The History & Foundation of YADI

Since 1947, there has been no youth association for the Deaf in India. In August 2017, Deaf Youth leaders gathered in Goa. After much discussion, they carried out a vote in which all agreed and set up a new board. Later on 15th December 2017, they completed the registration and decided upon the name ‘YADI’ which stands for – Youth Association of the Deaf India. The YADI logo was designed by Rushabh Bhansali, a resident of Mumbai. Congratulations and Cheers to him! In 2011 in Durban, South Africa the WFDYS and WFD conference was held. Delegates from India attended the WFDYS week long camp after which they attended the WFD conference. Delegates attended the voting session for the selection of the new WFDYS board members. However, they weren’t granted voting rights. If India had a youth association, they could have voted. But there wasn’t any. Then in 2015 in Turkey, Istanbul the WFD Conference and the WFDYS camp was held. Babloo Kumar and Rahul Jain attended the programme. After enjoying the WFDYS week long camp in Istanbul, Turkey they then attended the WFD conference, where delegates were participating in WFDYS elections. However they weren’t allowed to cast votes and attend meetings as well. This was because India did not have a youth association. To take part, they first need approvals of the General Secretary or the President of any Indian association. After this they would be allowed. Babloo and Rahul had no choice but to accept. After accepting the situation in 2015 Istanbul, Turkey at the WFD conference they came back to India and started planning. That’s when they realised that AIFD was affiliated with WFD. In 2019, the WFD conference would be held in France. If they could complete their affiliation before that, then the delegates would be granted entry. This is why they started planning and talking with the AIFD’s board. However, the process and their rules were extremely difficult which caused a lot of delay. They contacted other Indian association but no one was ready to support them. They had to keep waiting and they was a lot of delay. In April 2017, Rahul Jain went to Australia for the Junior Camp. Colin Allen President of WFD and the WFDYS Board members were also present. Rahul met him and spoke to him about how he could set up a youth association in India. Colin gave him a very simple answer. He said that, since he was above 18 years of age, has the right to decide and set up his own youth association. Indians aged between 18-35 have voting rights as well. They do not have to seek permission from anyone. As per the WFDYS rules, they can set up their organisation under, say for example AIFD or they can be independent. Its their choice. However, if they want to attend any programme they will need AIFD’s approval. This is why ??? is a must. After listening to this, Rahul came back and organised the Goa event on 27th August where everyone gathered. He gave them all the details, after which all the youth agreed to set up an independent organisation. AIFD agreed to be ????? YADI then set up its Board, completed it registration and created their logo as well. Even AIFD allowed them to set up an independent association. YADI then wanted to become WFDYS Youth Ordinary Member (YOM) YADI had even submitted details regarding their projects, goals, objectives etc. to the WFDYS. The Board members went through all the information and agreed to make YADI the YOM of WFDYS. This happened on 17th April 2019. Cheers to them! This affiliation will be extremely useful in the future. WFDYS then offered a nomination form to YADI. After much discussion they decided upon Rahul Jain as a nominee for the 2019 WFDYS Board elections that would be held in France. They decided that Rahul would be a nominee for the position of Vice-President and Executive Member. Once the election results were out, he was not selected as the Vice-President. A candidate from Australia was chosen as the Vice-President. However Rahul was then selected as the Executive Member A big round of applause because, an Indian youth was never selected before. This was the first time an Indian youth was selected to be the Executive Member. YADI by being affiliated to WFDYS has the following aims: In the past YADI have conducted youth camps in North, South and other parts of the country. They have also held lectures in many places and state that Indian youth must remain united. YADI aims to be affiliated with associations and set up YADI all over India to encourage the youth. This is their aim. There are experienced youth in India and they are all united. YADI wants to show this to the world, so that the world sees this and notices that there are a large number of youth who have a lot of awareness. This is YADI’s aim. There is one good news for all of you. WFDYS has approved YAD to organise two programmes. The 1st programme will be the Asia Camp that will be held in 2020 in India, which will be organised by YADI. The second is the world Junior Camp in 2021 in Goa and this will be organised by YADI as well. Isn’t that great! These camps will benefit all. If you are interested in contacting YADI, then follow their Facebook page, Instagram and all their social media pages.

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