using. Three years after a Bonzi Buddy actually became software that you get, on December 4, 2002 a lawsuit accused Bonzi of using its banner advertisements to directively imitate Windows computer alerts and it basically looked like a Windows computer alert which made a lot of people click on it. It basically took you to Bonzi Software’s website and to InternetAlert’99 or to InternetBoost’99 to make you buy it and download it and make you think it’s a real software that will work. On December 4, 2002 they got into a lawsuit because of this. The person claimed for Bonzi Software to pay $5 for every pop-up that ever happens There’s probably about 4 million pop-ups, so yeah, they really want to pay for it so they backed out and they had to pay a hundred seventy five thousand dollars in fees. On February 18, 2004 the Federal Trade Commission released a statement indicating that Bonzi Software was ordered to pay 75 thousand Dollars in fees because they asked for people’s age and it was violating Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act because it let people under 13 used Bonzi Buddy still. This was pretty much the death to Bonzi Buddy and you can still download their software off sites that aren’t the main one and you can also go in the Wayback Machine and actually download some of their Bonzi Buddy software still. (Links in the description). They soon shut down their website and stop making software. But that’s not the end of the story. On February 1, 2014 a Youtuber named Vargskelethor Joel did a destroying a video called Windows Xp Destruction. This video got over 4 million six hundred eighty-six thousand eight hundred Seventeen views so far this brought a lot of attention to bonzi Buddy, and soon it became a meme. Wake me up, wake me up inside, I can’t wake up, wake me up I know it’s been a long time since the meme, but I decided to cover this still because it’s still a really good thing to cover. Joe and Jay Bonzi soon moved on and became successful. Thank you guys so much for watching The History of: Bonzi Buddy. If you guys like this video hit the like button if you dislike like this video can you guys please hit the dislike button and guys to comment down below what else you want me to do The History of on and I will see all you guys in the next video. Bye!

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