The History Capstone Class at Colorado State University

– So this class is letting
us build story maps that will be used at Rocky
Mountain National Park for the public to interact and learn more about
the history of the park. – It was cool to go there and see a very different side of the park. – It’s really important
to the park service that we engage youth. Connecting to the youth really helps us reach that next generation. Those folks that are going to
be running the parks for us one of these days, and those folks that are going to be leading conservation movements, they’re working on real life
communication product for us that we don’t have the staff to do. – This class has students
working collaboratively to research and write
content and provide visuals for what is called a story map. And a story map is
essentially a digital platform for disseminating historical
and geographical knowledge. – Basically a fancy power point but with awesome features
that shows traffic roads, where there fires were and it’s just an unbelievable program. I definitely see it being
extremely useful in future years and I can’t wait to use it more often. – It was, that was extremely cool was getting to work with your
classmates on an actual project. You get to have a finished
product for a client. – I think some of what they’re
getting out of this program is an understanding of
different career paths that they could take with
the national park service in natural and cultural
resource management, with curation, with a whole
different variety of programs. I think they’re gaining important skills that they can take with
them moving forward. So I think this product
that they’re working on it’s helping us, but it’s
also giving them the skills to know how do you share this information with the American public in a way that is gonna
resonate with people. I think what we want the
students to get out of it is a real connection to the park and the national park service. For them to feel like
they’re doing something real. – It was very relatable because we’re all in Colorado right now and this is something that, its’ only an hour away from us and it’s just awesome just
learning about something that’s right behind us and just, yeah, I would
highly recommend it again. I would take it again.

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