the guy who quits history

it’s the story of this dude who is just super fed up with the insanity of humanity, and what they did in the past, are doing in the present, and will probably be doing in the future. mind you, he doesn’t want to kill himself, or anything. he still wants to live. and so, through an unexplained process, the guy quits history. being separated from history, he is now separated from time. he doesn’t age, and cannot die, as his death is bound to affect someone. even a passerby. thus, he is contrained to live. actually, completely unnoticed, as a statistically insignificant head in a crowd. an eternal npc. he cannot have any meaningful conversations, idle chats with strangers are completely immemorable. he cannot purchase anything that is not so popular that his one sale contribution would be noticed by anyone. in fact, he can only go into wholesale superstores and franchised fast food restaurants. he cannot hunt or fish for his own food, as he would affect the history of th nothing will ever affect his life or his existence, with the consequence that he will never affect the life or existence of others, in good or in bad, for both the former and the latter. the story doesn’t really end. living outside of history, he is free to witness the complete evolution of humanity, and its end, and then kind of dicks around on a dead planet until the sun goes supernova. he then gets to float around in space until the heat death of the universe, never to encounter any extraterrestrial life, as that would affect their history too. the end.

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