The History and Evolution of Internet Memes Where Did It Begin

Internet meme you may come across at least
one while browsing. An internet meme is a picture or a text or
a video that make you think or smile which spreads online among people. In simple terms, it is a kind of internet
jokes that peoples shares online. Memes first appeared on the internet in 1996
on some internet communities. At that time these jokes didn’t have the name
meme, They are often called a funny image or jokes. These time period can be called as a pre-meme
era (1996-2010). Memes in this period don’t look like the memes
we see nowadays, but these are the ancestors of modern memes. The dancing animated baby in 1996 was one
of the first memes. Until 2000s people shared these funny pictures,
gif, and videos through emails, chats and image boards. later in 2000 old animated videos and gifs
types jokes got replaced by the text in image style memes also called as image macros. The usual format was any picture with a top
text and bottom text. The rise of communities like 4chan and Reddit
and youtube made easy for people to share their memes, And meme specialized communities
started to appear. 4 chan has made some incredible contributions
to the memes community like lolcats and Pepe the frog. On this time period meme has evolved from
flash animation to youtube videos and funny images to image macros. Then came the modern meme era, from 2010 also
referred as a millennial joke era, in these periods the modern memes that we know today
become popular and the name meme came to exist. The popularity of social media such as Facebook,
twitter made it easy to share memes and now memes are available to an average internet
user. Image macros become popular these days because
of the easiness to create and simplicity of the meme. These image macros may contain a picture of
animals, scenes from movies photo of popular persons and a caption make it funny. On these days memes become so popular that
it can now be found on TV shows and news, it becomes mainstream entertainment. But with a consequence every new meme starts
to die soon due to the over usage, people find in unfunny soon. Every new meme will become viral in a few
weak and just die. Then came dank meme, as the name suggests
it is damp, cryptic, weird and dark. Dank memes are very difficult to understand
if you are not updated with the meme community. One example is E meme if you don’t know Markiplier,
Lord Farquaad, and E you will not understand and find this as unfunny. Instagram gains popularity on these days these
just boosted the popularity of memes. nowadays memes become so popular and meme-making
become a job, some big corporate start to hire meme makers for the social media marketing
team. We cannot predict the future of memes right
now, but it seems that memes will evolve and in future it will be more cryptic and dark,
governments around the globe are trying to make copyright laws as strict as possible,
an example is article 13 in the European Union, but the meme community is so intelligent and
creative that memes will find it’s own ways to overcome these challenges in future.

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