The History of Black Friday

in the late 19th century and early 20th century
many santa parades and thanksgiving parades were sponsored by department stores Macy’s thanksgiving day parade ring any bells? Department stores would use these parades
for big advertising on christmas sales. it became an unwritten rule that christmas
sale advertising was that day and forward. in other words, the day after thanksgiving
became the first official holiday shopping day this actually made some department stores
mad. in 1939 retail shops wanted to have their advertising done before thanksgiving. This led president Franklin D. Roosevelt to
change thanksgiving day to a week earlier. Some refused this change, resulting thanksgiving
being celebrated on two separate days. Some referred to the change as Franksgiving. The term “black friday” goes back to 1966
when it was used by Philadelphia police department to describe the huge crowds and the massive
traffic jams. Quite a headache for them. It had a negative meaning until the early
1980’s. Throughout the year, retailers traditionally
operated at a financial loss. and made their profit during the holiday season, starting
on Black Friday. On the financial records, red ink meant a
loss. and black ink, meant a profit. Black friday under this theory would mean,
more black ink, more profit. In 2006 a man at best buy was recording assaulting
another shopper. In 2008 a crowd of 2000 shoppers in new york
outside of walmart broke the doors down and killed an employee In 2010 in Madison wicsonsin, a woman was
arrested outside of toys r’ us for cutting in line and threatening to shoot other shoppers
who objected. in 2011 at porter ranch california, walmart,
a woman used pepper spray causing minor injuries to ten different people to get an advantage
in line for an xbox 360. In 2012, Tallahassee, Florida. two people
were shot outside of walmart over a dispute for a parking spot. I suggest shopping online to avoid injury.

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